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Aerial - Why Don't They Teach Heartbreak at School? (CD, Kool Kat Musik, Pop/rock)
Three guys from Scotland who are making plenty of good vibrations with the release of their sophomore album. If you love great pop artists like Fountains of Wayne and Ben Folds, you're almost certain to love the totally upbeat groovy sounds created by Aerial. Although the band began in the late 1990s by the early 2000s they decided to call it quits. But after about a decade they made the decision to give it another go...a fortunate choice for the band as well as the rest of us. Why Don't They Teach Heartbreak at School? is chock full of groovy fuzz guitar pop that is instantly catchy and hummable. Aerial is the trio of Colin Cummings, Mackie Mackintosh, and Steven Henderson. These three guys give off the kind of positive energy that made us fall in love with guitar pop in the first place. The songs are presented simply without overdubs and multiple layers getting in the way of the songs. Cool toe tapping rhythms...killer fuzzy guitars...and vocals that are out of this world. All the pieces fit together just right. There's not a single bad song to be found here but our initial favorites include "Cartoon Eyes Cartoon Heart," "Why Don't They Teach Heartbreak at School?", "More Than Alcohol," and "Wave Goodbye To Scotland." Top pick.

Arrow - Original Television Soundtrack: Season 2 - Music by Blake Neely (CD, La-La Land / Warner Bros., Television soundtrack)
Soundtrack for the second season of the popular television series Arrow. If you're unfamiliar with Arrow, the show deals with a modern day version of the popular DC comic book character The Green Arrow. The show has been quite a success, racking up some high praise in some very high places. And now to the delight of movie fans and soundtrack fanatics, the folks at La-La Land and Warner Bros. have released the soundtrack to the second season of the show. The music was created by Blake Neely who has also scored music for the shows Resurrection, The Mentalist, and The Sixties. Blake has apparently become somewhat of a perfectionist in the world of creating music to heighten the senses during television shows. This album features twenty-five mind-boggling tracks that clock in at just over seventy-eight minutes. The sounds and moods go all over the place. Whether you're a fan of the television show or you just love good riveting instrumental music that packs a punch, you're sure to find plenty to whet your appetite. We've yet to see the show but...we're totally blown away by this music. Killer tracks include "I Don't Blame You," "Blind Spot," "Own Worst Enemy," and "Never Again."

Allison Bencar - First Call (Independently released CD, Pop)
The debut full-length release from Nashville, Tennessee's Allison Bencar. This talented young lady's influences include classic artists from the past like Patsy Cline, Roy Orbison, and The Beatles...and we can hear traces of all of these (and more) on First Call. Produced by Chris Grainger (who has produced other artists such as Wilco and Switchfoot), this album has a nice warm and full sound without ever seeming too slick or overproduced. These songs combine elements from pop, folk, and country into a friendly and inviting mix that should please just about anyone who loves a good melody. Ms. Bencar has a super smooth voice and a presence that seems to transcend the words that she sings. Her songs could easily appeal to a huge segment of the listening population. They have a slightly familiar sound and yet...Allison doesn't really seem to be trying to sound like anyone but herself. In addition to writing and recording, Ms. Bencar also teaches voice in Franklin, Tennessee. This cool reflective album features eleven well-crafted tracks. Our favorites include "First Call," "Going Out," "The Party," "Light It Up," and "Who I Am."

BeThisBell - We Are The Gods! (Independently released CD, Rock)
Whew. Are you ready for BeThisBell...? Ready or not, this band has arrived. And they seem to be on a mission to re-energize the world of rock music. The band is based in the unlikely location of Oklahoma City. The last time we heard anything this exciting from this city was when we were turned onto The Chainsaw Kittens in the 1990s. Here's a funny coincidence...just after we typed the previous sentence, we scanned over the press release that accompanied this album and saw that Trent Bell (of The Chainsaw Kittens) produced this album. What most folks will remember and/or write about is the fact that the band's lead singer Beth Isbell is a transgendered individual (her original name was Bill). A lot may have changed with Isbell, but interestingly she still sounds very much like a man...which is kinda cool considering how many transgendered folks tend to want to try to talk differently after their transformation. But back to the music itself. We Are The Gods! features loud gripping guitar-driven rock/pop music with driving rhythms and introspective lyrics. The band's music reminds us very much of music from the 1990s when there were so many great underground guitar bands in the United States. This nice solid album features ten groovy tracks including "Ancestral Dance," "Oblivion," "She's Not Catholic," and "In This Moment."

Birdie Num Num and the Spirit Squad - Subject To Change (CD, Robot Recordings, Rock/pop)
The sixth full-length release from Bucks County, Pennsylvania's Birdie Num Num and the Spirit Squad. Unlike most twenty-first century albums, Subject To Change sounds like a real underground band playing real underground music. This band is the long running project led by Joe Ujj and has featured a revolving cast of players over the past few years. Thirty-six musicians have now, in fact, been a part of the band since its inception. The current line-up features Todd Mason and JP Wasicko on drums, RJ Gilligan on bass and vocals, and Joe Montone on keyboards. Subject To Change presents nine peculiar tracks that may at times remind listeners of early recordings by The Flaming Lips. There are plenty of psychedelic threads running through these tunes and yet there are always strong melodies and lyrics to grasp onto. The band originally planned to record the album on an analog tape machine but at the last minute the equipment failed and they quickly switched to ProTools. But from the warm inviting sounds here you'd never know it. These songs sound very much like they were recorded to tape (!?). Plenty of cool ideas presented with a nice loose feel. Best tracks: "The Creek," "Infinite," "Storm Witch," "Lucky Old Sun."

The Boxtrolls - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Music by Dario Marianelli (CD, Back Lot Music, Motion picture soundtrack)
We have to start out by saying...if you have not seen this film, this is a MUST SEE. We instantly fell in love with The Boxtrolls film and it just might be our top favorite of 2014. This film was created by the folks at Laika (the same folks who created the wonderfully imaginative Coraline). The Boxtrolls is a fantastic jolt of modern creativity combined with a fantastic storyline. If you love mindblowing visuals and ideas that will stick with you for years to come then this film is for you. One of the main ingredients that makes the film work its magic is, of course...the music. Being such huge fans of the film, we were excited as hell to receive this soundtrack for review. The majority of the music was composed by Dario Marianelli who has also created music for the films The Brothers Grimm, Pride & Prejudice, and Atonement. Marianelli's music is a perfect fit for The Boxtrolls and provides the perfect emotional backdrop for the fantastic animation. Interestingly, the title track ("The Boxtrolls Song") was composed by Eric Idle (of Monty Python fame). The album ends with three tracks ("Little Boxes," "Some Kids," "Whole World") performed by the Portland, Oregon-based band Loch Lomond. We really can't find the words to describe how wonderfully magical this film is...and the music is a large part of why it's such a wild ride. Highly recommended... TOP PICK.

Kate Boyd - John Cage: Sonatas and Interludes In A Landscape (CD, Navona, Classical)
It seems rather brave that Kate Boyd would choose to record an entire album of piano music written by controversial composer John Cage. Most folks either love Cage's music or despise it, and there's very little room for fence sitting. But while most are familiar with his sound and noise experiments, many may not be as familiar with Cage's piano compositions. As such, this album may help to make listeners more aware of the credible (and often incredible) talents and skills of this unusual composer. This album presents two of Cage's piano compositions. The first ("Sonatas and Interludes") is divided into twenty sections and seems to push the limits of what can be played on the piano. The second composition ("In A Landscape") is much more sparse and subtle. Recorded live, this nine minute plus recording really shows the remarkable and precise skills that Boyd possesses. Kate is currently an Associate Professor of Piano at Butler University and has degrees from Stony Brook University, the Oberlin Conservatory, and the Hanover Academy of Music (Germany). This is a stunning interpretation of John Cage's piano music. Top pick.

David Bronson - Questions (CD, Big Arc, Pop)
We admit we were kinda concerned when we heard that David Bronson was taking a more big produced soul/pop approach with his latest record. After all, going overboard with musicians and singers is what often ruins even the most talented artists. And because we loved his first two albums so much it seemed like this might be tampering with something that didn't need to be tampered with. Well we're mighty pleased to admit...we were wrong. Completely and totally wrong. David has done the impossible. He has changed his sound and jumped up to a bigger more polished sound...and it all works perfectly. All the top notch musicians and all the backup singers...only add to these tracks. The songs on Questions are just as strong as those on his previous albums. David's lyrics and voice remain magical. And the overall presence and vibe this man emits through his music is unquestionably resonant and real. So often with music it isn't the melodies or the words that are most important but rather the intent and where the person is at mentally. Mr. Bronson seems perfectly poised to see his fan base jump exponentially. And we wish him the best because he certainly deserves that. This superb and absorbing album features eleven great cuts including "Songbird," "Day By Day," "Life Is Long," and "Passing Fiction." If you've never seen this guy's videos, go to his web site (link above) and check 'em out...they are great. Questions is yet another highly recommended album from this rapidly rising superstar... Top pick.



Feed the bum.
Help the bum.
Encourage the bum then
Scold the bum.

