An Interview with Michael Jackson's NOSE

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The recent death of Michael Jackson on Thursday, June 25, 2009 came as a shock to most people. Jackson, known as the King of Pop to the world at large was in the midst of preparing for a huge comeback tour when all of a sudden she died unexpectedly from a heart attack. Michael's death has raised countless questions in the minds of her fans. There were many people that came and went during Jackson's short life...but from the beginning of her career to the very end, her nose was always there...witnessing every event and taking it all in. Shortly after Michael's death we were able to get access to her nose for the brief but insightful interview that follows...


So here you are at the very start of it all. Tell me, what was it like being on the center of Michael Jackson's face in her early days with the Jackson Five?

Oh, it was absolutely wonderful. Michael's career was just taking off like a skyrocket...and I just loved being right at the center of all the attention. I could take in all the air that Michael needed and more and I felt proud of myself. But I knew early on that Michael felt self conscious about me. When the other children called her "Nigger Nose" I just shrugged it off because I knew they were jealous. But Michael took the ribbing and name-calling much more seriously. She used to stare at me in the mirror and cry a lot. She even went so far as to put these strange elastic devices on me to try and make me smaller. It never made me mad though because I was on the face of a little girl that I loved very much. I want everyone to understand that I was very happy from the was Michael who seemed to have problems with me...


So those were the good years...?

Oh yes, my Lord, yes...they were the best years of my life... Before all the hysteria...before all the plastic surgeries...before all the rumors and innuendos... Michael and I were very young and very excitable. And it made both of us feel just wonderful having millions of fans screaming with appreciation. I figured that with all the positive stroking Michael would just forget about her problems with me and learn to accept me the way that I was. If I had any idea of what the future held then I...well... I'm just not sure if there was anything that I could have done during those early years to change anything to tell you the truth.


When did you suspect trouble was brewing?

By the time she was in her early teens Michael was already filthy enough to buy just about anything she wanted. She kept complaining to everyone about me over and over and over... Finally one of her business associates told her about a plastic surgeon who could make me smaller. I guess you could say that's when the age of innocence was over. Michael was determined to change me to suit her needs so she went ahead and had me surgically altered.


Hmmm... You know, you don't really look all that different there.

Sure, you are absolutely right. The first surgery didn't really change me that much. The only people who really seemed to notice were Michael's closest friends and family. I didn't really take the first surgery to heart because I figured if me being just a little smaller would make Michael a whole lot happier then it was something that I wanted to do. I could have put up a fight and tried to stop it, you know. But when you're on top of the world and things are going great I guess you just don't question things as much.


So was Michael happier after the first surgery?

Yes, at first she seemed to be...she seemed to be much, much happier. But the happiness seemed to dwindle over the next few years. I knew there was still some serious trouble brewing when Michael started staring at herself in the mirror a lot again. She started saying some really mean things about me. It made me feel just terrible, you know. There I was trying to do everything in my power to make my little girl happy...but all Michael could do was put me down and tell me how ugly I was. I still loved Michael very much and wanted to make her happy...but it just seemed like there was no way to make her truly happy inside. At the advice of her friends she started going to a psychologist but that only seemed to make things worse because the psychologist made her talk about her family and that was a subject that always made Michael very depressed and miserable.


So this is when she decided to have surgery again?

Yes. I was against it from the very beginning. I was concerned that Michael was trying to find happiness through external means instead of finding true happiness inside her soul. But at this point in time she wasn't having quite the amount of phenomenal success she was accustomed to...and I guess she blamed it all on me for some stupid reason. In any event, against the advice of countless people Michael took me back to the same plastic surgeon for another cutting session...


I know you don't want to hear this're actually looking pretty good at this stage of the game...!

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. That's what everyone said at the time. They all loved the way I looked after the second surgery. And that's probably what made things start going downhill later on. Michael and all of her supporters were so happy with me now that it seemed to ignite Michael's career. At this point it almost seemed like the smaller I got...the bigger Michael became. Her career took off like a rocket. She was selling out wherever she played and everything that she touched seemed to turn to gold. Michael was probably happier then than she ever had been...but it was at my expense because I was completely miserable.


Miserable? But why?

Because I was having trouble performing my main function...which was to bring air to and from Michael's lungs. From the outside it seemed as if I was suddenly perfect...but from the inside I was just all messed up. The surgeon had altered Michael's nasal passageways and it made it very difficult for me to perform. And you have to remember that a lot of the incredible dancing Michael was doing required oxygen...a whole lot of oxygen...and it made my job about ten times harder than it should have been.


