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March 2010

A Death Cinematic / Sons of Alpha Centauri
Almost Alice

John Anderson*
Anything But A Mouse

Art of Shooting
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Battlestar Galactica*
Billy Mack Collector
Black Ladies comic #10-bl-1

Ian C. Bouras

Hannis Brown
Burning Hotels
Beppe Crovella

Delicate Noise
Dirt Mall

David Dunn*
Dustbowl Revival

Graves Brothers Deluxe*
Durwood Haddock*
Martin Hagfors
High and Die
Happy Hollows
Hark Stink

Heavy Metal Kids*
Lily Holbrook
Izakaya Heartbeat*
Jason & The Scorchers*
Jesus Comic #09-jesus-12

Jump Offs*
Khamsa Khala

K.D. Lang and the Reclines*
Christopher Lehman
Lid Emba
Love Happens

Ludlow Lions*
Massive Attack*
Mindy McCready*
Rich McCulley
Lin McPhillips
Midas Fall

Jen Olive
Olympics #7

Parental Advice #3
Philippe Petit & Friends*
Pillars and Tongues
Bill Price
Proud Fat Ass

Retarded #2

The Right Now*
Ruby Throat
Self-Image #4

Ravi Shankar
Shark Speed

Stellar Vector
Stereo Transmitted Disease
The Tiny Apology Dilemma

Two Houses
Andrew Watt and the Glory Glory
Jenny Whiteley*
George Winston

*Top Picks =

Additional Items Received


Aarktica - In Sea Remixes (Limited edition CD, Silber, Progressive)
Even though you know something to be an obvious truth...sometimes is just feels reassuring to see it in print. We've been big fans of Jon DeRosa (the man who is Aarktica) for quite some time now...and we've always had the distinct feeling that this man is driven first and foremost by the desire to create. As such, it felt particularly nice reading the press release that accompanied this CD...in which DeRosa validated some of our feelings. In Sea Remixes features fourteen remixes by artists Ramses III, slicnation, Summer Cats, Al Qaeda, Mason Jones, Yellow6, Planar, Keith Caisius, thisquietarmy, Remora, James Duncan, Declining Winter, Pan, and Landing. The original Aarktica mixes were already strange and heady...so it comes as no surprise that the same is true for these versions. We've loved everything we've heard thus far from DeRosa. He's one of those artists you can always depend on to come through with intriguing quality music with a conscience. This is an individually numbered limited edition CD (only 500 copies). TOP PICK.

A Death Cinematic / Sons of Alpha Centauri - Ambient Visions Volume 1 (CD, Simple Box Construction, Progressive/experimental)
This is a split release by two different bands. A Death Cinematic is one man with his guitar, an amp, and some effects. Sons of Alpha Centauri is an experimental British band. Ambient Visions Volume 1 is a perplexing and unusual spin. Some of the original tracks for this album were taken from performances in 2004 to 2007. The overall sound/approach here reminds us very much of Tangerine Dream. These spontaneously created pieces were recorded in such a way that they cannot be recreated. As such, each piece stands purely on its own and the artists will not be reproducing them in concert anytime soon...because it would be impossible to do so. These strange recordings sound something like the soundtrack to being on another planet. Really wild music that has no grounding in reality. You either love this stuff or you hate it. So you might have already guessed that this is a...TOP PICK. Totally tripped out and bizarre. Wow.

Almost Alice - Almost Alice (CD, Disney, Various artists/songs inspired by the motion picture)
This album is probably going to be a bit confusing to most people, so a bit of explanation is in order. If you're looking for the soundtrack to the film Alice In Wonderland, this isn't it. Danny Elfman's soundtrack is available as an entirely different album. This album was commissioned by the folks at Disney with the idea being to come up with some current pop/rock artists interested in recording songs about or inspired by Alice In Wonderland. This sixteen track various artists compilation features an interesting array of artists including Avril Lavigne, The All-American Rejects, Metro Station, Robert Smith (minus The Cure), Plain White T's, Wolfmother, and more. Hard to rate a various artists compilation so we won't even try. We are most definitely looking forward to seeing the upcoming film...it sounds intriguing.

John Anderson - Bigger Hands (CD, Country Crossing, Country)
Who would've ever thought that--after leaving Yes--John Anderson would grow a beard and end up crooning beer-driven country pop in the twenty-first century...? Heh heh heh...of course we know better. The other guy's first name doesn't have an "H" in it. Considering how long he's been around, it seems incredible that John Anderson has never become a mega-superstar. Sure, he's been a major contender for years...but we have always gotten the impression that Mr. Anderson doesn't want to simply sell out in order to make money. Bigger Hands finds John in fine form. The songs are super strong and the vocals sound as good as ever. Anderson had a stroke of luck in 2009 when James Taylor covered his song "Seminole Wind." Bigger Hands is easily one of John's best albums ever. Fresh, inviting, inspired tunes include "How Can I Be So Thirsty," "Bar Room Country," and "Bigger Hands." In the world of country music it doesn't get much more real than this. TOP PICK.



Mickey Hamster.
Mickey Chicken.
Mickey Giraffe.
Mickey Monkey.
Mickey Donkey.


Art of Shooting - Traveling Show (Independently released CD, Pop)
The debut full-length release from New York's Art of Shooting which is set to be released April 2010. This band's sound is driven by the unique talents of singer/songwriter/guitarist Kelly Irene Corson...a young lady with a strange warbly voice that recalls some of the early New Wave artists from the late 1970s and early 1980s. Produced by Paul Mahajan, Traveling Show has a nice slick sound...and yet the band's aggressive edge is never overshadowed by technology. Some of the tracks on this album are rockers...while others are more subdued and moody. Eleven tracks here including "Drinking & Dressing," "It Goes (Home)," "The Birdcage," and "Japanese." Simultaneously accessible and unique.

Battlestar Galactica: The Plan and Razor - Original Soundtrack From the SYFY Special Events: Music Composed by Bear McCreary (CD, La-La Land, Soundtrack)
More Battlestar Galactica music from the intensely prolific Bear McCreary. Bear has worked on quite a few varied projects over the past few years but his Galactica recordings are probably what he is best known for. In fact, many folks claim that much of the credit for the success of the series is owed to McCreary's explosive music. This disc collects compositions specifically recorded for the feature-length television features The Plan and Razor. There's a helluva lot to take in here. Nineteen tracks that clock in at just under 70 minutes...so you get a lot of bang for your bucks with this one. If you dug Bear's other Galactica releases you're bound to go apeshit over this one as well. Explosive modern technology-driven recordings with a huge sound. Cool stuff that sounds thrilling even without the visuals to go along with it (!). TOP PICK.

