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The Albrights - The Albrights (Independently released CD, Pop)
The Albrights is a four man band based in Buffalo, New York. The group features singer/songwriter/vocalists Brandon Berry and Joe Donohue and the rhythm section of Matthew Crane and Dustin Herzberger. This self-titled disc is the band's sophomore release and it's chock full of upbeat melodic guitar pop. These guys have a bright full sound that could easily appeal to a wide range of listeners. To try and describe the sound... These songs sound something like Sparks if they were playing twenty-first century Americana pop. That may sound kinda strange, but even stranger is the fact that these songs actually sound very normal overall. The emphasis here is on lyrics, vocal melodies, and arrangements. Recorded at GCR Studio in Buffalo, this album was obviously a labor of love. Listeners will love the soaring melodies and slick vocal harmonies. Thirteen well-crafted cuts here and they all have something substantial to offer. Intriguing tracks include "Gotta Be Your Own Friend," "Pretty Flower," "I Played Along," and "Goodbye Adeline."

Matteah Baim - Falling Theater (Independently produced CD-R, Kobalt Music, Pop)
Matteah Baim is a very curious lady. We were first introduced to her world of music through her "soft metal" band Metallic Falcons back in 1996. After that band was no more Baim continued writing and recording as a solo artist. Falling Theater is her third full-length release...and it is a compelling and magical experience. So many artists ape the sounds and styles of others. Ms. Baim seems driven by her own pure instincts and artistic instincts, and the results are almost always hypnotic. Some of the tracks on this album remind us in some ways of the 1970s British band Curved Air...but the overall vibe is much more current than such a comparison might imply. The album features some interesting guest artists including members of the Johnsons, Au Revoir Simone, MGMT, The New York Philharmonic, and The Boys and Girls Choir of Harlem. It's difficult placing Matteah on a map because her music doesn't sound like other current artists. Whatever it does or does not sound like, this is one helluva satisfying collection of intelligent tunes with staying power. We received an independently produced CD-R so we're not sure in what other forms this may or may not be available (?). Highly recommended. Top pick.

Base 4 - Axes of Symmetry (CD, Analog Arts, Jazz)
Southern California's Base 4 is the trio comprised of Bruce Friedman (trumpet), Derek Bomback (guitar), and Alan Cook (drums and percussion). These three musicians have been playing around for many years now and also play in the bands Surrealestate and Decisive Instant. Axes of Symmetry is a smooth and instantly compelling collection of twelve intriguing instrumentals. Some of the pieces are more reserved and melodic while other tracks have a sound that is more spontaneous and unpredictable. This release is one that will reach music fans by word-of-mouth and internet connections because you're not likely to find it on store shelves anytime soon. Friedman, Bomback, and Cook effortlessly feed off one another here, playing with a steady confidence that is subtle and compelling. Our favorite cuts include "Lawns," "Improvisation 2," "Straight No Chaser," and "My Funny Valentine."

The Bastards of Fate - Vampires Are Real And Palpable (Vinyl LP, This Will Be Our Summer, Progressive pop)
The second full-length release from The Bastards of Fate. We went to the band's web site but could find little biographical information...just a few quotes and a listing of upcoming shows (plus some links). So the band is leaving it up to listeners to decide what to make of the music rather than force feed ideas down their throats. Smart. In this case, particularly smart because this is an album that makes us think. It's not an easy dose of something that sounds like everything else. The folks in this band are carving out their own unique space in the world of music by recording stuff that doesn't sound like everyone else. And yet instead of being overly artsy and weird, the songs are surprisingly friendly and listenable. So...what can we tell you about the band itself? It is comprised of five people. Five people who have a great sense for visuals (the cover art is fantastic). And five people who aren't afraid of being adventurous. Plus they're on a new record label we've not seen before. Ten captivating cuts here including "Winter of Our Discontent," "One True Love," "Identity Theft," and "Optometrist."

Beat Funktion - Voodooland (CD, Do Music, Funk/pop)
Now here's something we haven't seen or heard before...a Swedish funk band (?!). Yup, you read that right. The six guys in Sweden's Beat Funktion play funk music...and the good news is that they're damn good at it. The band is comprised of Karl Olandersson (trumpet), Olle Thunstrom (tenor sax), Johan Oijen (electric guitar), Daniel Lantz (keyboards), Pal Johnson (electric bass), and Jon Eriksson (drums). Interestingly, the music for this album was written exclusively for the Japanese market...but we can't help but think that folks in the United States will be equally interested. Housed in a really cool quadruple fold-out digipak sleeve, Voodooland gets in a groove and stays there from start to finish. Cool danceable cuts include "Nights Out With Billy," "Sunkissed," "The Rain Dancer," and "Mangroove."