Caitlin Canty - Reckless Skyline (Independently released CD, Folk/Americana/pop)
Caitlin Canty is an artist who is driven to write and play music. In addition to putting out solo material, she is also a member of the bands Down Like Silver (a duo with Peter Bradley Adams) and the folk quartet Darlingside. Produced by Jeffrey Foucault, Reckless Skyline features twelve songs with a great deal of commercial and artistic appeal. Canty's songs combine elements from folk, pop, Americana, and blues and she's got the perfect voice for the style of songs that she writes. Backing Caitlin on this album (as well as on the 2014/2015 tour) are Billy Conway (drums), Jeffrey Foucault (guitars, backing vocals), Jeremy Moses Curtis (bass), Eric Heywood (pedal steel, electric guitars), and Matt Lorenz (pump organ, banjo, piano, fiddle). If you're familiar with any of these names then you've probably already guessed that this isn't a project recorded in someone's spare bedroom. This album has a cool warm sound. The players never overplay and the sound is never overproduced (two factors that frequently harm many twenty-first century recordings). These songs sound as if they come straight from the heart...and we get the impression that Ms. Canty is making music for all the right reasons. Cool subtle tracks include "Get Up," "The Brightest Day," "I Never," and "Cold Habit."

James Carothers - Honky Tonk Land (Independently released CD, Country/pop)
The first thing that most listeners will notice about James Carothers is his voice. This young man has a deep baritone that may remind people of other classic country/pop artists like Waylon Jennings and Trace Adkins. This disc features eight country/pop tracks that have that slick familiar radio sound that listeners really go for. Carothers definitely has a sense of humor (check out "New Country Singers") but he also has a more serious pensive side ("I Must Be Alive"). Not only does James have the songs to go all the way but he also has a strong presence and personality. Just check out the videos on his web site for proof. Nice friendly toe tappers include "Mississippi Clay," "She's Too Crazy," and "Where Did We Come From?" With just a bit of luck, this guy could hit the top of the charts.

Cave Women - Second Chances (Independently released CD EP, Soft pop)
We're not sure why, but with a name like Cave Women we were thinking that the music on this EP was going to be loud underground rock. But instead we were surprised to find that the four talented young ladies in this band write and record smart, pensive, progressive pop with a difference. The songs are soft and subtle and the main focus is on wonderfully resilient vocal melodies. And man oh man can these ladies sing...without ever sounding forced or rehearsed. Cave Women is the group comprised of Alicyn Yaffee (vocals, electric guitar), Casey Lipka (vocals, acoustic bass), Emily Messick (vocals, piano, acoustic guitar), and Kim Davis (vocals, flute electric guitar, glockenspeil), along with Mike Quigg on drums. Five smart introspective tracks here: "B&H," "Second Chances," "Glimpse," "Circles," and "Robots." These enchanting ladies are doing everything right.

Ray Charles - Genius Loves Company: 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (Double CD, Concord, Pop)
Originally released in 2004, Genius Loves Company was the final album recorded by Ray Charles before his death. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the album's release, the folks at Concord have released a deluxe double disc anniversary edition. This album is well known to many and combines Ray's talents with well-known artists Norah Jones, James Taylor, Diana Krall, Natalie Cole, Bonnie Raitt, Gladys Knight, Van Morrison, and more. We did a little bit of background reading on Charles while spinning this disc and we were surprised by a few things. Ray was apparently the first African-American to be given complete artistic control over his recordings. His best friend in the music business was James Brown. Charles also had problems with drug addition, for several years he was a heroin addict. Genius Loves Company was a proper send off for Ray, as it received no less than eight Grammy Awards (including Album Of The Year and Record Of The Year). This deluxe edition includes two bonus tracks ("Unchain My Heart (Take 6)" and "Mary Ann") plus a DVD entitled The Making of Genius Loves Company. This album will remind listeners of what a great influence Charles made to the world of music. Hats off to the folks at Concord for releasing this deluxe edition. [Note that there is also a limited edition three disc set being released as well as a double vinyl LP version.]

Gerald Cohen - Sea of Reeds: Works for Clarinet and Chamber Ensemble (CD, Navona, Classical)
The clarinet is one of composer Gerald Cohen's favorite instruments. In his own words, "I love the clarinet for its wide variety of character and dynamics, and its ability to either blend beautifully with other instruments or to stand out in a crowd." On Sea of Reeds, Cohen explores his love of the instrument through four lengthy compositions. The album opens with "Variously Blue" which explores the interplay between jazz and concert music. "Sea of Reeds" presents five Jewish vocal works. "Yedid Nefesh" is based on a delicate Sephardic song. The album closes with "Grneta Variations" which showcases the talents of the three musicians in the Grneta Ensemble. This impeccably recorded album features music that is smart, reflective, pensive, and ultimately very melodic. Cohen is obviously a man who loves making music and his passion shines through clearly on each and every track. This one will most certainly stand the test of time.

Three remastered soundtrack releases to celebrate the 35th anniversary of collaborations between
David Cronenberg & Howard Shore

Howard Shore - A David Cronenberg Film - Crash - Complete Original Soundtrack Remastered, Collector's Edition Vol. 4 (CD, Howe, Motion picture soundtrack)
Howard Shore - David Cronenberg's Dead Ringers- Complete Original Score Remastered, Collector's Edition Vol. 5 (CD, Howe, Motion picture soundtrack)
Howard Shore - A David Cronenberg Film - Naked Lunch - Complete Original Soundtrack Remastered, Collector's Edition Vol. 6 (CD, Howe, Motion picture soundtrack)
Much has been written about these three films already so we're not even going to attempt to explain and/or review these. Rather, this is just an informative paragraph. To celebrate the 35-year, 15-film collaboration between David Cronenberg and Howard Shore, the Howe label is reissuing soundtracks in a volume series. We received volumes four, five, and six featuring music from the films Crash, Dead Ringers, and Naked Lunch. If you haven't seen these then all we can say is...see them. If you like the darker side of film entertainment, you're sure to find a lot to grab onto here. The music for these films was mainly composed by Howard Shore. Shore's music is one of the key elements that give Cronenberg's films that bizarre edge that is so appealing. The soundtracks and scores have been remastered to perfection and are, once again, presented in all their glory. All three of these are mindblowers, whether you're fans of the films or not. Fans and collectors will be particularly interested in the reissues for Naked Lunch and Crash because both discs feature several tracks that were previously unreleased. What more can be said? If you're a Cronenberg or Shore fan, these are must haves. Top pick.

The Damned - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Music by Frederik Wiedmann (CD, Lakeshore, Film soundtrack)
This film seems to be getting mixed reviews so it may be that it will only appeal to a very specific target audience (?). The story is a familiar one...folks stay at a hotel and begin poking around in the basement, only to find evil spirits that begin to haunt and torment them. Yes, this sounds like a familiar story we've all heard before, but from what we've read this film features some particularly grotesque and unsettling it just might be a sleeper that folks are discounting simply because the story seems familiar. While the verdict for the film may still be out, the verdict for the soundtrack is a definite...YES. The music for the film was composed by Germany's Frederik Wiedmann. Wiedmann has previously done scores for the films Beneath, 818, The Indian, and Blood Ranch as well as music for the television series The Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Beware The Batman. The soundtrack for The Damned features music that is appropriately eerie, moody, and unsettling. Wiedmann uses technology to his advantage to create strange and frightening music that will most certainly give the film an edge. Twenty-two well-crafted cuts here including "The Secret," "Under Your Skin," and "It All Began With A Secret."

Dave Davies - Rippin Up Time (CD, Red River Entertainment, Rock/pop)
It seems kinda ironic that one of Dave Davies best known songs is entitled "You Don't Know My Name." Even though he's one of the most influential musicians the world has ever known, most folks still don't seem to know him by name. And that's a shame because this extraordinarily talented man is simply one of the best. Davies will forever be known as the man who blasted out the power chords in The Kinks song "You Really Got Me." But the overall depth and scope of his career is so much more than that. Even though most folks perceive Dave as the guitarist backing his brother Ray in The Kinks, he himself has been a credible and incredible singer/songwriter for decades. Dave's contributions to Kinks albums were just as important as Ray's. And yet he was usually cast second in the spotlight because of his brother's ultra prolific writing abilities and strong stage presence. Dave's early solo albums were all direct hits and should have produced a string of hits. After The Kinks broke up in 1996 an interesting thing happened. Both brothers continued writing and recording. But in the end, Dave has ended up being the more prolific and visible of the two. Even though he experienced a stroke in 2004 that caused him to undergo rigorous physical rehabilitation, Davies has continued to write, record, and play live. Rippin' Up Time will surprise lots of folks. You'd never think that a man who has seen and done so much could possibly come up with songs so credible and fresh. But this album does indeed live up to any and all standards that Dave has set for himself over the years. The title track is an appropriately aggressive rocker. Other standout cuts include the funky "Semblance of Sanity," the pensive sound of "Front Room," the hilarious "Nosey Neighbors," the beautiful melody in "Between The Towers," and the retrospective sounding "In The Old Days." Mr. Davies is living proof that you don't have to burn out or give up. Because as this man has so obviously shown the world, with the right attitude you can't stop the music. Top pick.

Decker - Patsy (Independently released CD, Progressive pop)
Decker is the musical project created by Brandon Decker in 2009. This is the first time we've heard this fellow's music. We were impressed with the curiously-titled Patsy on the very first spin. Brandon writes and records music that teeters in and out of a variety of genres. But no matter what style of music he's writing or playing, we get the impression that this fellow isn't really trying to copy or ape the sound of anyone else. And in today's climate where so many folks want to sound like someone else, that's really saying something. Decker's lyrical observations are super smart and enlightened and he has a voice that is immediately recognizable. The music and arrangements here are particularly interesting. Some of these songs could be termed as folk, others pop, others blues, others experimental, and still others might be described as psychedelic rock. If you're looking for a quick catchy fix, this may not be your cup of tea. Instead of tossing out easily digested pop tidbits, Brandon seems more interested in expressing himself through his unusual kaleidoscopic compositions. The more we spin this one the better it gets. Curiously cool cuts include "Saigon (Intro)," "Spades," "Patsy," and "Ol' Dirty Revival." Intriguing and slightly bizarre. Top pick.