Billy Mack Collector - Pumpkin (CD-R, Progressive)
So many artists and bands claim to be underground or alternative...probably because it's just more hip to be perceived as such. In the case of Billy Mack Collector...the tags actually stick and mean something. Pumpkin is a true underground album...released as a CD-R and housed in a homemade cloth sleeve with a pumpkin head hand painted on the front with black paint. The band included a nice xerox page with lyrics to the songs...and an authentic hand-typed (!?!) cover letter. Pennsylvania's Billy Mack and his associates are obviously involved in music for all the right reasons which is...to be creative and have a good time making music. Pumpkin is a peculiar little album chock full of imagination and inspiration. The lyrics are wildly creative...and the songs mostly presented in a somewhat raw form. This band has some of the best lyrics we've heard in years. Consider "You Don't Know Food"..."Once in a field of grass I grew a garden of strawberries and I sold them to a neighbor who was very old and they bled into his white beard." Or how about "All Very" which presents the puzzling idea that "I have all these thoughts and feelings and they're all very important" (incredibly funny satire). Folks wanting a nice, slick, processed package aren't likely to go for this at all. But folks wanting a taste of what true underground music sounds like will find a lot to love here. TOP PICK.

Ian C. Bouras - The Certainty of Being Found (CD, SDMP, Instrumental)
The third full-length release from San Diego, California's Ian C. Bouras who is probably best known up to this point as a member of the rock/reggae band Ana Vana. The Certainty of Being Found is an interesting album because it combines many things that are not normally combined on a single album. Bouras incorporates elements of dub, ambient, and reggae music into an interesting concoction that is mainly driven by spanish guitar. It's an intriguing mix that is surprisingly cohesive, warm, and inviting. Twelve smooth tracks here including "The Clues Are In The Dialogue," "On The Corner With Doubt," and "Without A Sense Of Duty." Cool, creative, and reflective...

Bradley - Mountain Tiger Wolf (CD, Drip Audio, Pop)
Imagine a cross between Joy Electric and The Young Fresh Fellows...and you might begin to have some idea of where this guy is coming from. Bradley is the mostly one-man-band created by Bradley Ferguson...along with various other friends/musicians offering helping hands. Ferguson creates his songs by mainly using a single analog synthesizer and a computer (along with various effects/manipulations). Take away the strange instrumentation and arrangements...and you have some surprisingly direct pop songs here. Mountain Tiger Wolf has a nice, thick, aggressive sound. Some tracks are all-out rockers while others are more pop-oriented. Twelve cool cuts including "Monster," "Padma," "Little Voice," and "Lullaby."

Hannis Brown - Oh Ah Ee (Independently released CD, Progressive)
Obtuse artsy stuff from Los Angeles, California's Hannis Brown. Created using unorthodox sounds with a complete disregard for commercial appeal, Oh Ah Ee will undoubtedly lose most listeners on the very first spin. The press release that accompanied this disc compared the artist's music to Pendereki and Ligeti, Tortoise, and Charles Mingus...which should give at least some indication of where Hannis Brown is coming from. Thirteen tracks that go all over the place in terms of sound and style. Our favorites include "Ehhh Ah Ooo," "Gliss," and "Nothing I Know Of."

Burning Hotels - Novels (Independently released CD, Pop/rock)
Smart, driving, modern guitar-driven pop rock. The guys in Burning Hotels recorded this album in the attic of a garage on a farm out in the middle of nowhere. Accordingly, it is rather surprising the amount of energy and spunk they managed to capture on Novels. At times the band's tunes remind us of The Strokes (particularly evident on "To Whom It May Concern")...but at other times they just come across as energetic modern popsters. Eleven hard pop cuts here including "Austin's Birthday," "The River," "First Love," and "One To Five." Plenty of cool smart tunes here.

Carta - An Index of Birds (CD, Silber, Progressive)
Looking for the latest dance tracks? Or something that is perfect for your MP3 player while working out at the gym? If so, you're reading about the wrong release. The folks in Carta write and record peculiar moody underground music that can and will only be appreciated by a small segment of the listening population. The band formed in 2002 and has apparently gone through various personnel changes over the years. Describing An Index of Birds is a difficult task. This band's music could be described as mood music, modern classical, slowcore, or shoegaze...but it never actually falls into any of these specific categories. Some of the tracks are instrumentals while others include vocals. There are so many wonderfully inventive tracks here. We love the really cool atmospherics in the piano track "Small Lights," the unbelievable bass sound in "The Likeness is Undeniable," and the cool, distant Curved Air-like vocals in "Descension." Decidedly subdued and very, very groovy.

Beppe Crovella - What's Rattlin' On The Moon? A Personal Vision of the Music of Mike Ratledge (CD, Moonjune, Progressive)
A tribute to Mike Ratledge who was the keyboard player in the 1970s British progressive band Soft Machine. This album is divided into three sections. The first section (...Rattlin' all the time) consists of ten covers of tunes written by Mike while the latter two sections (...before the Moon and ...after the Moon) feature compositions by Beppe Crovella that were inspired by the recording of the first ten tracks. The Ratledge covers are intriguing to say the least. Crovella manages to conjure up the original idea of the music...while relying on the freedom of modern technology to push things to another level. A variety of instruments were used including many well-known vintage keyboards from the past. Cool trippy progressive music with hints of jazz and psychedelia. Our favorite tracks include "Tarabos," "Pig," "Leonardo's E-Mail," and "Circular Lines In The Air."

Delicate Noise - Filmezza Remixes (CD-R, Lens, Progressive)
This release is a companion to the Filmezza album that was released by Delicate Noise in 2009. This seven track album features remixes by Jauzas The Shining, Knowing Looks, Sunao, Document One, Heinrich Dressel, 10-20, and Tension Co. Cool, heady, slightly trippy remixes that present the music of Delicate Noise under a slightly different light. Subtle, inventive, and moody.

Dirt Mall - Pacifuego (CD, Daykamp, Riff rock)
Cool driving guitar rock with instantly catchy vocal melodies. The guys in Boston, Massachusetts' Dirt Mall keep things simple and direct on their second full-length release. Instead of too many layers of junk (which is what one usually gets from the average twenty-first century rock band) the songs on Pacifuego are appropriately raw and simple...built upon nice fuzzy guitar riffs. The overall sound reminds us a bit of stoner rock bands from the 1990s...but the songs are much more pop-oriented than such a tag might suggest. Eleven neat rockers here including "Building A Case," "Lost In Plain Sight," "Buried By You," and "Suffer The Damage." Cool sounding music that ROCKS.

douBt - Never Pet A Burning Dog (CD, Moonjune, Progressive/jazz)
That's not a typo...this band spells their name in all lower case letters except for the "B" which is capitalized. douBt is a power electric jazz trio created by three fellows who have previously played in/with some notable other bands and/or artists. The trio is comprised of Alex Maguire (Hatfield and the North, Elton Dean, Michael Moore), Michel Delville (The Wrong Object, Comicoperando, TZGIV), and Tony Bianco (Dave Liebman, Paul Dunmall, Alex von Schlippenbach). This album also features vocals and bass guitar by Richard Sinclair on three tracks. In the 1970s this would have been labeled fusion jazz/rock...but these days it could probably best be described as progressive modern jazz. Lots of spontaneous improvisation here as these three talented fellows let their instincts do the talking. Eight cool tracks including "Corale Di San Luca," "Sea," "Aeon," and "Beppe's Shelter."

David Dunn (Artist web page, Pop/rock)
Cool melodic pop/rock from from Lynn Haven, Florida's David Dunn. Nice instantly catchy guitar-driven stuff here...we really dig "Don't Talk To Me" and "Backyard BBQ." This guy has a great voice and writes instantly catchy killer tunes. Click on the link (above) to hear tunes...or click HERE to check out Dunn's latest kickass music video. Top pick.

