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(Volume 4, Issue 3 to Volume 8, Issue 4)

Volume 8, Issue 1

Features Another Yard Sale Story: Bossing the Fat Bitch, poetry, Asshole Recognition 5, Jokes, babysue comix, What Makes People Compete?, Fishizz comics, Alcohol, What Are Women Really Thinking?, Restaurants To Avoid, B. Ladies in "Urnin Uh Libbin" and more B. Ladies comics, Woman Jokes, Living Up To Your True Potential, The Pig-Up, Goddamn Ten, Nanette, and Understanding Homophobia (brochure).

Volume 8, Issue 2

Features Little Plastic Boats, babysue comix, Chubby Bunny Tragedy, poetry, Asshole Recognition 6, Fishizz, All About Babies, B. Ladies in "Habbin Uh Bebbeh", What Would Jesus Do?, The Neighbors Next Door, The News, Jokes, Pork Order, Where ARE Those Baby Animals Hiding?, A Hunting Trip for Father and Son, and The Enemy.

Volume 8, Issue 3

Features Before and After, babysue comix, First High, poetry, Experiments With Betsy, 100% Pure Angus Semen, On Sexual Behavior in Monkeys, B. Ladies comics, Dear babysue, Perspective, Another Yard Sale Story: Children and Retards, Entertaining Guests, High School Diploma advertisement, Attaining Cool Hipness, Secret Eyeball.

Volume 8, Issue 4

Features Another Yard Sale Story: Soap Story, babysue comix, B. Ladies comics, poetry, Judge Jewtie, How Is Pornography Affecting Us?, jokes, Private Problem advertisement, Laughter: The Goddamndest Medicine, B. Ladies in "Way Duh JER-buh IZZ?", What Does It Mean To Be An American?, Another Yard Sale Story: Things I'd Like To Say, Playing By The Rules, My First Brush With Fame.

Volume 7, Issue 4

Features Melody Skips, My 15-Year High School Reunion, Poetry, Asshole Recognition 4, B. Ladies in "Dawg Toe-chuh", babysue comix, Riddles, Sorry Not Available, Bad Mother, Combatting Telephone Technology, Diary of an Unborn Child, more B. Ladies comics, Homos in the Boy Scouts, The Goddamn Man Next Door, Where Are All The Potty Rings?, babysue and Jesus comix, I Am Betty's Vagina, Legalize Crime, and Insincere Apologies.

Volume 7, Issue 3

Features B. Ladies comics, What About Fame?, Fashion Mistakes Men Make, poetry, riddles, babysue comix, Pretty Talk, A Tale of Mint Pies, Earn Extra Income ad, Jesus comics, What's Cool and What's Not, Learning To Accept, A Dose of My Own Medicine, "Shenn Wiff Chillrins", Goddamn Nine, three one panel strips, Bad Mother, How To Get A Girl and Keep It, Dishtal ad, Yard Sale Certificate of Good Standing, Yard Sale Ethics Violation Citation, The Idiot Parade, Animal Technology, There Is A Reason For Everything, and PETS strips.

Volume 7, Issue 2

Features The Talent Contest, Jesus comics, PETS comics, The Pro-Choice Game, poetry, Psychic Stool Readings, Order Form ad, babysue comix, Killing ad, Clean Water ad, Teaching Your Kids About Drugs, Bums, Recipes, Asshole Recognition 3, Goddamn Eight, The Tiny Cupcake Dilemma, B. Ladies strips, Vaginoil ad, Worm ad, The Happys, b. soo comix, Accepting Death, The Price of Pride, and a shitty poster.

Volume 7, Issue 1

Features I'm Alive, Asshole Recognition 2.0, Tolerance, Jesus comics, Baking Mediocre Curve, Pump This Noodle My Joseph, babysue comix, Future Song, Things That Are Okay and Not Okay To Say, poetry, T-Shirts We'd Like To Sell, An Interview With Princess Die, The Happys, The Antiques Blowit Show, How To Keep Your Man Happy, Knowing How To Pick 'Em, Talky Tina, Understanding Dreams, Punishment, and more B. Ladies comics.

