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A Northern Chorus

Backyard Babies
Jamie Barnes

Tim Bluhm
Bottom of the Hudson
The Casting Couch
Chomp Day

Coltrane Motion
Comment Piece
The Complete Strategist*
Courtroom Violence
Currituck Co.

Dallas Orbiter
Bart Davenport

Death In Vegas
De Novo Dahl*
The Dudley Corporation
The Electric Turds

The John Francis & Imposters

Garland Buckeye
Greater California
Mike Hagedorn

Anne Heaton
Michael Jackson
Candye Kane
Il Programma Di Religione
Last of the Juanitas

The Lovethugs
Meat Beat Manifesto
The Motel Beds
The Operators
Louis Philippe
Porcupine Tree
Sun Ra & His Arkestra
Richard Bitch
The Ridiculous Trio
The Robot Ate Me

The Screwdrivers

Will Smith
The Spencer Davis Group

Steroids in Sports
Super Deluxe

Thee Missouri
Tara Vanflower

Loudon Wainwright III
The Yum Yum Tree

Zaink Frappa and the Brothers of Intention

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April 2005 Comment Piece:
Making Up Your Own Mind

You'd think that after all this time that people would be inclined to make up their own minds about how they feel about bands and musical artists. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Yes, there are those individuals out there who truly do think for themselves and make their own decisions...and we do applaud those rare cases. But people still are--by and large---guided by words and voices in the media...invisible voices that tell them what to like and, more importantly, what to buy.

Have you ever noticed how almost everyone out there now seems to agree with All Music Guide about virtually everything...? Who the best artists are...and what the best album is by each artist... Sometimes they're right on target to be sure, but in many other cases they are dead wrong and way, way off base. Its a great web site and it certainly provides some great content...but the web site is by no means the authority on bands and musical artists. And yet the majority of listeners out there consider the text on All Music Guide to be the words of God. They are blindly allowing others to make decisions for them about what is worth listening to...and what is not.

We sincerely hope that no one out there reads our words and blindly adopts our opinions as their own. That would be missing the point completely. We urge people to think for themselves and make up their own minds...instead of taking the easy way out and letting others do the job for them.

We review things to give people ideas on what they might like.

We aren't the authority on anything. And neither is anyone else.

In the end, readers and/or listeners should make up their own minds about how they feel about music...as well as the world in general.

Sure, it takes more effort, but in the end...it's worth it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Aarktica - Bleeding Light (CD, Darla, Ambient/progressive pop)
We admired previous Aarktica releases on the wonderfully esoteric Silber label...so we were not surprised to learn that the band has now signed with...the also wonderfully esoteric Darla label. Aarktica is Jon DeRosa...a fellow who seems intent on expanding the boundaries of his music over time. Bleeding Light is the fourth Aarktica release. Like previous releases, the album is a winding trip into musical territory that seems simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar. DeRosa combines ambient sounds with subtle pop elements to create a sound that is all his own. His music is not obvious...but is, instead, a peculiar blend of odd sounds and slightly surreal instrumental passages. Just when you think things are starting to sound somewhat normal...the music suddenly takes a turn and heads into deeper waters. Bleeding Light is a mature album and proves that DeRosa's career has only just begun. Features pleasing tracks like "Depression Modern" and "A Wash A Sea Goodbye It's Me." (Rating: 5)

Amp - Us (CD, Very Friendly / Cargo, Progressive/experimental)
Obtuse and peculiar...the folks in Amp continue writing and recording music that is unusual and usually foreign. This British band isn't playing for the masses. Instead, they just let their creative juices flow and whatever happens...just happens. Us is a strange album...incorporating a wide variety of sounds and styles. The instruments and vocals are tampered with and layered all over one another...making the music sound like a bizarre audio collage. Some would call these songs noise...but there are certainly enough recognizable elements to qualify them as real tunes. These tracks feature muted progressions that seem to trip and fall into one another. The vocals are otherworldly and peculiar...yet strangely seductive. While Us isn't for everyone...it features cool and unusual music that will most likely appeal to those seeking the peculiar and the unusual... (Rating: 5)

A Northern Chorus - Bitter Hands Resign (CD, Sonic Unyon Recording Company, Progressive pop/rock)
We were pleasantly surprised that this disc made its way into our trusty ol' post office box...because we enjoyed this band's last release a great deal. Bitter Hands Resign offers eight lengthy tracks of moody, pensive, progressive pop. The fellows in this band don't approach music from a normal perspective. Their tunes are like mental journeys during which anything is possible. The band has as much in common with progressive bands from the 1970s as they do with slow core pop bands from the 1990s. The music is often complex and heady...while the melodies are reflective and subtle. Something like a slower more advanced version of early Spiritualized, the gents in A Northern Chorus are charting some mighty cool territory here. Preferred tracks: "The Shepherd & The Chauffeur," "This Open Heart," "Don't Think of Collapse." (Rating: 5)

Backyard Babies - Tinnitus (CD, Liquor and Poker Music, Rock)
Parents are sure to hate the opening refrain on this album...as the band excitedly chants the line "Making enemies is good." The band eventually slams into the chorus joyously singing "Got a brand new hate for you." Negative messages aside, the music provided by Backyard Babies is actually upbeat and friendly sounding. If you like unrelenting buzzsaw guitars, there's a good change you are going to love these guys. Tossing off ultra catchy power pop tunes like there's no tomorrow, Sweden's Backyard Babies are one big mean ball of rock and roll energy. With repeated spins, Tinnitus is almost certain to cause tinnitus. It's a very loud album. The band's swirling blast of hard rock is drenched in hooks and the playing is always tight and solid. These guys are playing anthems for today's lost generation. The idea works. This album KICKS ASS. Includes "Highlights," "The Clash," "Made Me Madman," and "Look At You." Strong stuff. (Rating: 5)

Jamie Barnes - Honey From the Ribcage (CD, Silber, Folk/pop)
Recorded in his home studio in Louisville, Kentucky, Honey From the Ribcage is an absorbing and effective collection of folk inspired soft pop tunes. Jamie Barnes is similar in many ways to Sufjan Stevens. His tunes are soft, personal, and reflective and his voice is subtle and subdued. For what is virtually a solo album (except for a couple of guest appearance by Will Cummings), Honey From the Ribcage is a surprisingly warm and genuine collection of tunes. Like Stevens, Barnes caresses his tunes in a nest of cool instruments including glockenspeil, melodica, sitar, tabla, ocarina, and more. Lyrics and melodies are the main focus of the album, however, and the songs are truly spectacular. In listening to this music, you almost get the feeling that you actually know this fellow. This is probably about as honest as music gets. Inspired cuts from start to finish. Highly recommended. (Rating: 5++)

Birdwire - I'll Take It With Me (CD EP, K&H Productions, Soft pop/folk)
Birdwire is Brian Mundy, formerly of the band Kooken & Hoomen. Brian wrote, recorded, and produced this six song EP. This music is a far cry from what is currently popular in music. This gentleman composes songs for all the right reasons, which may explain why his tunes are so satisfying and genuine. These compositions are based around an acoustic guitar and Brian's thoughtful, understated vocals. The real meat of this disc only becomes obvious after a few dozen spins. Thoughtful and pure, I'll Take It With Me is a disc that we will most definitely be keeping in our permanent collection. Excellent. (Rating: 5+)