Dustbowl Revival - You Can't Go Back To The Garden of Eden (Independently released CD, Progressive/roots)
The second full-length release from Venice, California's Dustbowl Revival. The first few songs on You Can't Go Back To The Garden of Eden remind us in many ways of The Kinks' Muswell Hillbillies album. Some of this band's tunes have a cool, loose New Orleans flavor that is characterized by cool spontaneous vocals and some really nifty and loose dixieland horns. This is a lengthy album clocking in at just under one hour...so that gives the band plenty of time to flex their musical muscles on these thirteen tracks. As the album progresses, the tunes seem to become more sparse and direct...which is pretty damn cool considering the fact that most bands take the exact opposite approach. Plenty of inviting credible tracks here including "Marching On," "Bakersfield," "River Blues," and "Flying With Icarus."

Evangenitals - Evangenitals (Independently released CD EP, Progressive)
Hard to say whether or not these folks' main goal is to confuse the public. But whether it is or whether it isn't, there's little doubt that people are going to be confused by this band's approach. With a name like Evangenitals you would expect these musicians to be playing heavy metal or thrash music. Add to this the fact that the cover includes a skull...and you could pretty much guess that the band would be delving into harsh noise or satanic thrash music. But...you would be WRONG. This odd little EP features surprisingly smooth and normal sounding laidback guitar pop tunes that have much more in common with Americana pop than heavy metal. If people could get past the name, we'd bet this band would stand a strong chance of garnering a huge fan base within months. Their music is that good. Will the band name hold them back? Who knows and...who cares? The only thing that matters is the music. And in this case, these seven tracks kick ass. Our favorites include "Hello," "Home," "Bad Town," and "I'm Sad." TOP PICK.



Nana fuble,
Fuble da lo.
Inker dis mino.
La fuble de


Graves Brothers Deluxe - San Malo (Greek import CD, Green Cookie, Progressive)
So many bands either go for a total pop/rock approach...or experimental music so weird that it alienates most listeners. The guys in Graves Brothers Deluxe manage to tread on the fine line that separates both worlds. The band has been very busy over the past few years recording their own music and working with a wild array of different artists in all kinds of different mediums. San Malo is right up there with the Brothers' best recordings. Some of these tracks are moody distorted pop/rock...while others feature more abstract sounds and ideas. Interestingly, the album is being released on the Greek Green Cookie label. Strange how many cool credible American bands find far more support in other countries (?). Ten groovy cuts here that glide all over the audio map. Our favorite tracks include "I'm Fine," "My Heart Burned Down Today," "The Ballad of San Malo," and "Noisy Kind of Nothing." Another killer release from one of the true American classic underground bands. TOP PICK.

Durwood Haddock - Hanks A Lot (CD, Eagle International, Country/pop)
Folks who love early country music from artists in the 1950s and 1960s...will find a lot to love here. Country music has, unfortunately, become very much a processed product over the past few decades. Most modern artists are carbon copies of one another and their music takes a back seat to their physical appearance. Not so here. On this album Durwood Haddock plays homage to his four favorite "Hanks": Hank Williams, Hank Locklin, Hank Snow, and Hank Thompson. The tunes are presented simply without unnecessary instruments muddying up the mix. And Haddock's average-guy-on-the-street vocal style suits the tunes to a T. Twelve cool tracks here including "The Blues Come Around," "Send Me The Pillow You Dream On," "A Fool Such As I," and "Let Me Be The One." TOP PICK.

Martin Hagfors - Men and Flies (CD, ME, Pop)
Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Martin Hagfors now resides in Norway. Probably a very smart move on Martin's part...because he has already been nominated for a Grammy in Norway. Readers should note that based on the type and style of music Hagfors writes he would never ever be nominated for a Grammy here in the United States because his music isn't the kind of generic schmaltzy crap that sells in America. Men and Flies is Martin's solo full-length debut album...and it's chock full of smart, well-arranged pop tunes. Plus the guy has a great voice. Nine pop tracks here that are bound to please even the most jaded pop fans. Our favorite tracks include "Appetite," "Scarlet," "Tattooed On My Eyes," and "Married Man."



Get high and
Watch things


Happy Hollows - Spells (CD, Autumn Tone, Pop)
Folks who are always on the lookout for super hip underground bands will want to take note of Happy Hallows. This Los Angeles, California-based trio is driven by the songwriting skills of Sarah Negahdari, who is already receiving some unanimous praise among some rather artsy and influential people around the country. Spells is a strange spin...but not so strange and abstract as to be unlistenable. Sarah's tunes are different and unusual without resorting to shock for shock's sake. The guitar-driven tunes on this album draw from a wide range of influences all the way from the 1980s right on to the present. Negahdari has an interesting voice that sometimes reminds us a tiny bit of Dagmar (Henry Cow, Slapp Happy). Strangely inviting pop tunes include "Faces," "We Will Find You," "High Wire," and "Second Lieutenant." The folks at Autumn Tone Records have hit gold with this one. TOP PICK.



Hark the Herald Angels


Heavy Metal Kids - Hit the Right Button Plus (CD, Angel Air, Pop/rock)
Reissue of the band's 2003 album that includes four bonus tracks recorded in London and Milan in 2004. Though they've been around since 1973 (?), from the sound of the songs on Hit the Right Button Plus you'd never know that the guys in Heavy Metal Kids are now in the third decade of their careers (!!!). The album blasts off with the burning hot sound of "Message"...a song that has "hit" written all over it. We've always been fans of buzzsaw power pop...and, as such, this album pretty much pushes all of our buttons. Cool loud fuzzy guitars...hooks galore...driving bass lines and insistent drumming. The band consists of Danny Peyronel, Ronnie Thomas, Keith Boyce, Marco Guarnerio, and Marco Barusso. Hard driving pop/rock anthems include "Message," "Hit the Right Button," "Crool World," and "Voices." TOP PICK.

Lily Holbrook - Wicked Ways (CD, Alive Recording Group, Pop)
Another superb release from Lily Holbrook who some folks may remember as the young lady who got her start in music playing in subway stations in Boston, Massachusetts. Lily's career started off with a bang and she has quite a number of diehard fans across the world...and for good reason. Unlike a lot of up-and-coming underground artists she has real talent and a truly remarkable voice. Wicked Ways presented somewhat of a stumbling block for Holbrook. After the album was initially released in late 2008 the label went out of business. To make things more sticky, Holbrook is not allowed to replicate the original finished tracks from her second album. As a result, she re-recorded a few songs from that album and included them here. While the career path may be getting a little more rocky as time goes by...the music remains highly stylized and totally credible. Wicked Ways contains ten magical compositions that feature wonderfully inviting melodies and, once again, showcase this lady's incredible vocal skills. All the tracks kick ass but our particular favorites include "Apocalypse Kiss," "Smoke Screen," "Wicked Ways," and "Sweet Little Girl." TOP PICK.

Hussys - Japanese Graffiti (CD, Fat Cheerleader, Pop)
Though The Hussys are a Scottish band you'd never know it from the songs on Japanese Graffiti. The songs on this album bear a very strong resemblance to early synth driven American and British pop artists from the mid to late 1980s. This band has a nice, fresh, inviting sound that is a refreshing change from the vast majority of twenty-first century bands who are trying way too hard to be original and unique. The arrangements are, for the most part, simple and direct...and the female vocalist has a cool and inviting voice that really makes these songs cook. Nine tracks here with our favorites being "Japanese Graffiti," "Aftershave," and "Greatest Living Actress."