Volume 6, Issue 4

Features Billy and Barney Beaver Celebrate Diversity, Evaluating Yard Sales strip, poetry, Shitting In Public, PETS strips, babysue comix, Entering Manhood, Jesus comics, Clearatron ad, Why Kids Kill, Why Couples Get Together, Asshole Recognition, Mini-Posters, B. Ladies in "I'ze Duh Purdy-Iss!", Goddamn Seven, superbabysue, Tempokids ad, Things About Me, and more B. Ladies comics.

Volume 6, Issue 3

Features B. Ladies in "Hoo Habb Duh Bes Nay-Yuz?", Pets strips, babysue comix, Who Would You Most Like To See Murdered and How?, Poetry, Learning To Let Go Of Anger, B. Ladies in "Regression Analysis", Jesus strips, fake ads, Goddamn Six, Twelve Reasons Why Human Rights Don't Matter, My Son Rodney, Improper Vetspeak, Yard Sale Evaluation Form, Reevaluating Rape, B. Ladies Go To The Freaky Festival, and Those Touchy Ones.

Volume 6, Issue 2

Features Bash, Pregnancy jokes, Jesus comics, babysue comix, Murder jokes, What Does God Expect From Us?, Poetry, Overcoming Depression, Fag jokes, B. Ladies comics, The Correct Use of Quotation Marks, They Never WERE Funny, Sally Mae, Goddamn Five, Fun Facts, More Anecdote From Far East, People, Religious jokes, and My Wife.

Volume 6, Issue 1

Features Dr. Private Area, Pets strips, lotsa babysue comix, T.P. Art, Donna's Little Pills, Poetry, Ordinary Houshold Highs, Making the World A Better Place, Goddamn Four, more B. Ladies strips (including Ebony Phonics), Why Be A Vegetarian?, Now That You Are Becoming A Woman, Coming Out, and Lucille Ball is Dead, Trella Discovers Peace and Happiness on Earth, and Beave It To Liver.

Volume 5, Issue 4

Features The Mystery of the Crowns, Goddamn Three, You Are Sick!, B. Ladies On A Shopliftin' Spree, Coping With Children With AIDS, babysue strips, Pet strips, Welcome To Atlanta, Bumperstickers We'd Like To See, Kritter Kondoms, What Is Wrong With Them?, poetry, Haha the Clown, Crumbs, Finding True Happiness, The Interviewer, Drinking and Driving, The Spoon Children Who Discovered "Toids", Supress, Jesus strips, b. soo strips, Urban Supers, and B. Ladies in "Yoo Uh Ray-Sis!"

Volume 5, Issue 3

Features a twelve-page strip with babysue and Jesus confronting one another, The Story of Ling-Ling, Downtown, an article on Having Friends, Goddamn Two (story), Animal Civilization, poetry, plenty more babysue comix, Know the Difference by A. Burns, and more.

Volume 5, Issue 2

More babysue comix than ever before, plus Hazardous Food, poetry, Bedbugs by A. Holt, Believe It...Because It's True, How to Pick Up Girls, Life in These Goddamn United States, Couch Potatos by S. Simmons, Jesus strips, Yolanda and the Three Bears, City Beat, an article on Bestiality, Your Horoscope, and the autobiographical strip Living Cheap, Living Free.

Volume 5, Issue 1

Includes Putting Fun Back in the Bathroom, babysue comix, Mrs. Hippo's Dream, God's Little Lessons, Bird Variety, Jesus strips, an article on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, B. Ladies in Thriff Stoe Madness, poetry, and Thank God for the Answering Machine.

Volume 4, Issue 4

Includes Animal Drink Tank, babysue comix, an article on Companion Ads, strips by Ace Backwords, S. Simmons, Clayboy Robinson, and A. Owsley, How Would You Spend Your Last Hour on Earth?, poetry, Plenty Exercise Fun For You, Elevator comic, B. Ladies in Burger McThang, an interview with Adda Dada, A Parent's Guide to Satanic Cult Ritual Abuse, b. soo comix, Who's Afraid of a Plastic Gun?, Psychic Clan of Nitwits, Timmy and the Tooth Fairy, and Telepathic Savannah Death Trip.

