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How To Stay Famous For A Long Long Time

So many yearn for fame.  Yet so many achieve fame and then lose it almost immediately.  Why is this?  Is there a reason why this happens so much?  Is everything good destined to end in failure? The good news is that an informative article has now been written to help with this most frustrating problem.  And the even better news is that it is the article you are reading at this very moment.  The main point here is to learn and to learn things that matter.  So read on, because you don't want to miss out  There is a great deal of important information that will be presented that every good up-and-coming famous celebrity needs to know. The problem is simple.  After they become famous, most people simply don't know what they need to do in order to maintain their fame.  In this article we will learn twelve informative steps that can help anyone keep the fame that they have worked so hard to achieve.

Let's first consider how it begins.  As everyone knows, becoming famous isn't really that hard.  All you have to do is apply yourself for a few years, get to know the right people, do a few favors here and there, show others that they can sponge money off of your career, and then WHAM.  You suddenly find yourself glowing in the public spotlight.  Everyone knows your name.  And everywhere you go people recognize you.  You have achieved the ultimate.  You are now famous.  Seems easy, doesn't it?  But it is not completely easy, because for most it does not last.

The truth is that it SHOULD be easy.  But it really isn't.  And that's why so many people fail at maintaining their fame.  They know how to GET famous.  They just don't know how to STAY famous.  "Stay famous, stay famous."  You may want to repeat these two words in your mind as often as possible, because part of the solution is to stay focused.

Here are the twelve easy steps that will reward you with a long and fantastic never-ending career.

STEP ONE:  Be extremely cautious about every word you say.

The number one reason why most celebrities fall out of favor is because they say the wrong thing.  There are countless stories of super famous people who threw it all away because they said something inappropriate at the wrong time.  So exactly how does one avoid this misstep?

Don't say a lot about anything.  Keep all of your answers relatively vague.  But, above all, don't say anything quickly without first considering what it is you are about to say.  One good option is to hire someone who will evaluate people who want to speak with you.  If you know what questions people are going to ask in advance it makes it much simpler to come up with answers that will be acceptable to all of your fans, admirers and the media.

Remember that fans and admirers can easily turn on you.  One minute they think you're the top of the tops.  But the second you say something that they feel is not acceptable, they will turn on you and hate you from that moment forward.  There is nothing everyone loves more than to build someone up and then tear them into tiny pieces as they lay in a lousy ditch crying for attention.

You should never EVER just blurt out words.  Think about every word that you say.  Remind yourself that one wrong word can destroy everything you have worked for.  Think about words all the the time and consider what they mean.  If you have doubts about a word you are about to say, DO NOT say it.  There's nothing wrong with smiling politely and remaining silent when someone asks you a question.  Most of your fans will think you are being coy and cute, and they are much less likely to hate you if you are silent.

Okay.  Now that we have adequately covered Step One, let's move on to the next step.

STEP TWO:  Be extremely cautious about connections.

Another common mistake celebrities make is connecting with the wrong people.  Once you achieve fame, it is extremely important that you only maintain connections with the right people.  There are countless stories of super famous people who were seen with one wrong person and BOOM.  Suddenly their entire careers blew up in their faces.

So how do you know who is an acceptable connection and who is not?  You can find this information very easily.  Anytime you consider being friends with someone or, above all, dating anyone...do an internet search and read everything you can about the person.  Do they have an overall favorable rating?  Or have they said or done something that was not considered acceptable to the public at large?  If any person does not have a 99.9% perfect rating, you do NOT want to be associated with them in any way.  Yes, this does limit the number of people you can connect with.  But it's a lot better to avoid connections than to connect with the wrong individual who just might transform your life into a nasty train wreck.

STEP THREE: Always obsess about your appearance.

Image is everything.  The most important part of any good celebrity's image is his or her appearance.

