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Get babysue postcards #1, #2, #3, & #4...for FREE (multiples of each damn one). Plus we'll throw in some bumper stickers and other stuff. [Deluxe sequined goddamn evening gown in the background not included, of course...] Just send your name and address! E-mail or send direct message on Twitter to @babysue. You can donate if you want (click below) and get even more free stuff...but why would you WANT to when we'll send you stuff for NOTHING...? If we were doing this for bucks we would've thrown in the goddamn towel a long time ago...

NOTE: If you work at or have a business (media store, music club, coffee shop, bar, etc.) and would like a FREE STACK for customers to grab from, just let us know and we'll send a big ol' goddamn stack. Be totally unhip and offering confusing things to stupid people! Or be totally hip and making intelligent people think you're really, really stupid!

[Due to postage costs, these free offers are only for folks in the United States (minus Alaska and Hawaii).]

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