Hyperbubble - Candy Apple Daydreams (CD, Bubblegum, Pop)
From the look and sound of this package...we'd be willing to bet that the folks in this band are enjoying the hell out of themselves at this point in time. And it sure looks and sounds as if they're mainly in it for fun...which is, of course, the best motivation in the world. Candy Apple Daydreams is an unashamedly sweet and catchy album full of totally upbeat pop tracks that should be instantly appealing to children, teenagers, and adults. To our ears, this band's music sounds something like Madonna would sound...if her music were geared more towards school kids. Hyperbubble is Jess on keyboards and bionics and Jeff on synthesizers, sequences, and vocals. This band will undoubtedly drive artsy-fartsy type music fans up the goddamn wall (which is where they deserve to be). Clever cute cuts include "Candy Apple Daydreams," "Girl Boy Pop Toy," "Teddy Bear Crime Wave," and "Top Ten Lullabies."

Izakaya Heartbeat - Ancient Asobi / In Arcadia (CD, Handmade, Pop/rock)
Super cool underground guitar rock/pop from Norway. Ancient Asobi / In Arcadia began as the solo project of Christian Larsen. But as the project evolved and grew, various other artists entered the equation...and from start to finish the recording ended up taking approximately three years.This album is an excellent slice of what may be happening in the undercurrents in Norway. This band's guitar-driven tunes are melodic and pack quite a punch. The songs feature loud fuzzy guitars, driving rhythms, and some surprisingly catchy vocal melodies. Many of these tracks remind us of some of the best underground guitar bands from the United States and Great Britain in the late 1980s and early 1990s. After spinning this album several times we can't help but wonder what other cool obscure artists might be lurking around in Norway...? Ten kickass tracks here including "Narcoleptic Highway," "Glass and Flowers," and "Into The Sun." TOP PICK.

Jason & The Scorchers - Halcyon Times (CD, Courageous Chicken Music, Pop/rock)
The last time Jason & The Scorchers released a new album was way back in 1996. In 2008 the band won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Americana Music Conference...which may have prompted them to regroup and record an album of new material. These days the band consists of original members Jason Ringenberg and Warner E. Hodges along with new members Al Collins and Pontus Snibb. Instead of being a retread of old sounds and times gone by, Halcyon Times is a vibrant new album of material that finds the band playing as hard and as well as they ever did. The tracks on this album remind us very much of The Kinks during their time on the Arista label when they had transformed into an all-out rock band. The young rhythm section really adds the necessary punch that makes these new songs cook. These fourteen rockers are sure to please the bands original fans as well as youngsters who originally heard the band on their parents' old vinyl LPs. Kickass tracks include "Beat on the Mountain," "Mother of Greed," "Twang Town Blues," and "We've Got It Goin' On." TOP PICK.

Jump Offs - Jump Offs (CD, Contrast, Pop/rock)
Most people (including us) probably don't have a very clear idea of what an alternative rock/pop group from Hawaii sounds like. And that's probably because very few underground bands in Hawaii manage to get heard anywhere outside of their home state. The folks at Contrast Records originally released Jumps Offs in 2009. Probably because of a very warm reception on The Islands, the label and publicity company made the wide decision in early 2010 to make sure the album was heard by more folks...and thus a national/international media campaign was initiated. The guys in Jump Offs have a real winner on their hands here. This eleven track album features hard, driving, guitar-driven pop/rock tunes delivered with guts and passion. If we had to compare the band's music to anyone, it would probably be The Strokes...but in actuality these guys actually deliver a much harder punch. The loud angular guitars sound just wonderful...as do the slightly distorted vocals and propulsive rhythms. The Jump Offs are Luke Aguinaldo (bass), Oliver Boe (lead guitar), Bob Deeter (drums), Chris Gima (keyboards), and Landon Tom (rhythm guitar, lead vocals). This will no doubt be well received by almost anyone who loves good solid guitar pop. Killer tracks include "In The Clouds," "All Nighter," "Stories Of Your Stereo," and "Hurts Good." TOP PICK.

Khamsa Khala - All Rites Reversed (CD + DVD, Lens, Progressive)
Khamsa Khala features former members of the bands Mandible Chatter and Deathpile. This lovely CD + DVD set features music that might best be described as Middle Eastern dub psychedelia. Neville Harson and Don Poe obviously aren't in the game for money or fame because their music is far too peculiar for the average music fan. There's a lot to take in here. The audio CD features thirteen tracks that are eerie and odd. These compositions combine traditional acoustic instruments with modern electronics to create heady, complex pieces that go all over the map and back. The DVD features 45 minutes' worth of high definition video shot in Morocco and Egypt. Exotic music from a completely different sphere.

Kobi - Live In Japan (CD, End of Hum, Electronic/experimental/progressive), Earplugged (CD, End of Hum, Electronic/experimental/progressive)
Kai Kobi Mikalsen kicks off 2010 with not one...but two new releases. Kobi is one of our favorite electronic/experimental artists so we were pumped to receive both of these discs in the mail. Live In Japan features live recordings from Kobi's 2007 tour of Japan. This album may surprise fans of the man because the compositions on this album are much more harsh and metallic than what he have heard in the past from Kobi. Although a bit more on the wild side, these tracks still have that peculiar surreal quality that is simultaneously puzzling and inviting. Earplugged is Kobi's new studio album which he recorded entirely by himself over the course of the past three years. The album features one lengthy track conveniently divided into thirteen track selections which makes for an easier listening experience. Both of these albums are challenging releases that will only appeal to that tiny segment of the listening population that enjoys strange and inventive experimental music. Here in the plush babysue offices, Kobi always effortlessly hits home runs. Accordingly, these are both TOP PICKS.

K.D. Lang and the Reclines - A Truly Western Experience: 25th Anniversary Edition (CD + DVD, Bumstead, Country/pop)
K.D. Lang has had so much success with her ultra-polished solo albums over the past two decades that most folks probably don't even remember when she was making cutting edge underground country pop with her band The Reclines in the early 1980s. This double disc set celebrates Lang's early years with an audio CD and a video DVD. The CD blasts off with K.D.'s first two songs that originally appeared on a 7" vinyl 45 ("Friday Dance Promenade" and "Damned Old Dog"). The remainder of the CD contains Lang's debut album (A Truly Western Experience) plus some additional unreleased and live recordings. The DVD features three videos for the tunes "Hanky Panky," "Bopalena," and "Pollyann." We were big fans of Lang very early in her career so for us this is just a reminder of how she got started. Folks who only know her later recordings may be surprised at some of this stuff...because it represents the artist in transition. She started out on a high...and has never let her fans down yet. A great compilation shedding light on the early recordings of Ms. Lang. TOP PICK.

Christopher Lehman - Popjazzic (Independently released CD, Jazz/pop)
Trumpet player Christopher Lehman received all the best professional training in the 1970s before spending the next few decades playing mainly as a backup musician. And then around 2006 he made the decision to embark on a solo career. The appropriately-titled Popjazzic blends pop and jazz into an easily digestible concoction that the average listener should find most appealing. Some of the tracks are instrumentals while others feature vocals. Ten slick cuts here including "We'll Funk Me Up!!!", "The Party Grind," "Is This Love?", and "The Diesel Train."

