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A Short Story:
Mawbell's Extra Special Puddin' Pumpers
Havin' slung slews of chunks around the place for years, Mawbell had finally made up her mind to do what she had always had it in her mind to do.  Folks far and farther out was always applaudin' when Mawbell showed up at the Annual County Runt Festival with her Extra Special Puddin' Pumpers.  So one day she was a lookin' thru one of them thar city slicker type magazines and saw that they was a havin' a big contest in New York City to see who could make the best of the best.  And the judges was to be the biggest fat eaters anyone had ever knowed.  So she gathered up her best garter belts and show-off wigs and shimmied her way up to the giant city that no one had never visited.  When she got there she was greeted by all kinds of things she ain't never seed.  Some was things that she liked, but others was things that seemed mean.  No matter, 'cause Mawbell was there for one thing and one thing only...to push her Puddin' Pumpers to the folks that mattered.  On the day that thousands was preparing for, Mawbell had created her damn best.  She strutted right up to the fatties and handed each one a handmade Pumper.  As their slurpy jowels caressed the tastyness with ooze, all the fat judges stood up and rejoiced.  "Mawbell is the President Queen of Forever with her mighty fine Puddin' Pumpers!" they cheered with roaring delight.  As Mawbell stepped forward to accept her prize, a teeny tiny mouse appeared at the foot of the judging booths with a toy banana in its tiny mouth.  "Muh fuffuh buh WARFER slarr!" said the mouse as it raised a lighted torch to the sky.  "Mawbell buffuh wuffuh prosopagnosia...!"  As the prize money fell in fluffy buckets from the sky, everyone's applause filled the air with a Chocktaw stash of mockish purr-dom.

2022 LMNOP aka dONW7