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November 2011 Comics, Poems, Fables, and Reviews by

Morgan Agren, Henry Kaiser, Trey Gunn*
Alert New London*
Bill Andrews
Rich Aucoin

The B-52s
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John Baumgardner &The Paper Doll Baptists
Beneath Wind and Waves

Breaking Laces
Shauna Burns
The Cape
Captain Zapped
Dead Black Hearts
Dead Voices On Air*
Either Way
Ex Norwegian
The Fable of Something

Francis E. Fairman III

Fat Children

Lucas Field*
Bruce Friedman & Motoko Honda
Future #2

Peter Gabriel
Hammock / Steve Kilbey / timEbandit Powles
Steafan Hanvey

Keith Kramer*
Lost Humor
Jesus comic #11-jesus-27

Eric Moeckel
The Mommyheads*
David Myles
Andy Padlo
Pod Gig

Princess Chelsea*
Republic of Letters
Edward Rogers*
Same Faces

Sick Figures*
Gregory Scott Slay*
Carley Tanchon

John Watts
Nat & Alex Wolff

The Wheel Workers*
Wires In The Walls
Young Antiques

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The Fable of Something

Once upon a time there was something but nobody knowed what it were. Everybody thought they knew what the something was or was gonna be but none of them really knowed nothing. So they all kept on doing what they was doing for a real long time thinking that something would change or something but nothing ever did and that's just the way things was.

So it came to be that one day the something did something and that caused something else to happen. And that's when things got ugly. Nobody wanted nothing too change and so they got real upset about it all. Every mother and daughter and father and son all got their panties puzzled out because they didn't understand and was all confused kinda like.

Then the King got up on his special pancake and yelled at everyone.

"Ya'll all has to accept things," scowled the King. "I decree that ya'll all has to accept things!"

But the crowd didn't like it and they all got angry at the King. They threw rocks and him and tore him to pieces and ate him up. Soon all that was left was a bloody splatter in the middle of the center.

But then something odd happened. The thing that had happened and changed everything went right back to the way it was. And that made everyone real happy. Real, real, real happy.

So they all sat right down on a big grassy hill and had themselves the friendliest goddamn picnic you ever saw. There was grand sandwiches, big sweet cupcakes, and a great bit ol' jug of juice that could make even the big girls cry.

And therein lies the moral of the fable.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Morgan Agren, Henry Kaiser, Trey Gunn - Invisible Rays (CD, 7 Media, Instrumental/progressive/psychedelic/jazz/rock)
Anyone even remotely familiar with any one (or all three) of these musicians probably has a good idea of what to expect here. This is some far out stuff...which is exactly what we would expect from Morgan Agren, Henry Kaiser, and Trey Gunn. The three first met at the IB Expo (a music education conference held in Sweden) in 2011 and when they realized they had some time to kill they recorded the basics for this album pretty much on the spot. As such, you can expect a wealth of spontaneous combustion here. These guys are all expert players...and apparently they're all mind readers as well. These three men sound totally in synch with one another for the duration of these tracks...which is astounding when you consider the fact that they'd never played together previously. Pounding intense drumming and guitars that go all over the universe...Invisible Rays is an intense dose of modern proficiency gone WILD. This is not for everyone nor does it try to be. Eleven explosive tracks here including "Invisible Rays" (which lasts well over 20 minutes), "Where Is Juan?", "The Last Guru," and "An Unusually Nice Hotel." Truly hot stuff. Top pick.

Alert New London - Youth (Independently released CD, Pop)
The debut full-length release from the Columbus, Ohio-based band Alert New London. These guys have a fresh friendly sound that may be the result of the fact that they're all best friends as well as musical buds. Youth is an instantly impressive album full of smart melodic modern pop. The band comes up with some great melodies here and their arrangements are nothing short of stellar. This album features eleven cool driving pop cuts that have a nice slick sparkling sound quality, ethereal guitars, kickass rhythms, and solid steady bass lines. The band is comprised of Jim Fowler, Cory Nicol, David Woodrow, Gavin McKenzie, and Stephen Lee. It's amazing that these guys have their act together so early in their career. It could take many bands several years to come up with an album this credible and cool...but for these guys it's only a starter. Memorable dreamy kickass cuts include "Alice," "Silverdrive," "Sunday Driver," and "Spoonfed." Top pick.

Bill Andrews - Life's Roads (Independently released CD, Pop)
Real genuine heartfelt pop presented using traditional instruments. Bill Andrews compares his music to artists like The Eagles, Neil Young, America, and James Taylor...which should give a good general idea of where he's coming from. Considering the strong underground resurgence of the FM radio pop sound of the 1970s, our guess is that there's a built-in audience ready and willing to embrace this guy's music. Andrews writes some nice, smooth, instantly hummable tunes that should please just about anyone who ever appreciated classic radio pop. The arrangements are kept simple, allowing the listener to focus on this talented fellow's words and melodies. Twelve pleasing cuts here including "Marblehead Morning," "After 25 Years," "There's A Girl," and "For A Ride." Groovy sounding stuff that...obviously a labor of love.

Rich Aucoin - We're All Dying To Live (CD, Sonic, Pop)
Canada's Rich Aucoin sure seems like a real interesting fellow. His last release was an EP (Personal Publication) that was recorded to synch to Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas. And now this, his latest release, features no less than 500 Canadian artists lending their talents and/or voices to the recording process. But if you think that (as a result of all of the contributors) We're All Dying To Live is going to be a jumbled mess, think again. Some way or another, Aucoin managed to intelligently make use of all the voices and sounds and this album ends up surprisingly cohesive and direct. According to the press release this man's concerts are incredible events involving all kinds of audience participation. To describe the music...these tracks blend elements from classic pop, techno, and even classical...creating an intriguing blur of styles all seamlessly tied together. This ambitious project features 22 tracks. This guy is obviously making music for fun and enjoyment...and it shows. A refreshing blast of infectious energy.

The B-52s - With the Wild Crowd! Live in Athens, GA (CD, Eagle Rock Entertainment, Pop)
We loved The B-52s long long ago. But over time the band began to seem more and more like a plate of refried beans. As a result, we weren't expecting much from this--the band's first live album. As is so often the case it seems lately, we have to admit that we were way, way, WAY off base. This CD rocks. Recorded in 2011 to commemorate the band's debut performance way back in 1977, With the Wild Crowd! Live in Athens, GA pumps with all the far out energy of the original little oddball band who came out of nowhere and hit the big time. The band churns out no less than eighteen songs including such crowd pleasers as "Private Idaho," "Funplex," "Love Shack," "Planet Claire," and...of course..."Rock Lobster." These folks seem to have recaptured their original energy in this concert so who knows what they're capable of now? With the country being in an economic and psychological slump, this should be the perfect time for simple upbeat escapist dance pop. Infectious energy from start to finish.

John Baumgardner & The Paper Doll Baptists - Fruitcake With Nuts (Independently released CD, Pop)
We rarely ever review holiday albums because we rarely ever even observe holidays in the first place. It has nothing to do with religious beliefs, ideology, or any of that crap...it's just that every day is a holiday in our lovely suite of plush offices so we never ever need to celebrate otherwise. Our everyday lives full of perfection and bliss. That said...we were very surprised to find how much we enjoy Fruitcake With Nuts. The reason this album stands far apart from the rest is that John Baumgardner and his friends have managed to create something credible from parts and pieces that have been used and overused thousands of times before. Okay sure, so some tracks do work a lot better than others here... The important thing to remember is that Baumgardner has created a holiday album without the same old samey feel that we've all heard thousands of times before...

Beneath Wind and Waves - Non-Etre (Independently released CD-R, Pop)
Smart soft folky pop with a difference. Our first impression was that Beneath Wind and Waves was just another soft folky artist with some nice hummable tunes. But after spinning Non-Etre we realized there's a lot more going on here. Instead of just churning out modern folky pop tunes, this fellow writes and records soft pop that has some rather remarkable and unexpected twists and turns. At some points the music is simple and direct...utilizing mainly an acoustic guitar and voice. But other tracks feature some truly cool arrangements that really add extra special flavors to the mix. We particularly love the tasty use of strings on "Loop Me In"...really kicks the song up to the next level. This guy has a neat subdued breathy voice and he never comes across sounding phony or contrived. We would place this is in the same general category as Sufjan Stephens but make no mistake...Beneath Wind and Waves is by no means a copycat artist. Cool reflective cuts include "Transference," "Angry Love," "Hold On Tight," and "98." Totally nifty and absorbing music.

Breaking Laces - When You Find Out (Independently released CD, Pop)
These guys have created quite a buzz around the country with their music in a short amount of time. Breaking Laces is the Brooklyn, New York-based trio comprised of Willem Hartong (vocals, guitar), Rob Chojnacki (bass, vocals, keyboards), and Seth Masarsky (drums, percussion, programming). True to the claim of the press release that accompanied this disc, these guys' music is reminiscent of both The Lemonheads and The Violent Femmes (more the former than the latter...while not sounding all that similar to either one actually...). The band is a touring monster. They've played over 500 live shows over the course of the past five years. Perhaps that explains the tight seasoned sound of the playing on When You Find Out. The songs are acoustic-guitar driven pop tunes featuring smart lyrics and highly defined melodies. And these songs could easily appeal to millions upon millions of listeners if they had the opportunity to hear them. Plenty of cool upbeat hummable cuts here...the only one that doesn't work is "God In Training" (just doesn't seem to fit in with the overall vibe). Our favorites include "When You Find Out," "Laser Beams," "We Can Be Great," "Bone Dry," and "I Do, I Don't." The band is touring heavily in support of this album. Our guess is that they can sure as Hell deliver the goods in concert...

Br'er - City Of Ice (Limited Edition CD, Edible Onion, Progressive pop)
The first thing that struck us about this release was the packaging. City Of Ice features what is perhaps the most unique and totally tasteful packaging job we've ever seen. Individually crafted and numbered, the cover shows this man's attention to detail and pure love of what he's doing. Packaging alone is never enough however...so we're pleased to report that the music contained within is even more remarkable and imaginative. We found the last Br'er full-length release (Of Shemales and Kissaboos) intriguing and unusual...but it didn't prepare us for the mature creative compositions on City Of Ice. Since the debut album was released about four years ago, Benjamin Schurr (the man who is Br'er) has released several singles and EPs...so perhaps that's what explains the extreme jump in terms of sound quality and songwriting. There's so much to love about this man's music. He doesn't sound like everyone else. He doesn't write and record formula-based music. His songs aren't reliant on technology...but he uses technology to enhance the substance that is already there. He has a cool voice that never sounds calculated or forced. The arrangements are unusual and yet completely appropriate for each song. Sheesh and gosh...can you tell that we're APESHIT over this one...? Eleven puzzling heady cuts here including "I've Forgotten Nothing," "Hope," "City Of Ice," and "Safe Word." This will easily end up being one of the most unique albums released in 2011. Highly recommended. TOP PICK.

Shauna Burns - A Winter Gathering (CD, Red Rock Music, Pop)
We aren't fond of Christmas in the least so we certainly don't care for Christmas music. But that isn't stopping us from covering this one because even though it's not up our alley...for folks into the Christmas season this album presents some absolutely lovely music. Las Vegas, Nevada's Shauna Burns already has a warm and loyal following and A Winter Gathering will no doubt please her fans and bring in legions more. These intricate Celtic-inspired songs are heartfelt and produced to perfection. And at the center of the tunes is Shauna's cool subtle voice...a voice so pure it almost gives you chills. So if you're into the holiday season and want to hear an album presenting the holiday spirit from a different perspective, Gathering will no doubt be your soundtrack for the 2011 season. Twelve cuts here including "Winter Star," "The First Noel," "What A Wonderful World," and "Carol of the Bells."

The Cape - Original Television Soundtrack: Music by Bear McCreary (Limited edition double CD, La-La Land, Soundtrack)
This exquisitely packaged double CD is being offered in a limited edition of only 2,000 copies...so all of you Bear McCreary fans out there better grab yours fast. The Cape was a cable television series that aired in 2011...and it was comprised of ten episodes. It was yet another in the growing number of superhero shows/programs/films. This package compiles music composed by McCreary that was apparently an integral part of why the show was so successful. There is an incredible wealth of material here. Each disc offers almost 80 minutes of music...and a total of 49 tracks (!). This is slick stuff with a big, big, big sound (which Bear is certainly known for). Exciting dynamic stuff from start to finish. Mindblowing tracks include "A New Day Ahead," "Scales In The Cage," "Sewing The Mask," and "The Cape Keeps Watch." You get a helluva lotta bang for your bucks with this one.

Captain Zapped - Heavy For Your Head (Independently released CD-R, Rock/pop)
Loud ballsy rip-roaring guitar-driven rock and roll. The guys in this Los Angeles, California-based band play loud in-your-face rock with attitude and conviction. The rhythms are bad and nasty, the guitars overdriven and loud, and the vocalist has a snarl that'll knock your balls off. This is a very well produced independent effort that will probably land the guys a deal in the very near future. Hard hitting cuts include "Shake That Pussy," "Rad Little Bitch," "Motor City Breakdown," and "True Love Rocks Hard." Hard punchy masculine music that rocks...

Dead Black Hearts - The Southern Front (CD EP, Monolathe Recordings, Pop)
We rarely review EPs unless it's something exceptional. The Southern Front is truly an exceptional EP full of smart, bright, uplifting pop music with a difference. Dead Black Hearts is comprised of Brian Carlson (vocals, guitar), Reed Wilbur (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Aaron Carlson (vocals, percussion), and Austin Childs (bass). These guys are doing everything right here. They write incredible tunes chock full of cool hooks...they have a great knack for coming up with superb arrangements...and the vocals are out-of-this-world. Seven tracks here...and they all kick royal ass. Sorta like a cross between Ben Folds and Johnny Society...without really sounding too much like either (?!). Our favorites include "Ambush!", "Postcard From Somewhere Cold," "Married To The Sea," and "5 To 9." TOP PICK.

Dead Voices On Air - Michael And The Angels Fought (CD, Lens, Progressive)
What more can we say about Dead Voices On Air that hasn't been said before? Perhaps the most appropriate and compelling statement we can make (again) is to say... we have yet to hear anything from Mark Spybey that hasn't been magnificent. And when you consider how much music this fellow has recorded and released over the years...that is truly AMAZING. On Michael And The Angels Fought Mark incorporates ideas and sounds from other artists/friends around the world. The results are intriguing and far-reaching. As with past Dead Voices On Air releases it is rather difficult trying to describe the style of music because the range of influences is so deep and wide. But whether you describe this as atmospheric, instrumental, world music, modern classical, abstract pop, or whatever...it all just sounds fantastic. Spybey is one of the true innovators in the world of music and his influence continues to grow and expand as more and more folks realize his depthy contributions to the world of music. Five mind expanding tracks here: "Shadow," "Voice," "Pulse," "Moon," and "Sudden." TOP PICK.

Divergence - Modern Concerti For Strings (CD, Navona, Classical)
This is a very classy collection of violin concerti by modern composers Nicholas Sackman, Scott Michal, and William Thomas McKinley. So many classical music fans become so absorbed by classic artists from the distant past that they tend to completely overlook the fact that there are plenty of truly great living composers on the planet. This disc sheds light on three individuals who clearly create music driven by pure artistic integrity. The disc is divided into three sections. The first section consists of three tracks from Sackman...whose music sometimes reminds us a great deal of many of the more intriguing progressive rock bands/artists from the 1970s (we're reminded of Curved Air and Henry Cow at times?!). The second section is comprised of three tracks from Michal. We particularly love the soothing sounds on "II. Bach"...some very beautiful gliding melodies here. The disc closes with eight tracks from McKinley. This man's music seems to tread in and out of a variety of different terrains making it somewhat difficult to absorb or describe. But the great part is that with repeated spins his music gets better and better and better. This album is a resounding success on a variety of different levels...and an excellent introduction to the music of three living modern composers... Top pick.



Love makes
The world go



When you take drugs
Nothing matters.
When you don't take drugs
Nothing matters.


Ex Norwegian - Sketch (CD, Dying Van Gogh, Pop)
Ex Norwegian is easily one of the best pop bands of the twenty-first century. We played these folks' debut album (Standby) completely into the ground over the past couple of years...and we're still spinning and loving it (!). We're pleased to report that the band is showing no signs of a typical sophomore slump. Sketch is every bit as good...if not even better...than the first album. And that's saying A LOT. So if these folks are just a pop band playing pop/rock music...what's the big deal? Well, in a word...SONGS. These folks have songs that are light years beyond what we normally hear. They're smart...they're catchy...they're just slightly different...and...most importantly...they keep getting better the more you hear 'em. Songs that initially sound kinda cool sound absolutely INCREDIBLE ten, twenty, thirty, or a hundred spins later. The subtle nuances inherent in the band's songs slowly creep into your subconsciousness. And, if you're like us, once you get hooked on this band's sound you will be totally ADDICTED. Yes,this band is indeed that good. Sketch has been out for awhile now via downloads and a run of CD-Rs...but now sees a proper release (i.e., a "real" official pressed CD). We've only listened to this one a couple of times thus far...but we're already getting incredible chills from the sheer brilliance of these tunes. Ten captivating magical cuts here including "Jet Lag," "Smashing Time," "Sky Diving," "Seconds," "Turn Left," "Girl With The Moustache"... Hell, every track is killer. Easily one of THE BEST albums of 2011. Can't recommend this one highly enough... TOP PICK.

Francis E. Fairman III - Diurnal Thoughts (CD, Navona, Classical)
This album presents four previously unreleased compositions for orchestra from Francis E. Fairman III. The folks at Navona seem to have a real knack for releasing music by modern composers who are the cream of the crop...and Fairman is no exception. These beautifully written and executed works are all precise and exacting...and feature some totally captivating melodies. The disc is divided into four sections: "The Fox," "Diurnal Thoughts," "New York Taxi," and "Concerto for Clarinet." All four were recorded with acute attention to detail and the sound quality is mind blowing. A great deal of this music sounds like it would be perfect for a film soundtrack. The music is emotional, exciting, and exhilarating...and there are cool organic threads running through it that give it an extra zing. Fifty eight minutes of pure classical bliss.



God loves
Fat children.


Felsen - Breaking Up With Loneliness (Independently released CD, Pop)
The single most obvious thing that sets Felsen apart from other bands is...SONGS. Breaking Up With Loneliness is an instant classic, presenting a non-stop string of smart and memorable songs...almost all of which sound like hits you've never heard before. This is the third full-length release from this Oakland, California-based band which is comprised of Aaron Phillips (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), Andrew Griffin (guitar, vocals, keyboards, percussion), Dominic Henri (bass, backing vocals), Justus Dobrin (keyboards), and Art McConnell (drums). Produced by Jonathan "JP" Parker, Breaking Up With Loneliness is destined to be an instant favorite among pop fans around the world. This band's super smart guitar-based modern pop was recorded using traditional instruments and the main emphasis is on vocal melodies and lyrics. There's a cool vibrant energy going on here that is a pure infectious delight. We can't say enough good things about this album...it is a total and complete winner. Kickass cuts include "Waterfall," "BFF OMB," "Temporary Diamonds On Display," and "Honolulu." TOP PICK.

Lucas Field - Conquest of Happiness (Independently released CD, Soul/pop)
Extremely warm and credible soul/pop with an emphasis on soul. You would never know from the cover that this album would contain so much cool vibrant music. Lucas Field has a truly winning sound and style...incorporating various sounds and ideas from classic pop and soul artists from the past. He was previously the front man in the band Low vs. Diamond so he already has a built-in fan base. Conquest of Happiness is his debut solo release...and it's a total keeper. Field writes some instantly infectious tunes and has a keen sense of coming up with very exacting simple arrangements. This is easily one of the best soul/pop albums we've heard this year...the music has a nice warm friendly vibe that folks are gonna love. Readers/listeners should note that--at least for the time being--Lucas is offering this album as a free download on his web site (link above)...so go grab these tracks now. You'll be glad you did. Wonderfully resonant compositions include "Let It All Begin," "Just How It Goes," "Start From Scratch," and "Fate." Top pick.

Bruce Friedman & Motoko Honda - Edge Study (CD, Analog Arts, Modern classical/experimental)
Puzzling minimalistic experimental drone music from Bruce Friedman and Motoko Honda. These guys are obviously not in it for the money (!). Edge Study is a peculiar album featuring exceedingly slow and methodical pieces that combine Friedman's well controlled trumpet with Honda's subtle creepy synthesizer. Only three tracks here...but the entire disc lasts over 48 minutes. It's very hard to compare this to anything else or offer any possible influences. These guys are obviously following their own muses...letting their instruments take them wherever they may. Strange modern mood compositions to fry the brain and confuse almost everyone who hears them. The three tracks are "Bits and Pieces," "Ode To The '60s," and "Amiss, Abyss, A Kiss." Cool progressive stuff from a totally different universe.



Our children are
Our future.
Fuck the future.


Peter Gabriel - New Blood: Live In London (DVD, Eagle Rock Entertainment, Rock/pop)
This is a very interesting concert video for a variety of reasons. We worshiped the ground Peter Gabriel walked on in the 1970s. This man was way, way, way ahead of his time and was, for all intensive purposes, the Salvadore Dali of rock music. His elaborate costumes and bizarre lyrics were so far out that they were simply too complex and strange for most people to absorb. Unfortunately, during his most creative peak, Gabriel never received the widespread recognition he deserved. It was only years later that more and more people began to realize the inherent substance contained on Genesis albums like Nursery Chryme, Foxtrot, and Selling England By The Pound. Probably driven apart by too much creativity and egos running amuck, Gabriel parted ways with Genesis...and then both parties began treading more and more toward a more mainstream image and sound. Peter's first few solo albums were a resounding success. But success eventually eroded some of his creativity and we eventually lost interest. New Blood: Live In London presents a collection of Gabriel's tunes recreated in an entirely new way. Backed by an orchestra and digital images on moving screens, Peter once again proves that he is still one of the most expressive vocalists on the planet. It's amazing given his age that the man still sounds this great. Some of the rearranged tracks work exceedingly well while others don't match the originals. But all in all this is a very intriguing and different way of absorbing Gabriel's music. This lengthy concert features 22 compositions all seamlessly presented by a group of exacting professionals. As with all Eagle Rock concert videos, the quality is exceptional...

Hammock / Steve Kilbey / timEbandit Powles - Asleep In The Downlights (Independently released CD EP, Progressive pop)
Readers who regularly tread through these pages may remember us drooling over Hammock in the past. If you're into uniquely different ethereal atmospheric dreamy music...these guys are about as good as it gets. This EP presents the more pop side of the band...although, as you might expect, this isn't pop in ways the word is normally used in the twenty-first century. The disc presents four tracks. Two were recorded by the band alone while the remaining two were recorded with two members of the band The Church. All four tracks glide by like the clouds in the sky and are, as we would expect, mesmerizing and brilliant. Steve Kilbey's voice fits the Hammock sound to a T...and the same is true for timEbandit Powles. Whether they're recording instrumentals or vocal music...and irregardless of whether they're recording alone or with other folks...Marc Byrd and Tim Powles always hit home runs. Another killer disc from two of the Southeastern United States' most talented and gifted gentlemen. Beautiful tri-fold digipak sleeve. TOP PICK.

Steafan Hanvey - Steafan Hanvey and the Honeymoon Junkies (Independently released CD, Pop)
Nice smooth melodic guitar-driven pop from Steafan Hanvey. After being warmly received in Ireland, Hanvey's debut album is finally being made available in the United States. He has even relocated here in hopes of transferring some of his success to our country. There's little doubt in our minds that this album will be instantly welcomed by pop fanatics with open arms. Steafan writes smooth hummable songs that are genuine, friendly, and real. And he has a cool voice that really drives the tunes home. These songs are classic in nature and were recorded using traditional instruments. Don't expect throwaway modern techno pop because you won't find any of that garbage here. Thirteen cool tracks delivered with finesse and style including "Rooms," "Dublin Sky," "Winding Down," and "Show Me." This guy is off and running on what will surely be a long and rewarding career.

Hinkley - Heaven Is High (Independently released CD, Pop/rock)
Hinkley is the latest project driven by the talents of Will Veeder (formerly in the band Muler) along with band members Jona Toll, Dennis Mariano, Charles Leport, and John DePuy. This is a different sort of album that doesn't fit into a specific musical genre. Although most folks would simply lump it into the alternative guitar pop/rock category the songs are actually much more mature and complex than such a comparison might suggest. Veeder writes songs that are complex in terms of melodies and lyrics...and the arrangements are anything but predictable and samey. We can hear traces of limitless artists including (but not limited to) Chris Stamey, Roy Wood, Harry Nilsson, and Sparklehorse among others. Veeder has an expressive and particularly incredible voice. Instead of merely singing words and melodies, you can tell this man really means what he is singing. Some of these songs feature such brilliant melodies that we can't help but wonder why Veeder isn't already a legend? Tracks like "If Hollywood Ever Found Out" and "Heaven Is High" are classic tunes that will sound great decades from now. A unique album in so many ways...and an obvious TOP PICK.

JIP - Year X (Independently released CD, Pop)
This is a really cool little pop album that we hope doesn't get lost in the twenty-first century tidal wave of music. JIP is comprised of Jim Gwynn (vocals, guitar), Brente Fatig (drums), and Spencer Watson (guitar, bass, drums, vocals). Gwynn is the principal songwriter and he comes up with some truly juicy catchy gems on Year X. These tracks have a nice simple direct sound and they never have that phony overproduced feel that ruins so many modern bands. To be more direct...these recordings sound like real people playing real music. And whatever slight flaws or imperfections might be there were left (probably intentionally)...which adds a great deal of extra zest and character. Cool guitars, steady rhythms, nifty bass lines, and groovy lead vocals...what more could you ask for? These songs were obviously written and recorded by three guys who love playing music. This underground gem contains fourteen cool cuts including "Not Alone," "When Bright Eyes Grow Old" (a particularly incredible track), "Hard To Change," "The Fade," and "All My Life (In Your Eyes)." Top pick.

Keith Kramer - Emerge (Double CD, Navona, Classical)
If you're looking for a big mental blast of music that goes all over the map and back, you will want to check out Emerge. This whopping double disc set features compositions by Keith Kramer...whose music veers into the genres of electronic, instrumental, chamber, and orchestral. Kramer's compositions are presented here by Apres, the Capitol Hill Chamber Players, the Sonora Ensemble, the Beyond Sonic Boundaries Orchestra, the Mariner String Quartet, the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra, and more. Kramer's compositions occasionally remind us of Mahler because of the slight discordant sounds and slow methodical nature of the music. There's approximately 140 minutes' worth of music here...so with a list price of $16.99 you're getting some major bang for your bucks. Housed in a beautifully designed triple fold digipak sleeve, Emerge is an exciting and absorbing journey into the mind of a master artist. TOP PICK.



We have lost
Our sense of humor
Along with everything


Eric Moeckel - Presenting (Independently released CD-R EP, Pop)
Intriguing solo release from Eric Moeckel who is currently best known as the frontman in the Saint Paul, Minnesota-based band The Sextons. One thing that really stands out about these recordings is the guitar. Rather than simply strumming or pounding like the average pop musician, Moeckle uses the guitar in such a way that it reminds us very much of a harp...very interesting and it certainly makes for some very different sounding arrangements. In terms of vocal melodies Eric's material reminds us in many ways of Andy Partridge's later recordings with XTC. The melody lines are smooth and have a cool soaring quality. Very nice absorbing home recordings from a man who obviously know what he's doing. Eight cool cuts here including "Lost," "Behind," "Seconds," and "Fool Us All."

The Mommyheads - Delicate Friction (CD, Dromedary, Pop)
The guys in The Mommyheads have had a lengthy on-and-off career with its share of ups and downs. The band was formed way back in 1987 and made their biggest splash in the 1990s. They released four albums and toured quite a bit before giving up the ship in the late 1990s. But fans of the band's music continued being supportive. So much so that in 2008 the band members decided to get back together and continue their mission. Thus far this century they have released a batch of re-recordings and a "best of" compilation. Delicate Friction features the band's first new collection of tunes since they reunited. There's no doubt this will be a crowd pleaser and there's also no doubt that these guys still have the spark that gained them an underground following in the first place. This album features smart guitar-driven modern pop tunes with a heavy emphasis on vocal melodies. Eleven cool new studio recordings here plus three bonus tracks that were recorded live in Stockholm, Sweden in 2011 (where the band has a devoted following). We should mention that iconic songwriter/singer/producer Kenny Siegal (Johnny Society) lent his support on four of the new studio cuts. Sure is great to hear the guys in The Mommyheads forging ahead with new stuff. This one's a direct HIT. Top pick.

David Myles - Into The Sun (CD, Little Tiny, Pop)
The sixth full-length release from David Myles. This guy writes and records instantly familiar radio-friendly upbeat pop that features super smart arrangements and genuinely warm vocals. Into The Sun has an incredible amount of commercial potential. Almost every track on this album sounds like a potential hit...and almost every track is a keeper. More than any other artist, Myles' songs and voice could probably best be compared to Paul Simon although he is by no means a copycat. He just has a nice friendly vibe like Simon and never comes across sounding phony or contrived. The vocals on this album are particularly inviting. Housed in a tasteful simple foldout cardboard sleeve complete with lyric sheet, Into The Sun is bound to be an instant crowd pleaser. Hummable cuts include "Simple Pleasures," "Long Dark Night," "Falling In Love," and "Time To Be A Man."

Ox - tUCo (CD, Cosmic Daves Record Factory, Pop)
We're not usually big fans of cover tunes...but when the guys in Canada's Ox began their album with their version (or "mission statement" as they call it) of Neil Young's "Out On The Weekend" we instantly knew we were gonna dig this band. The songs on tUCo have the same kind of acoustic shuffle pop sound that characterized Young's early recordings. And these guys have effectively captured that basic energy and sound without resorting to playing copycat. What appeals to us most about these guys' music is the fact that the sound is rather loose and doesn't have that canned and tweaked to perfection twenty-first century sound. The music is a throwback to the 1970s but the overall vibe and lyrics are virtually timeless. Smooth subtle cuts include "Indie Rock Radio Nation," "Share Gas Drive West," "Nico," and "Battlefields." Cool band, cool album...

Andy Padlo - Buffalo Wedding (Independently released CD, Pop)
The fourth full-length release from San Francisco, California's Andy Padlo. Currently a teacher at San Francisco School of the Arts (SOTA), Padlo's songs have been covered by a variety of artists and he's shared the stage with some rather cool credible musicians. The first thing that caught our attention about Buffalo Wedding was the length. Most pop albums last about 40 to 50 minutes. This album clocks in at over 76 minutes and features no less than seventeen tracks. For lack of a better frame of reference, we would place Andy's songs in the same general category as Leonard Cohen mainly because his voice is somewhat similar and he uses traditional instruments to record his songs. These compositions have a nice thick sound and at the heart of the music are Padlo's cool reflective vocals. Almost all of the songs on this album could be hits if they fell into the right hands. If Padlo isn't already a hot ticket on the download circuit he certainly should be. This beautifully packaged album is chock full of smart smooth pop that is remarkably effective and substantial.

Pikachunes - Pikachunes (CD, Lil' Chief, Electronic pop)
Pikachunes is Miles McDougall, a young producer and musician who currently resides in New Zealand. Miles writes and records an intriguing brand of techno pop that recalls classic artists from the late 1970s to mid-1980s. His songs are driven by stark electronic beats and analog keyboard sounds...and at the heart of the tunes are some very interesting vocals that at times recall Peter Murphy. or even Kraftwerk. With so many artists aping the sounds of the eighties these days, it seems odd that hardly any are treading on the same roads that McDougall is. What is interesting here is that Miles isn't simply rechurning the past. He uses sounds and ideas that influenced him to create music that is very modern and current. This may not catch on with everyone...but our guess is that all of the hipster club kids out there are gonna go apeshit over this guy's stuff. Clever danceable tracks include "Holiday," "Nervous," and "You're Alright." Cool stuff with a different fancy flair.



God is a
Welcome the pig
Into your


Princess Chelsea - Lil' Golden Book (CD, Lil' Chief, Pop)
Princess Chelsea is the musical project created by New Zealand's Chelsea Nikkel. Appropriately presented in a foldout digipak sleeve that resembles a children's book, this is an album chock full of smart, resilient, intriguing songs that stick in the head like glue. Chelsea's songs have a strange childlike appeal while simultaneously presenting some rather complex and mature arrangements. Some folks may remember Nikkel as a member of the band The Brunettes (the band on the Sub Pop label). Chelsea's songs are amazing...but just as amazing is her voice. She sings in a very casual manner never straining or forcing herself...just allowing the words and melodies to flow naturally. On the first couple of spins we liked this album. By the tenth spin or so...we found ourselves falling in love with these amazing tracks. Exceptional songs include "Machines of Loving Grace," "Caution Repetitive," "Overseas," and "Goodnight Little Robot Child." TOP PICK.

Republic of Letters - Stories (Independently released CD, Pop)
The debut full-length release from San Diego, California's Republic of Letters. These fellows are making music for a large segment of the listening population. The tunes on Stories are upbeat, commercial, and slick. They feature nice soaring melodies and a vocalist who obviously has a great deal of stage presence (you can tell from the urgent tone of his voice). This album should appeal to fans of bands like U2, Snow Patrol, and Coldplay. It's a bit too calculated for our own personal tastes but there are some cool cuts to be found here. We particularly like "Long Way Down," "Karma," and "Endless Drive."

Edward Rogers - Porcelain (CD, Zip, Pop)
The fourth full-length album from Edward Rogers. This man grew up in Birmingham, England but now resides in New York. This album features an all-star cast. Usually when an album feature an all-star cast of supporting artists we aren't impressed in the least. But this time around we are impressed...mainly because of the incredible talents lending their support here. The list is so mind-blowing and lengthy that we won't go into specific details here but...trust us, there are some amazing musicians backing up this guy. If you like classic pop/rock artists from the past few decades there's a very good chance you will totally dig the tunes on Porcelain. Instead of using trendy current sounds or trying to come up with money-producing hits Rogers seems to write songs that come straight from his heart. He's got a great melodic sense and his lyrics come across sounding completely sincere and focused. In addition the man has a great voice that really makes his tunes cook--he sounds kinda like Richard Butler (Psychedelic Furs) in some ways. Housed in a beautifully designed triple fold digipak sleeve, Porcelain spins like a non-strop string of hits. Kickass cuts include "The Biba Crowd," "Love With the World," "Topping the World," and "Fashion Magazine." Totally cool pure pop. Top pick.



All faces
Look the same.
All faces
Look exactly the



Don't take anything


Sick Figures - Two Ghosts (CD-R, Stickfigure, Pop/rock)
Sick Figures is a band driven by the songwriting skills of Chris Campbell and Nick Black and also includes Erich Netherton (drums), Paul Pfeilschiefler (bass), Jeremy Dollar (drums, percussion), and Monica Arrington (backing vocals). These folks play a brand of alternative guitar pop/rock with odd hints of Pirate swagger threaded into the mix. Two Ghosts is the second full-length release from these folks...and it's a HIT. The songs on this album deal with "a morbid tale of two lovers whose affair will not end in death." Smart songs...unique vocals...interesting lyrics...and a nice bright direct sound...what more could you ask for? The more we spin this one the more impressed we are. These folks have quickly developed a sound and style that is all their own. Kickass cuts include "Mad," "Murdercycleaire" (a particularly strong track), "Never Change," and "The Whiskey Song." Totally cool stuff from start to finish. TOP PICK.

Gregory Scott Slay - Horsethief Beats (CD, Horsethief, Pop)
This is the final album recorded by Gregory Scott Slay before he was brought down by cystic fibrosis. This would be a rather strange collection of songs anyway...but given the circumstances occurring in Slay's life at the time it somehow seems even more peculiar. Kinda hard to define the exact genre or style of music here as Gregory seems to have been delving into whatever was appropriate and/or right at the moment. Some of these tracks have a dub/pop feel...others seem more like personal statements...while others possess strange experimental qualities. We seem to have entered Gregory Slay's musical universe rather late but we're just glad to appreciate some of what this man accomplished. Horsethief Beats is a unique ride through the mind of a man who obviously influenced a great many people in a very big way. Nine cool tracks here including "Moony Pt. 1," "Kindred Spirit," "Birds Next Door," and "And When She Speaks." Top pick.

Slivovitz - Bani Ahead (CD, Moonjune, Progressive)
Slivovitz is the Italian-based band comprised of Domenico Angarano (bass), Derek Di Perri (harmonica), Marcello Giannini (guitar), Salvatore Rainone (drums), Ciro Riccardi (trumpet), Pietro Santangelo (saxophones), and Riccardo Villari (violin). These guys write and record complex compositions that combine elements from jazz and progressive rock. There's plenty of creative spontaneity going on here and all of the players are extremely tight and focused. In addition to playing in their own country, these guys have already toured Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Spain, and Austria. Now with the release of Bani Ahead they're planning on transferring some of their success to Brazil, the United States, and other countries in South America. These fellows are no doubt crowd pleasers as these eight tracks showcase some incredible skill and talent. Fluid smart cuts include "Egiziaca," "Fat," "Opus Focus," and "Pocho."

Carley Tanchon - Leave The Light On (Independently released CD, Pop)
The second full-length release from Carley Tanchon. This is an instantly pleasing album full of slick melodic tracks that ought to please just about anyone who enjoys light breezy upbeat modern pop. The press release that accompanied this CD probably sums up Tanchon's songs best by stating that they "blend the edge of Chrissie Hynde and Brandi Carlisle with the soul of Stevie Nicks and Dusty Springfield, and the raw emotion of Aimee Mann or Shelby Lynne." That's some big heaping praise to be certain...but Tanchon easily lives up to these comparisons. Her songs are smart and resilient and they feature a nice thick produced sound. But her voice is what will really push listeners over the edge. Carley can sing like nobody's business. She has a wonderfully genuine resonant voice that really packs a punch and gives her songs a vibrant cool energy. Searching for the perfect album to spin while driving through the falling leaves? Leave The Light On is IT. Kickass tracks include "Missing You," "I Guess I Know," "Stones," and "Walk Away."



It's lots better
To want things
No one else wants
Than to want things
Everyone else


John Watts - Morethanmusic (CD, So Real, Pop)
John Watts has had a long and prolific career. He got his start way back in the late 1970s with his band Fischer-Z. Since that time he has continued writing, recording, and releasing music. To date, Watts has now released 17 full-length albums...so there's obviously a solid legion of fans who will immediately embrace Morethanmusic. This thirteen track album doesn't sound like something recorded by someone who has been in the music business as long as John has. His songs and his voice still sound surprisingly fresh and youthful...and the man has a presence that just oozes out of the speakers. The songs, for the most part, fit within the confines of the pop/rock genre...but Watts isn't afraid to mix and merge styles so tidbits of other types of music bleed in and out of the mix. Plenty of smart pop tracks with commercial appeal here including "Obvious," "Perfect Timing," "Pitbull Pitbull," and "I Shake My Head."

Nat & Alex Wolff - Black Sheep (Independently released CD, Pop)
Nat and Alex Wolff are the stars of Nickelodeon's cable television show The Naked Brothers Band...which, to be honest, we had never heard of before until now. Nat and Alex are very young...both under 20 years of age at this point. But judging from the smart modern pop tunes on Black Sheep you'd never know it. These guys write and record smart melodic pop that should appeal to the masses as well as fans of credible underground pop. So many young guy bands write generic throwaway stuff. That's what separates Nat and Alex from the hoards of other young boy bands out there. There are some totally credible and rather incredible cuts on this album. Our top favorites are "Thump Thump Thump" (a song that in a perfect world would be a huge hit) and "Disappointed" (which has a sinfully catchy chorus and a bridge to die for...). Like we said we've never seen the television show so we're only reacting specifically to the music. But from what we're hearing, we can tell these two guys really love what they're doing. Fresh upbeat modern feelgood pop with HOOKS galore.

The Wheel Workers - Unite (Independently released CD, Pop)
Really nice smooth well-produced pop that features wonderful winding melodies and incredible vocals. The folks in this band are doing everything right. This self-released CD is housed in a beautifully designed digipak sleeve complete with a cool lyric booklet. The artwork on the front is great and gives a good indication of what the music sounds like. The tracks on Unite have a cool thick organic sound and a classic feel overall. But unlike many modern bands whose music is a throwback to the past these folks utilize their influences to catapult their own music to another level...and the songs sound very comfortable and current. Although we could probably come up with dozens or even hundreds of possible influences if we concentrated hard enough...in the end these folks' songs end up sounding fresh and unique. And that's probably because they seem to be making music because that's what they are driven to do. The band's pure artistic integrity is obvious on each and every track. Rarely do we hear self-released albums this good. Killer cuts include "The Mop," "Stereomad," "I Don't Know," and "Right Way To Go." Exceptional stuff...and an obvious TOP PICK.

Wires In The Walls - New Symmetry (Independently released CD, Pop)
The debut full-length album from Los Angeles, California's Wires In The Walls. These guys are off and running on the right path. Our guess is that there's an immediate audience ready and willing to embrace this band's music. The songs on New Symmetry are smart urgent guitar-based pop tunes with a difference. This band's compositions are much more mature and well thought out than what we normally hear. Instead of generic samey twenty-first century crap pop, the guys in this band obviously take great care crafting their melodies and penning their lyrics. These songs are genuine, heartfelt, and ultimately stand up to many repeated spins. The lead vocalist has real presence and provides the perfect central focal point for the band. Smart inventive cuts include "Tremolo," "New Symmetry," "The Land The Sea And Outerspace," and "Crutch." Credible stuff from an up-and-coming classic modern pop band...

Young Antiques - A Man, Not A Biography (CD, Two Sheds Music, Pop)
The fourth full-length release from Atlanta, Georgia's Young Antiques. These guys having been making music for quite some time now...and our guess is that A Man, Not A Biography may just end up being their breakout album...mainly because many of these songs could appeal to millions upon millions of listeners. Instead of producing and layering their tunes to death, these guys present their songs simply using only the essential ingredients necessary in order to get the point across. The songs feature nice smooth hummable melodies, exceptional vocals, toe-tapping rhythms, and groovy fuzzy guitars. The band's sound sometimes reminds us of The Replacements and at other times we can hear traces of classic artists from the past like The Jam. Plenty of power packed pop/rockers here including "Gotta Get Over You," "I Cant' Stand Anymore," "Biography," and "The Last Thing.


Additional Items Received:

Aaron & Andrew - To be brave
Nasar Abadey & Supernova - Diamond in the rough
Abstract Artimus - Rite of passage
A Cat Called Cricket - When leaves fall
Afternoon Naps - Summer gang 7"
After The Fire - Signs of change
Aimee Allen - Winters & mays
Griffin Alexander - The sound & the sea
All The Apparatus - All The Apparatus
Also - Music belongs in the background
Bobby Alu - Take it or leave it
Astrae - Dirty blonde
Ancient Astronauts - Into bass and time
Jeff Andrew - Hobo postcards
Mike Angus - Hymns
Flo Anito - No dustbunnies
A.N.T. Farm - Featuring China Anne McClan
Anti-Social Music - Is the future of everything
Arvo Zylo - 333
Astronauhalis - This is our science
Average White Band - Live at Montreaux 1977
Axess - Fusion

Baby Baby - Money
Backsliders - Rock and roll show
E.G. Bailey - American afrikan
Bad Co. - Live at Wembley
Bamboo Kids - The way things are
Barbarellatones - Confessions of a teenage prostitute
Stephen Barber - Astral vinyl
Ray Barnard & The Reverberation - Tinted windows to the soul
John Bartyl - Finally
Beastly - Songs From The Motion Picture
Bedhed and Blondy and the Sleepwalkers - Nuthin'...
Philip Bell - Since
Bemydelay - Totheotherside
Sylvia Bennett - Sonrie
David Berkeley - Some kind of cure
Berrys - Fairmount station
Mark Berube and the Patriotic Few - June in Siberia
Better Luck Next Time - A lifetime of learning
Beware of Safety - With Chakotay at the Helm b/w Cut into stars
Biello / Weyand - Fourthought
Black 100s - Fins
Black 100s - Release the cats!
Black Out - Tap tap
Black Pussy - On blonde
Blank Pages - Absolute uncertainty
Blind Willies - Needle, feather, and a rope
Bloater - Radiac
Danielle Bloom - Meet me in the middle
Boy With A Fish - I put my tongue on the window
Morgan Bracy - The end of cinderella
Jesse Brewster - Jesse Brewster
Bright and Early - Getting through it
Bree Bruns - Bree Bruns
Broken Poets - Broken Poets
Del Bromham - Devil's highway
Rachel Taylor Brown - World so sweet
Brulee - New beginnings
Bunky Moon - Schtuff we like
Bunnygrunt - "Just Like Ol' Times" "Young Abe Lincoln" b/w "He's About A Leaver"
Jerry Burgan - Reflections, songs & stories
Frank Butrey - Malicious delicious
Buxter Hoot'n - Buxter Hoot'n
David Byrne - Ride, rise, roar

Call Off The Search - What doesn't kill us...
Patrick Campbell-Lyons - The 13 dali's
Mindy Canter - Fluteus maximus - one session one take
Rob Carlton - Seven thunders
Ralph Carney's Serious Jass Project - Seriously
Carpenter - Sea to sky
Cavemen Go - Someone's always dying to break my heart
Ceaser Pink & The Imperial Orgy - Four legs good two legs baaad!
Ceremony - Original motion picture soundtrack
Dylan Champagne - Love songs of the apocalypse: Volume 1
Chansons - At the chateau
Chiwawa - Bus stop chinese buffet
Chocolate Horse - Beasts
Cinema Cinema - Shoot the freak
Clara May - Hush
Claudine - Wrestling consciousness
Clutters - Breaking bones
Paul Coady - Driftin' years
Turner Cody - Gangbusters!
Buckman Coe - By the mountain's feet
Thomas Comerford - Archive + spiral
Compact - Fortune cookie philosophy (and other musical nuggets)
Company Car - Stop hitting yourself
Steve Conn - Beautiful dream
Scott Cook - Moonlit rambles
Copernicus - Cipher and decipher
Counter Punch - Dying to exonerate the world
Counter Riot - Punk funk kfugato!
Annie Crane - Jump with a child's heart
Crawl - Tangles
Jay Crocker - Jay Crocker
Billy Ray Cyrus - I'm American

Daddy Lion - Daddy Lion
Damngivers - Damngivers
Dana and Lauren - Dana and Lauren
Dansewolf - Smoke n mirrors
Dark Loft - Dark Loft
Ekendra Das - Ethnomusicology
Jenny Davis - Inside you
Arron Dean - MPLS
Dear Joe - Miles away
Jesse Dee & Jacquie B - Our ghosts will fill these walls
Deleted Scenes - Young people's church of the air
Details - Lost art
Dikta - Thank you EP
District Attorneys - Orders from...
Doctors & Dealers - Every sinner has a future
Dogs and Bones - 2.1
Alberto Donatelli - Non calpestare il mio giardino
Justine Dorsey - Colorwheel
Dotson Moon - 4am
Drawn From Bees - Cautionary tales for the lionhearted
Drive - Original motion picture soundtrack - score by Cliff Martinez
Ryan Driver - Who's breathing
DTES - Lost and gone forever
Dubioza Kolektiv - Wild wild east
Duchess Leo - Golden gray
Dunn Boys - Volume 1
Duomarine - Depth of sound
Brennan Dylan - Bullet ride

Eksi Ekso - Eksi Ekso
El Ebo - Oxford basement collection
Elemental Zazen - Nothing to lose but change
Elements of Jazz - Elements of Jazz
Eleven Dollar Life - Shatter the Silence
Empirates - Pretentiously awesome
Encore - Fred fried and core0
Eulogies - Tear the fences down
Eureka California - Modern Times 7"
Evaline - Patterned
Everybody Wants To Be A Cat - Disney Jazz Volume I
Every Boy - Parachute mind
Extra Arms - In parallel
John Eye - Cannonicus 3.14

Joe Fahey - Bushnell's turtle
Falling Blind - Comets
Marc Farre - One hand on the night
Fat Shadow - Foot of love
Duncan Faure - Anthology
Favorite Shape Triangle - Against time
Femme Fatalitiy - That's it that's it
Fenech-Soler - Demons
Dodd Ferrell - Hide the world
Filmi - Xenith anon
Fishbone - Crazy glue
Dan Fisk - Bruises from the backseat
Five Eight - Your god is dead to me now
Fledglings - Fledglings
FluiD - Duality
Foghat - Last train home
Foreign Resort - Foreign Resort
Forgotten Door - Unlocked
Fostar - Believe
Michael Fracasso - Saint monday
Casey Frazier - After autumn
Freezzas - Trdonja
Fried Goat - Bon appetit
Fuck Knights - FuKn live! Vol. 3
F-units - Alone in babylon
Eleanor Fye - Love stays on

Galactic Cowboy Orchestra - All out of peaches
Alekos Galas - Mediterranean breeze
Duke Garwood - Dreamboatsafari
Matt Gary - I'm just sayin'
Gathering Britannia - The bridge between
Gazpacho - Misse atropos
Howie Gelb - Alegrias
Giant Hand - Starting as people
Mike Gibbons - Marigolds: the Bangkok sessions
Robbie Gil - Save yourself
Glamour Kings - Front row seat to the end of the world
Glimpse Trio - 1985
Glitter End - Diva
Global Noise - A prayer for the planet
Glorie - Glorie
Gno - Cannibal tango
Dave Goddess Group - Something new
Barry Goldberg - It's all my vault
Good Intentions - Someone else's time
Googolplexia - "O" before "L," and only one "E"
Tom Goss - Turn it around
Grascals & Friends - Grascals & Friends
CS Gray - Shoot out the star
Gray Lions - Run wild
Dave Greenslade - Routes roots
Dottie Grossman & Michael Vlatkovich - Call and response
Luther Grosvenor - If you dare
Kris Gruen - Part of it all
Gryphon Labs - Modern mythology
Guitar - It's sweet to do nothing!
Gunslinger - Early volumes 1
Jeff Gutman - Through the night

Tianna Hall - Never Let Me Go
Hammer No More The Fingers - Black shark|
Corey Hart - Winter bones
Havknotz - Music life pain
HB3 - Magic circles
H Bird - Operation fascination
Amy Heffernan - Friggin little know it all
Herzog - Search
Mace Hibbard - Time gone by
Hickoids - Kicking it with the twits
High Fiddelityi - Tell me!
Hilife - Highlife
Himalayan Bear - Hard times
Pamela Hines Trio - Lucky's boy
Eric Hisaw - Ghost stories
Hit & Mrs. - Mind split apart
Hit Back - Who are these weird old kids
Toni Hoffman Band - Humility
John L. Holmes - The Holmes stretch
Hoodwinked Too!: Hood vs Evil - Original motion picture soundtrack
Hops - Won't it be fun
Ted Hovis - Let it shine
Dan Hubbard & The Humadors - The Love show
Sam Humans - Life Free / Heligoats - Let loose
Hungry Kids of Hungary - Mega mountain
Hungryheart - One ticket to paradise
Hungrytown - Any forgotten thing
Jane Hunt - Violin venus

I Was Totally Destroying It - Preludes
Ill Mondo - De novo
Imaginary Cities - Temporary resident
In Bloom - all my potential
Information Superhighway - This is not the ending
INXS - Mystify
Irie Time - In another time

Jim Jacobi / Crap Detector - Prelude to the end of the dawn of destruction
Jazzfakers - Two
Jennifers - Well intentioned world
Jenocide - Knee deep
Mary Jenson - Beyond
Melvin Jones - Pivot
Jookabox - The eyes of the fly
JP - Simple man
JSB - When all is said and done...there'll be a lot more said than done
Junkyard Empire - Acts of humanity, vol. 1 & 2
Jiviley - Our choices rhyme

K's - Red numbers rising faster
Ted Russell Kamp - Get back to the land
Benji Kaplan - Meditacoes no Vlolao
Karmacoda - Eternal
Eryan Katsenelenbogen & Andrei Ivanovitch - Classical meets jazz: Pictures at an exhibition
Brian Keenan - Today this year
Keeping Riley - Welcome fire
Kellarissa - Moon of neptune
David Franck Keller - A long way from minneapolis
Kentucky Thunder - 'Bout damn time
Chad Kichula - Killer
Andy Kim - I forgot to mention
King Kong Magnetics - Futuristic money makers
Ryan Kirby - Postcard from vermont
Libby Kirkpatrick - Heroine
Wes Kirkpatrick - Naps & nightmares
Kiseleff - A sound seal
Kissing Cousins - Unfortunate end
Kobra Kai - Kobra Kai
Kotodama - Dichotomy

L.A. Guns - Acoustic gypsy live
Sofia Laiti - Like a road leading home
Imandra Lake - Ulistuslaulud EP
Laneous and the Family Yah - Scissors
La Res - Revolution
Last Act - Still Standing
Last Royals - Last Royals
Leah - Girl next door
Jerry Leger - Trraveling grey
Dorothy Leigh - A second chance
Lemonade Mouth - An original Walt Disney records soundtrack
Marissa Levy - 63 songs about joe
Mr. Lewis and the Funeral 5 - Delirium tremendous
Lick and a Promise - Come together in the morning
Lincoln Lawyer - Original motion picture soundtrack
Lincoln Lawyer - Music by Cliff Martinez
Steve Lipman - There's a song in my heart
Little Horn - Twelve EP
Trey Lockerbie - Light therapy
Donna Loren - Love it away
Donna Loren - Does elvis in hawaii
Carlo de Lorenzi - Four seasons in one recess
Los Texas Wranglers - Adios goodbye
Love Crushed Velvet - Love Crushed Velvet
Lubec - Nothing is enough!
Gary Lucas & Gods and Monsters - The ordeal of civility
Duda Lucena Quartet - Live
Louie Ludwig - Nichevo
Ludwig Amadeus - Featuring Kes
Lunatic Soul - Lunatic Soul
Luup - Meadow rituals
Lydia Lunch & Philippe Petit - Twist of fate

Sarah MacDougall - The greatest ones alive
Mad Anthony / Yellow Belts - Split 7" vinyl single
Mad Anthony - ...I spent all my money on speed metal
Madison Square Gardeners - Teeth of champions
Magnuson - Crash of cassini
Tim Mahoney - Live from the sky
JD Malone & The Experts - Avalon
Mamuthones - Mamuthones
Mandolin Orange - Haste make / Hard-hearted stranger
Jesse Manley - Devil's red
Manooghi Hi - Silence
Man Ray - Tokyo joe
Whitney Mann - The western sky
March Into Paris - Beautiful chaos
Carol Martini - Petals of the red magnolia
Daniel Masson - Frequencies
Lisa Maxwell - Happy
May Day Orchestra - Ota benga
McDuo - Works for flute and percussion
Patrick McGrath - When black is blue
Malea McGuinness - Sweet
Brendan McKinney and the 99 Brown Dogs - Best they can
Elam McKnight & Bob Bogdal - Zombie nation
Medicine Head - Fiddlersophical
Jocelyn Medina - We are water
Melvoy - Midnight make up
Men In My Head - Men In My Head
David Michael - Low bid on a dream
Midget - City drop
Hannah Miller - O black river
June & Jean Millington - Play like a girl
Miniboone - Big changes
Jenn Mierau - Hush
Dan Miraldi - Rock n roll band
Miwa Gemini - Fantastic lies of grizzly rose
Cheyenne Marie Mize - We don't need
Cory Mon and the Starlight Gospel - Turncoats
Money In The Banana Stand - There's always...
Monte Negro - Cosmic twins
Moonshine Ramblers - Moonshine Ramblers
Gary Moore - Live at montreux 2010
Lisa Morales - Beautiful mistake
Patricia Morehead - Good news falls gently
Gaby Moreno - Illustrated songs
Carol Morgan Quartet - Blue glass music
Maren Morris - Live wire
Jackie O. Motherfucker - Earth sound system
Mournblade - Anthology - vol. I
Mousy Brown - Bronze turbo
Mouthful of Snow - The truth hurts, but you would still like to hear it
Pete Mroz - We'll rise above
My First Earthquake - Friction
David Myles - Live at the carleton
Myself - Punk floyd
Mystefy - Me

Nada Surf - If i had a hifi
Naked Heroes - 99 diamond
Gilbert Neal - Vultures and diamonds
Neaman - So free
Lee Negin - Hungry ghosts
Alva Nelson - Soul eyes
Lucas Nelson & Promise of the Real - Lucas Nelson & Promise of the Real
Timothy Nelson & The Infidels - I know this now
Nexcyx - Queen
TJ Nix and Paul Plumeri - Blues in disguise
No Bird Sing - Theft of the commons
Claudia Nygaard - Let the storm roll in
Nylon Pink - Nylon Pink

1 - 10's - Fighting for a golden age
Ocote Soul Sounds - Taurus
Emily O'Halloran - Morphine and cupcakes
Lutalo "Sweet Lu" Olutosin - Tribute to greatness
Heather O'Neill - A feminist manifesto
Only Thieves - Heartless romantics
Open Feel - Open Feel EP
Operation ID - Legs
Orca Team - Vancouver, B.C. 7"
Carey Ott - Human heart
Ox - Silent night and other cowboy songs

David Paige - Not what it seems
Paint and Copter - More trial, less error
Paladino - Paladino
Marco Panella - In the age of batteries
Panic Years - Finally, today is tomorrow
Pandora's Box - Coyote poets of the universe
Parallel Play - The floor's made of lava!
Daniel Park - Search and rescue EP
Oradiah Parker - The siren and the saint
Joe Paulson - This fine evening
Jesse Payne - Buffalo
Laura Peek - Key
Pepper Dome - Chaos point
Tim Permanent - Marker
Gabriel Miller Phillips - One for the crow
Phineas and Ferb - Across the 1st and 2nd dimensions
Sarah Pierce - Bring it on
Heather Pierson - Make it mine
Pinataland - Hymns for the dreadful night
Tan Ping - Paradise
Pirates of the Caribbean - On stranger tides
Police Teeth - Awesomer than the devil
Poor Boy's Soul - Burn down
Poor But Sexy - Let's move in together
Jon Pousette-Dart - Anti-gravity
Pousette-Dart Band - The best of Pousette-Dart Band
Primal Static - The curtain of many faces
Project S.N.A.R.E. - Project S.N.A.R.E.
Prophets & Kings - Prophets & Kings
Psychopathic Romantics - Pretty prizes


Racoon Bandit - Into the hills
Adam Rader - Any way I can
Rainbow - Live in Germany 1976
John Ralston - "Jesus Christ" b/w "A Marigy Xmas"
Scott Ramminger - Crawstickers
Rationales - The distance in between
Genya Ravan - I won't dry anymore...
Ready! Ricochet - Ready! Ricochet
Red Eye Fugu - Watchers
Redgy Blackout - Redg Blackout
Red Sammy - A cheaper kidn of love song
Mick Reed - Goodnight, texas
Danielle Reich - This year's kisses
Rethink Forever - Vocal music of Peter Hannan
Leslie Revelle - That little girl
Revenge of the Platypus - Dreams instrumentals
Sarah Lou Richards - Ruby red shoes
Riffbrokers - Every pilot's blinded by the sun
Ben Ripani Music Co. - Maladies
River Rouge - Not all there anymore
Riverside - Memories in my head
Rivulets - We're fucked
Troy Roberts - Nu-jive
Robinson - England's bleeding
Robotic Lunch - Zangief
Roch - Lightweight bipolar mania
Rockabye Baby! - Lullaby renditions of Def Leppard
Rockabye Baby! - Good day, goodnight
Rocket From The Tombs - Barfly
Clea Roddick - Songs of the year: Vol. 1
Paul Rodgers & Friends - Live at Montreux 1994
Eldridge Rodriguez- You are released
Laura Roppe - I'm still here
Arrica Rose & the ...'s - Let alone sea
Rusty Eye - Possessor

7 Months Later - Time to decide
Kekell Sa - Fortaleza
Saga - Heads or tails live
Salim Ghazi Saleedi - Iconophobic
Micky Saunders & Dan Susnara - Riding on the moonbeams & analog slim in luddite land
Lisa Savidge - Lisa Savidge
Scarlet Season - The taxidermist
Stephanie Schneiderman - Rubber teardrop
Robert Schroeder - Cream
Sculpting The Air - Modern works for wind instruments
James Sera - Reality of the fantasy
Shaky Deville - Hot asphalt
Tom Shaner - Get real or get gone EP
Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure - Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure
Shawn Bell Quintet - Things yet unknown
Shayna & The Catch - Lighthouse
Shirk Circus - This band will destroy your life
Side B - Greatest hits
Patrick Sieben - Awakening
Audrey Silver - Dream awhile
Mark Silverman - Perverse milkman art
Simon Says No! - Simon Says No!
SJ - Coffee
Skelp - Volume
Sleepless - Noise of life
Sleepy Vikings - They will find you here
Slopes of Distant Hills - Slopes of Distant Hills
Ruth Purves Smith & The 581 - Out in the storm
Azalia Snail - Celestial respect
Snick: A very colourful piece of Australiana - Michael Schneider
Snowblink - Long live
Sojourn - The water and the blood
Soldier Come Home - With psalm 131
Soloman - The love rocker project
Solstice Coil - Natural causes
Sound of Growing Up - Drifting
Soup - The great awakening
Source Code - Original motion picture score
South Cry - Blue moon
Split Tongue Crow - Split Tongue Crow
Sprains - Imitate art
Spring Breakup - It's not you, it's me
Standing Shadows - The silent revolution
Steve Steele - The expat
St. Even - Spirit animal
Dar Stellabotta - Ride the wave of love
Stephaniesid - Starfruit
Stewboss - Pilgrims & runaways
Greg Stomberg and Dan Susnara - Prequel: The 1st annual trips festival
Jacky Stone and His Ugly Bones - Blarg! All over Wrigley
Stone Antica - Stone Antica
Stone Foxes - Psycho b/w serious people
Storms - Lay your sea coat aside
Streakin' Healys - Booze fighter
Street Chant - Means9
Stuyvesant - Fret sounds
Styx - Regeneration: Volume I & II
Sufis at the Cinema - 50 years of bollywood qawwali & sufi song 1958-2007
Sunol - Ohlone
Sunrise - Spread the word
Sunshine Factory - Lower away b/w Tidal waves
Sunspot - Major arcana
Sun Wizard - Positively 4th avenue
Susan Surftone - Shore
Surrealestate - Lacunae
Surrender The Fall - Surrender The Fall
Dan Susnara - Vent grin and conquer
Dan Susnara & Micky Saunders - "Changing Days" / "You're A Mirror"
Jacqui Sutton - Billie & Dolly
Oliver Swain - In a big machine
Sweetkiss Momma - Revival rock
Sympathy For Delicious - Original motion picture soundtrack

10 Ft. Ganja Plant - Shake up the place
28 Days of Joy - Are we ghosts
Cheley Tackett - Whisper me slow
Terminal Orchestra - The seasons
MJ Territo - Down with love
Testa Rosa - II
There Is No Sin - We are revealed
Thrill Building - The greatest game in the world
Tic Tic Boom - Reasons & rhymes
Tidelands - If...
Tigger - Forget you EP
Tiny Little Blackouts - Daly city
Tiptons Saxophone Quartet - Strange flower
Tommy and the High Pilots - Sawhorse sessions
Bill Toms - Memphis
Ashley Brooke Toussant - Sweetheart
Trophy Fire - Armor
Trophy Wives - Old scratch
Truth and reconciliation Commission - Songs about dying
Twilight Hotel - When the wolves go blind
Twisted Sister - Club days volume 1: The studio sessions
Two Guitars - Bending time

Uglyography - Undercover new machine
United Sons of Toil - When the revolution comes, everything will be beautiful
Using Bridge - Using Bridge

Freddy V - Easier than it looks
Sal Valentino - Dreamin' man
Vandaveer - Dig down deep
Randy Van Warmer - The vital spark / Sings Stephen Foster
Various Artists - Ventis secundis, tenne cursum: This is progressive rock!
Various Artists - Space Escapade Unit 1
Various Artists - Manitoba Music
Various Artists - War Horses! Angel Air Rocks!
Various artists - The Mylene Sheath: 2011 label sampler
Various artists - Undercover tribute to Pixies' Doolittle
Various artists - Made in Iceland IV
Various artists - Rescue Co. No. 1
Various artists - Digitaldubs: #1
Various artists - Rosler's recording booth
Various artists - The rock garage: Texas live concert series
Velvet Monkeys - Everything is right
Venetian - I wanna tell you a story
Versailles - Sacrifice
Vessels - Helioscope
Chet Vincent and the Big Bend - For everyone
Voice of Addiction - Reduce reuse resist
William Vollinger - Raspberry man
Von Ehrics - Two foot stomp
Vtg - Love is letting go

Walkability - Important singing gino ties
Fleet Walker - Morning void
Walk Ons - We did this on purpose
Brian Walsby - Manchild 5
Samuel Locke Ward & The Boohoos / Mumfords - Split 7" E.P. 33 1/3 RPM
Warped 45s - Matador sunset
Warrior - Original score composed and produced by Mark Isham
Mike Watt - Hyphenated-man
Way Yes - Way Yes
Bob Wayne - Outlaw carnie
Chris Weaver Band - Standng in line
We Is Shore Dedicated - We Is Shore Dedicated
Welcome To Florida - Make it work
Rosetta West - Raccoon
Wheeler Brothers - Portraits
Joseph Allen White - Things change
White Orange - White Orange
Who Cares - Out of my mind / holy water
Annie Williams - This mountain
Marty Williams - Long time comin'
Renee Wilson - Voodoo queen
Winnie The Pooh - Original soundtrack
Fay Wolf - Spiders
Wolfe Gang - Read the fine print
Andrea Wood - Dhyana
Wooden Want & The Briarwood Virgins - Briarwood
Wounded Men - All the east bay misses you
Wowz - Go figure


John York and Kim Fowley - West coast revelation
Kenny Young - Simple things
Young Blood - Transfusion

Inna Zhelannaya - Cocoon

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