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - Live From Harpos 1980 (CD, Gonzo Multimedia, Pop)
There are few artists as controversial as Don Van Vliet. Praised to the hilt by some while constantly criticized and belittled by others, Vliet's musical output under the name Captain Beefheart is still being discussed and scrutinized as years go by. If you're wanting to discover the band, the best starting point would probably be Clear Spot or Lick My Decals Off, Baby...while Trout Mask Replica continues to be the most talked about album. Don passed away a few years ago and ever since there has been a continual flow of unreleased and unearthed recordings of him and his band. Live From Harpos 1980 is probably meant for the diehard fan, as the sound quality is average. Folks unfamiliar with the music will probably get lost here, but true fans will find a great deal here to appreciate. We're of the opinion that Van Vliet is one of the greatest creative minds ever to hit the world of recorded music, so there's a lot of stuff here we find intriguing and somewhat mindbending. Sure wish we coulda been a fly on the wall during this concert (!)...cuz it sounds like the Captain and his crew were having one helluva time playing for a very appreciate crowd in 1980 in Detroit, Michigan. The band played a whole slew of stompin' crazy cuts including "Nowadays A Woman's Gotta Hit A Man," "Dr. Dark," "Bat Chain Puller," "My Human Gets Me Blues," and "Big Eyed Beans From Venus." Folks either love this stuff or they hate it. So the sound quality's not the greatest...who cares? This is historical stuff...! Recommended only for serious Beefheart fans. Top pick.

Belle - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Music Composed by Rachel Portman (CD, Varese Sarabande, Motion picture soundtrack)
This film should be an instant hit because it deals with a topic that always seems to be of interest to people...the subject of race. More specifically, Belle is inspired by the real life story of a young lady named Dido Elizabeth Belle. Being the illegitimate mixed race daughter of an admiral had its pluses and its minuses...and this film examines those issues. The score for the movie was composed by Rachel Portman who also composed music for the films The Cider House Rules, Chocolat, and Emma. The world of film scores seems to be mainly dominated by men, so it's refreshing that a woman has also reached the higher ranks in this field. This twenty-three track album clocks in at just over forty-one minutes, so the tracks are mainly short pieces that only last about a couple of minutes each. This album will appeal to fans of the film as well as classical music buffs with a short attention span. As usual, if its on the Varese Sarabande label...you know it's good. Our favorite tracks include "Laughter Montage," "A Father's Goodbye," "Maps," and "You Would Be My Wife."

Ben Bennett & Jack Wright - Tangle (CD, Public Eyesore, Experimental)
This is an experimental album...so be forewarned. Tangle features Ben Bennett on drums and percussion and Jack Wright on alto and soprano saxophones. These tracks are pure spontaneous improvisation in which the players allow anything to happen. As a result, there are none of the familiar elements that most folks associate with music. This is not the first time Bob and Jack have played together. They were previously in the band Rotty What. Unlike some experimental musicians who are almost invisible in the real world, Bennett and Wright have connections all over the planet and are well-known in the circles in which they navigate. This is strange stuff...some would call it noise...some would call it non-music. We've learned to expect the unexpected from the folks at Public Eyesore. Three curious tracks here: "Embroiled," "Bogus Ferret," and "You Itchy." Strangely jagged and accidental underground excursions.

The Big Lonesome - Undone (Independently released CD EP, Americana/pop)
We hear lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of Americana artists these days. There are so many Americana bands that they have literally cluttered the market, making it difficult to tell one from the other. We like the style of music to be certain. But we have to admit that because there are so many bands playing this style of music that it sometimes gets kinda samey and confusing. That is perhaps why the guys in The Big Lonesome are somewhat of a surprise. On the surface, you might think you're just getting more Americana pop. But when you pay closer attention you realize there are other layers happening in the band's music that make it much more depthy and appealing. These five songs would already be kinda gripping and memorable, but they're made even more so due to some of the sounds and surprises threaded into the mix. Our favorites here include "SOS" and "Undone."

Bunny Beck Jazz Ensemble - From the Spirit (CD, Big Round, Jazz)
Bunny Beck loves making music. You can tell from her words and especially from her songs. Beck began her musical career as a classical pianist before discovering that she preferred playing jazz. From the Spirit is her second full-length release on the Big Round label, and it's a winner. Featuring seven original compositions and a cover of Hank Williams' "Your Cheatin' Heart," the album is a pure delight from start to finish. These songs have a strangely familiar overall sound and feel. If you love classic jazz artists from the 1940s and 1950s, you will find a lot to love here. Joining Beck on this album are Matt Blostein on alto and tenor saxophone, Tom Hubbard on acoustic bass, Ed MacEachen on guitar, and Vinnie Sperrazza on drums. These musicians play with a fluid confidence that is warm and appealing. Our favorite cuts include "Our Fantasies," "Dark Feelings," and "Punch Out." For more information on Beck and her music visit her web site (link above). Top pick.



K is for B.
R is for Y.
W is for D.
C is for M.


Owen Campbell - Pilgrim (CD, Reckless Grace Music, Blues/rock)
We don't hear many blues/rock artists from Australia so Owen Campbell immediately caught our attention. This up-and-coming singer/songwriter/guitarist managed to come in second place on the Australia's Got Talent television show a couple of years ago. Ever since, Campbell's music has been very much in demand in his native country. With the release of Pilgrim he's planning on transferring some of that success to the United States and beyond. This album will surely help to make that happen, as Pilgrim is a nice solid slice of modern blues rock with a heavy emphasis on some truly spectacular guitar playing. Campbell and his band are touring the U.S. this year in support of the album. To our ears, some of these tracks sound very much like ZZ Top...the grooves and overall vibe are very similar. In addition to being one helluva guitarist, Owen also has a great gravelly voice that comes across sounding sincere and real. Eleven kickass cuts here including "Wreckin' Ball," "You Know I'm Gone," and "A Better Place."