Lid Emba - Terminal Muse: Red (Limited edition CD-R EP, Stickfigure, Progressive/experimental)
The first of a limited edition three CD-R Terminal Muse trilogy (only 100 copies are being made available of each). Folks familiar with Lid Emba won't be surprised to learn that Red features electronic experimental sounds. Some of this music reminds us very much of American and British electronic bands from the late 1970s and early 1980s. Five peculiar cuts here including "Wasteland of Joy," "Oblivion Core Decoy," and "Terminal Muse." Odd obtuse stuff.

Love Happens - Original Motion Picture Score: Music Composed by Christopher Young (CD, La-La Land, Motion picture score)
Okay, so we have to admit that romantic comedies just aren't our cup of tea. As such, we probably won't be rushing out to see Love Happens. But you don't have to see the film or even like romantic comedies to appreciate the score by award-winning composer Christopher Young. Young's music has previously been heard in a wealth of films including Norma Jean and Marilyn, Last Flight Out, The Shipping News, Spiderman 3, Ghostrider, and...perhaps most notably...the wonderfully intense Drag Me To Hell. As you might expect from the subject matter, this album is more subdued than some of Christopher's other projects...but it is still a success because the music is most likely a perfect match for this type of film. Sixteen tracks here plus seven bonus tracks...for a grand total of over 67 (!) minutes of slick and moving music.

Ludlow Lions - No Stories (Independently released CD, Pop)
The debut full-length release from Brooklyn, New York's Ludlow Lions. While spinning this album most listeners will instantly hear similarities to XTC and Guided By Voices...both of whom are listed as major influences by chief songwriter Brendan Coon. But make no mistake, this is not a copy band nor mere mimicry. Coon takes ideas by his favorite artists and puts his own spin on them...and in the process he comes up with some remarkable underground pop tunes. On the first spin we liked this album. Four or five spins later...and several of the tracks made a permanent and lasting impression. "I Didn't Know" is easily one of the best pop songs we've heard in months (God those guitar riffs sound incredible). Our favorite songs include "Keyboard Teeth," "New Cold War," "My Compass," and "It's A Personal." TOP PICK.

Massive Attack - Heligo Land (CD, Virgin, Progressive pop/dub)
The fifth full-length release from Massive Attack. The folks in this band don't release albums that often but when they do...look out. Massive Attack first hit the scene when they released their debut album Blue Lines in 1991, a very early trip-hop release that helped to define the genre. Heligo Land is sure to please fans of the band. These tracks are melodic, slightly spooky, and decidedly moody. As one would expect, the bass lines/sounds are intense. In addition to super cool cuts this album also features some fantastic and utterly bizarre cover art. TOP PICK.

Mindy McCready - I'm Still Here (CD, Iconic, Country/pop)
About a decade ago Mindy McCready hit the big time with "Ten Thousand Angels" and "Guys Do It All The Time." Since that time, Mindy's career has become drenched in publicity surrounding the ups and downs of her personal life...which in many cases has overshadowed her career in music. Apparently taking a cue from this strange occurrence (thus the title of this album), Mindy opts to bare her soul...seemingly determined to make it through no matter what. As such, I'm Still Here has strange resonant qualities that are sure to hit the bull's eye with her fans. In many ways McCready still reminds us of Tammy Wynette...except her voice is much more suited to pop music. Funny how people become so engrossed in an artist's life that they forget the art. In this case, Mindy proves that she is more of a force than ever to be reckoned with. Wonderfully inspirational cuts include "Buy Her Side," "I Want To Love You," and "I Hate That I Love You." Great country-flavored pop that hits the target. McCready's vocals have never sounded better. TOP PICK.

Rich McCulley - Starting All Over Again (Independently released CD, Pop)
The fifth full-length release from Los Angeles, California's Rich McCulley. Starting All Over Again features nice, smooth, hummable pop that is strangely familiar. The first thing that caught our attention about the album is the fact that Adam Marsland and Todd Herfindal are among those listed backing McCulley. This pure pop album has a slick sound and yet never comes across seeming overtly slick or overproduced...and Rich has a nice smooth voice that never sounds forced. Eleven laidback hummable pop cuts here including "Dreams Tonight," "Nowhere," "Falling Apart," and "Starting All Over."

Lin McPhillips - My Shining Hour (Independently released CD, Female vocalist/jazz)
Lin McPhillips is no newcomer to the world of music. She began singing at a very young age...even appearing on radio in Monterey when she was only five years old. As an adult, McPhillips went on to join the jazz group Solar Plexus which is probably where she really honed in on her singing skills. My Shining Hour is an album that Lin recorded as a dedication to some of her friends who have passed away. But instead of sounding sad or mournful, these songs sound nice and bright. Lin has a great understated voice that flows seamlessly in and out of these compositions that feature no less than nine backing musicians. Eleven smooth groove-oriented cuts here including "The Wind," "Azure," "Haunted Heart," and "My Shining Hour." Good solid music with a backbone.

Midas Fall - Eleven. Return and Revert (CD, Monotreme, Progressive pop)
Nice smooth progressive pop featuring the slightly ghostly vocals of Elizabeth Heaton. True to the claim of the press release, the folks in Midas Fall write and record music that sounds something like Portishead, Bat For Lashes, and Radiohead (we would also throw in Bjork and Curved Air for good measure). Eleven. Return and Revert features complex musical arrangements that remind us of many British progressive bands from the 1970s...but the sound is dramatically more slick and modern. In addition to Heaton, the band includes Rowan Burn (guitar, piano), Brian Dunsmore (synths, piano, guitar), Jamie Scobie (bass), and Adam Ley-Lange (drums). Nice subdued heady stuff...

1986 - Everybody Is Whatever I Think They Are (CD, Palentine, Pop/rock)
This, the second full-length release from 1986, was quite some time in the making (the album is being released about four years after the band's debut release). The reason? Songwriter/guitarist Giorgio Angelini was spending his time backing up other artists/bands such as The Rosebuds, Bishop Allen, Cursive, The Gutter Twins, and Okkervil River. The opening line of the press release that accompanied this CD immediately caught our attention when it claimed "the goal was to make independent music loud again." On this album, the band succeeds in their mission. Everybody Is Whatever I Think They Are is an impressively diverse album that packs a punch. The tunes would fit in the progressive pop/rock genre...but there are lots of tracks on this album that are heavy, propulsive, and downright loud. Some interesting folks lend a helping hand here...among them are Duane Denison (from Jesus Lizard) and Adam Franklin (formerly of Swervedriver) . No easy predictable pop on this disc. These tracks are driven by creativity and have a nice aggressive edge. Nine killer cuts including "Habits," "Undertow," "Rise/Fall," and "Loud/Soft." FYI...the album is available as a free download by clicking HERE. TOP PICK.



Nekkid people everywhere
And not a drop to



You is what you is.