Tim Bluhm - California Way (CD, Fog City, Acoustic/folk/pop)
The guiding light of The Mother Hips steps out on his own. Recorded in two days, California Way is an intriguing and fascinating snapshot of one of the best singer/songwriters around. This sparse and subdued album allows Tim Bluhm's spirit and soul to shine naked...alone in the spotlight. Prompted to record these songs by his friends Dave Schwartz and Dan Prothero, this is a recording session that might not have taken shape otherwise. Tim's love of California and the great outdoors seems to be a great motivator in his life. When he's not writing, recording, and performing music, Bluhm hikes, skis, and surfs. A far cry from the stereotypical rock musician, this fellow seems to have his feet planting firmly on the earth. California Way is chock full of thoughtful intelligent tunes that sound better with every spin. Top picks: "California Way," "Tear It Down," "Hell is the Highway," "Ribbons." Recommended. Excellent. (Rating: 5+)

Bottom of the Hudson - Songs From the Barrel Commando (CD, Happy Home, Pop)
Quality melodic pop recorded at home. Bottom of the Hudson is led by the songwriting talents of Eli Simon who previously played in Smog and The Wrens. Simon's latest project features songs that sound as if they could have very easily been written by Bob Pollard. Songs From the Barrel Commando presents ten melodic tunes with unusual arrangements. According to the press release, Simon has recorded an incredible amount of material over the years. While a bit too rough for the casual or commercial-oriented listener, this man's music will likely appeal mainly to fans of underground pop. Cool cuts include "December Is Only A Window," "Thick Whispers," and "Take Me In." Recommended for fans of Guided By Voices. (Rating: 4++++)

The Casting Couch - 5 Songs (CD, I Eat Records, Pop)
There has been a stronger and stronger bond forming between the cities of Austin, Texas and Athens, Georgia over the past few years. Austin's The Casting Couch traveled to Athens to record their 5 Songs EP. The band's music is centered around the songwriting skills of Wendy Mitchell and the arranging skills of Lynn Boland. This EP presents a band with real promise. The songs are well written and memorable and the playing is laid back and spirited. Mitchell has a very soothing, subtle vocal style that really makes these tunes work. It'll be interesting to hear how this band progresses. They're certainly on the right track already... (Rating: 4+++)

Chomp Day - Every Day Is Chomp Day (CD, Matador, Bad crap)
Such a great band name. Too bad the folks in Chomp Day can't write anything decent or play anything but sour notes. Fronted by the questionable talents of Massuh Tailwind, the band is a major disappointment for parents and children across the world. Promoting the use of steroids in sports (an idea that we are all for...), this band just doesn't live up to its promises. Don't buy this. Eat mashed vegetables instead and get ready for potty training number three... (Rating: 1)

Coltrane Motion - No Well OK Maybe Just A Little (CD EP, DATAWASLOST, Techno/pop)
You can always count on something interesting if it is on the DATAWASLOST label. Coltrane Motion is the Chicago-based trio consisting of Michael Bond, Matt Dennewitz, and Pete Ziegler. The band's tunes merge components from various genres of music...eventually ending up sounding something like a modern British techno band. But that is meant to be taken as a compliment, because No Well OK Maybe Just A Little is a very smart and intriguing little four song EP. The first cut ("Pi is Exactly Three") is absolutely intoxicating and as catchy as Hell. The band's throbbing beats, odd keyboards, and unusual vocals make their music an upbeat trip. This is one of those EPs that leaves you thirsty for more... (Rating: 5+)

The Complete Strategist - We Care (CD, Happy Home, Pop)
The Complete Strategist is one of the best pop bands of the twenty-first century. We make this claim without reservation, as We Care is a truly outstanding collection of songs and one of the best debuts we have heard in recent years. The band is led by Billy Kilgannon, a young man with the uncanny ability to write classic pop tunes...and a voice so perfect that you have to hear it to believe it. Incorporating ideas and sounds from bands like The Beatles, XTC, The Bee Gees, 10CC, and The Kinks, Mr. Kilgannon makes everything sound fresh and new all over again. The man's voice sounds very much like Robin Gibb...yet his tunes sound very modern and current. Extraordinarily hummable and catchy, these tunes will send listeners orbiting straight up into the clouds. The lyrics are exceptional throughout. Heady and unique, this is most certainly one of the best pop bands around. Killer tracks include "Pyrosis," "Ilend," "Albany," "Ro Jo," and "Billy Boy Is Sentimental." Highly recommended. (Rating: 5+++)

Courtroom Violence (Irrelevant and pathetic kind of thing)
So now everyone has taken to shooting judges because they disagree with the verdict that has been handed down. Ho hum. Isn't it all just so...interesting...? (snore) Here...hidden away in the hills of Tennessee...none of it matters one goddamn bit. Where our office suites are located there are no courtrooms...there are no litigants...and there are no verdicts. Courtroom violence. Just another example of why cities SUCK. Why do people put up with this kind of crap when they don't have to? Our advice is to...ESCAPE. (Rating: 1)

Currituck Co. - Sleepwalks in the Garden of the Dead Room (CD, The Track and Field Organisation, Folk/pop)
Currituck Co. is Kevin Barker, who recorded Sleepwalks in the Garden of the Dead Room in his basement studio. Barker is heavily influenced by folk artists such as Ron Sexsmith, Gram Parsons, Elliott Smith, and early Neil Young. His tunes are understated and mellow...yet they are occasionally interspersed with bits of odd, subtle psychedelia. The further Barker deviates from traditional song structures...the better his music gets (the extended "Wisdom of the Weeks" is a good example of this). Unlike many artists, in many instances Kevin manages to get his messages across using nothing more than a guitar and a single vocal track. Now that's talent. Standout cuts include "Paid for Grace," "I Went Outside Today," and "Sleepwalking II." Good stuff. (Rating: 5+)

Dallas Orbiter - Magnesium Fireflies (CD, Princess, Progressive pop)
Soft reflective pop interspersed with lengthy jazzy instrumental passages. This Minneapolis-based quintet is providing unusual content with their music. Instead of utilizing traditional pop formulas or recognizable chord progressions, these fellows allow spontaneity to trip into their tunes...often allowing them to go off on some rather remarkable tangents. The overall sound is something like combining progressive rock from the 1970s with underground pop of the 1990s. Magnesium Fireflies, while unpredictable and peculiar, is a strangely calming album. This band really flexes their muscles here, displaying an amazing range of styles and influences. The only problem they may face is that...their music is probably too complex for most listeners. But our guess it that these gents are in it for bucks or success anyway. Their music is inherently genuine and driven by artistic integrity. Cool tracks include "Bed of Stars," "So Pretty," and "Shoot the Lights Out." (Rating: 5)