Edie Carey & Sarah Sample - 'Til The Morning: Lullabies and Songs of Comfort (CD, Groundloop, Soft pop/lullabies)
Two young mothers combine their skills and talents to create an album of lullabies to comfort the children of the world. Chicago's Edie Carey and Salt Lake City, Utah's Sarah Sample are both young mothers who use music to comfort their children. After having her second child, Sample realized that most of the music she was making consisted of singing to her children at home. Thus the idea for 'Til The Morning was born. The album consists of both originals and cover tunes, with the one constant being soft soothing sounds that will appeal to the very young. But it's surprising how much appeal these songs will have for adults as well...so Carey and Sample just might find that these recordings will appeal to just about everyone who loves soft dreamy pop. Housed in a well-designed triple fold digipak sleeve, this album succeeds on a variety of different levels. Our favorite cuts include "Lullaby," "North Star," and "These Things."

Deena - Rock River (CD, Life Force, Pop)
The Cucumbers were a popular band on the college radio circuit in the 1980s.. Based in Hoboken, New Jersey, the band was the husband and wife duo of Jon Fried and Deena Shoshkes. Since the 1980s the two have continued making music under a variety of different names including RockDownBaby, Over The Moon, and SingSOS. Rock River is Deena's second full-length solo album and it's a cool refreshing collection of mid-tempo pop tunes. A whole slew of artists lend their talents to the proceedings here including Rob Friedman, Jon Fried, Ed Iglewski, David Anthony, Steve Villano, Rebecca Turner, Elena Skye, Chris Dickson, Jonathan Gregg, Bob Kenselaar, William Newrock, and Phil Rinaldi (whew!). Deena's voice is sounding mighty great these days. She's got a warm inviting voice that most listeners should be able to relate to. Every song here is a keeper. Twelve groovy cuts including "My Own Advice," "Find the Love," "My Friend Superman," and "When I Fall."

Dirty Lungs - Dirty Lungs (CD, Communicating Vessels, Rock)
Birmingham, Alabama continues to be one of the most fertile places for great underground music in the Southeastern United States. The Dirty Lungs are one of the more noisy and loud Birmingham bands we've heard...and that immediately earns them bonus points here in babysueland. The band is comprised of Carson Mitchell (guitar, vocals), Ra-jaan Parmely (drums), Chris Scott (guitar, vocals), and Justin Ward (bass, vocals). This band's music reminds of the way underground music used to sound in the United States...when guitars, drums, and basses were the main instruments used rather than computers. This self-titled album features plenty of great driving rhythms, fuzzy guitars, cool distanced vocals...and an overall vibe that teeters between hard rock and psychedelia. These folks are doing everything right...and apparently they're quickly developing a following. Some of these tracks are all out rockers while others are more moody and subdued...but they all sound cool. Our favorite cuts include "I Suck In Bed," "Woman," "It's All Melted," and "Space, Man."

Mia Dyson - Idyllwild (CD, Black Door, Pop)
Australia's Mia Dyson impressed lots of folks with her last album entitled The Moment which was released in 2013. Idyllwild just might be the album that kicks her career up into the next plateau. This disc has a great deal of commercial appeal and yet...the songs are a far cry from the phony overproduced sound characteristic of most successful modern pop artists. Dyson's songs bridge the gap between pop and rock. They feature strong hooks and melodies but are driven by strong masculine rhythms. Of course, the voice is what most folks will notice first about this magnetic young lady. Mia has a voice that is simultaneously loose and focused. Instead of trying to sing or sound totally perfect, she allows herself to sound like a real person singing...and that just might be the most magical aspect of her music. Idyllwild features eleven well-crafted cuts, and each one has something special to offer. Music fans will no doubt go ape over cool tracks like "Idyllwild," "Growing Up," "When We're Older," "She Can't Take The World," and "Crazy Horse." Totally cool stuff with heart and soul.

The Electric Mess - House On Fire (CD, Sound Flat, Rock/pop)
More cool loud rockin' stuff from the hip folks in The Electric Mess. The band is comprised of Craig Rogers (drums), Derek Davidson (bass, vocals), Esther Crow (vocals, percussion), Dan Crow (lead guitar), and Oweinama Blu (keyboards, rhythm guitar). Many folks may describe this band's sound as garage rock but it's actually much more than such a descriptive term might imply. These folks combine rock, power pop, and elements from early punk to create a loud and aggressive whirlwind of intense energy. These are the kind of songs that could easily appeal to folks in their teens, twenties, thirties, forties, and beyond. Every person in the band plays a pivotal role in creating the overall sound. The rhythms are tight and propulsive, the guitars in constant overdrive, and Ms. Crow's vocals must be heard to be believed. Can't say enough about how groovy The Electric Mess is...we're TOTALLY diggin' House On Fire. Killer cuts include "Better To Be Lucky Than Good," "She's Got Fangs," "Lemonade Man," and "Every Girl Deserves A Song." Highly recommended. Top pick.