Were you angry?

You bet I was angry. Michael was becoming way too selfish. She was willing to buy anything and everyone in order to further her career. It made me so mad that she was strutting around in front of all those cameras showing me off...when she knew how terrible I was feeling at the time. But she kept right on strutting around with me stuck up in the air as if she was invincible...oh God, it was so goddamn sickening. The only good part of the story is that from that point forward...for quite a long time...Michael finally seemed happy with the way I looked. So I just thanked my lucky stars that I wouldn't have to go under the butcher's knife again. Or so I thought...


I can barely recognize you now. You look so...perfect...

Yes, and that was the problem because people started talking about me. All kinds of rumors started and lots of people were saying bad things about my appearance. Michael had become obsessed with success...and she attributed her success to the fact that she had me reduced in size. So I guess she figured that if she kept making me smaller she would keep getting bigger. And it worked that way for a few years. Michael was on top of the world...but I was miserable and sinking into depression.


How did you cope with it?

A lot of times I would get clogged up for no good reason. Michael would blow me and blow me and all that would come out was this strange green mucous that I would produce. I admit that I was trying to punish her at that point. But when you take all you can take then you have to just come out swinging. To make everything much much worse, Michael had started snorting all kinds of illegal drugs. And of course this just didn't help my situation at all...!


I'm sure it didn't.

Well of course not. The girl I used to love...had turned into an egotistical coke-snorting shithead. And all I could do was hang on and watch it all happen. It was so sad watching Michael regress when she had so much going for her. But she was one of those people who just wouldn't listen to reason when she got some stupid idea in her head. The strains of superstardom were starting to affect her in a big way. Eventually she felt like she needed some kind of a boost or something so...


Don't tell me...back to the plastic surgeon...again...???

You guessed it. I begged and begged Michael not to do it because I could feel myself beginning to die inside.


Oh my God...what the hell happened to you...?!?

Too much surgery. Michael had finally overdone it. This is probably my most embarrassing stage...and I had to sit and do nothing while the whole world was pointing at me and laughing. I felt ashamed, embarrassed, and more angry than I had ever felt in my entire life. All I could to was shake and hide underneath a bandage while all the cameras flashed around me. This is when I began hating Michael. I hated her for having me butchered...and for turning herself into a deformed freak.


This was around the time that the reports began to surface that she was molesting young boys, wasn't it?

Yes...and you just have to wonder what kind of little boy would want to kiss a deformed freak. But I guess that just goes to show how far people are willing to go for a celebrity. She had her skin lightened, her nose butchered, and was now molesting young boys. I figured that no one in their right mind would want to have anything to do with her anymore. But instead the exact opposite was true. It almost seemed like the more perverted and fucked up Michael became...the more obsessed folks in the media were with her situation.


What did you really look like underneath the bandage at that stage of the game?

Oh, it was just awful. I was all black and blue and the stitches just weren't healing at all. Michael started covering her face whenever she went anywhere because she was too ashamed for anyone to see me. Kind of ironic, don't you think? In the very beginning she hated the way I looked...and then many years later after spending tons of money...she ended up hating me even more.


I guess Michael learned her lesson at long last.

You would think...! No, actually at this point she had messed me up so badly that the only thing she could do was have surgery again. After all, I was caving in and my skin wasn't healing. So Michael headed off to a different surgeon...this time to try and have me "fixed."


Jesus look like shit now. Were you totally made of plastic at this point...or what?!?

Actually I was a mixture of plastic and tissue that the surgeon removed from one of Michael's ears. At this point it seemed as if all anyone ever talked about was me. Forget Michael's songs, videos, dance moves, child molestation seemed as if everyone was so focused on me that nothing else mattered.


You poor, poor thing.

Well, I try not to get into the self pity thing but...yeah, it was pretty rough. Michael finally had what she always wanted...a teeny tiny little nose. But she had made me so incredibly tiny that...everyone was just laughing at her because she had become a freak...a desperate aging freak who no one would be interested in if she didn't do drastic things to keep her name in the news.


So her death was just a final attempt at staying in the limelight...?

Well of course. And once worked! Once again her name and image are all over the fucking place. And you know how two-faced people are whenever anyone dies... Instead of talking about what a deranged and perverted child molesting drug addict she was they're all singing her praises and spouting off about how she was the greatest entertainer of all time. The dumb fucks! If only they knew...


In the end, it appears that Michael Jackson was nothing more than a bitter old two-faced negro sissy.

She sure as Hell was. She spent her entire adult life whining and complaining about how she was abused as a child...and then just look what she did to me.

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