Stephen Doster - Arizona (CD, Atticus, Pop)
Although he's best known as a producer, Stephen Doster is also a proficient and credible musical artist. Doster has worked with a large number of big names over the years including Dr. John, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Squeeze, Charlie Sexton, Gatemouth Brown, Little Feat, and many more. Stephen originally began recording music way back in 1982 when Pretenders' guitarist James Honeyman-Scott was producing his first album. During the recording sessions James died. His death was what prompted Doster to become a producer, based upon what he had learned while recording with Honeyman-Scott. Although he's been making music for decades, Arizona is only Stephen's fourth full-length solo release. But, in his own words, "'s the record I always hoped I would make." This is a smooth and friendly collection of songs that show what a great songwriter Doster is. Vocal melodies are the central focus of these tunes. They feature smart introspective lyrics and arrangements that are a perfect fit for each track. Backing Stephen are Dony Wynn (drums, percussion), George Rieff (bass), Kevin Lovejoy (piano, wurlitzer, keys), and Brian Standefer (cello). Ten memorable reflective cuts including "Arizona," "I Found You," "Enough For Everyone," and "Into the Night." At times Doster's songs remind us of both George Harrison and Neil Innes...interesting. Well done.

Drifting In Silence - Desire (CD, Labile, Electronic/ambient/industrial)
More cool modern mood music from Drifting In Silence. This band is the one man project created by Raleigh, North Carolina's Derrick extremely creative fellow whose music doesn't seem to be affected by trends and popular opinion. Desire is yet another outstanding collection of credible and creative instrumentals with a difference. Stembridge combines sounds and ideas that might be described as ambient, progressive, industrial, or electronica. But in reality, his music speaks to listeners on its own terms. Derrick cites influences such as Robin Guthrie, Brian Eno, Harold Budd, and Skinny Puppy...all of which can be heard in his music depending on which track you're listening to. Housed in a beautifully designed digipak sleeve, Desire is yet another outstanding album that just keeps getting better the more you spin it. Nine way cool cuts here including "Until," "Parallel," "Undercurrent," and "Echo." We're totally digging this one. TOP PICK.

Enter The Dragon - Extended Edition: Music Composed and Conducted by Lalo Schifrin (CD, Aleph, Film soundtrack)
This soundtrack will surely take you back to a different time and place. More specifically, it will take you back to the time when Bruce Lee's final film came out. Originally released in 1973, these songs certainly have that early seventies sound that so many have tried to ape and copy over the years. But what is particularly interesting here is that Lalo Schifrin's compositions manage to inject Oriental music into the equation with strong threads of both classical and soul. The majority of these tracks have never been previously available in any format so this is a true first for Schifrin's soundtrack. Both the film and particularly the music have been praised by many over the years so this release has an instant and immediate group of followers. The great thing about this one is that it doesn't sound like all the rest. By combining sounds and ideas from completely different genres, Lalo managed to come up with songs that are surprisingly coherent and consistent. And from what we've read the music was a big part of what made the film such a success. Eighteen clever tracks here including "Su-Lin (The Monk)," "Headset Jazz," "Bamboo Birdcage," and "Theme From Enter The Dragon."

Ex Norwegian - Wasted Lines (Limited edition CD, Limited Fanfare, Pop/rock)
The fifth full-length release from one of the world's best pop bands: Miami, Florida's Ex Norwegian. Once again bandleader Roger Houdaille has come up with a killer batch of ultra-catchy upbeat pop songs that should appeal to just about anyone who loves gripping smart guitar-driven music. The first thing that fans will notice about this album in relation to past releases is that it features newcomer Lucia Perez on lead vocals. Ms. Perez has a cool smooth voice that fits in perfectly with these new Ex Norwegian tracks. Each and every cut here is a keeper but our initial favorites include "CheepCheep," "Much Rooms," "You Could Be Someone," and "Unfair To Compare." Produced by Houdaille and Fernando Perdomo (another excellent artist whose music we highly recommend), Wasted Lines is yet another resounding well as another solid addition to the band's catalog. We have to admit that we miss hearing Roger on lead vocals at times just because we've loved hearing his voice so much in the past. So we're hoping that future releases might include both Lucia and Roger trading off on lead vocals. This CD is only being offered in a limited edition run of 200 so if you miss out you can still download these cool tracks off the internet. In addition to this album, the band has also released a handful of CD-R singles (also available as downloads) as well as a DVD featuring a whole slew of alternate mixes and videos. This band has once again hit the target dead center... TOP PICK.

Casey Fallen - Atmospheric Disturbances (Independently released CD, Pop)
For those who appreciate music that functions on a multitude of different levels, Atmospheric Disturbances will provide a great deal of food for thought. Los Angeles, California's Casey Fallen had a difficult childhood. He and his mother endured homelessness and poverty for many years. But instead of letting these circumstances destroy him, Fallen instead chose to keep a log which helped him to channel those difficult experiences and feelings into music. As such, even though the songs on this album fit within the pop genre, the lyrics and ideas are much much deeper than what one would normally hear. What we find most interesting here is that we can't come up with any single reference point to describe Fallen's sound. His songs might best be described as progressive pop and his songs do remind us of other artists...but he doesn't seem to be copying or aping any single artist's sound. This is a different sort of album coming from a different sort of perspective...and it works. Thirteen well-crafted tracks here including "Fragile," "Flight," "Runaway," and "Atmospheric Disturbances."

The Foreign Resort - New Frontiers (CD, BLVD, Pop/rock)
When "Dead End Roads" began to blast through our speakers we knew this band was coming from a great time, place, and space. The Foreign Resort is a hard hitting pop/rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark. The group is comprised of Henrik Fischlein (guitar, bass), Morten Hansen (drums, vocals), and Mikkel Borbjerg Jakobsen (vocals, guitar, bass). The band's sound is reminiscent of late 1980s and early 1990s bands whose music combined elements from new wave and industrial rock...except the overall sound is much more modern and current than such a description might suggest. Produced by John Fryer (who has produced other artists like Nine Inch Nails, The Cocteau Twins, and PJ Harvey), New Frontiers has a big thick slick sound that is driven by infectious propulsive rhythms and cool detached vocals. The Foreign Resort started in 2010 and since that time they've made some substantial impressions on the world of music. This is probably the album that will push the band over the top, as there seems to be a continually increasing interest in music and culture from the 1990s. Nine bone crunching cuts here including "Dead End Roads," "Flushed," "Quiet Again," and "Dark White." Cool and dark.

Frank - Music and Songs by Stephen Rennicks (CD, Silva Screen, Film soundtrack)
We felt like we had to cover this one simply because the story and overall idea are so unusual. Frank tells the story of an outsider musician and is loosely based on the life stories of Frank Sidebottom (Chris Sievey), Captain Beefheart, and Daniel Johnston. The story is long and involved so we won't go into all of that here...except to say that the lead character (played by Michael Fassbender) wears a big paper mache mask over his head for most of the film. This album features music from the film and is nothing like what we normally hear on a soundtrack. The music was written and performed by Stephen Rennicks. Instead of sounding like music for a film, this album spins like a collection of demos and B-sides from an underground artist. A lot of these tracks sound slightly unrehearsed and spontaneous...very much like song ideas in process. This film and soundtrack are far outside the norm so we have to hand it to the folks who made this film because they were obviously driven by something much bigger than a quest for fame and fortune. Thirty-one peculiar cuts including "Jon's Crap Songs," "Work Begins In Earnest," "I'm Just Me," and "I Love You All." Funny, poignant, and clever.

Dave Greenslade - Cactus Choir (CD, Angel Air, Progressive)
Much to the delight of Dave Greenslade fans around the world, the folks at Angel Air have released Cactus Choir on CD. Note that this is the FIRST time this album has been made available on this format. Originally released on vinyl in 1976 but long since out of print, this release will be welcomed by many. Even though the band Greenslade broke up in 1976, Dave had already written the material for this album. If you're not familiar with the band, Greenslade was one of the best progressive bands in Great Britain in the 1970s but for one reason or another never received the attention heaped upon other artists at the time...even though they were just as good, if not better. Cactus Choir still sounds great. Smooth flowing melodies, dreamy vocals, precise arrangements...all of the pieces fit together here exactly as they should. This release features all seven tracks that were on the original album plus the bonus track "Gangsters" which was recorded for the BBC TV series of the same name and features Chris Farlowe on vocals. Recommended for Greenslade fans as well as anyone else who appreciates great progressive rock. Top pick.

The Gromble - The Gromble (Independently released CD EP, Pop)
A good EP is one that leaves you wanting more. The Gromble does just that. It leaves you wanting more...a whole lot more. This California-based five member band writes and records modern pop music that is inventive, effective, and extremely hummable. The five songs on this EP are super smart and memorable and feature some absolutely fantastic vocals. These folks are simply doing everything...right. Killer cuts include "Desole Pt II," "Creepy Jr.," and "You Don't Know." We can't wait to hear what these folks come up with next. WOW. Highly recommended. Top pick.

Patrick Hawkins - Haydn and the English Lady (CD, Navona, Classical/piano)
Here's an album that will surely take you back. Way, way, way, way, way, way, waaaaaaaaaay back. On Haydn and the English Lady keyboardist Patrick Hawkins presents the music of Joseph Haydn and Maria Hester Park. The two are forever connected because Haydn's "Sonata In D Major" is believed to have been written as a gift for Ms. Park. And now this album once again reminds listeners of their connection from long ago. To give these pieces a completely original sound, Mr. Hawkins plays them on an 1831 William Geib Square piano. So instead of the latest greatest super slick grand piano sound, you hear the pieces played on an instrument that probably sounds a lot more like the music actually sounded when it was originally composed. This sixty-three plus minute album presents Patrick alone with his piano...presenting painstakingly precise versions of these timeless classical compositions. Intrinsically smart and reflective.