Eureka California - Crunch (Vinyl LP, Happy Happy Birthday To Me, Pop/rock)
Eureka California is a band that was created in 2007 in Raleigh, North Carolina by a fellow named Jake Ward. Various band members have come and gone over the years but now it's just Jake and Marie A. Uhler. The duo is now based in Athens, Georgia...which seems like a much more appropriate home for this strangely addictive band. The songs are decidedly out of synch with what is currently popular in the world of music. Instead of smooth technology-produced perfection, Ward and Uhler create noisy and aggressive rocky chunks full of attitude and bite. The style of music these folks are playing was once popular in underground circles in the mid- to late-1980s when the home recording explosion was just beginning. You can tell from the song titles that there's a different sense of humor happening here: "Edith (One Day You'll Live In A Bunker)," "No Mas," "I Bet That You Like Julian Cope," "Art Is Hard," "How Long Til The Medicine Takes?" Ha ha ha ha ha...funny stuff. But the songs themselves aren't jokes at all. These cuts feature cool catchy melodies, nifty guitar riffs, and rhythms that are simple and direct. We love the direct approach this band is taking. We'd be willing to bet they're a gas live. Way cool and full of major spunk. Top pick.

Go Robot, Go! - Good Vibes in Fashion Swimwear (Independently released CD, Pop/rock)
Wow. What a way cool GROOVY album. We're longtime fans of ultra catchy buzzsaw power pop. If you dig that kinda thing there's a good chance the guys in Go Robot, Go! will blow you AWAY. Good Vibes in Fashion Swimwear reminds us of stuff we were hearing in the mid 1990s when there were tons of bands playing this style of music. Sadly in the twenty-first century modern buzzsaw power pop bands seem to be in short supply. But if you're needing a good solid dose of some of the best pop in 2014, this album will hit the spot. The band is comprised of NealBot, DCv.79, JL Mod 12, Drummer Unit JS 2112, producer Jon Miller, art director Bryan Huber, technician and bus driver Jim Scott, and manager Shobot "The Robot" (they are thoughtful enough to include others who contribute to the workings of the band as members as well...neat!). We love everything about this band...the music...the band name...the lyrics...the web site...the overall sound and image... These folks are simply doing everything right. To give you some idea of what they sound like... Go Robot, Go! sounds a bit like a cross between Fountains of Wayne and The Flaming Lips. This will surely end up being one of our most played albums this spring. Killer tracks include "My Brain Is In Space," "Peas In A Pod," "The Foxy Girls," "Hey, Fred!", and "Good Vibes In Fashion Swimwear (When We're Gone)." Top pick.

The Grand Undoing - White Space Flavors and Parties On TV (Independently released CD, Pop)
Based upon the title of this album we had an idea that this wasn't going to be standard fare. The Grand Undoing is the project created by Seth Goodman. White Space Flavors and Parties On TV is his second full-length release and it's an interesting voyage into modern underground pop. While the album title might sound like nonsense, it is actually drawn from reality. "White space flavors" is a phrase used to describe manufactured flavors that don't exist in nature while "parties on TV" is an expression of how the artificiality of our culture distances us from ourselves making the modern human experience vacuous (these lines were drawn directly from the press release). We were already hearing a few similarities to David Bowie before we read it in the press release. But make no mistake, Goodman is not a Bowie copycat artist...this is just a general reference point. These ten songs are smart and well thought out and they sound very different from 99% of what we receive in the mail these days. There's a strong emphasis on melodies and lyrics. The songs are delivered, for the most part, in a very direct style. We're totally digging this one after the first five spins. This is one of those albums that definitely grows on you the more you spin it. Our initial favorite cuts include "New World," "Cross Over Now," "Song In B," and "Ballad of Alvin Gordon."

Greenslade - Large Afternoon (CD, Angel Air, Progressive)
Greenslade was one of the underdogs in the world of British progressive rock music in the 1970s. But it was never because of a lack of output or talent. While the band was rather successful in their own country, they didn't have much success here in the United States...most likely because (due to our knowledge) their albums were never released here. The only way they could be acquired at that time was by way of pricey European vinyl imports. The band eventually disbanded in 1976 and the band members went their separate ways. But in 2000 they reformed and recorded Large Afternoon, their first batch of new recordings in decades. While many reformed bands never conjure up their original ideas and sounds, these folks did. The band was comprised of Dave Greenslade, John Young, Tony Reeves, and Chris Cozens. One of the things that set Greenslade apart from other bands of their time was the fact that the band featured two keyboardists. Large Afternoon effectively captures the band sounding something like they did in the early days except that the keyboards have a much bigger sound and the overall sound is much slicker. The playing is fluid and captivating and the songs are in the same general vein as they were in the early 1970s. Nine well-crafted cuts here including "Cakewalk," "No Room - But A View," "In The Night," and "May Fair."