Bart Davenport - Maroon Cocoon (CD, Antenna Farm, Pop)
Beginning with a tune ("Welcome to the Show") that sounds very much like Crosby, Stills, and Nash...Bart Davenport quickly switches channels and proves that he can easily swerve into varied musical terrain with ease. Maroon Cocoon is a meaty and rewarding collection of smart pop tunes recorded at home. Davenport has a real knack for writing memorable melodies. This album has the sound and feel of some of the best classic pop albums. Bart's music has--not surprisingly--already caught on in a big way in Spain (the country is now one of the real hotbeds for great pop talent). What is perhaps most surprising about Bart Davenport's music is how accessible it is. His tunes are neither cute or strange....and they are anything but alternative noise experiments. These songs are smooth and easy pop numbers that could easily be appreciate by millions of people (if they had the opportunity to be exposed to the music, that is...). Maroon Cocoon is a great album that will stand the test of time. Great cuts include "Finishing School," "Paper Friend," "Following a Red Balloon," and "Sad Machine." Recommended. (Rating: 5+)

Death In Vegas - Satan's Circus (Double British import CD, Drone, Electronic/pop)
Death In Vegas is the duo of Richard Fearless and Tim Holmes. Satan's Circus includes two CDs. The first disc features eleven new tunes while the second features twelve songs recorded live in Brixton, Spain in 2003. Together, these discs give the listener a chance to look back while also looking forward toward where the band is heading now. Disc One shows Fearless and Holmes treading into more sparse electronic territory spearheaded by 1970s bands like Kraftwerk. The album sounds something like modern mood music...with the mood being rather playful and light. All eleven tracks are instrumentals. Some include a smattering of traditional instruments (guitar, real drums), while others are purely electronic. These two gentlemen don't play obvious music. Their songs come across sounding something like mutations on traditional formulas...simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar...strange yet instantly likable. The live disc is much darker and oriented toward traditional rock music. Given the choice...we prefer the band's new sound to the old. With their new recordings, Fearless and Holmes prove that their music is still very much alive. May they continue on for many years to come. (Rating: 5+)

De Novo Dahl - Cats & Kittens (Double CD, Theory 8, Pop)
De Novo Dahl is a multi-faceted group based in Nashville, Tennessee. The band's music might best be compared to The New Pornographers, mainly because of the variety of styles involved. The band consists of six individuals...all of whom contribute songs. As a result, the tunes simply go all over the place in terms of ideas and styles. This is a far cry from bands whose music is composed entirely by one individual. As if it weren't enough for the band to record sixteen tracks in their home studio for their new album (Cats), they also remixed all of the tracks and included them on a second disc (Kittens). There is so much creativity going on here that we can only hope that the band doesn't eventually splinter into fragments because of all the inventive energy. Fresh, energetic, intelligent, and effervescent, Cats & Kittens is an impressive crisp photograph of a band with intense and well-focused imagination. Truly splendid stuff. (Rating: 5+++)

The Dudley Corporation - In Love With The Dudley Corporation (CD, Absolutely Kosher, Pop/rock)
Sounding a bit like Radial Spangle and even The Wedding Present at times, The Dudley Corporation doesn't sound like other bands from their home country of Ireland. In Love With The Dudley Corporation, the band's sophomore album, has already landed the band a hit single ("What A Human Does") on Ireland's Top 30. Having now toured the United Kingdom, the United States, Iceland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Austria, the band seems poised for even bigger success...which seems odd, considering how uncommercial and offbeat much of their material sounds (!). The three fellows in the band seems fond of trading off between very soft segments and very loud chaotic ones. The songs are anything but standard and predictable. Often quite complex and schizophrenic, The Dudley Corporation's compositions are simultaneously assaultive and soothing. Thought provoking music for the thinking listener. Top picks: "Colossus," "New Song for You," "(H)our Islands," and "A Minor Thing." Intriguing. (Rating: 5+)

The Electric Turds - You Light Up My Loaf (CD, EMP, Shitty pop)
The Electric Turds like to dress up in expensive electric turd suits that glow in the dark and then they like to eat pudding. Can you play the drums? Can you play the guitar? You can play anything if you know the way to Santa Fe. There's a lot riding on things lately and you just won't know what it is until you get there. The stars were out this morning and it didn't make a difference. Terry Shiavo makes a guest appearance on the seventh track, gasping for air as though her life depended on it. Meanwhile, in the background, her parents and her husband throw The Electric Turds at one another...hoping to win the battle. But, as always, Michael Jackson comes in to save the day, giving The Turds the big break they've been needing for so long. He welcomes them into his Neverland ranch and wipes their sloppy bits away until they begin to look presentable. Then he takes them into his secret bedroom and waters them down with Jesus Juice. Several small boys appear and hop up and down on The Turds...before eventually going down on Jackson himself. You Light Up My Loaf is a seductive little piece of shabby machinery meant for folks who hate everything and everyone who teaches. If you can't join 'em, don't join 'em. The end result is nothing. Nothing and everything but the gas room chink. (Rating: 1)

Faust - Impressions (DVD, Music Video Distributors)
This is the first DVD from the German industrial pioneers. The disc contains eleven videos by Zappi-W-Diermaier. Diermaier created visual images for eleven Faust compositions, three of which were previously unreleased. Audio is available in either stereo or surround sound. The imagery on this DVD is something like watching a PBS documentary if it were combined with Residents videos. Diermaier combines the real with the surreal...creating bleeding images and colors that transform in rapid succession. Like Faust tunes, the visual images are abstract and peculiar. A word of warning: Maneuvering around this disc can be confusing. While this DVD certainly won't boost the band's career, diehard fans will likely be thrilled with this unusual project. Perhaps even more satisfying is the bonus CD (I Spin) which includes four original soundtracks. Impressions is a totally and purely artistic endeavor... (Rating: 5)

The John Francis & Imposters - The Earnest Manboy Suite in E Major (Independently released CD EP, Loud pop)
The John Francis & Imposters create music that falls into the odd category of loud pop. Too loud for pure pop fans and too melodic for hardcore junkies, the band's music is strangely unique and exciting. Rather than playing familiar riffs and melodies, the duo of ILK (drums) and Jack Francis (guitar, vocals) play obtuse pop with plenty of unexpected twists. In some ways, these tunes sound like a noisy and grungy John Vanderslice (the EP was recorded at Tiny Telephone...so the studio may very well be inhabited by Vanderslice's spirit). The guitars are loud and jagged...and the drummer is prone to outbursts of chaos. But there are some choice melodies here, although it may take a bit of listening to get used to the duo's odd sound. We found that the more we heard The Earnest Manboy Suite in E Major...the more impressed we were. Well off the beaten path, this is a duo to keep your eyes on... (Rating: 5)