You can't just run around anywhere and everywhere looking however you want anymore.  You must now carefully inspect yourself in the mirror for hours and hours before you even think about going out to a public place.  Remember that one unflattering photograph can mean ruination.  One look that isn't quite right can cause an immediate public outcry that can put you in the poorhouse.  One accessory that isn't particularly flattering can cause a wildfire on social media.  Everyone may suddenly start laughing at you and talking about how ugly you are now.

Contrary to what many may say, it is okay to have plastic surgery.  It is okay to have lots of plastic surgeries.  It is okay to have lots and lots of plastic surgeries.  It is okay to have lots and lots and lots of plastic surgeries.  It is okay to have lots and lots and lots and lots of plastic surgeries.  Have plastic surgeries all the time.  And then, just when you think it is not even possible to have any more, have another plastic surgery for dessert.

A good famous person can never have too many plastic surgeries.  Plastic surgeries make you better and even more famous than you already are. 

But back to preparations.  Don't take chances.  The smartest thing you can do is hire an assistant to carefully inspect you every time before you leave your home.  Another pair of eyes can usually see you better than you can see yourself.  But you must be very careful about who you hire as your physical inspector because of Step Two (above).  If you hire the wrong person to be your inspector, this can also wreck your fame.  Remember that every person you connect with matters.  Even people you hire to help you can end up hurting you.

Don't look stupid.  Always look smart and cool.  Look and act famous because that is what is expected of you now.  These are all important things to consider when maintaining fame over a long period of time.

STEP FOUR: Constantly apply skin products that will keep your skin looking exceptional.

Skin may not have been important when you were a nobody.  But now that you are a somebody, skin is exceedingly important at all times.  Spend as much time as possible applying different products to your skin, paying particular attention to the skin on your face.  Face skin is what people notice most, so you want to focus your energies on it.  So many super famous people have fallen from grace because they did not keep the skin on their faces looking right.  It's easy to forget sometimes because it requires a great deal of time, attention and money.  But you must remember that all of those skin treatments and lotions do have a purpose.  They make you look like the famous person that you are.  And you always want to look famous because it is really horrible to look like a common human being thing.  Common human beings are things that get ignored and tossed to the side in our world so you never want to be one of those again.  You may want to hire an assistant to help you maintain the appearance of your skin.  But just remind yourself again of Step Two (above), that you must always be very cautious when hiring anyone.  Each and every one of your assistants has the potential to screw everything up royally.

STEP FIVE:  Obsess about your hair and make sure it always looks fabulous.

Your hair must always look perfect.  Super famous people have wonderful looking hair.  But this is not something that comes naturally.  Having great looking hair requires tons of money and hair products.  You can never spend enough time and energy on your hair.  Use conditioners.  Use artificial colors.  Use products that will keep each and every strand in place.  Most importantly...and this cannot be emphasized enough...be EXTREMELY cautious when changing your hairstyle.  Sure, you don't want to always have your hair looking the same because people will consider that boring.  But when you adopt a new hairstyle, you must take GREAT CARE to NOT choose a look that is stupid or retarded.  Remember that ONE WRONG HAIRCUT can put you on the burning hot road to Hell.  You might want to get the opinions of one or two hundred people before getting any new haircut.  It may be time consuming and frustrating, but it's a lot better than ending up living on the street begging for quarters from strangers.

STEP SIX: Be very conscious of the way you move because you might be moving the wrong way and this could make you seem as if you are not extremely special.

Good movement is critical to maintaining success.  People who stay famous for a very long time don't just move around haphazardly.  They take great care practicing the way they move so that everyone approves of their movements and emulates them.  Spend an inordinate amount of time practicing walking.  If you walk dumb, no one will idolize you and imitate you.  Think about your arm movements.  Do they look smooth and cool?  Or are your arm movements awkward and ridiculous?  Constantly observe yourself in mirrors to make sure each and every movement is as good as it can possibly be.  Remind yourself that moving dumb can cause your fortunes to immediately dwindle down to nothing right before your eyes. 

STEP SEVEN:  Facial expressions are key to maintaining success.