Half-Handed Cloud - Flying Scroll Flight Control (CD, Asthmatic Kitty, Progressive pop)
The sixth full-length release from Half-Handed Cloud. We've enjoyed previous releases by this band and we're pleased to report that Flying Scroll Flight Control is yet another cool addition to the band's catalog. Half-Handed Cloud is the project created by John Ringhofer, a young fellow with an intriguing knack for coming up with cool winding melodies and thought provoking lyrics. This is probably the most produced and focused album that we've heard from this band thus far. Eighteen inventive cuts here with involved arrangements and an overall lighthearted feel. Ringhofer lives in Oakland, California...but his songs have a great deal in common with many of the progressive/underground bands we've heard over the past few years that are based in Athens, Georgia. Flying Scroll Flight Control is a truly smart and captivating collection of modern underground pop.



Hell is
Hell is real
Real pretty.


Hafdis Huld - Home (CD, OK! Good, Pop)
The third full-length release from Iceland's Hafdis Huld. We were impressed by this young lady's last album (Synchronized Swimmers) that we reviewed in February 2011. This is the follow up and it's every bit as captivating, if not more so, than the last album. Recorded in her mountain home near Reykjavik, Home possesses all the elements that make home recording such a personal and real experience. These songs are rather accessible in terms of the overall sound but they were obviously created first and foremost by the desire to write and record. The overall vibe here is somewhat of a cross between folk and Americana. Huld has a great knack for writing cool melodies and lyrics and her voice comes across sounding consistently pure and real. Housed in a slick digipak sleeve complete with cool photo/lyric booklet, Home is a personal statement that can and will be appreciated by a wide range of folks for years to come. Smooth pensive tracks include "Sunrise," "Lucky," "Treasures," "Pop Song," and "I Miss the Rain."

Identical Homes - A Hydrophelia (Vinyl LP, Parks and Records, Progressive pop)
We were big fans of the band The Rum Diary so this vinyl album immediately caught our attention. And that is because Identical Homes is the new project created by the Rum Diary's main man Daniel McKenzie, whose past projects also include Shuteye Unison and Built For The Sea. If you loved any of his past bands, you will love Identical Homes. If you never heard any of the previous projects but you love groovy hypnotic modern progressive pop, then you will still love this album. A Hydrophelia is a cool voyage into the world of smart and heady soothing technology. It's difficult coming up with comparisons here because these songs don't really sound too much like any other specific artists we've heard. The key word here is quality. Whatever McKenzie does, he does well. Accordingly, all ten of the tracks on A Hydrophelia have something substantial to offer. These cuts are subtle, intricate, and inventive. And the best part is that they will hold up to tons upon tons of spins. Our favorite tracks include "Old Game," "Miles and Miles," "Formula," and "The Shape Of." Available as a vinyl LP and download. Totally cool stuff. Top pick.

JPNSGRLS - Circulation (CD, Light Organ, Rock/pop)
Seeing as how our insatiable need for buzzsaw pop/rock never seems to be met these days due to the plethora of tame and soft artists treading around on the planet, we were immediately drawn to the cool energized guitar-driven music created by the band JPNSGRLS (pronounced "Japanese Girls"). This Vancouver, Canada-based band is comprised of Charlie Kerr (vocals), Graham Serl (drums), Oliver Mann (guitar), and Chris McClelland (bass). These guys have a rockin' sound that reminds us very much of the mid- to late-1990s when loud guitars were the main constant in most underground rock bands. Recorded in just seven days, Circulation is one helluva debut album. Critics are already drooling over these guys and the fans are quickly following suit. Fourteen way cool rockin' cuts that are just what the doctor ordered. Should appeal to fans of The Strokes. Our favorite tracks include "Smalls," "Mushrooms," "Brace Yourself," and "Oh No Echoes." Highly recommended. TOP PICK.



Is good for


Jon McKiel - New Traces (Independently released CD-R EP, Pop)
You won't see many EP reviews in these pages because we usually devote our time and space to full-length releases. So if you see a review of a single or an EP then you know it's something that really stands out. Recorded at his home studio in Crousetown, Nova Scotia, New Traces certainly stands out. These six tracks are highly melodic stylized pop...and we instantly fell in love with Jon McKiel's incredible vocals. This man has a voice that is perfectly tailored for the type of upbeat pop he writes. Six totally groovy cuts here that left us wanting more. Killer cuts include "New Tracy," "I Know, I Know," "Twin Speaks," and "Chop Through." Great stuff from a true rising star in the world of underground pop.

Lunt - Water Belongs To The Night (CD, Tremens Archives, Experimental/atmospheric/instrumental)
Lunt is the one man project created by Gilles Deles, an experimental musician in France who also runs the label We Are Unique! Records. Water Belongs To The Night is an intriguing atmospheric album reminiscent of artists like Fred Frith and Brian Eno. Deles is a wizard in the world of sound, coming up with plenty of intriguing and inventive pieces to spark the minds of listeners. Some of these tracks are extremely subtle and dreamy while others teeter into more unorthodox territory. We've heard lots of artists venturing into atmospheric territory over the years. Gilles is without a doubt one of the best. His music is strange but never unlistenable. The songs are unique but they never regress into a mindless drone. And the compositions are inventive without sounding pretentious. Beautifully crafted cuts include "No Matter Where We Drown," "Lift Your Hands Into the Light," and "I Was Born in an Ocean of Sound." Totally cool and dreamy stuff. Top pick.