Garland Buckeye - On Burgin Hill (CD, Jet Glue, Rock)
Lexington, Kentucky's best kept secret. The guys in Garland Buckeye are back with more genuine hard rockers. On Burgin Hill picks up where the band's last release left off. Killer rhythms combine with thick, meaty guitars and peculiar vocals (similar to J. Mascis) to create a formidable wall of cool rock and roll energy. Songs are what make the band, however...and the songs are mighty strong here. The band consists of Brad Gordon (vocals, guitar, bass), Shawn Pantaliono (drums), and Adam Trumbo (vocals, guitar, bass). These fellows' music is super heavy...and just about as tight as a newborn baby that got stuck in the tunnel. If they keep this up...these gentlemen could very well be next year's hippest underground band. Great cuts include "Underdrawn," "Strays," "All Over Cleveland Heights," and "Metal Teeth." (Rating: 5)

Greater California - Somber Wurlitzer (CD, Earthling, Progressive pop)
Beautifully gliding moody progressive pop. Formed in 2000, the folks in Greater California evolved over time from a three piece to a five piece band...eventually opting to incorporate a Wurlitzer into their music. Thus, Somber Wurlitzer was born. This is an appropriately-titled album. The band often worked late into the night on these dreamy compositions. It is difficult indeed coming up with possible influences and/or comparisons to this music (although The Association does come to mind at times). These fellows don't seem to be following any recognizable trends or trying to copy anyone else's style. Although the music is difficult to describe...the band's music is ultimately satisfying, genuine, and real. This entire album is great, but particular favorites include "Missing Summer," "Jersey Thursday," "Patterns," and "Somber Wurlitzer." Cool stuff. (Rating: 5++)

Mike Hagedorn - The Driver (CD-R, 4 Boxs, Instrumental/experimental)
On his first solo album, Mike Hagedorn takes his trombone where no trombone has gone before. Beginning with the 30 minute plus title track, Hagedorn immediately makes it clear that he is not into familiar ideas and sounds. This composition is intense and complex and features nothing but a single trombone...overlayered and pasted over and over onto itself. In many cases, the instrument itself is rendered virtually unrecognizable...sounding more like animals mating or machinery gone wrong than a musical instrument. Surprisingly, the title track is probably the most normal sounding song on this album. The remaining three cuts ("Tickle," "Sarabande," "Feelers") are so distorted and odd that most folks simply won't be able to follow along. This is obviously not music for the masses. These compositions are esoteric experiments for those who are seeking obtuse and peculiar material... (Rating: 5)

Anne Heaton - Give In (CD, Q Division, Pop)
As a word of warning, Anne Heaton is an acquired taste. On the first listen or two we didn't particularly care for her music. But thankfully something subtle in her words and melodies drew us back. Heaton's voice sounds something like an underground pop version of Bernadette Peters or even Bette Midler...yet her music is very, very different in both nature and scope. Anne's music is slightly odd and she has a peculiar sense of humor. And yet...her songs are strangely genuine and sincere. After giving this disc many spins, we found that we could not resist cool tracks like "Give In To You," "The Line," "Underdog," and "Breathing My Breath"...but in the end, it was the last tune ("Perfectly Lovely") that made believers out of us. Featuring Ms. Heaton playing live alone with a piano, the song is incredibly effective and memorable. If you want an instant fix, pass this one by. But we would highly recommend spending some time with this disc, as it would most certainly be a worthwhile investment of your time... (Rating: 5)

Michael Jackson (Man of the hour kind of thing)
Why is everyone always on Michael Jackson's case these days? Michael may not be much of a man...but he's a hell of a lot more of a man now than he ever was before. In the early days when he was dubbed the "King of Pop," Michael was the dullest man in the universe with absolutely nothing to offer. But nowadays...he's much, much, MUCH more entertaining. Why can't people realize this...? Hmmm...guess we'll never know the answer to that one. As an out-of-the-closet child molester, Michael now has us all in stitches as we watch his every move. Is he guilty? Is he innocent? Hell, who cares? As long as we get to see him on television bragging to the world about how it's okay to sleep with little boys...we're satisfied. Let's face it. These days Michael Jackson is...totally hilarious. So why aren't we giving him a good rating...? Hey, even when he's at his best...he's still just not very good. (Rating: 1)

Candye Kane - White Trash Girl (German import CD, Ruf Records, Blues/pop/rock)
It would be easy to dismiss Candye Kane as just another female singer with large breasts...because she is another singer with large breasts. But don't let your first instincts rule your life. This lady has some real fire burning in her soul...and White Trash Girl is an impressive and rewarding album full of great modern blues music. Kane's confidence and mature voice could be the result of over 15 years recording and touring. This woman is incredibly sassy. Her gritty, throaty vocals are mesmerizing and effective. Kane wrote and/or co-wrote ten of these fourteen songs, the remaining four are covers. What is perhaps most interesting about this lady's music is how accessible it is. With the right money and marketing, some of these tunes ("What Happened to the Girl" in particular) could easily become huge hits. Packaged in a beautiful triple-fold sleeve, White Trash Girl is a thoroughly entertaining experience from a lady with real presence. Well done. (Rating: 5)

Il Programma Di Religione - Il Programma Di Religione (CD, Boyarm / Slight Record, Various artists compilation)
If you like punching the "NEXT" button on your CD player...chances are that you will love this disc. Although the listenability of this CD may be debatable...the idea is certainly unique. The folks at Boyarm collected 256 tracks from different artists...with each track being devoted to one of the 256 popes of the past 2000 years. Yes, believe it or not...this disc contains way too many tiny snippets of music that whip past so fast that it's hard to keep track of exactly what is going on. Jagged, disjointed, spastic, and confusing...this album spins like several albums playing at once. Is it good? Is it bad? There will undoubtedly be debates on that one. It's an odd concept however...and you have to admit...that this album doesn't sound like all the others. We're not rating this because...well, because we're still trying to figure out exactly what is going on here...?!? A weird oddity. (Not Rated)

Last of the Juanitas - In the Dirt (CD EP, Wantage USA, Experimental/progressive pop/rock)
What would happen if you combined the happy music of Oh, OK with the dirge of The Melvins...? Although this might be stretching it a bit in terms of descriptions, the folks in Last of the Juanitas are certainly merging some peculiar sounds and elements with their music. The band is the trio consisting of Maurice Bryan Giles (guitar, vocals), Lana Rebel (bass, vocals), and John Schier (drums). Using only the bare minimum in terms of instruments, these folks create a mighty big whirlwind of energy and sound. Clocking in at just under 30 minutes in length, In the Dirt is a weird spin. The music ranges from ambient to sludge to hard rock to heavy metal...and then back again. True to the claim of the press release, this album says and does "roughly twice as much as records twice its length." Truly original, In the Dirt is a crazy and intense album full of real surprises. (Rating: 5+)

Lorna - Static Patterns and Souvenirs (CD, Words On Music, Soft pop)
Soft, moody, inspired pop. Nottingham, England's Lorna is the quartet consisting of Sharon Cohen (vocals, piano), James Allen (vocals, bass), Mark Rolfe (vocals, guitar), and Matt Harrison (flute, guitar). These folks have been around since 1997 and have had previous recordings released on the Intromit, Becalmed, Pause, and Winnetka labels. Static Patterns and Souvenirs is an unusually restrained and subtle album. The songs are extremely slow and dreamy. True to the claim of the press release, the band's music recalls other artists such as Mazzy Star, Camera Obscura, and Belle and Sebastian. These light and sparse tunes are thoughtful and resilient. The band's music does require some patience...but over time, the listener will be rewarded with some truly outstanding tunes. Top picks: "Understanding Heavy Metal Parts I and II," "Remarkable Things," "Snow Song," "Illuminations." (Rating: 5)