Here is the thing
That you have always longed for.
Here is the thing
That you have dreamed of having for so many years.
Here is the thing
That you have always wanted your entire life.
Now that you have the thing
It is time to
Obsess on a


The Imitation Game - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Music Composed and Conducted by Alexandre Desplat (CD, Sony Classical, Motion picture soundtrack)
If you tire of movies that are driven by the same old stories and too many digital effects, here's one that may interest you. The Imitation Game is a biographical drama about a man named Alan Turing, the pioneer of modern-day computing and the man who cracked the codes of Germany's World War II Enigma machine. Interestingly, in 1952 Turing was arrested for being a homosexual, which was a criminal offense at the time. The film stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley and features the music of French composer Alexandre Desplat. Alexandre impressed many with the score he created for the 2003 film The Girl With the Pearl Earring. He has now contributed to over 100 films, received six Oscar nominations, won a Golden Globe in 2006 for The Painted Veil, and also won a Grammy for The King's Speech. The music for The Imitation Game is magical and precise. Desplat uses recurring themes and some absolutely articulate arrangements to create a wonderfully warm and inviting experience. We haven't seen the film yet but after hearing can be it'll be on our short list of "must sees." Twenty-one impeccable compositions here including "The Imitation," "Night Research," "A Different Equation," and "Because Of You."

The Korgis - ...By Appointment (CD, Angel Air, Pop)
The British band Stackridge was praised by critics and music fans around the globe and yet...for some peculiar reason the band never deserved the recognition they most surely deserved. If you've never heard Stackridge, we highly recommend all of their albums. Stackridge was/is easily one of the best pop bands of all time. When the band split, songwriters Andy Davis and James Warren made the wise decision to continue working together. Thus, the band The Korgis was born. Although this band was not as prolific and had some bumps in the road (Davis left mid-way through the recording of the second album), The Korgis still managed to come up with some of the best pop tunes of the late 1970s and early 1980s. ...By Appointment is a collection of some of the band's best songs as well as some unplugged performances. The best known hits are included ("If I Had You," "Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime") as well as lesser known songs that should have been hits ("Perfect Hostess," "If It's Alright With You Baby," "I Just Can't Help It"). Although Warren and Davis parted ways for many years, in the twenty-first century they decided to reform Stackridge (much to the delight of their fans) as well as The Korgis (who will be touring in 2015). When The Korgis hit the target, they really hit it dead center. Some of these tracks are just...THE BEST.

Kronomorfic - Entangled (CD, OA2, Modern jazz)
Kronomorfic is a San Diego-based modern jazz ensemble created and led by David Borgo (saxophone) and Paul Pellegrin (drums). According to the band's web site, the group is "dedicated to the exploration of polymetric time." Being the kinda ignorant folks that we are (not knowing the meaning of such a word)...we decided to look this one up. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary polymetric means "relating to, exhibiting, involving, or employing a variety of meters." After spinning this album, we certainly see how the word fits. These compositions are complex, unorthodox, and unpredictable. And yet, they manage to retain strong melodies and a pure sense of direction. Smart stuff, most likely played with thinking listeners in mind. In addition to Borgo and Pellegrin, this album also features the talents of Ben Schachter (tenor saxophone), John Fumo (trumpet, flugelhorn), Anthony Smith (vibraphone, marimba, glockenspiel), Peter Sprague (nylon-string guitar), Paul Garrison (electric guitar and effects), and Andy Zacharias (contrabass). In addition, four guest artists (Michael Dessen, Emily Hay, Brad Dutz, Mark Dresser) play on the title track. Entangled is the second full-length release from Kronomorfic and it should please a wide cross section of jazz music fans. The playing is precise and impeccable...while sounding spontaneous and inspired. Modern jazz and improvisational music sure is alive and well in California these days. And mentally engaging ensembles like Kronomorfic are helping to solidify that fact.

Legato Vipers - Legato Vipers (Independently released CD, Rock/guitar instrumentals)
In the 1960s and the 1990s it seemed as if there were instrumental guitar bands all over the place. But over the past fifteen years or so in the twenty-first century, instrumental guitar bands almost seemed to disappear. That is...until the past few months or so. We're not sure why but it seems as if there are more of these types of bands beginning to surface in the United States and Canada in particular. This, the debut full-length release from Canada's Legato Vipers is sure to give the genre a great big ol' shot in the arm. Recorded live to tape at Guelph's Boogie Barn with engineer Harri Palm at the helm, this self-titled album absolutely rocks. This truly does sound like a live band playing most likely because... it really is a live band playing (!). Hard driving rhythms, throbbing bass lines, and dueling distorted guitars...what more could you ask for? These guys have come up with a real winner here. Hard hitting instrumentals include "Spy Vs. Spy," "Angel Dust," "Gangly Dancer," and "Talkback Mikhial." Totally rockin' stuff.

Marbin - Live performance, October 31, 2014, The Honest Pint (Chattanooga, TN)
Music fans in Chattanooga, Tennessee were treated to something really special this past Halloween night when the Chicago-based quartet Marbin hit the stage at the downtown club The Honest Pint. What sets the guys in Marbin apart from most other bands is the fact that they are expert top-notch musicians. Instead of relying on gimmicks or an image, these four men are first and foremost incredible musicians who create an intense wall of sound with their dexterity and creativity. The band was the first of three bands playing at The Honest Pint on Halloween night, somewhat surprising because they should have been headlining (?!). As the club began to fill with people Marbin started playing. And within just a few short minutes these guys had the attention of just about everyone in the club. Marbin songs remind us in some ways of the more complex jazz/rock fusion of mid- to late-period Frank Zappa. The songs are complicated and intricate and sound something like a modern-day reinvention of progressive jazz/rock from the 1970s. The band is driven by the talents of Dani Rabin (guitar) and Danny Markovitch (saxophone) who began playing together back in 2007. These fellows are surely two of the most extraordinarily talented players currently out there in the music scene. They play with such speedy fluidity that it is almost blinding at times. We were already impressed with the band's last live album (The Third Set)...but seeing them play was even more impressive. While the band's music is most definitely in the rock/jazz fusion genre, the songs actually incorporate styles and ideas from a wild array of musical styles, past and present. Once the band started playing, they pretty much didn't even stop to blink for the entire set. Costumed audience members were obviously enjoying every minute, and as the band played the interplay between the musicians and the audience got even stronger. If you love instrumentals and solos, Marbin just might be your favorite band. These guys are a touring machine playing live on a continual basis, so there's a good chance they may be playing at a venue near you in the near future. We had never been to The Honest Pint prior to this show. It's a great space in a great location with a great sound system, but we were disappointed at how patrons are treated there. Impersonal verbal warnings at the door and the club's "no re-entry" policy were a complete turn off. We're hoping the folks at The Honest Pint will consider making some changes soon to create a warmer overall environment. Despite the slight problems with the club, this was a night we will never forget. Marbin is one of the most talented live bands out there whose music will surely stand the test of time. They totally won us over on Halloween night. Top pick.

The March Divide - Billions (Independently released CD, Pop)
The sophomore full-length release from The March Divide. This band just keeps getting better. And we're pleased to report that Billions is the strongest effort thus far in this band's short career. These songs should appeal to folks who appreciate underground guitar pop/rock bands from the 1990s when power pop was all the rage. Ten songs here and they all have something credible to offer. These songs are fueled by power chords, urgent vocals, driving rhythms, thumpy bass, and propulsive rhythms. Recorded in San Antonio, Texas with producer Todd Osterhouse, these tracks have a nice slick sound that was created using only the essential ingredients. This band's main strength is songs. Jared Putnam has a cool knack for coming up with catchy riffs, cool melodies, and lyrics that will surely stand the test of time. Nifty pop/rock cuts include "I Told You So," "November Suicides," "Mislead," and "Situations."

Jason Masi - Power of a Woman (Independently released CD, Pop)
If it weren't for the fact that there are so many thousands of musical artists all around the globe all vying for your attention, Washington, D.C.'s Jason Masi would already be a superstar. This young fellow has a look and sound that could easily appeal to millions of music fans. Jason got his start fronting the Richmond, Virginia-based band Jubeus. The band experienced a good deal of success in the early 2000s before they broke up and Masi decided to go solo. Power of a Woman features ten radio- and download-friendly songs. Jason's music is a smooth brand of bluesy pop that is instantly likable and familiar. And he's got a great voice that comes across sounding focused and genuine. Masi's influences include artists such as Marvin Gaye, Lenny Kravitz, and Ryan Adams. So if any of these are in your list of favorites, there's a good chance you'll totally dig the sound of the songs on Power of a Woman. Ten groovy cuts including "How To Be Rich," "I Will Make It Up To You," and "Good Things."



C'et muffs
Avec pindu.

C'et tres muffs
N'pas pindu.