Giulia Millanta - The Funambulist: Songs From the High Wire (Independently released CD-R, Pop)
The fourth release from Austin, TX-based singer/songwriter Giulia Millanta. Giulia's music is refreshing because she presents her songs in such a direct and honest manner. These songs have a nice sparse open sound and they are never cluttered with unnecessary instruments and sounds. Produced by Eddy Hobizal and Millanta herself and recorded by Chico Jones at Ohm Studio in Austin, The Funambulist: Songs From the High Wire is a concept album that works. These songs are smart and pensive...and they feature cool winding melodies and reflective lyrics. Millanta's got a great voice. She's one of those singers who manages to come across sounding incredible while simultaneously making it all sound so easy. If all the pieces were to fall into place, Millanta could easily find herself joining the major leagues at some future point. She's got the voice, the songs...and the presence to make it happen. Totally groovy cuts include "Lost In Space," "Could Have Been My Father," and "Ode To A Breakup."

Monuments - Brigadune (Independently released CD-R, Progressive pop/rock)
The second full-length release from Brooklyn's Monuments. The band is comprised of Gabriel Berezin, Grant Zubritsky, and Robbie Sinclair. Berezin once worked at the World Trade Center in New York City. But on that fateful day on September 11, he was late to work...and that is what saved his life. Since then the idea of finding meaning in chaos has been a central theme in his music. Regarding Brigadune, Gabriel says "A lot of these songs are about a paranoia of things falling apart..." So this is a concept album, but not in the traditional sense. These tracks remind us of music from the 1990s when there were so many great inventive underground bands in the United States. Hard to come up with comparisons here because these songs seem to have been created with unique intent. There's plenty of cool creativity threaded into these cuts, with each song sounding decidedly different from the rest...and yet they all tie together nicely as a whole. Ten groovy cuts including "Hypnagogia," "You Decide," "Bonfire," and "Brigadune."

Need For Speed - Original Motion Picture Score: Music by Nathan Furst (CD, Varese Sarabande, Motion picture score)
Nathan Furst received a great deal of well-deserved recognition for the music he composed for last year's Act of Valor. Now comes this album featuring the music he created for the film Need For Speed. Furst did a great deal of thinking about the exact type of music that would be a perfect fit for this film. Consultations with director Scott Waugh resulted in the decision to create a score that (according to the press release) yielded "dream-like guitars and synth elements with memorable and compelling themes surrounded by the strength and elegance of a symphony orchestra..." This lengthy album (over 70 minutes) presents tracks with a huge sound and an ultimately exciting experience. The film itself is based on the video game, but this time it's placed in a real world setting. This one's bound to be a hit with video gamers and racing fanatics. Twenty inventive cuts here including "Marshall Motors," "Motor City Mayhem," and "In The Lead."

New God - Firework (CD, Yellow K, Pop)
The second full-length release from Baltimore, Maryland's New God. This band is led by brothers Kenny Tompkins and Curt Tompkins. We did not hear these guys' debut album when it was released in 2102 but after spinning Firework we sure wish we had. For this album the Tompkins brothers recorded quite a few tracks before eventually paring it down to just eight cuts. Kenny and Curt's recordings have been compared to The Beach Boys and that is no doubt because of the thick layered harmony vocals and gliding melodies. Interestingly, much of the recording for Firework took place on an abandoned racquetball court after the brothers' recording studio was sprayed by a skunk. Even though we can understand the Beach Boys comparisons, the songs on this album are actually coming from a decidedly different universe. These are pop songs but they aren't the kind of easy canned pop that most folks are accustomed to hearing. These guys are obviously following their own muse here, making the kind of music they want to make rather than trying to come up with something that will sell. Cool compositions include "Firework," "Summer Girl," "Ocean Hum," and "Dumb." Top pick.

Odeya Nini - Vougheauxyice (CD, pfMENTUM, Experimental voice)
This is about as strange as things get in the world of music. So if you just want happy singalong music you will most likely be lost when listening to experimental vocalist Odeya Nini. This is some far out stuff to be certain. If you've ever heard Emily Hay (another experimental vocalist with a truly unusual sound) you might have some idea of what to expect here. If Emily Hay sounds strange...then Odeya Nini sounds really, really, REALLY strange. Is this modern classical music? Or is this pure experimental stuff? Or is this even music? It's up to the listener to decide. Ms. Nini uses her voice to create sounds that for many will be difficult and totally bizarre. Some of this sounds very much like a bird from another planet chirping and warbling. Other parts...sound almost machine-like...or like voices from beyond the grave. Other parts may remind listeners of very early recordings by Yoko Ono when she was creating sounds with her voice that no one had ever heard before. While many may question the validity or usefulness of recordings like this...we certainly do not. Nini's sounds are just as valid as anyone making so-called "real" music. Trippy, bizarre, and slightly insane, Vougheauxyice is a wild trip into the mind of a woman with a completely different sound and spirit. While not for everyone, we highly recommend this for folks wanting something truly and totally...different. Top pick.