Oholics - Disgraceland (CD, Sony Music, Pop/rock)
Folks who loved 1990s rock/pop bands (that includes us, of course) will undoubtedly fall in love with Disgraceland. True to the claim of the press release that accompanied this disc, the guys in Sweden's Oholics make music that bears a strong resemblance to early Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Primal Scream, Oasis, and The Strokes. This super slick album was recorded in 2008 but is only now seeing a release. Disgraceland features eleven songs all of which are originals with the exception of one cover (Syd Barrett's "Lucy Leave"). Oholics tunes are driven by strong vocal melodies and semi-psychedelic arrangements.. The overall sound is something like dream-driven pop/rock. After spinning this one about a dozen times or more we've yet to find a track that doesn't stick. Killer compositions include "Step Inside," "Lose It," "Lucy Leave," "Endless Sea," and "Wake Up." This one is an easy TOP PICK. Note that the band is offering the entire album as a free download on their web site (link above). Well done.

Jen Olive - Warm Robot (CD, Ape House, Pop)
This album is a joint project created by Albuquerque, New Mexico's Jen Olive along with some expert assistance from Andy Partridge. The pair first started communicating with one another in 2007 via the internet. Interesting that Jen cites Karen Carpenter as a major influence as we could immediately hear similarities in her vocals. Warm Robot is a surprisingly accessible album that could probably be appreciated by most music listeners. Vocal melodies are at the center of Olive's songs...and she comes up with some really great gliding lines here. Beautiful intricate pop creations include "Boulevard," "Wire Wire," "All My Heads Meet," and "Waffleson's Dream." We'd be willing to bet this young lady will be a major contender in the years to come.



Shitty fucking
Shitty fucking goddamn retarded



Your parents don't know
They are a total and complete

Philippe Petit & Friends - Silk-Screened (CD, Trace Recordings, Progressive)
Philippe Petit might best be described as an artist's artist. At a point in time when virtually everyone wants to be categorized and pigeonholed, Petit seems to delight in challenging his listeners by releasing albums that sound unlike one another. Considering the fact that this fellow creates such odd and obtuse music...thus far he has apparently had some amazing success in underground cliques and circles around the globe. The press release that accompanied this disc describes the music as "post-avant jazz"...which is an accurate way of describing these proceedings. Petit and his friends create sound collage abstractions in which spontaneity plays a key role. There aren't very many familiar sounds and/or ideas to latch onto here as these compositions were clearly recorded as pure creative endeavors. Odd, peculiar, moody...some of these compositions might more accurately fall within the boundaries of modern classical...(?). We love it when music is the driving force...and that is obviously the case here. Plenty of mind-expanding stuff that's sure to please even the most jaded music fans. Wonderfully creative...and very, very mental. Top pick.

Pillars and Tongues - Lay of Pilgrim Park (Vinyl LP, Empty Cellar)
Okay, so we have to admit we did not have a chance to download these tracks as of this writing...and as we have admitted in the past we purposely don't have a turntable currently functioning in our office suite because we want to avoid current hipster trends. But even without hearing this, based on what we've heard in the past we'd be willing to bet that Lay of Pilgrim Park is one kickass album. Beautiful packaging...and a card is included with this package that entitles the purchaser to a CD quality download of the entire album...

Plasticsoul - Peacock Swagger (Independently released CD, Progressive pop)
The second full-length release from Los Angeles, California's Plasticsoul. In perusing the promotional materials that accompanied this CD we were surprised to see the repeated comparison to The Beatles. Not that the songs on Peacock Swagger don't bear similarities to the band...but in our minds Plasticsoul sounds much, much more like Redd Kross (who were not mentioned at all in the package). In fact, songwriter/vocalist Steven Eric Wilson can at times sound so much like Jeff McDonald (of Redd Kross) that it is almost eerie at times. It's probably just a coincidence as we don't get the impression that these folks are in any way trying to be a copycat band. Swagger offers twelve nice solid jolts of modern melodic pop...delivered simply and without unnecessary overdubs. Nice slick sound...and the soaring vocal melodies always take center stage. Our favorite tracks include "You Sentimental Fucks/Life On Other Planets," "Fishwife," and "My Three Friends." Cool stuff.

Bill Price - With the Eye of a Skeptic & A Few Other Likely Stories (CD, Grass Magoops, Pop)
The third full-length solo album from Indiana's Bill Price. In addition to recording solo, Price is also the driving force in the band The Brains Behind Pa. With the Eye of a Skeptic & A Few Other Likely Stories is a nice, laidback album driven mainly by acoustic instruments. Some might lump this album into the Americana category but in our opinion this would be more appropriately labeled mid-tempo folk/pop. Although far more normal than such a comparison might suggest, some of Bill's tunes...and particularly his vocals...occasionally remind us ever-so-slightly of the bizarro obtuse underground band The Frogs. Not only are the songs on this album smooth and reflective...but the release also features really beautiful packaging that includes a lovely lyric booklet. Thirteen keepers here including "Junkman," "Foot in the Dirt," "Red Cloud," and "Last Word." Nice, sincere, and intelligent.



Be proud of your fat.
Be proud of your ass.
Be proud of your
Big fat


Recife - Doldrums (CD, Dead Bees, Pop/rock)
The folks in Recife return with a real knockout. We were very impressed with this band's two previous releases (New Arms and Microwave). Now after taking two years to record, the band presents Doldrums...an album which is pretty much the exact opposite of its name. The album features a wonderful mix of acoustic instruments and cool electronics...all blended together in what might best be described as fantastic modern progressive pop. This lengthy album (clocking in at over 56 minutes) features a wealth of smart and inventive compositions including "Doldrums," "Paper Man," "Snow On Mars," and "Break Out of Their Reach." This band just keeps getting better and better...and this just might be their best release yet. An instant and easy TOP PICK. Only a few hundred physical copies are available via the label web site (link above). Well worth the bucks!



Retarded has always been
A great word but now it's
An even better


The Right Now - Carry Me Home (Independently released CD, Soul/pop)
We had to spin this one a few times before we realized...this here is some groovy goddamn shit. 1970s soul seems to be making a comeback lately in the world of music and, interestingly, many of the folks recreating the sound are white boys and girls (?!). But color matters not...because the folks in The Right Now know how to make their music cook. Carry Me Home features plenty of sassy modern funk with some totally killer bass lines. Lead vocalist Stefanie Berecz has a cool soulful voice that is the perfect focal point for this band. If you love real soul music from the past...but absolutely hate how the assholes on American Idol drag soul through the mud...there's a good chance you will totally dig Carry Me Home. This is an instantly pleasing album full of music that compels movement. Our favorite cuts include "Ain't Going Back," "I Could Really Hold On," "I'll Get Down," and "Carry Me Home." TOP PICK.

Ruby Throat - Out of a Black Cloud Came a Bird (Independently released CD, Progressive pop/folk)
The second album from Ruby Throat, the duo comprised of KatieJane Garside (Daisy Chainsaw, Queenadreena) and Chris Whittingham. Like the last Ruby Throat album, Out of a Black Cloud Came a Bird is an odd and eerie spin. The songs are very subtle and sparse...and KatieJane's strange quivering vocals are distant and fragile. These folks are fond of offering initial quantities of their releases in really cool limited editions...so if you want one of the original offerings of this album (which includes a hand printed case file, art prints, photographs, and a "personal effect") you'd better grab it fast because there are only 500 copies. Not to worry, however...the more commercial product still offers cool cover art and a bizarre lyric booklet that is almost impossible to read. Another peculiar release from a duo who absolutely refuses to compromise.