The Lovethugs - Babylon Fading (CD, Rainbow Quartz, Pop)
In spinning Babylon Fading, we were instantly reminded of music from the 1980s. Norway's The Love Thugs is Jerome Floating (drums), Jim Faulty (guitar, vocals), Carl Martin (bass), Mudman (percussion), and Pablo Breaks (keyboards). These gentlemen play well-written classic pop music with a heavy emphasis on arrangements. Upbeat and positive, the band's sound is easy on the ears...and yet strangely puzzling in many ways. Rather than writing predictable tunes, these fellows intersperse their songs with some unexpected tidbits...giving the music a refreshing spontaneous feel. The vocals are sometimes slightly reminiscent of Julian Cope. While it may take a few spins to set in, Babylon Fading is a rewarding treat...full of ultra cool tracks like "Close Beside Her," "Tired Girl," "Up for Love," and "The Midget." Thirteen clever cuts here. (Rating: 5)

Meat Beat Manifesto - At The Center (CD, Thirsty Ear, Electronic/jazz/progressive)
Jack Dangers' latest album continues to push the envelope. Jack was one of the main innovators of electronic music in the 1990s. Nowadays he has turned his attention to merging electronic music with jazz. At The Center is a hypnotic synthesis of the two worlds. These compositions feature rhythms similar to those found on earlier Meat Beat Manifesto releases...but the instrumental layers are quite different. The songs on this album are extremely fluid and trippy and feature the talents of Craig Taborn (keyboards), Dave King (drums), and Peter Gordon (flute). In many cases, the music on this disc sounds otherworldly and peculiar...and yet those solid funky rhythms somehow manage to hold things together nicely. This album may lose many early MBM fans but if so...those early fans will, in the end, be the real losers. Excellent material from a man who is still in his prime. (Rating: 5+)

Minmae - I'd Be Scared, Were You Still Burning (CD, Greyday Productions, Pop)
We were early fans and supporters of Minmae when the band was just getting revved up. As things progressed, however, their sound became more conventional and thus seemingly a bit less inspired and original. With I'd Be Scared, Were You Still Burning the band returns to form with another excellent collection of tunes. These days Sean Brooks' vocals are sounding more and more like a very young Lou Reed. One thing that has always been true about Minmae is that you never know what to expect. This album is full of surprises, many too subtle to notice on the first spin. While these recordings sport a big, polished sound...the songs themselves are rather obtuse and unpredictable. So...what does Minmae sound like this time around...? This is hard to explain. While the band definitely incorporates ideas from many other artists, picking out exact comparisons and influences is difficult. The song titles are heady and obtuse..."German Girl, She Was American"..."Smiling With Teeth"..."My Parts Will Not Rust"..."Dimorphic Hips Have Chances Still"...?!? The lyrics are exceptional and the melodies sound better and better with every spin. Destined to be one of the best releases of the year, I'd Be Scared is a fine example of what makes Minmae such an engaging and inviting act. (Rating: 5+++)

The Motel Beds - The Motel Beds (CD EP, Team Evil, Pure pop)
As soon as this EP ended all we could think was...we want more. Lots more. That is the mark of a truly great EP...when it leaves you wanting more. The fellows in Dayton, Ohio's The Motel Beds write and record smooth and absorbing progressive pop with a difference. These gentlemen have come up with some amazing melodies here...made all the more appealing by the distinctly unique arrangements. The guitars and vocals are right on target. While the overall sound is positive and upbeat, there are strange threads running through this band's music that are difficult to describe. Cool keepers include "Skymade Suit," "Talkin' Shit," "Ultra Maroon," and "Airplanes in Veins." Totally cool. (Rating: 5+)

The Operators - The Light and the Dark (CD, Unstoppable, Pop/rock)
Slightly rough and decidedly unpredictable. The Operators are based in Sommerville, Massachusetts. The band has been together since 1998 and released a well-received album (Citizen's Band) in 2001. This, the long awaited follow-up, features twelve obtuse guitar rockers. The band's sound is spontaneous and peculiar...making it hard to come up with possible influences and/or comparisons. Sometimes melodic...sometimes atonal, the band's music is an acquired taste. We found that the more we listened...the more we enjoyed The Light and the Dark. The album's title certainly fits the music. More than any other band, The Operators remind us very much of the criminally overlooked Zuzu's Petals. Top picks: "Scorpio Rising," "Across the Ocean," "The Wrong Way," "Firelight." (Rating: 4++++)

Louis Philippe - The Wonder of It All (CD, Wonder, Pop)
This might best be described as Louis Philippe's contemporary album. After recording his last disc (My Favourite Part of You), Philippe fell ill...and then eventually recovered to the point where he was able to record The Wonder of It All. The overall sound of this album might best be summed up as sounding something like Neil Innes...minus all the goofy elements. Louis writes classic soft pop tunes that sound as if they could have been written in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and beyond. Great care was taken in preparing the intricate arrangements for these tunes...as the instruments seem to perfectly caress Philippe's smooth vocals. Very soothing and genuine, The Wonder of It All is yet another superb release from one of the great songwriters of our time. Beautiful stuff. Top picks: "I Knew It All Along," "This Puzzle of Mine," "Soul Coat," "When You Retire Into Winter," "Life's Unhurried Prose." (Rating: 5+)

Porcupine Tree - Deadwing (CD, Lava, Rock)
It would be easy to dismiss Britain's Porcupine Treet as just another generic alternative band with a slick overproduced sound. But while this was our initial reaction, we found that with a bit of patience there is actually a lot to glean from this band's big sound. The band consists of Steven Wilson (guitar, vocal), Richard Barbieri (keyboards), Colin Edwin (bass), and Gavin Harrison (drums). Many will recall Barbieri for his work in the band Japan. Porcupine Tree tunes sound something like a heavy metal version of The Moody Blues. The band's classic pop tunes are based around harsh and heavy guitars and atmospheric keyboards. The vocals are great, particularly when the harmonies kick in. Deadwing is the band's eighth studio album and the follow-up to the well received In Absentia. At times the arrangements seem to get in the way of the melodies...but overall, Deadwing is a strong offering from a band that with strong appeal. (Rating: 4++++)

Sun Ra & His Arkestra - The Magic Sun: A Film by Phill Niblock (DVD, Music Video Distributors)
The Magic Sun is a far cry from your average music DVD. Filmed entirely in black and white by Phill Niblock, the film is completely experimental. Filming close ups of the band at various angles and layering and blurring them together, Niblock manages to create visual images that are as challenging and bizarre as the music itself. Sun Ra and his buddies made some of the most bizarre modern jazz music to be found in the 1960s. The combination of the foreign music with the altered images makes for a mighty strange viewing experience. When they were originally released, these films were probably only appreciated by folks who were experimenting with L.S.D. Now that some people's tastes have evolved, however, Niblock's films may very well find a larger audience that can appreciate them without the use of hallucinogenics. The interview segment is interesting. Sun Ra mentions that he and his band take their audience on a journey through space "...whether they want to go or not." This DVD features some of the wildest music visuals created in the 1960s. Bizarre and unusual stuff... (Rating: 5+)

Richard Bitch - The Really Really Jeff Hair People (CD, Cream Cloud, Pop/rock)
Something like a cross between David Bowie, The Cocteau Twins, Pink Floyd, and The Flaming Lips...but not really. Richard Bitch is three (or four) guys from San Francisco who like to wear odd wigs and make lots of thick, crazy music. But don't mistake these guys for noise addicts. Their tunes are actually credible and unique...but you may have to do some digging to get to the tasty bits. Some may be confused by the extraordinarily thick arrangements on this album. The massive overlayering can at times be daunting. But in the end, the confusingly titled The Really Really Jeff Hair People ends up being a truly entertaining goddamn disc that just gets better the more you spin it. Fun, puzzling, upbeat, abrasive, and yet...still extremely hummable and catchy. Richard Bitch is an inventive new band that is certain to entertain and amaze. These guys must be a blast live. Killer cuts include "Really Jeff Overture," "This Bastard Year," "Queen-Size Bed," and "Restraint." (Rating: 5+)

The Ridiculous Trio - Plays The Stooges (CD-R, Boxs, Instrumental/rock)
A ridiculous idea...executed so well that you quickly forget how ridiculous it is. The Ridiculous Trio is Mike Hagedorn (trombone), Rob Pleshar (tuba), and Shannon Morrow (drums). The three got together in a basement and recorded covers of eight songs by The Stooges. Surprisingly...the idea works. Rather than being silly and ridiculous...these fellows actually manage to capture the energy and spirit of the original tunes. This is particularly impressive when you consider the instruments used (?!?)...and the fact that only a bare minimum of overdubs were employed. Intent is everything in music, of course, and these fellows definitely have their hearts and minds in the right place. Rather than being a mere novelty, Plays The Stooges ends up paying homage to the band...while offering interesting insight from another planet... (Rating: 4++++)

The Robot Ate Me - On Vacation (Double CD, Swim Slowly, Obtuse pop)
For fans of Eraserhead and The Residents. We're not certain whether this double disc set has been reissued or is just being remarketed (?). In any case, this was one of our Top Picks for February 2004. Accordingly...if you haven't yet checked out this album, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. See our previous review by clicking HERE. (Previously rated)

Schmange - Phase IV Chronicles (Independently released double CD)
The man who calls himself Schmange is quickly becoming an international commodity. He began his career playing guitar for three years in the band Essex. Now he's out on his own...writing and recording wild guitar driven techno pop and teaching his techniques to others. This man already has offices in Canada and England...and more are probably on the way. Phase IV Chronicles is a mind-blowing double CD set featuring an impressive collection of 28 compositions. The tunes go all over the place...but the one constant is the incredible guitar playing. Listening to this double album, it's no wonder that so many people are looking to Schmange for guidance. Free flowing and upbeat, these tracks are as slick and professional as anything we've heard on any label...independent or major... As a word of warning, however, this is a lot of material to take in at one sitting...so be forewarned. Extremely well orchestrated. (Rating: 5)

The Screwdrivers - Shape of a Bird in Transit (CD, Boathouse, Progressive pop)
The second album from Connecticut's The Screwdrivers. Recorded mostly live to analog tape with minimal overdubs, this band has achieved a nice, warm spacious sound on Shape of a Bird in Transit. The tunes are smooth and melodic and supported by intelligent arrangements. There are few obvious influences, as these fellows seem to be creating music that inherently flows from within their own souls. Everything is outstanding here...great vocals, cool guitars, exacting percussion, and solid bass lines. It's amazing that these guys do so much within the framework of a basic guitar/bass/drum line-up. For a band so early along in their career, these gents have come up with a surprisingly mature batch of compositions. Cool cuts include "Into the Summer," "Sleep in a Burning Town," "How Many Mornings" (our favorite), and "The Dharma Bomb." Thought provoking while still retaining accessible elements. Excellent material throughout. (Rating: 5+)

Will Smith - Lost and Found (CD, Who cares what label this is on and what type of music it is...?)
Pathetic smelly shit from a generic shithead.

Solly - Get It Wrong It's Alright (CD, Zounds Sounds, Pop/rock)
Hard hitting pop that just won't stop. Solly is the band led by singer/songwriter Marc Solomon. Marc and his bandmates David Mabry (drums), Robert Cooper (bass), and Chad Stockslager (piano) play intensely catchy pop/rock music that instantly sticks in your head like glue. The tunes are basically simple and straightforward...yet there is a passion and energy here that sets this band apart. Unlike many unknown bands, these guys can really play. The songs are melodic, focused, and very hummable...and the loud fuzzy guitars sound GREAT. Solomon's vocals are passionate and right on target throughout. Crafty cuts include "Welcome Down," "Disproportioned," "Drats," "Dip in the Pool," and "Pick It Up." Cool stuff... (Rating: 4+++++)

The Spencer Davis Group - Gimme Some Lovin' Live 1966 (DVD, Cherry Red Films)
This DVD contains some rare and unbelievably high quality footage of the original Spencer Davis Group performing live in 1966. Not only is the sound quality amazing, but the shoot was done using several cameras. The band performs eight songs for what appears to be a group of high school students in another country who look so bored that they could fall asleep (!?!). But despite the lack of enthusiasm from the audience, the group really cranks out the hits. For anyone who was ever let down by his lackluster solo career, this footage shows why so many folks were initially excited about Steve Winwood. His voice is extraordinarily raw and crazed and he has a great deal of stage presence. There is also a lengthy interview segment after the third song in which the band eats, drinks, laughs, smokes, and talks simultaneously. The second segment of the disc (which features the band minus the Winwood brothers) does not work as well. A documentary filmed for a foreign television station, the segment would have been improved tremendously by adding English subtitles. As it is, the documentary does contain some interesting footage...but nothing comes close to the quality of the first performance. Overall, this is an intriguing look back that shows why this group was one of the biggest bands of the 1960s... (Rating: 5)

Splendid - States of Awake (CD EP, Popboomerang, Pop)
While they've had a bit of a rocky road in terms of career moves (their record label went under in 2000), Angie Hart and Jesse Tobias remain convicted to their craft. States of Awake finds the duo sounding as great as ever...and the disc leaves the listener wanting more. Presenting original tracks interspersed with well-chosen cover tunes, these EP is a genuine treat. Hart's vocals are understated yet moving...and the arrangements are nothing short of spectacular. As is the case with all great CDs the more you spin this...the better it sounds. Cool cuts include "Asleep," "Disappointed," and "You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk." The duo's next full-length should be a mindblower... (Rating: 5+)

Steroids in Sports (A great idea kind of thing)
Using steroids in professional sports makes perfect sense. In competitions to see who is the fastest and who is the best, steroids obviously help individuals WIN. So...why is everyone so upset about it? The argument of the uninformed seems to be that "Using steroids isn't fair." But what about the obvious realities such as "Life isn't fair" and "The world isn't fair"...? Things aren't fair and they never have been...so why should we try to believe in such a foolish concept? Then there's the argument that steroids are harmful to people's health. Well hell...what doesn't harm people's health...? And besides, who cares if a few thousand stupid sports heroes...or pathetic nobody wannabes...die from using steroids...? In our opinion, people should be allowed to take whatever the hell they want to whenever the hell they want. And then...if they don't make wise choices....they must then suffer the consequences of their decisions. Awe shit man, who cares about goddamn sports anyway...? Idiots and retards, that's who. Goddamn idiots and retards... (Rating: 1)

Sunshine - Moonshower and Razorblades (CD, Custard, Rock/pop)
Frantic, crazed, and crazy cock rock. Moonshower and Razorblades is an intense and noisy trip into modern underground rock. The guys in Sunshine have a sound that combines elements of Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie with the power and punch of early Buzzcocks. But make no mistake, the band's sound is anything but old and dated. This album is brimming over the edges with modern sounds and effects. The band's recordings are thick and busy while never letting up in terms of energy. Interestingly, the gents in Sunshine are from the Czech Republic town of Tabor...but their music seems decidedly British. Considering how much studio tweaking went into this album, it would be interesting to see how these fellows pull off their music is concert. Attitude-drenched lyrics complete the picture...making Moonshower and Razorblades a thinking man's punk rock album. Wild stuff. Truly intense. (Rating: 5+)

Super Deluxe - Lolita EP (Independently released CD EP, Pop)
A fantastic short five song EP. Seattle's Super Deluxe formed in 1995, later releasing two albums for Warner Bros. After a few years, the band decided to take a break. Fortunately for everyone concerned, they're back...and sounding better than ever. The Lolita EP finds the band pumping out power pop like there's no tomorrow. The songwriting is superb and the playing is as tight as kites. It's almost impossible not to tap your toesies along with killer cuts like "Alysson's Gone," "Knockout," and "Lolita." The band's third album will be coming shortly. We can't wait. Totally killer stuff here. Instantly addictive. (Rating: 5++)

SuperHeavyGoatAss - 60,000 Years (CD, Arclight, Hard rock)
Loud, intense, heavy...and super sexy. If you're looking for some great hard rock, you need look no further. The fellows in Texas-based SuperHeavyGoatAss play like they're on fire. The band's name suits their music perfectly. 60,000 Years is a guitar lover's dream. Produced by Arclight co-founder David Elizondo, the album just bleeds with intense excitement. Incorporating ideas from bands like ZZ Top, The Melvins, and early Black Sabbath as a diving board, these guys play music that is impossible to ignore. When lead vocalist Russell Abbott sings "Sweet home, goddamn...I'm a motherf*cking Texas man..." (from "Druglord") you've just gotta believe him. These guys don't just want your attention...they demand it. We got so worked up listening to this album that we couldn't decide which to do first...dance or jerk off. In the end we decided on...both. In all seriousness though, SuperHeavyGoatAss is easily one of the best hard rock bands on the planet. Their music shakes down the walls with cool energy and the playing is so tight that you have to hear it to believe it. Do we like this band...? Hell, we love these raunchy motherf*ckers. (They even use lots of our favorite words in their lyrics.) Ballsy rock music with real grit. Killer cuts include "Backside," "Best Friend," "Built to Last," and "Soundman." Highly recommended. (Rating: 5+++)

Thee Missouri - ...in Voodoo Rama (CD, Blue Disguise, Soft moody pop)
The folks in Thee Missouri aren't from Missouri. In fact, they're not from the United States at all. Thee Missouri in Voodoo Rama is this German band's third album (and the first to be released in the U.S.). The album features moody, smoky, soft pop with electronic percussion. The band consists of Red (guitar, vocals), Frank Mollena (guitar, programming), Wuschi (keyboards, programming), and Carter Cain (pedal steel guitar). Don't be put off by the idea of electronic percussion. The way these guys utilize it into their music, it sounds proper and even appropriate. Combining sounds from the 1930s right on through to the present, these four gentlemen have come up with an intoxicating sound with determined sedative effects. Top picks: "Sooner or Later They'll Get Any of Us," "You and Voodoo," "Let's Get Married," "Some Kinda Love." (Rating: 4++++)

Tara Vanflower - My Little Fire-Filled Heart (CD, Silber, Experimental)
Wow...this is some pretty wild stuff. Best known for her work with the band Lycia, Tara Vanflower first ventured out on her own with the album This Womb Like Liquid Honey. This is the follow up. Tara might best be described as an experimental vocalist. Her vocals recall avante garde artists like Yoko Ono, Jarboe, and Emily Hay. Vanflower recorded everything on My Little Fire-Filled Heart herself. This is a haunting and peculiar album that is geared toward a very small but enlightened audience. If you're seeking something that sounds familiar, take our word for it. This ain't it. The compositions on this album are dreamy and hypnotic. They were not recorded for the purpose of making money nor were they made to entertain the general population. Vanflower experiments with her voice and with sounds. The resulting recordings reflect her disregard for fame and fortune. Thus, while Fire-Filled Heart may be a commercial disaster...artistically it is a resounding success. Strangely distant and unfamiliar territory. EXCELLENT. (Rating: 5+)

Loudon Wainwright III - Here Come the Choppers! (Advance CD, Sovereign Artists, Soft pop)
Despite the fact that he has been a well-known celebrity for decades, we must admit that--until now--we have never been properly exposed to the music of Loudon Wainwright III. Strange...but true. While this might seem puzzling for any reviewer to admit such ignorance, our late-for-the-party reactions to this man's music might offer some different insight. On Here Come the Choppers!, Loudon is backed by an all-star band consisting of Bill Frisell (guitar), Greg Leisz (pedal steel guitar, mandolin, guitar), David Piltch (bass), and Jim Keltner (drums). The overall sound and vibe here reminds us of early Bob Dylan...except more direct. Although we can't compare this album to Wainwright's previous albums, we can certainly say that this man's songs and his voice sound as fresh and inspired as many brand new artists we hear. The softer and more reflective Louden gets, the better his music sounds ("When You Leave" is perhaps the best track on the album). What strikes us most about the songs on this album...is how honest they are. Here in babysueland we are always impressed by folks whose talent hasn't destroyed by success. It's no wonder that this man has made such a name for himself. Here Come the Choppers! is a rewarding and enriching experience. (Rating: 5)

The Yum Yum Tree - The Tetherball EP (Independently released CD EP, Pop)
Instantly likable girl pop. Led by Andy Gish, this Atlanta trio is treading in territory similar to ultra poppy bands like Magnapop. Gish's songs are straightforward and simple...and extremely catchy. Buzzsaw guitars and steady rhythms support upbeat tunes that are a pure feelgood experience. The title track kicks ass. Rounding out the band are Alex Pilson (drums) and Tim Hill (guitar). This EP will whet the appetite of many for the band's next full-length release... (Rating: 4++++)