Pray For Brain - None of the Above (CD, 7d Media, Progressive)
Pray For Brain is the trio comprised of Christine Nelson on bass, Jefferson Voorhees on drums and percussion, and Mustafa Stefan Dill on guitars and oud. The band evolved from the Sama Duo at which time it was just Voorhees and Dill. To quote directly from the press release regarding the band's sound: "...think 70s era Miles Davis, Chet Atkins and late Coltrone playing with the White Stripes and Isaac Hayes on a Calcutta rooftop with a bird's eye view to Morocco. Johnny Cash and Bengali icon Rabrindranath Tagor may sit in, too." Talk about a complex grouping of comparisons (!). This, the debut full-length from Pray For Brain, is being released on Trey Gunn's always intriguing 7d Media label...which seems to be a perfect home for the band. The playing on this album is complex, focused, and precise. Nelson's bass playing is mesmerizing, Voorhees plays with hypnotic ease, and Dill's guitars will knock you out. This album should appeal to just about anyone who ever loved 1970s progressive rock, modern jazz, and/or jazz/rock fusion. Eleven tracks that clock in at over 66 minutes. Our favorite cuts include "Drop the Needle," "Hawk and Mouse," and "Circus." Cool heady stuff with balls.

Yves Ramette - At The Precipice: Works For Orchestra (Double CD, Navona, Classical)
The third Navona records release featuring the music of the late Yves Ramette. At The Precipice presents four world premier recordings performed by the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra in the summer of 2013. The music is divided into four symphonies, two on each disc. These recordings offer further proof of why Ramette will continue to be appreciated and admired more and more as time goes by. Yves' compositions can be appreciated by those who love the classics from centuries ago or folks who want something a bit more current and modern. These recordings are slick and have a huge sound and the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra is in fine form here. These four symphonies run the gamut in terms of moods and styles. At times the music is subtle and hypnotic, at other times somewhat nervous, and at other times rather expansive and epic. Eighty-seven minutes' worth of cool classical music from one of the great masters. Yves will continue to be an influence on classical music for decades to come. At The Precipice is yet another stunning addition to his musical legacy.

Recess Monkey - Wired (Independently released CD, Pop)
Just because it's music for kids it doesn't have to be stupid. That's the feeling we get when listening to Recess Monkey's eleventh studio album. Recorded at Tiny Telephone and produced by John Vanderslice, Wired is a remarkably smart album recorded with children in mind. The first thing that caught our attention here is that there is almost no crap-hop present here (it is thankfully mainly confined to the track "Car Wash"). The second thing that made an impression on us is that these songs could be appreciated by adults as well as children. Recess Monkey is the trio comprised of Drew Holloway (vocals, guitar), Jack Forman (bass, keyboards), and Korum Bischoff (drums). Many of these songs sound very much like adult songs in terms of melodies and arrangements. The main thing that will make these songs more appealing to kids are the lyrics. These guys sing about subjects that children should be able to relate to. The overall vibe is mostly upbeat and positive. Refreshingly appealing stuff for youngsters.

Red Oak - Redesign (Independently released import CD, Rock)
Rarely do we receive independently released underground albums from Israel. As such, Red Oak immediately stood out in the stacks. The band began in 2003 in Tel-Aviv where they started making music in a bomb shelter (!). The band is comprised of Xachi Benozio on drums, Shemer Steinlauf on bass, Ron Or-El on guitars, Tako Free on vocals, and Daniel Vulikh on vocals. The band plays loud rock that combines elements of heavy metal with pop. The dual vocalists give the band a unique sound and vision. Redesign includes a cool foldout lyric sheet that makes it easy to read along as the music plays. Interesting cuts include "Hole," "The End," "Turncoat," and "Prevail."

Ed Roman - Letters From High Latitudes (Independently released CD, Pop)
Ed Roman released his debut album (Oracles and Ice Cream) in 2011. With the release of Letters From High Latitudes this cool Canadian fellow has once again hit the target. Playing 90 percent of the instruments himself, Roman plays with surprising fluidity...never sounding like a one man band in the least. These songs have a nice organic sound that is never hampered by unnecessary technology and/or overdubs. Ed's got a great slightly raspy voice that is a perfect fit for the type of songs he writes...and he's one helluva guitarist. Joining Roman on this album are well-known Canadian session men Dave Patel (drums) and Mike Freedman (electric guitars). This album has a great deal of commercial appeal, with many songs sounding like potential hits. Well-written cuts include "I Told You So," "Rosetta Stone," "Better Day Blues," and "Tinker."

Lionel Sainsbury - Sunlight & Storms (CD, Navona, Piano/instrumental)
Born in 1958, Great Britain's Lionel Sainsbury started playing the piano and composing when he was very young. When he was just twenty-one years old he was awarded the Mendelssohn Scholarship (a prestigious United Kingdom award for composers). Since that time he has created a substantial body of work and has developed a devoted legion of followers. Sainsbury has written concertos for violin and cello, symphonic poems, works for strings, solo guitar, and clarinet. Sunlight & Storms is specifically devoted to his piano compositions which, we would guess, are probably the central focus of his creative spirit. This album shows just how diverse a composer Lionel is. The disc is divided into seven sections: "Five Tangos Op.34," "Canto Ostinato Op.30," "Sea Storm Op.24," "Two Cuban Dances Op.19," "Incantation Op.26," "Ten Moments Musicaux Op.31," and "Meditation Op.28." These recordings feature Lionel alone with his piano. There are no overdubs and there are no additional musicians involved. As such, the listener is treated to the exact sound of this man playing live without any additional ingredients. A successful pianist is one who can convey feelings and emotions by touching the keys. Lionel Sainsbury is exceedingly successful because his music touches so many parts of the mind, heart, and soul. An excellent album for anyone who ever loved hearing solo piano. Top pick.