Nightcrawler - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Music by James Newton Howard (CD, Lakeshore, Soundtrack)
This thriller is getting rave reviews so we're curious to catch the film itself in the very near future. Nightcrawler features Jake Gyllenhaal in the main role as a journalist working in the seedy undercurrents of crime in Los Angeles, California. Sounds like the story takes some unique twists and turns which should translate into a wild roller coaster ride. The music for Nightcrawler was composed by James Newton Howard who is not only a film composer but also a songwriter, record producer, conductor, and keyboardist. Howard's career began in 1985 when he recorded the soundtrack for Head Office. Since that time he has worked on a whole slew of films and has been nominated for no less than eight Academy Awards. If you love thrillers you will love this soundtrack. James has composed some fantastic tracks here that are sure to add tension and suspense to this film. So many modern soundtracks feature upbeat and uplifting music. The music here is mostly dark and eerie...and it sounds great turned up really really LOUD. Twenty-eight wonderfully moody and peculiar tracks including "Nightcrawler," "The First Night," "Search For The Plate," and "If It Bleeds It Leads."

Willie Nile - If I Was A River (CD, River House, Pop)
We sure appreciate the overall vibe and idea behind this album. Willie Nile has been writing and recording music for about 35 years now and he's mainly known for songs in the guitar rock genre. But with this one, he takes off in a different direction. Instead of guitar rock, If I Was A River presents songs that feature (for the most part) nothing more than a voice and a piano. Nile's career began way back in the early 1980s when he recorded two albums that were released by Arista Records. Those albums were well received by critics and fans. But unfortunately problems with the record company caused him to walk away from music for about a decade. Nile picked up the ball again in 1991 when he was signed to Columbia. Since that time he's been writing, playing, recording, and gaining the support of other artists and a wide cross section of music fans. Willie has recorded softer, simpler tracks on his albums in the past. But this is the first time he's done an entire album using such a stripped down approach. The good news is works. You have to admire and appreciate anyone who can record a great album using only the bare essentials. The reason these songs work is due to the simple fact that they have substance. When you've got good melodies and the right don't need all the extraneous variables that sometimes get in the way. Our favorite cuts include "If I Was A River," "Song Of A Soldier," "Goin' To St. Louis," and "Let Me Be The River."

Paul Osterfeld - Sound and Fury (CD, Navona, Classical)
Paul Osterfeld is currently a Professor of Music at Middle Tennessee State University. He holds degrees from Cornell University, Indiana University, and the Cleveland Institute of Music and has studied composition with Steven Stucky, Roberto Sierra, Eugene O'Brien, Frederick Fox, and Donald Erb. Sound and Fury is Osterfeld's debut for the Navona label. The album presents four compositions, each with its own unique sound and feel. One thing that sets Paul apart from most composers is the fact that he often writes music with particular performers and ensembles in mind. The title track features The Blakemore Trio which is comprised of Carolyn Huebl on violin, Felix Wang on cello, and Amy Dortman on piano. Presented in three sections, this composition goes all over the map in terms of sounds and ideas. "Etudes for Piano, Book 1" features six etudes played by pianist Caleb Harris. Presented in four sections, "Kandinsky Images" features the talents of Michael Jorgensen on violin and Caleb Harris on piano. The album closes with "Smoky Mountain Autumn" as played by Andrea Dawson on violin, Angela DeBoer on horn, and Lynn Rice-See on piano. Some of these pieces are somewhat tranquil while others have a slight unsettling discordant feeling. Interesting...and we're particularly pleased to know that music like this is being composed by a resident of our own state of Tennessee.

Chelsea Reed and the Fair Weather Five - Chelsea Reed and the Fairweather Five (CD, Bell Tower Music, Swing/blues/jazz/pop)
We knew when we heard the first few bars of "After You've Gone" we were gonna dig this album. The track begins sounding like an old vinyl record before snapping into the present with a big polished sound. Plus the press release said that the band is recommended for fans of Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday (we're fans of both). So by the time the first track ended, Chelsea Reed and the Fair Weather Five already had us stuffed securely in their back pocket for future reference. This is the debut album from this six person group that was formed on the campus of Temple University in Pennsylvania. In addition to vocalist Chelsea Reed the band is comprised of Noah Hocker on trumpet, Chris Oatts on soprano and alto saxophone, Jake Kelberman on guitar, Joe Plowman on bass, and Austin Wagner on drums. These folks produce a cool retro type vibe without sounding like copycats. That's probably because they manage to inject their own unique energy into their music...and also because they obviously love doing their thing. Nifty danceable cuts include "Everybody Loves My Baby," "Ain't Nobody's Business," and "Limehouse Blues." Cool uplifting stuff played right.



There it is
Right in front of you.
You cannot see it
Because it is

The Roys - The View (CD, Rural Rhythm, Bluegrass/country/pop)
The Roys is the brother and sister duo of Lee Roy and Elaine Roy. Although the siblings were born in Fitchburg, Massachusetts and raised in Coal Branch, New Brunswick, Canada, they eventually settled in Nashville, appropriate home for the type music they make. The duo's previous releases have all been well received by bluegrass and country music fans. The View will please the band's fans and most likely introduce even more to their friendly country pop threaded with a healthy dose of bluegrass. Lee and Elaine have made all kinds of substantial connections in their career thus far. The title track on this album ("The View") was co-written with Whisperin' Bill Anderson. Other tracks were co-written with Steve Dean, Larry Alderman, Jenee Fleenor, Keesy Timmer, and Josh Thompson (whew!). If you've never heard The Roys before, this album will serve as an excellent introduction. If you've heard them before well probably already have this one. Eleven memorable well-crafted tracks. Our favorites include "No More Lonely," "The View," "Black Gold," and "Mandolin Man."

Les Sans Culottes - The Gods Have Thirst (CD, Disque Escargo-go, Fake French pop)
The eighth full-length release from Brooklyn, New York's Les Sans Culottes. For those unfamiliar with them, this is a "fake French" pop band that has made quite a name for themselves pretending to be French. What many may find interesting is just how believable they've gotten over the years. And to make the story even stranger, they were also recently batting a "fake Les Sans Culottes" band...created by their own ex-band members (!). Fortunately a court ruled that the other band had to stop using the name so now that battle has been won. The Gods Have Thirst features more of the crowd-pleasing French-sounding dance pop that the band is known for. This seven member group has a sound and image that are instantly recognizable and from what we've seen and heard, they put on one helluva show. Fifteen cool toe tappers here including "Faux Pax," "Up With People," "The Galactic Man," and "Faux Pas Remix."

Saturn's Rival - Saturn's Rival (CD, pfMENTUM, Improvisation/experimental/modern classical)
Totally improvised music that is unorthodox and unpredictable. You won't find much information on the internet about this group so apparently they're taking the approach of letting their music speak for itself. Saturn's Rival is the quintet comprised of Maxwell Gualtieri (guitar), Susan Allen (harp), Richard Valitutto (piano), Ryan Parrisih (winds), and Anjilla Piazza (percussion). Contrary to views expressed by some musicians and fans, not just anyone can play good improvisational music. It takes skill on a particularly instrument plus the spontaneous creativity to come up with interesting sounds and ideas on the spot. This self-titled album presents four lengthy tracks ("I," "II," "III," and "IV"). Hard to pinpoint and describe exactly what's going on here because of the peculiar nature of the music. We can't help but appreciate the motivation for creating music like this. These folks know they're playing for a limited esoteric their motivations are obviously genuine and real. Abstract odd music that provides instant mind expansion.

Southpaw Steel 'n' Twang - Hale's Pleasure Railway (Import CD, Bafe's Factory, Guitar/pop/rock)
Southpaw Steel 'n' Twang is the Finland-based trio comprised of Ville Leppanen (lap and pedal steel guitars, electric guitar, baritone guitar, ukulele, acoustic guitar, vocals, handclaps), Tero Mikkonen (drums, percussion, little black monster kit), and JP Monkkonen (electric and upright bass). These three guys chose an appropriate title for their band, as Hale's Pleasure Railway features a cool wealth of cool steel and twang sounds. This eleven track album mainly consists of instrumentals, but Leppanen also sings on occasion. Although the band is based in Finland, we could very easily see their music catching on in a big way all across America and beyond. These songs have a zip and spark that will instantly satisfy even the most jaded listeners. Our favorite cuts include "Open Field," "Bad Alley," "Feather Weather," and "Still."

Matthew Squires and the Learning Disorders - Where The Music Goes To Die (Independently released CD-R, Pop)
This is a true independent release, created with the visuals and ideas from the 1980s and 1990s. The disc is a CD-R with handwritten information and the cardboard cover was created by hand. The specifics of the physical release are a good indication of the music created by Matthew Squires. This is not super slick twenty-first century pop created to sound perfect. These songs feature music written by a real human being and they were created out of a desire to make music and entertain rather than a desire to become rich and famous. As such, many folks may be surprised at how much commercial potential these songs have. Instead of sounding like a difficult underground artist, Squires writes songs that could be appreciated by just about anyone who loves good guitar pop. The humorously-titled Where The Music Goes To Die features twelve smart tracks. These songs contain smooth memorable melodies and intelligent lyrics...and they are delivered with personality and style. We particularly love Matthew's voice. He sings with a cool confidence while never sounding forced or fake. Plenty of groovy cuts here including "Echo," "American Trash," "Plato's Cave," and "All We've Got."

St. Vincent - Original Score by Theodore Shapiro (CD, Sony Classical, Motion picture score)
There are two audio releases being released in conjunction with the film St. Vincent starring Bill Murray. The first is a various artists soundtrack featuring artists from the past and present. And the second is the original score created by Theodore Shapiro. You've heard this man's music before. In the past he has composed soundtracks for several major motion pictures including The Devil Wears Prada, Tropic Thunder, Marley & Me, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty...and that's just the beginning. The score for St. Vincent features subtle and somewhat dreamy instrumentals tailor made for a comedy that deals with human feelings and emotions. The album presents twenty precisely-executed compositions which were recorded with acute attention to detail. There's some really lovely guitar work threaded into these tracks that should appeal to just about anyone who loves good instrumentals. Our favorite tracks include "Long Walk Home," "Be Good," "At The Track," "Bad News," and "To The Moon."

The Successful Failures - Captains of Industry, Captains of War (CD, FDR, Pop/rock)
We've yet to hear any release from Chesterfield, New Jersey's The Successful Failures that we didn't like. And we're pleased to report that Captains of Industry, Captains of War is yet another stellar addition to the band's catalog. If you love fuzzy guitar pop there's a good chance you'll probably want to pick up every one of this band's releases. Super strong songs here combined with wonderful chord progressions, toe tapping rhythms, and an overall upbeat positive vibe. These songs should be particularly appealing to fans of bands like Big Star and Teenage Fanclub. Eleven well-crafted cuts that get better with each and every spin. Our favorites include "Stagger Lee & Woodrow Wilson," "Hit The Ground Running," "Falling Out," and "John Henry." Smart and ultimately catchy.

The Suitcase Junket - Make Time (Independently released CD-R, Pop)
The third full-length release from Amherst, Massachusett's The Suitcase Junket. This band is the one man project created by Matt Lorenz, a multi-talented fellow who is taking his own approach to making music. He's a different sort of one man band, combining ideas and sounds from long ago with sounds of the present. In you dig artists like Tom Waits and The White Stripes, there's a good chance you'll like where this unusual fellow is coming from. In a world where everything is layered to death and drenched in effects, Matt's simple and direct approach easily stands out from the pack. Engineered by Justin Pizzoferrato, Make Time has an interesting sound that sets it apart from most twenty-first century albums. Mr. Lorenz apparently takes his act just about anywhere...from concert halls to sidewalks to living rooms...just about anywhere he feels like playing. Plenty of groovy tracks here. Our favorites include "New Old Friend," "Earth Apple," "Hot Rod God," and "End of the Day."

Sunbears! - Future Sounds (CD, New Granada, Pop/rock)
To celebrate their fifth anniversary, the guys in Jacksonville, Florida's Sunbears! release their second full-length release. And the good news's another DIRECT HIT. These guys have impressed lots of people over the years. And now with the release of Future Sounds, they seem poised to take their career to the next level. We've been noticing more and more bands lately who seem inspired and influenced by bands from the 1990s. If you love the decade when creativity seemed to be at an all-time high, you're likely to be blown away by Sunbears! The band is now comprised of original members Jonathan Berlin and Jared Chase Bowser along with new members Walter Hill and Jordan Allen Davis. The songs on Future Sounds are reminiscent of bands like The Flaming Lips except more melodic and accessible. There are some Beatles influences swimming around in the currents here as well. This eleven track album is a resounding success from start to finish. Pop and rock collide with semi-psychedelia to create a whirlwind of pure, fresh, creative upbeat energy. Our favorite tracks include "Future Sounds," "Don't Take Too Many Things," "Now You're Gone," and "Laughing Girl." Highly recommended. Top pick.

Luke Sweeney - Adventure: Us (Independently released CD, Pop/rock)
The debut full-length studio release from San Francisco's Luke Sweeney. This young fellow has already made for himself locally in the popular bands Vows and Wet Dreams Dry Magic. With this album he's decided to go solo. Adventure: Us sounded pretty good the first time we heard it. But it wasn't until we pulled up some of Sweeney's videos and read the press release (someone did an amazing job writing this one) that we began to really get into and appreciate this young man's music. This album treads into a variety of genres, all the while having an overall playful and friendly vibe. The press release compared Luke's music to other artists like Television, Pavement, T. Rex, Mac DeMarco, Mikal Cronin, Cass McCombs, and Jimi that should give you a general idea of the territory in which this album treads. But even though we can hear traces of these and more, Sweeney really seems to be following his own muse here. And, in doing so, manages to come up with some mighty entertaining tracks that are credible and real. And our overall impression after a few spins is that this is one of those that will still sound great years from now. We love the guitars...we love the vocals...we love the rhythms...we love the melodies... Hell, to be honest we love everything about this album. Twelve kickass cuts here including "Sub-Radar Moves," "Miss Me?" (the first single from the album...there's a cool video for this one on, "Boombox," and "Lap of the Gods." Wonderfully entertaining stuff, highly recommended. TOP PICK.

Tetherball - Whimsy (CD, Silver Point, Pop)
We hear a lot of great artists based in Nashville, Tennessee these days...but Tetherball is a particularly outstanding new band. The band is driven by the songwriting skills of Steve Voss, a young fellow whose music sounds nothing like what you'd expect from the city known for country pop. Whimsy features ten original tracks and they all have something substantial to offer. Some tracks are powerful rockers, some tread into progressive pop territory, while others are more subdued and introspective. But no matter what the style, all the songs feature well-crafted melodies, intelligent lyrics, and exacting arrangements. The only other Nashville-area artist we can recall who had a similar sound was the incredible-yet-vastly-underrated Self (a knockout band that should've been hugely successful). There's a really cool video from the song "Spring Chicken" that can be found on the band web site (link above) or on YouTube. While some of this might just be too smart for the average casual listener, folks who get into more adventurous and eclectic stuff will find a wealth of stuff to love here. The more we spin this disc...the more addicted we are. Kickass cuts include "Boots," Puzzles," "Hometown," "Absinthe," and "Timely Doctor."

Warning Light - XXXI (CD-R, Stickfigure, Electronic)
Warning Light is the Atlanta, Georgia-based one man band created by Drew Haddon (previously a member of the bands Roman Photos and Tree Creature). This is the third installment of a series of albums Haddon has released on the Stickfigure label. This six track disc features songs that may remind listeners of the eerie sparse electronics of bands like Kraftwerk. The compositions on XXXI are smooth and somewhat soothing...all the while sounding somewhat cold and distant (like the previously mentioned Kraftwerk). Lots of cool analog sounds here that give the music that overall sound and feel of music from the 1970s and 1980s. We love it when artists come up with music that doesn't easily fit within the confines of the twenty-first century. This fellow is making music that is timeless while taking listeners back to a time and place when things were more direct and simple. Our favorite cuts include "Grace Under Pressure," "Through the Storm Lands," and "Buried In Ice, Thinking of You."

Shelly Waters - Drive (CD, Moonwatcher Music, Pop)
If there is one word we would use to describe Shelly Waters' music that word would be...real. In a world where most commercial artists have a sound that is about as genuine as a can of Cheese Whiz, Drive immediately stands out because it sounds like a real person with real emotions. Ms. Waters wrote all ten tracks on her Moonwatcher Music debut and they are all reflective and memorable. Shelly has some heavyweights backing her up. Artists lending their talents to these recordings include Joe Taylor (guitars, mandolin), Randall Bramblett (organ, piano), Sean O'Bryan Smith (bass), Blair Shotts (drums, percussion), and Sherry Hill (backing vocals). While Waters' voice and songs may remind listeners of many classic singer/songwriters from the past and present, it's hard to pin down exactly who she sounds like. And that's probably because she isn't really trying to sound like anyone but herself. If all the pieces fall into place as they should, Shelly may soon find herself playing for some huge crowds. Kickass cuts include "Little Old House," "She Waits," "One and Only," and "Need To Rest."



Now I have
What everyone wants
Yet no one seems
Able to find

Whiplash - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (CD, Varese Sarabande, Motion picture soundtrack)
This film seems to be getting rave reviews from everywhere. The story is not the usual stuff films are made of. The film deals with the struggles and successes of a young jazz drummer. The soundtrack to the film is surprisingly different. Yes, the album mainly features jazz music. But the jazz is sometimes interlaced with strange sections that are startling and completely unexpected. It's kinda hard describing exactly how this one spins because it is so different. We can sum this one up in a succinct manner simply by saying this is one of our top favorite soundtracks for 2014. Twenty-four tracks that will cause folks to think and reflect. Our favorite cuts include "Overture," "Accident," "No Two Words," and "When I Wake." This is one you have to hear to understand. And the film is on our short list of "must sees" this month. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Top pick.

Jim White vs. The Packway Handle Band - Take It Like A Man (CD, Yep Roc, Pop/bluegrass)
Interesting how this album came to be. The Athens, Georgia-based band The Packway Handle Band asked Jim White to produce their album. But when they realized that he himself had a bunch of bluegrass/pop tunes, they asked if he would contribute and play on the album as well. Thus, the combined talents of Jim White vs. The Packway Handle Band were set in place. Take It Like A Man features songs written by White as well as the Packway Handle Band. You might think that such a combination might result in hugely different sounds but instead this album is surprisingly consistent and cohesive. And that's probably because both parties were creating in similar universes before they paired up for this project. These songs are smart, melodic, and ultimately rather friendly. These musicians keep things simple and direct which allows the listener to concentrate on the vocal melodies and lyrics. Plenty of nice smooth tracks here delivered with style. Standout cuts include "Smack Dab in a Big Tornado," "Jim 3:16," "Gravity Won't Fail," "Paranormal Girlfriend," and "Sinner!"

White Bird In A Blizzard - Original Music by Robin Guthrie and Harold Budd (CD, Lakeshore, Soundtrack/atmospheric/ambient)
Regardless of the fact that this is a soundtrack album, White Bird In A Blizzard already has a built-in audience. That being ambient and atmospheric music fans. And that is because this soundtrack was recorded by two of the most important icons in these genres...Robin Guthrie and Harold Budd. Both of these musicians are well-known by folks into ambient and atmospheric music...easily two of the most influential pioneers in this continually expanding style of music. So whether or not you see this film (which is based on Laura Kasischke's novel of the same name), if you love this style of music you'll probably love this album. Twelve pensive calming tracks here and they're all super relaxing and subdued. If you're looking for the perfect background music for a calm relaxing evening at home, this one is highly recommended. Our favorite tracks are "Visions of Eve," "The Radiant Bride," "You Know the Combination," and "The Drive."

Scott Zuniga - Language of Ghosts (Independently released CD, Pop)
Our ears always twitch when we hear an artist whose sound and ideas don't sound like all the rest. And with Scott Zuniga...we found both. The first thing that struck us was the voice. Mr. Zuniga doesn't sound like anyone we've heard in recent years. He has a sincere smooth vocal style but he doesn't sing with the same overall sound and phrasing that is so common among most twenty-first century singer/songwriters. What caught our attention next were the songs themselves. While these songs fit comfortably within the pop genre, they don't have a samey predictable sound. Scott seems mainly driven by the pure drive to create. In addition to writing music, Scott is also an artist and a film director (you can find some of his work on This twelve track album was driven by artistic integrity. The more we spin Language of Ghosts the more impressed we are. Cool reflective cuts include "Isla's Promise," "Hero," and "Starboard."


Additional Items Received:

A Conversation - The last taxi
Activator - Activator
Seth Adam - Steel tempered pride
Juan Alamo - Marimjazzia
Amen Ittys - Pliers
Alana Amram & The Rogh Gems - Spring river
Amigo - Might coulc
Amusium - French fries and caviar
Angry Video Game Nerd - Original motion picture soundtrack
Annette - Dream with me
Any Day Now - Original motion picture soundtrack
Apollo Chamber Players - European folkscapes
Jon Armstrong Jazz Orchestra - Farewell
Arrested Development - At long ans songs from Arrested Development
A Scanner Darkly - Original motion picture soundtrack
Asteroid No. 4 - Asteroid No. 4
August: Osage Countyk - Original motion picture soundtrack
Auris + Gino - Rub
Jeff Austin - The simple truth

Baby Baby - Big boy baller club
Sherman Baker - Sherman Baker
Cheryl Barnes - Listen to this
Carol Barnett - Treasures from the archives
Tyler Bates / Joel J. Richard - John Wick
Brian Baugus - Actor songster sage
Beat Funktion - Mandy's secret
Bee Bee Bee Bee - Eee Eee Eee Eee
Alan Beeler - The real Beeler
Behind Enemy Lines: Seal Team 8 - Original motion picture soundtrack
Bend The Riever - So long Joan Fontaine
Laura Benitez and the Heartache - Heartless woman
Marie Nelson Bennett - Orpheus lex
Art Bergmann - Songs for the underclass
Bernie - Original motion picture soundtrack
Sauro Berti - Solo non solo
Bezobratri - Bezobratri
David Bierman Overdrive - Standard skies
Bike Thief - Stuck in a dream
Bim Skala Bim - Chet's last call
Black Watch - Sugarplum fairy, sugarplum fairy
Erica Blinn - Lovers in the dust
Blue Skies for Black Hearts - Blue Skies for Black Hearts
Victoria Blythe - Silver flyer
Book of Life - Original motion picture soundtrack
Sam Boshnack Quintet - Exploding syndrome
Boswell - Beryllium
Roger Bourland - Four quartets of songs and arias
Bowed Piano Ensemble - Ice and fire
Michael Bradford - The long night
Phillip Brandon - Phillip Brandon
BRB - Razorback - first bite
Brushfire Stankgrass - Micro climntes
Buenos Diaz - The love balloon
Buffalo Clover - Live at the Five
Buffalo Clover - Test your love
Bullets Over Broadway: The Musical - Original broadway cast recording
Burgeoning - Love alchemy, life algorithm EP
Hardin Burns - Down the deep well
Ellen Burr / Michael Unruh - Where am i from, where am i going
Rosemary Butler - You just watch me
Jon Byrd - Route 41

Curt Cacioppo - Ritornello
Calvary - Original motion picture soundtrack
Eileen Careyk - Let it go
Azure Carter & Alan Sondheim - Avator woman
Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst - Endless sky
Sergio Cervetti - Unbridled chamber works
Charley & Jesi - With love
Che Prasad - Christmastime in the apocalypse
Che Prasad - Shiva me timbers
Cinderella - Rodgers and Christopher's Cinderella: A new musical
Clementi Grand - His works, h is fortepiano
Conrad Clifton - Picture in picture
Susan Clynes - Life is...
Jose Contreras - Jose Contreras
Copernicus - Immediate eternity II
David G. Cortes - Time away but home again
Cosmic Punlch - FM stereo
Coyote - Proof of life
Crap Detectors - On the psycho path of life
Michael G. Cunningham - Paragonia
Curious Quail - After the lights failed
Reginald Cyntze - Elements of life

Keith Davis Trio - Still
Spencer Day - Daybreak
Dear Darwin - An abecedarium for soprano and piano
Matija Dedic, Antonio Sanchez, Scott Colley - Sentiana
Frank Dibussolo Group - Songs to write home about
Gareth Dickson - Invisible string
Dive Index - Lost in the pressure
Eddie Dixson - Bump key
Dolphin Tale 2 - Original motion picture soundtrack: Music by Rachel Portman
Sarah Donner - That is a pegasus
Doors - A psyche tribute to The Doors
Bob Dorough - Bob Dorough
Doug Richards Trio - Jazz in the living room
Down Home Band - Monrovia
Rob Drabkin - Little steps
Drockulette - Smock
Duo526 - Ballade

8-Bit Operators - Enjoy the science
EDM - I need you
D. Edward - Love is
Dave Ellis - Everything in between
Jeff Ellis - Learning how to live
Jace Everett - Terra rosa
Jace Everett Bad things
The Everydays - The Everydays
Ezzeethere - Not so...

Fair Ophelia - 2
Falling Birds - Native America EP
Fankhauser Cassidy Band - On the blue road
Far West - Any day now
Derek Fawcett - Feel better
Fearing & White - Tea and confidences
Feel No Other - Feel No Other
Bonne Finken - Fairytales/love affairs
Julian Fleisher - Finally
Flow Tribe - Alligator white
Footnotes - Comin' home
Jamila Ford - The deep end
Jeffrey Dean Foster - The arrow
Foundations - Modern works in the clasical tradition
Jeremy Fox - With love
Carl Franklin - Been a while
Morgan Frazier - Morgan Frazier
Danny Freyer - Must be love
Frozen - Original soundtrack
Amos Funk - Black rose
Fury - Original motion picture soundtrack

Nick Gallant - Wanderlust
Matt Garrison - Patchwork
G.B.F. - Original motion picture soundtrack
Robin George - History
Ferrill Gibbs - Significant trees
Giver - Original motion picture soundtrack
Glade - What turns on the lights
Glass House - Long way down
Global Unified - Global Unified
Goddesses - 3
Good Grief / Eureka California - Rusty nail & another round b/w Turn on autopilot, DC sniper
Goodnight Tonight - Watch the rain
Kathryn Goodson - Belle nuit
Nancy Goudinaki - I wanna be your star
Chris Greco - Standards, vol. 1

Kim Halliday - Half light
Mitch Hampton - Hard listening
Matt Hannah - Let the lonely fade
Hard Soul - Seize the year
Harrington/Lowewen Duo - Metropolis
Dave & Emma Hart - Hold on
Cyndi Harvell - Heartache & revolution
Hearts of Oak - New England
Heavy Glow - Pearls & swine and everything fine
Deborah Henriksson - Traces
Hero of Color City - Original motion picture soundtrack
John Michael Hersey - Adirondack
Hidden In The Sun - Seven seasons
Sydney Hodkinson - A keyboard odyssey
C. Holmes - Peace love & C. Holmes
Amanda Homi - Till I reach Bombay
Horns - Original motion picture score
Kandia Crazy Horse - Stampede
House of Cards - Season 2, music by Jeff Beal
How the Grinch Stole Christmas! - The musical

If/Then - Original Broadway cast recording
I Love Rich - Respect the rich
Il Rumore Bianco - Mediocrazia
Il Sogno del Marinaio - Canto secondo
Indies Scope - 2013
Insect Surfers - Infra green
Intimate Dream - Wonderful thing
In Your Eyes - Original motion picture score: Music by Tony Morales

The JAC - Love dumb
Jeffrey Jacob - Darkness to light
Chris Jasper - The one
Daena Jay - Subdivision
Jack Jeffery - Enlightened h orizon
Jersey Boys - Music from the motion picture and Broadway musical
Jerusalem - Black horse
Noel Johnston - Salted coffee
Jokeless - Smoke free
Carolyn Lee Jones - The performer
Laney Jones - Golden road
Nate Jones Band - EP
Patrick Joseph - Moon king
Shaman Juan - Soothsayer
Just A Machine - Piqured jacks
Just A Season - Just A Season
Just A Tarzan - Just A Tarzan
Just A Zoo - Just A Zoo

Emma Kade - Transparent
Kaak - Licked and licker
Dave Kain, Thomson Kneeland, Joe Abba - Raising Kain
Eric Kamen - Serenades
Ricky Kej / Wouter Kellerman - Winds of Samsara
Kelly's Lot - Live in Brussels
Jessie Kilguss - Devastate me
Madison King - Onward and upward
Kite - Original motion picture soundtrack
Elly Kouri - I love you too much
Adrian Krygowski - Roam
Daniela Kuri - Sway
Bae Kuang - These darling wings