Do you ever find yourself immediately reacting to things with the muscles in your face?  If so, you need to STOP DOING THIS IMMEDIATELY.  Facial expressions reveal a great deal about who you really are.  As such, you want to make sure that you never allow your face to respond naturally, the way it normally does.  When anyone says anything or anything happens, carefully consider how the muscles in your face are going to make you appear before you respond.  Will you look cool, collected and cerebral?  Or will you look like some goofy moron that everyone avoids?  Remember that it is always a lot better to have NO facial expression than to have the WRONG facial expression. 

STEP EIGHT:  Your teeth must always be perfect.

In line with Step Five (above), perfect teeth are an absolute must.  All of your teeth must be perfectly aligned and perfectly white and you cannot have any that are chipped.  Your smile must always display perfect rows of teeth.  Make certain to find the right dentist who can create the perfect smile for you.  Just remember Step Two (above), because hiring a dentist who is involved in any sort of underground scandal can be just as bad as having really bad teeth.  Carefully inspect your teeth all the time and make sure there are no issues with any of them.  If you don't, well...let's just say that a living Hell is never ever that far away.

STEP EIGHT:  Avoid letting others know how paranoid you are about everything.

Even though you must be constantly concerned about every single thing you say and do...and even though you have to constantly obsess about your appearance...you should never EVER let others know that you have become a paranoid freak who panics over a multitude of teeny tiny details.  Instead of letting others know you are a nervous wreck you should strive to give them the impression that you are calm and comfortable all the time.  You might want to consider taking sedatives to help you appear relaxed and at ease.  There is nothing wrong with this, because you must do anything that will help preserve your public image.  If one sedative doesn't work, try two.  Or try three or eleven even.  The health of your liver isn't nearly as important as your career, so don't throw everything away just because you're afraid to take a couple of pills.  Pills will help you to breathe more slowly.  And this brings us to Step Nine.

STEP NINE.  Be very conscious of the way you breathe.

Breathing may seem like something that comes naturally, but it really is not.  Sure, common people just breathe in and out all over the place real willy-nilly without thinking much about it.  But you are anything BUT common, so you must always be very aware of your breathing.  Are you breathing too fast?  If so, slow down.  Are you breathing too slow?  If so, speed up.  Are you breathing too loud?  If so, breathe quieter.  Are you breathing too much?  If so, breathe less.  There are so many things to consider that you may be feeling even more overwhelmed now.  But never fear.  Just refer to Step Eight (above), and pull out those sedatives again.  Sedatives can help you relax and forget about the hundreds upon hundreds of things that you must consciously be aware of.  But just be very cautious of the doctor who provides those prescriptions.  Remember Step Two (above), and make sure that the doctor is not in any way connected with anything that is suspicious or illegal.  Having the wrong doctor can cost you millions of fans and millions of dollars.  Remind yourself that each and every step you take and each and every move you make now is more critical than ever before.

STEP TEN:  Give to charities and make sure that your publicist makes each and every one a huge media spectacle.

You must donate to charities.  But even more importantly, the public must be made aware of the fact that you donate to charities.  Make sure your publicist heavily publicizes each and every charitable donation you make.  But be sure to only donate to the right charities.  One donation to the wrong charity can destroy you.  And you don't want that.  Being destroyed is bad.  You only want to donate to charities that will cause others to nod with approval.  You might want to hire someone to closely check into each charity before you donate to it.  Just remember Step Two (above), because hiring the wrong person can also destroy you.  When you appear in public to make donations, you must be constantly aware of Steps One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven and Eight (above).

Donating in public is always best.  But if you donate in public and there is one single thing wrong with your appearance or if you accidentally talk or act dumb, everyone will not be nodding with approval.  Never forget that you must have the approval of everyone.  You want to STAY famous.  You want to stay VERY FAMOUS because that is the most important thing in the world.  If you don't stay famous you become nothing.  And being nothing is probably the worst thing in the world that could happen to anyone.

STEP ELEVEN:  Avoid becoming a shut-in.