Johanna Samuels - Double Bind (Independently released CD, Pop)
We were impressed with the debut EP from Johanna Samuels that we reviewed a while back. We're pleased to report that her first full-length release is just as rewarding and exceptional. Ms. Samuels writes smart keyboard-driven modern pop music with a heavy emphasis on lyrics, vocal melodies, and arrangements. To try and describe her sound...Johanna sounds something like a cross between Ben Folds and Amy Winehouse...without ever sounding too much like either one. Produced by Fen Ikner, Double Bind has a nice smooth sound that is never cluttered by technology. The central focus of these tunes is Samuels' groovy voice. This young lady has a vocal style that is familiar sounding yet no immediate comparisons come to mind. Or to be more direct, she's just got a great voice. The more we spin this album the more substance we hear in these tracks. Johanna is a bright rising star whose music has substance and style. Ten captivating cuts here including "For You To Do," "Please Say Some Good," "This Place," "Almost," and "Chanson." Recommended. TOP PICK.



Scoot. Scoot.
Scoot. Scoot.
Scoot. Scoot.



Sex With Strangers - You Know Something We Don't? (Independently released CD, Pop)
Gritty modern dance pop with ultra catchy melodies. This is the fifth full-length release from this Vancouver, British Columbia-based band that is comprised of Hatch Benedict (vocals, keyboards), Mike Gentile (bass), Alexis Young (vocals, keyboards), Cory Price (guitar), and Dan Walker (drums). These folks have a sound that is something like a cross between Abba and New Order...but their overall vibe is much punchier and harder than either. We haven't heard earlier Sex With Strangers albums but apparently on this one the guitar is much more dominant. You Know Something We Don't? has a fresh and immediate sound and provides absolutely perfect dancing music. We've heard a lot of Canadian bands over the past few years, but we haven't heard any that have a sound like the folks in Sex With Strangers. Ten gripping pop/rock cuts with a heavy emphasis on the beat. Standout tracks include "Hostages," "Falling Over," "Space Wolf," and "Wandering Eyes."

The Shilohs - The Shilohs (CD, Light Organ, Pop)
This one is right up our alley. Formed in Vancouver, BC in 2008, The Shilohs are Johnny Payne (vocals, guitar), Mike Komaszczuk (vocals, guitar), Daniel Colussi (vocals, bass), and Ben Frey (drums). These guys play a decidedly non-commercial sounding brand of underground pop that reminds us in some ways of artists like The Hang Ups, The Feelies, Big Star, The Velvet Underground, and Mitch Easter (all of which are top notch in our tiny little view of the musical universe). After spinning this album a few times we can say without reservation that this will end up being one of our top favorite albums for 2014. The songs are smart yet subtle...the arrangements a perfect fit for each tune...the vocals are excellent and never forced...and the overall vibe is incredibly appealing and real. There are so many phonies out there in the world. These four guys are making music that comes from their hearts and souls. As such, this one is a MUST HAVE for fans of underground pop. We just can't get enough of this album...everything is just as it should be here. So completely and totally groovy. Wow. Wow, wow, wow... TOP PICK.

Signal Problems - Signal Problems (CD, pfMENTUM, Modern jazz)
Signal Problems is the jazz quartet comprised of Danny Gouker (trumpet, compositions), Eric Trudel (tenor saxophone), Adam Hopkins (bass), and Nathan Ellman-Bell (drums). These folks play modern jazz with a decidedly spontaneous sound and feel. Recorded at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, New York in January of 2013, these tracks capture the basic essence of a live performance. Instead of layering and overdubbing everything to death, these folks decided instead to keep things simple, thus capturing the basic sound of the musicians playing with one another. Ten intriguing cuts here that showcase how well these folks interact with one another. Our favorites include "Icebreaker," "Not Yet, Gorilla," "Chloroform," and "When You Fell From Heaven."

The Social Fantastic - The Social Fantastic (Independently released CD-R EP, Pop/rock)
The Social Fantastic is the duo of Jon Goff on drums and Jeremy Hoog on vocals and guitar. Unlike other duos, Goff and Hoog aren't playing multiple instruments and using technology to layer their sound. These two fellows are taking the exact opposite approach of most twenty-first century bands by presenting themselves sounding exactly as they sound. This self-titled EP features five songs that are surprisingly full sounding, particularly when you consider the fact that there isn't even a bass guitar in the mix. Mighty impressive stuff here. And because these tunes don't have all the extra schmaltz going on, you can really concentrate on the main ingredients. This EP proves that when you've got songs with substance that's really all you need. Groovy cuts include "Be There" and "Hard To Love."

Solid Gold Balls - Solid Gold Balls (Independently released CD-R, