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is S. Fievet
Editor & Publisher: dONW7

About LMNOP (aka dONW7).
is the original one man pop/rock band, author and artist. View Discography and HistoryThe band name, trademark and pen name is used to create and produce music, comics, poetry, literature, art, recipes, videos, clothing and more. To locate the real LMNOP fast always go directly to LMNOP.com. But you can also locate us at LMNOP.band as well as the domains* that appear at the end of this page. Contrary to any claims made by anyone at any time, the letters do not stand for anything. Please note that we are also now known as dONW7. And also as LMNOP aka dONW7. The additional name(s) and URLs were added to separate ourselves from the fakes.

About babysue.
is the name/trademark of our comic strip character, record label, print and online magazine and more.  All materials on our websites are authored and/or created by LMNOP aka dONW7 (unless otherwise noted).

Getting the names right.
This trademark refers to the comic strip, the comic strip character, the record label, the print magazine, and the website.  The name is one word in all lower case letters. Two important things to note: (1) There is no space between 'baby' and 'sue'. (2) Both the 'b' and the 's' should never ever be capitalized. Prior to June 1, 2013 the 'narrator' or 'father figure' in the comic strip (the invisible guy who talks to babysue) referred to her as baby sue (two words with a space between the 'y' and the 's'). He now refers to her as babysue.

LMNOP. All letters should be capitalized with no spaces, dashes or periods between the letters. Although you may occasionally see the name misprinted as Lmnop, when presented correctly it should always be LMNOP.

dONW7. The name should always be as follows. A lower case letter 'd' followed by the three upper case letters 'ONW' and ending with the number '7'. There are no spaces, dashes or periods between the characters and the number. The name is pronounced as follows: "Don W. Seven."

Address, Social Media & email:

P.O. Box 15749
Chattanooga, TN 37415


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Email:  LMNOP@babysue.com

We also write about music and lots of other things as time permits. Trading works best (see info below).

Please note the following:

* Physical items always take precedence over streams and downloads.

* Submissions should include full artwork. Submissions sent without full artwork are much less likely to be noticed.

* We like things that are unique and different...or just really really good.

* Bear in mind that virtually everything we write about was free.  This can and does bias our attitudes and feelings.

* Visit the website(s) each month to see if your item was included.

* Submissions do not have to be new...they can be new, old or really old.  What matters most is how interesting and intriguing the item is.

NOTE: You do not have to be a musician or work in PR. If you have something that you would like to see mentioned, send it and we will try to pay attention. No copies though, submissions have to be the real thing.

Trading Stuff. You can always trade your music (or other stuff) for our music (and other stuff). Cross-pollination tends to be a better use of everyone's time, energy, and money because we do not have enough time to listen to everything that's sent our way. We enjoy connecting with interesting and/or open-minded individuals in any field. If trading is preferred, remember to include a note in your package stating this.

A Request From Us, Yours Damn Truly.
We respectfully request that everyone have realistic expectations if they choose to send media. While we try to listen to as much as possible, there is no way we can listen to everything that's tossed our way. So if we fail to write about a specific release,we sincerely hope individuals will refrain from feeling angry or disappointed and not hold it against us. We are not fond of the transient nature of the internet (understatement) where everyone considers everyone else to be disposable entities and blocks them forever the minute they say or do something that is not exactly to their liking. Good things come to good people...and sensitive individuals who get upset over silly trivial junk probably don't want to be associated with our confusing little universe anyway. Also please bear in mind that we are teeny tiny nobodies plodding along working for free...and our minuscule crummy opinions aren't really worth anything to anyone. And now a moment of silence as we all fall to our knees and slowly descend into a deep puddle of pity and self-deprecation forever and ever until the end of time.

Copyrights / re-posting.
Please be advised that all materials on this website are copyrighted works that have been registered with the Federal Register of Copyrights. Reprints are not allowed.  Reprinting, copying, or re-posting any of our art or writing in full or in part is strictly forbidden.

There is one and only one exception to this rule. People who have had their music, video, book, or other materials mentioned are welcome to reprint/re-post if and only if it is credited to LMNOP.com, babysue.com and/or dONW7.com. As long as everyone abides by this rule there is no need to request permission first.

Our websites do not contain advertisements and are not funded by advertisements. If you feel like making a donation though Paypal, the email address to use is LMNOP@babysue.com.

*Our domains also now include:


and more.