Volume 4, Issue 3

Includes Silly Juicy Rape Y'all, a Goddamn story, The Bad Me and the Good Me, Dear Polly, an article on Starvation, Anecdote From Far East, poetry, Jesus strips, Tapping Into the Sewage System of the Stars, Tips on How to be a Stupid Fag, babysue comix, November by the Prime Minister, Grill Out, An Interview with Jesus, Animal Funtown, and more.

Volume 4, Issue 2

Includes babysue meets Smokie Bear, Jesus strips, Party Mommy, Tinky Toothbrush, Pants by the Prime Minister, I Was a Manic-Depressive, Dope-Shooting, Suicidal, Homosexual Teenager, an article on writing business letters, poetry, and babysue comix.

Volume 4, Issue 1

Includes the Art of Yard Sailing, Out for the Night, Jesus strips, Your Personal Guide to Self-Help, babysue comix, Ten Grocery Lists, poetry, Occupations to Avoid, and more.

Volume 3, Issue 4 (Click cover to view PDFs)

Includes babysue comix, comics by Ace Backwards, a comic by Jon Jaworski, a poem by Ed Mycue, Battered Spouses, Fagegories, A Guide to Holistic Therapy, poetry, and more.

Volume 3, Issue 3 (Click cover to view PDFs)

Includes babysue comix, strips by Ace Backwords, Things That Aren't Very Important, Confusion, What IS Making Those Dogs Bark?, poetry, an interview with Dennis Worden, Scato-Theology by the Prime Minister of Livestock and heavy Machinery, Fireman Joe, New Facts on Saving Our Environment, What's In a Name and 900 Ads.

Volume 3, Issue 2 (Click cover to view PDFs)

Includes Problems, The Return of Gallette and Goofette, babysue comix, Remembering the Carpenters, Family Prayer, Harmful Insects and Deborah's Turkey Sandwich.

Volume 3, Issue 1 (click cover to view PDFs)

Includes babysue comix, Serial Killer Quiz, John and reviews.

Volume 2, Issue 4 (click cover to view PDFs)

Includes Smiley Face Confesses, poetry, babysue take offs, An Introduction to Recycling, Ted Reflects, a strip by Bruce Joyner, interviews with Ace Backwords, Mary Fleener, and Roy Tompkins, and more.

Volume 2, Issue 3 (click cover to view PDFs)

The second Recipe Book features recipes like Satanic Bon Bons, Ground Beef and Defecation Loaf, Cow Tilt Saliva Rings, and Lady Junky Spunk Doughnut Dunk.

Volume 2, Issue 2 (click cover to view PDFs)

Includes Letters to the Editor, Unused Band Names, Death With Lucy, babysue comix, Five Stories, Fools Everywhere, poetry and more.

Volume 2, Issue 1 (click cover to view PDFs)

Includes babysue comix, The Art of Non-Conversation, Cave Girls Make Plenty Enjoy in Story You Read, Rock Out Comix, poetry, Barbies of the Future, and more.

Volume 1, Issue 3 (click cover to view PDFs)

babysue's Recipe Book features a ton of recipes like Blood and Penis Pie and Stupid People Omelet (mini-comic).

Volume 1, Issue 2
(click cover to view PDFs)

babysue's Philosophy Book tells you everything you need to know about the world (mini-comic).

Volume 1, Issue 1 (click cover to view PDFs)

The babysue Book . . . the debut (a mini-comic, actually).

* READ BEFORE ORDERING. I generally prefer not to explain my material which allows others to interpret things however they like. That said, in today's hypersensitive climate an explanation is in order here. babysue satire applies to all groups. No group is exempt. Autobiographical material is a blend of facts and fiction. Nothing is necessarily real or true. I portrayed myself as a cruel uncaring jerk to hide how painfully normal and harmless I really was. Conflicting opinions are expressed for the sake of confusion. Some clueless individuals have made all kinds of incorrect assumptions about yours truly, apparently unable to read between the lines. If, after reading this paragraph, you have second thoughts please do NOT order these magazines. I have received enough crazy hate mail from strangers to last a lifetime...and I don't need any more of that. Some of this material even makes me feel uncomfortable now...and I wrote the damn stuff.

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