Joe LaCascio and Woody Witt - Absinthe: The music of Billy Strayhorn
Ronnie Lane - Memorial concert
Michael Lake / Gerry Pagano - Roads less traveled
Lalama Brothers - Erie Ave.
Brett Larson - One of these roads
Lily Lambert - So far
Ronnie Lane - Memorial concert: One for the road - Royal Albert Hall, London
Jacob Latham - Midnight train
John A. Lewis Trio - One trip out
Lilla - The awakening
Jackie Lomax - Against all odds
Michelle Langara - Songs of blue
Brian Lopez - Static noise
Lovers Key - Here today gone tomorrow
Loveskills - Pure
Lowman - Garden of rainbows
Lucky Bone - Borderline
Luminescence - Works for strings and orchestra brought to light
Carmen Lundy - Soul to soul
Vincente Lyn - Live in New York City

Machine Don't Lie - Nobody panic
Magnolia - Magnolia
Ray Majors - The 7% solution
Mappa Mundi - At sea
Hank Marvin - Django's castle
Matthew Malsky - Geographies & geometries
Terry Marshall - Arrival
Dan Masterson - Learn to live
Josh Matthews - A sides
Josh Matthews - Co-patriot
McCormick Percussion Group - Soli for soprano with percussion orchestra
Mark Meadows - Somethin' good
Todd Meadows - Brothers keeper
Meanies - Cover their tracks
Adam Meckler Orchestra - When the clouds look like this
A Merry Friggin' Christmas - Original motion picture soundtrack
Michael-Ann - Heavy load
Tim Levan Miller - Boredom longs for fear
Todd Miller - Bring him home
Andy Milne & Dapp Theory - Forward in all directions
Miss Massive Snowflake - So sweet
Jim Mize - Jim Mize
Moistboyz - 5
Mike Montrey Band - Song by song by song
Monuments Men - Original motion picture soundtrack
Patricia Morehead - Brass rail blues
Morning Birds - Bloom
Dan Moretti & The Hammond Boys - Live at Chan's
Ken Will Morton - Slow burn
Motel Life - Original motion picture soundtrack: Score by David Holmes and Keefus Ciancia
Mud - Original motion picture soundtrack: Score by David Wingo
Bob Mundy - Something beautiful
My Education - 5 popes

Kris N. - The thankful parade
Namb - Namb
Nekozurashi - Ahostractions
Ferenc Nemeth / Attila Laszlo - Briges of souls
New American Farmers - The farmacology sessions
Graham Nicholas - Sometimes chicken, sometimes feathers
Night Club - Black leather heart
Nine Times Blue - Matter of time
Nishe - This is Nishe
Nissy - Program the hissing thing
Non-Stop - Original motion picture soundtrack
Noisy Noses - Noisy Noses
Northwest +1 - Minor suggestions
November Man - Original motion picture soundtrack
Novox - Over the honeymoon
Brian Noyes - Journeys after...
Nylon Jail - My heart soars like a hawk

Oak Street Blues - Calico
Elijah Ocean - Bring it all in
Old Cabin - Old Cabin
Alejandra O'Leary and the Champions of hte West - Heartspace timepiece
One Chance - Original motion picture soundtrack
The One I Love - Original motion picture soundtrack
Oooooo - Noooooo
Orchestra of Spheres - Vibration animal sex brain music
Rich O'Toole - Jaded
Alexandra Ottaway - Tetrahedron dreams

Jenna Paone - Hammers and strings
Charlie Parr - Hollandale
Daniel Jay Paul - The path less traveled
Pawns or Kings - Pomme de terre
Period 2 - Period 2
Planet Booty - Futuresweat
Perry Project - Can't steal soul
Troy Petty - Fairy tale pen
Simon Phillips, John Lawton, Joseph Williams - My kind o' lovin': Intelligent music project II
Steve Picataggio - Two feet on the ground
Aaron Poehler & Ryan Tullyt-Doyle - Dietrich
Tyler Porch Band - Only the sky knows
Postman Pat: The Movie - Original motion picture soundtrack
Project Zenit - Again

Bobby Quick and the Speeds of Sound - Bobby Quick and the Speeds of Sound
Quick and Easy Boys - Follow us overboard

Ben Rabb - Until it's gone
Blake Rainey & His Demons - Love don't cross me
Yves Ramette - The golden galaxy
Random Order - Black lipstick kiss
Max Random - Analog man
Rapoon - Cultural forgeries
Mason Razavi - Quartet plus
Reacta - Refraction
Reanimation - Under the last tree on earth
Reclaim - Original motion picture soundtrack
Red Jasper - The great and secret show
James Tristan Redding - Walking into Brooklyn
Red Sky - Original motion picture soundtrack: Music by Timothy Williams
Marty Regan - Scattering light, scattering flowers
Dina Regine - Right on, alright
Charlee Remitz - These veins
Rococo - Losing ground
Edward Rogers - Kaye
Anna Maria Rosales - Wahsed up on your shore
Arrica Rose & The ...'s - Wavefunction
Jefferson Rose Band - Feel like dancing
Rose Water - Original motion picture soundtrack
Roxanna - Exotica
Royal Oui - Royal Oui
Rudderless - Original motion picture soundtrack
Christina Rusnak - Chat chill highline

69 Cats - Transylvanian tapes
Chris Sanchez - Guilty
Sarah - Featuring Bruce Barth
Save The Radio - Calculating the sum of your life
Scan Hopper - Mariana bridges
Scarred But Smarter - Life N times of Drivin N Cryin
Scattered Bodies - Talking songs
Scenic Route to Alaska - Warrington
Scientist - World EP
Erik Scott - And the earth bleeds
Hilary Scott - Freight train love
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - The perfect quirk
Jason Sees Band - A single frame passing through the night
David Serby and the Latest Scam - David Serby and the Latest Scam
Serious Fun - Serious Fun
Shameless - Music from the television series
Sherlock - Original television soundtrack
Ships Have Sailed - Someday
Signal - Original motion picture soundtrack
Herb Silverstein - Monday morning: 10 original tunes
The Silvertones - Silvertone avenue
Sine Qua Non - Simple pleasures
Donna Singer - Destiny: Moment of jazz
Singer and the Songwriter - What a difference a melody makes
Devin Sinha - The seventh season
Smoke Season - H0ot coals cold souls
Snowpiercer - Original motion picture soundtrack
Soatoa - Latent
Society of Composers, Inc. - Pendulum
Soft News - Used melodies
Sours - Sours
Spectra - A concert of music by members of Connecticut Composers, Inc.
Spell Kasters - Kastin' the spell
Spiritlines - Pale hands
Spycker - Voted away
Andrew St. James - The shakes
Neville Staple - Ska crazy!
Ann ie Stela - Whiplash blues
Richard Stoltzman - Resolve
Ed Stone - King of hearts
Stonehearst Asylum - Original motion picture soundtrack
Isobel Stover - Her own sweet world
Stray - Life in Japan 2013
Stray Birds - Best medicine
Stuyvesant - Schmyvesant
Joe Sullivan - Whiskey jack waltz
Mason Summit - Absentee
Mason Summit - Loud music and soft drinks
Sun Gos To Gamma Rays - A ghost to find
Sunshine Riot - A fresh bottle and a brand new day
Cameron Sutphin - My guitar and me
Sweet - Sweetlife

Tal Gur - Under contractions
Julian Temple Band - Upsidedownbackwards
Joe Taylor - Sugardust in the devil wind
That Awkward Moment - Original motion picture soundtrack
Third World - Under the magic sun
Derek Thomas & Skylnie Drive - Beyond the trestles
Beth Thornley - Septagon
Dinah Thorpe - Lullabies & walke up calls
Tippy - Getting Tippy
Alex Tjoland Band - Silent revelry
Darryl Tookes and Joe Beck - Precious child: Love songs & lullabies
Toothe - Talons EP
Tower of Song - In cityi and in forest
Tracks - Original motion picture soundtrack
Transformers: Age of Extinction - The score
Trust Me - Original motion picture soundtrack
Billy Tsounis - Nefelibata
Matt Turk - Cold revival

Ugly Kids Club - Head games
Ugly Quartet - Mars needs Maurice
Uncommon Evolution - Uncommon Evolution
Unrepeatable Quartet - Edmonton 2012
Midge Ure - Fragile
The Use - What's the use?

Van Burens - Van Burens
Vanilla Beans - FFFF
Various artists - Made in Iceland VII
Various Artists - A blues tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival
Various Artists - Sweet relief: Love is everywhere
Vaudeville - Vendetta
Ana Velinova - The thief
Antony Venneri - Young dream
Vespers Nine - True story
Vices - Vices
Videoing - Treasure house EP
Villians - A little something for the pain
Vinny Vegas - The big white whale
Vlatko - Subjective experience in a commerical free zone
Vosque Dots - Toska

Sean Wagner - Word came with the evening
Tommy Wallach - I meant it to be sweet
Week of Wonders - Piggybacks b/w The end of the day
We Live In Sod Houses - Shark for a week
Windows - Sunrise highway
Danielle Woodrow - Turning
Stan Wells - High tide
Western Education - Let your secrets out
Jeremy Wilms - Diamond people
Winchester Revival - Eyes in the canopy
Winter Pale - Red sun
Wolf Creek 2 - Original motion picture soundtrack: Score by Johnny Klimek
Woodshedders - Wildfire
Rik Wright - Fundamental forces

X Marks The X - Tuffy tufts and wiffy wafts

Yesterday's Luster - Plazas and flow zones
Yippee - A, D, and U

Mark Zanter - Letters to a young poet
Frank Zappa - Everyone hates my wife now
Ricardo Zohn/Muldoon / David Liptak - Stars stories song

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