Look in a mirror.
Stare at your face.
Notice your shitty hair and
Consider how ugly you are.


Ravi Shankar - Rare and Glorious (Double CD, Times Square, Instrumental)
At this point in time most folks in the United States have probably all but forgotten about Ravi Shankar...the man who practically single-handedly made the sitar a part of popular culture in the 1960s. Like David Peel, Shankar's brief blip on the commercial radar was made possible courtesy of one or more of The Beatles...who, during the 1960s, could make just about anyone they wanted instantly famous for fifteen minutes. Shankar is now 89...so what better way to celebrate the man's music than by offering a whopping double disc set of music? The folks at Britain's Times Square Records have done an excellent job presenting a brief overview of Ravi's music here. Classic tracks are included as well as some recordings that have never officially been released on CD before now. There's a lot to take in here...each disc in this set contains over an hour's worth of music. A heady reminder of this influential man's career.

Shark Speed - Education (Independently released CD-R EP, Pop)
The guys in Provo, Utah's Shark Speed are back with more infectious, upbeat music. The band's last album (Sea Sick Music) struck a positive chord with many folks...and Education is bound to have the same impact. This short little EP includes four tunes that clock in at about fifteen and a half minutes. The more we hear this band's music...the more they remind us of some of Julian Cope's recordings right after he exited The Teardrop Explodes. Instantly catchy cuts include "King of the World," "The Killing Kind," and "Pretend." Can't wait to hear the next full-length. A band on the rise...

Sheepdogs - Learn & Burn (Independently released CD, Pop/rock)
Hailing from Saskatoon, Canada, the guys in Sheepdogs have a sound that is decidedly different from most Canadian bands. The press release that accompanied this CD appropriately compares the band's music to Moby Grape, The Allman Brothers, and The James Gang...while also making the validated claim that this album "is an innovative update of a classic sound." We couldn't have said it better ourselves although we would add The Guess Who to the list of comparisons. While definitely heavily influenced by 1970s bands Learn & Burn is decidedly based in the present...and presents a band whose main desire seems to be to rock out and have a good time with their audience. The guitars are cool and gritty and the vocals nice and raspy. But it is the songs themselves that make this album such a pleasing spin. This band's songs are virtually impossible to dislike. Fifteen killer cuts here including "The One You Belong To," "Right On," "You Discover," and "Rollo Tomasi." Fun, upbeat, and direct.

Snowglobe - Little More Lived In (CD-R, Makeshift Music, Pop)
Cool modern progressive pop featuring wonderfully fresh vocals and smart electronics. Whimsical...with just a hint of goofiness. We're going to do something completely different this time. Instead of explaining and comparing the music into the ground like we usually do...we're just going to make this a quick TOP PICK cuz we're in a good mood...and cuz it sounds so goddamn good.

Stellar Vector - A Flock of Cowards (Independently released CD, Pop)
The debut full-length release from Minneapolis, Minnesota's Stellar Vector. Originally formed in 2004 and named {space bar}, the folks in this band apparently decided to change their name to something easier to remember. The band is driven by the songwriting skills of Charles Sadler (vocals, keyboards) and Jonathan Ford (rhythm guitar). A Flock of Cowards features underground pop tracks that would not have sounded out of place in the undercurrents of rock music in the 1990s. Some of these tracks remind us slightly of Guided By Voices...while others are more pop oriented pieces. Smart pop creations include "Buffalo Jump," "Titanic Work Ethic," and "Closing Notes."

Stereo Transmitted Disease - Generation Nothing (CD, X-Pressed, Rock/pop)
Combine the loud guitars of 1980s hair bands with the intense aggression of 1990s alternative rock...and you might get an idea of what Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's Stereo Transmitted Disease sounds like. The band is led by frontman Chris Casso who has more than enough interesting personal life crises stories to fill a press release. Casso writes from his own personal experiences and, in the process, manages to come up with tunes that hit the center of the target and stick. Hard rocking pop tracks include "Generation Nothing," "You Got Fingered," "Unscathed," and "In the Morning I'll Be Gone." Some of these tracks are slightly reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails. Nice thick pop that rocks.

Superions - The Superions (CD EP, Happy Happy Birthday To Me, Pop/Dance)
When the first song on this EP kicked off we were immediately pissed off. We've heard copycat bands before we thought to ourselves...but these folks just sound way, way, WAY TOO similar to The B-52s for comfort. That was, of course, before we realized the reason for the familiar sound. Superions is the latest band featuring lead vocals by Fred Schneider (who is in The B-52s, of course). This EP features seven tracks...but only three actual new songs (the remaining four tracks are remixes). The music...sounds something like an electronic dance version of The B-52s...with a more sexual slant in terms of lyrics. We've never ever heard Mr. Schneider sounding this gay before (?). Remixes are provided courtesy of The Lolligags, Casper & The Cookies, Ursula 1000, and Marshmallow Coast. Funny upbeat stuff.



Toto too.
Tootoo toe.
Toe too toe.
Toe tootoo.



I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

I'm not really sorry.


Tribella - Thirteen (CD, Rocklittleface Music, Pop)
The debut album from Austin, Texas-based Tribella. The three ladies in this band made their initial splash a couple of years ago when they released an EP titled My Guest List. The band is comprised of Sarah Glynn (vocals, guitar), Rae Golding (bass), and Dena Berbrecht (drums, backing vocals). Thirteen is a nice, slick album featuring guitar-driven pop that would not have sounded out of place in the United States in the mid-1990s. With cool atmospheric guitars and vocals that are sometimes slightly reminiscent of Bjork, these girls have come up with an album that is both satisfying and unique. Ten tracks here including "Deal Breaker," "Revolution Script," "Stationary," and "CSUS4."



Two houses are
Better than


Andrew Watt and the Glory Glory - First Day of Summer Life (Independently released CD, Pop)
Smart keyboard-driven Canadian progressive pop featuring complex vocal melodies and intricate musical arrangements. The press release that accompanied this disc tossed around names like Phil Spector, Randy Newman, and Dennis Wilson...which should give you a clue as to what to expect from First Day of Summer Life. Andrew Watt was previously in the band Heavy Blinkers and totally lucked out when he invited the guys in Glory Glory Man United over to practice. The four ended up getting on well and their styles obviously merged. This ten track album will no doubt be getting some heavy duty reviews in the months to come. Smooth pop creations include "Streets of Colne," "Time To Be Still," "Slow Goodbye," and "First Day of Summer."

Jenny Whiteley - Forgive or Forget (CD, Black Hen Music, Pop)
Amazingly professional and accessible stuff. Canada's Jenny Whiteley has been a successful artist in her home country ever since she released her debut album way back in 2000. Success in the United States has eluded her thus far in her career...but it certainly isn't for a lack of good solid songs. On Forgive and Forget Jenny writes about the ups and downs of love that occur over time. Produced by legendary producer/songwriter Steve Dawson (pretty much everything this man touches turns to gold), this is a slick and professional sounding album that never suffers from sounding too slick and professional. Whiteley spent about four years recording these songs. Some folks are already claiming this is the best record of her career. We haven't heard her entire catalog so we can't make such a claim. We can, however, report that this album features nothing but home runs. In a world full of half-talents and wannabes, Jenny Whiteley easily stands out as the real thing. Killer tracks include "Raining In My Heart," "Final Season," "Cold, Cold Kisses," and "Half Life." TOP PICK.