Once they are famous, many people can become so overwhelmed with their new lives that they become shut-ins.  Do not EVER do this.  Being a shut-in is specifically considered totally unacceptable by everyone.  The minute you are no longer visible in public, gossip can begin to trickle around and before you know it everyone is talking about the fact that you are no longer seen anywhere.  So even though you want to stay in your comfy home safety zone away from all the people who are driving you insane, DON'T DO IT.  Force yourself to consider all ten steps above each and every day.  But don't allow yourself to become shy and distant.  There are always ways to be more visible, even if it requires having a mental breakdown every now and then.  And hey...that's a pretty good goddamn idea for Step Twelve now, ain't it?

STEP TWELVE:  Have a mental breakdown in public to stir up additional publicity and support.

At some point, just about everyone experiences a slight decline in their popularity.  But you don't have to take this lying down because there is a simple solution.  There is nothing that will instantly put you back in the spotlight again like having a mental breakdown.  And this is particularly true when the breakdown occurs in a public place and is rather remarkable.  But don't have just any old breakdown that happens in any old place.  You and your publicist should carefully construct what kind of breakdown you will be having and determine exactly how, when and where it will happen.

Some celebrities have made the mistake of choosing the wrong kind of breakdown in a place that is not right.  This can be more harmful than you could ever imagine.  You want to make certain that you have the right kind of thing happen--a good solid public meltdown that will elicit waves upon waves of additional attention.  After you recuperate, you will want to make a public statement explaining to everyone that the incident was caused by horrible abuse that you experienced as a child.  People love it when celebrities have breakdowns that were the result of abuse.  Just remember that the words you choose when you describe the abuse are critical.  One wrong word could mean that everyone will suddenly stop caring.  Go back to Step One (above) so you will remember how important words are.

Movement also really matters here.  When performing your breakdown, remember Step Six (above), because the wrong herky-jerky movements can make things seem staged.  When you have a breakdown, you must jerk around naturally in ways that will be acceptable to your fans and to the media.  Remember that every move is a part of the story.  And the story is what it's all about because everyone loves a good story.

FINAL THOUGHT:  Staying Famous requires so much time, energy and work.  Isn't there a better way?

Some people experience eternal and immortal fame forever.  But how do they achieve this ultimate goal?

To find the answer we must look back at the past and observe how it influences the present.  Who really matters most to people?  And why do those people matter the most?

Nine out of ten people report that they are much more apt to remember celebrities who commit suicide.  And even more so when the celebrity dies from an overdose.  Everyone will always idolize Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, Heath Ledger, Judy Garland, Jimi Hendrix and Amy Winehouse.  They were all amazing people who made smart decisions.  Everyone likes to identify with people whose lives were so difficult that they felt there was absolutely no way out.  But, as we all know, there is always a way out for people who feel inclined to become neurotic shut-ins.  Why yearn for the days when life was simpler and easier?  This is so unnecessary.  It doesn't have to be that way.  We all control our own destinies when we determine what is most important.

Staying famous forever is possible.  And once a person is famous forever they will never be a failure and a nobody.  No one wants to be a failure and a nobody.  Everyone wants to be famous.  But everyone doesn't just want to be famous for a little whileThey want to be famous forever.  Forever and ever until the end of time.  And this is indeed the path to true happiness.

One important reminder:  If a final handwritten note is provided, it must be worded very carefully.  Each and every syllable is critical because the note will be scrutinized by millions upon millions of people in the years that lie ahead.  A final note that lacks the exact correct wording can mess everything up.  So it is important to have others read it over make appropriate edits well in advance.  But remember Step Two (above), and avoid hiring the wrong editors.  Hiring the wrong editors can be as bad as not having an editors at all or not even leaving a handwritten note in the first place.

The truth is so simple, yet so many fail to see it.  But it is always there if you want to see it.  Pull back the blinds from the windows and the branches from the trees...and you just might find the truth staring you right in the face.

You are who you are and you are whatever you want to beAnd no one can ever take that away from you.


  2022 LMNOP aka dONW7