Zaink Frappa and the Brothers of Intention - Hot Craps (CD, Buzzer, Rock)
Zaink Frappa is back again. Did you know it? Frappa is well known as the leader of the Brothers of Intention. He is also well known as a man who snorts plenty of tea pellets. Frappa has been on the crapper for decades now and Hot Craps will do nothing to change that. Beginning with the whiny refrain of "Stupid Cheese Cream Done My Brain In With Big Steeple Punk," Frappa does a half-assed singalong duet with Tina Turnaround. If that doesn't turn everyone off, nothing won't. The sound quality is excellent, yet the sound quality is terrible. The track listing on the cover doesn't match the track listing on the actual CD. There are so many problems with this album that it is simultaneously irritating and utterly fantastic. But that won't clean your ass out like a good cheap cologne treatment will. Give this disc to your ugly fatass butt-faced maid and see if it'll get her off the crapper. This is the kinda thing that makes you wish Judy Garland had gotten her ass whupped good and bloody all over the goddamn rainbow. Recommended for ugly people and insecure retards. (Rating: 1)

Additional Items Received:

Damon Aaron - Ballast
Abernethy - He teeny she
Acceptance - Phantoms
Amanda Ghost - EP
Amandahalula - 4ourty 2wo
The Amber Estate - The Amber Estate
Anagram - Songs from far away
AqPop - Beautifully smart
Architecture in Helsinki - In case we die
Asphalt Jungle - Enjoy this trip
Austin Bridges - Awake the day
The Beatles - John Lennon's vaulted snack pudding collection
Beatnik Turtle - The cheapass album: Songs about or inspired by cheapass games
Blackmaker - Staggering to the surface
The Bloodpeckers - The Bloodpeckers
Bottom Line - Eloquence
Gary Paul Bryant - Imaginary piano
Calibretto / Mercury Radio Theater - All of these things do not belong
The Chicago Bus - Sound proof: Jason & friends
Creamy White Nuts - Creamy White Nuts
Cyanotype - The golden wreck tangle
Kevin Devine - Split the country, split the streets
Divina Iluz - Divina Iluz
Dizzy Dottie and the Daisy Dudes - Half frocked liquid pitty puss
The Doodoo Blisters - Doodoo pride
Eyeball Skeleton - #1
400 Blows - Angel's trumpets and devil's trombones
Terry Falini - Sun under me
Farm Fresh - Time is running out
Far Rad - This candy's gross
Fast Breakin' Classics - Heist city
The First Second - The First Second
The Formula - The Formula
Forty5South - We're country so we can
Billy Gilman - Everything and more
The Mike Glendinning Band - The Mike Glendinning Band
Grade School - Play ground swing set fairy-tale
Great Day Coming - Great Day Coming
Gruf - Hopeless
Heavenly Music Association - Shaping the invisible
Taylor Hollingsworth -Shoot me, shoot me, heaven
Horace Pinker - Texas one ten
Michael Jackson - It's the most loving thing in the world
Michael Jackson - What's wrong with sharing your bed? You should try it. It's wonderful.
Michael Jackson - I left my nose in my panty hose
Michael Jackson - Do you like my new breast implants?
Michael Jackson - My new nose was crafted from the skin of my scrotum
Michael Jackson - I'll be the middle-aged girl of your dreams
Michael Jackson - My sore old black asshole and all mystery that lies within it
Michael Jackson - Jesus made enough juice for everyone
Michael Jackson - Let's read fairy tales and jerk off together
Jet By Day - The vulture
Just Like Juicy Butt - Our slappy time is our happy time
Ian Knapp - Into these oceans
The Letters Organize - Dead rhythm machine
Carter Little - Dare to be small
Kid Loco - The graffiti artist
Lorenzo Goetz - Jesus elephant
Lowlite - The long haul
Lynn Paul Jr. Band - Slingshot
Magic Arrows - Sweet heavenly angel of death
Magnolia Thunderpussy - Starin' down the sun
Malu Voices - Enough is enough by Larry N. Malu
Mammy's Big Milky Breasts - More warm milk for all the happy niglets
Man of the year - A new and greater Tokyo
Mass Shivers - Mass Shivers
Maximo Park - A certain trigger
Merit - When we fight
Merit - Merit
Drayton Michaels - Low stress in the deep end
Monkey Paw - Honkey kong
The Mystery Holes - Crawl inside and make yourself comfortable
Nobody and everything else - Nobody and everything else
No-Fi Soul Rebellion - Lambs to the slaughter
Jan Norberg - Jan made sacred spring
Nuclear Forehead - What it is
Nuffin Boiz - We ain't got nuffin and it shows
Jennifer O'Connor - The color and the light
Oh Astro - Hello world
Outsmarting Simon - Stand up straight
The Phantom Limbs - Random Hymns
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Worn copy
Player Hater - Picking you up just to put you down
Pohgoh - All along
Populous - Queue for love
The Quirks - Amnesia is a drag
Planet of the Popboomerang - Volume 2
Pom Titty and the Darkpeckers - Live in West Virginia
The Press - Noxious saucy beast
Pussy Buster - Miss Pussy Boots
RachelAPP - Burstin' EP
The Rachel Nevadas - "Sally Green" b/w "I'll Miss You"/"Half Past Noon" (vinyl 45)
Reel Big Fish - W're not happy 'til you're not happy
Remora - Enamored
Rooney - Whatever happened to us now?
William Roper - If I ran the circus
Rrrrrrrobin - Passion
The Rusticators - Talking with the dead
Saababanks - Saababanks
The Secret Process - Telecommute
Self Against City - Take it how you want it
Russ Schneider - Friday night
Terry Shiavo - Where has my goddamn feeding tube gone off to now?
Terry Shiavo - Insert my feeding tube, remove my feeding tube, insert it again, remove it again
Terry Shiavo - My feeding tube got stuck up my booty hole and it hurted
Terry Shiavo - I be in love with my negro feeding tube
Terry Shiavo - If I could do anything I'd do crystal meth and screw midgets with my goddamn feeding tube
The Sloppy Fukkers - We so fukkin' sloppy
Small Piss in a Big Piss - Fondness for pondness
Soul Dementia - Soul Dementia
The Spinto Band - Nice and nicely done sampler
Spitting Dummies - We're desperate for unusual sex
Subtitle - Young dangerous heart
SuperFunkyGoatPecker - 25,007 minutes
SuperPussyButtSucker - 85,021 weeks
Tammany Hall Machine - Tammany Hall Machine
Temper Temper - Temper Temper
This Is Indie Rock - Volume Two (Deep Elm)
Transcendence - Nothing is cohesive
Transient Tractor - Failure
Oprah Winfree - My pretty white asshole
Woody Whatever - The Great Pop
World Leader Pretend - Punches
The Yucky No Good Underground Nobodies - Number one hits

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