George Winston - Love Will Come: The Music of Vince Guaraldi Volume 2 (CD, RCA, Instrumental/piano)
George Winston originally rode the wave to fame as part of the peculiar New Age movement that took place many years ago...which is curious because he has always been a rather straightforward pianist. And unlike others who have come and gone George has been amazingly consistent in terms of his output and the quality of his recordings. Here we have volume two of his tribute to Vince Guaraldi who is best known as the man who composed the unforgettable music for Peanuts cartoons in the 1960s. Mr. Winston does an excellent job of recreating Guaraldi's sound...and he has the good sense to present many less-well-known compositions which will hopefully open up peoples' eyes and ears to the fact that there was a lot more to Vince's music than just his Peanuts tunes. Sixteen classy tracks here including "Time For Love," "Air Music," "Rain, Rain, Go Away," and "Nobody Else." We've always been huge Guaraldi fans so we found this to be particularly appealing...


Additional Items Received:

Ada Jane - Again...again
Almost Alice - Almost Alice
Alphanaut - Out of orbit
A M Conspiracy - A M Conspiracy
Apollo - Past present future
Apples and Apples - Blip
Mark David Ashworth - Bright is the ring of words

Bad Bad Bad - Uppity
Bingo Puppies - Game dogs
M Bird - Over the bones
Bramble Jam - Move your boots
Linda Brooks - The spaces in between
Reagan Browne - Daydrams in stereo
Bunky Dodo - Crap
Mitch Burger - Reactive

Jeff Callahan - Empty swings
Kate Cameron - Conviction
Conchita Campos - No one really knows
Canning Is Easy - No food for mama
Castle Oldchair / Kid Primitive Family - Newborn slime / White light
Cave Syndrome - Transient songs
Coal Porters - Durango
Jon Coleman - Make it fast
Consortium - 13th hour
Anna Coogan - The nocturnal among us
Nick Curran and the Lowlifes - Reform school girl
Cuzzle - Drank it up

Dairy Cow - Dairy flowers
Dangermaker - Dangermaker
Glenton Davis - Are you ready
Andy De Rosa & Electric Mojo - Unscathed
Shaky DeVille - Shaky DeVille
Dios - We are Dios
Brian Dolzani- Brian Dolzani
Dumb Muzzle - Fill 'er down

Easy Don't It - Plaza ski visit
Eat Muffy - Dori
Early Morning Dunk - Trinkets
Ezzer - Tame dreamer

Faan - Naafer
Fae - No more no more
Gus Fafalios - Night fishing
Feldikin - Small songs about us
Fight the Quiet - Let me in

Gills and Wings - EP
Jen Gloeckner - Mouth of mars|
Graze - Give/sell
Ken Greves - The face of my love
Gummer - Now about the gum

Ashbrook Haynes - Not so fast
Hearts and Minutes - Hearts and Minutes
Kris Heaton Blues Band - R-ME strong
Heligoats - Goodness gracious
Here Come The Birds - Here Come The Birds
Here Come The Birds - Cigarettes
Hotel St. George - City boy lemon
Hulon - First impressions

Ian - Tax pump
Irky Strip - Taw taw
Iron Kim Style - Iron Kim Style
Izztunk - Brintjl

Suzanne Jamieson - A sun-up sky
Jammies - East west west
Howard Jennings - Ready to listen
Vicky Juma - Lovers or friends
Sarah June - In black robes
Junk For Junkies - Jam on the toaster

K and K - Picky picky
Kadman - These old bones
Kenny & Leah - April in Paris
Ihsaan Khatim - Ihsaan Khatim
Will Kimbrough - Wings
Kung Fung - Lousy mercy

La Chansons - King and queen of the dance floor
Lady K and the Kings of Swing featuring Dale Head - Live at Blackhawk
Denise La Grassa - April dreams
Lambs Loaf - Loafer's paradise
Leverage - Soundtrack from the original television series
L'illon - Warrior angel
Living Proof - Feel good music
Lloyd Dobler Effect - A mute reminder
Lumpy's Dove - Howdy dover

Maaa Maaa Maaa - Meee Meee Meee
Craig Maher - Propel
Manhattan Valley Ramblers - Ballads and barnburners
Marbin - Marbin
Marshall Law - Power game
Sean McCann - Lullabies for bloodshot eyes
Melvin's Rockpile - Out to lunch
Laura Merrimen - Love letters for lonely hunters
H. E. Miller - Apocalyptic dreams
Kristine Mills - Bossanovafied
John Milstead - Sides of the soul
Mississippi Painful - No recession
Sergio Montoya - Black disco
Ken Will Morton - True grit

Naaa Naaa Naaa - Neee neee neee
New 5 - Introducing
David Newbould & Friends - The long way home: Live from austin
Next Stop...Soweto - Township sounds from the golden age of mbaqanga
Nickodemus - Sun people
Nite Nite - How to touch the moon

Trisha O'Brien - Out of a dream
Optimen - Fire fighters
Orange Velvets - Fuzz, beautiful fuzz
Willard Overstreet - Something to hold onto

Paa Paa - Tower of Paa Paa
Packway Handle Band - What are we gonna do now?
Paperdoll - Ballad nerd pop
Pistol Whip - Terminal

Quaaker - Quaaker
Quick Before No - Harp #138

Raa - Lincoln's dumb
Rael's Floss - Rizznio
Rockabye Baby! - Lullaby renditions of Journey
Rooms - Rooms
Ruder Than You - Creation sounds

Catarina Dos Santos - No balanco do mar
Scattergun - Life at fantasy lounge
Scraping For Change - Breaking the silence EP
Seaspin - Reverser EP
See Green - Violet
Bill Slater - That's crazy talk!
Sojourners - Sojourners
Soundtrack Without Film - Wrath's Fury by David Adrian
Sourpatch - Crushin'
Stance - I left love behind a long time ago
Standard Fare - The noyelle beat
Static of the Gods - Knowledge machine
Stereo Freakout - If wishes were fishes...
Samujel Stewart - The beginner EP
Summer People - Good problems
Sunk Sunker - Town brim

This Harmony - Notturno
This Moment In Black History - Public square
This This - That that
Tiny Little Blackouts - Idea of alice

Ultralust - Hero
Untied States - Instanta everything
U. O. Project - It's time for U

Robert Valente - Alive
Various Artists - New music from San Diego
Various Artists - Heavy Rotation Records: Dorm sessions 7
The Villains - The Villains

Wag - Returning traveler
Warning Light - Further on
When Summers Gone - December
White Lightning - ...asmidnight approaches/paradise
Dana Wilson - Nothin' good ever comes easy
Wonder Years - The upsides


Yaya and the Yaya - Toyotathon
Yeller Bellies - Here to suffer
Youth In Revolt - Original motion picture soundtrack

James Zollar - Zollar systems
Zzebra - Zzebra/Panic
Zzz-Tamer - Yay for yowzer


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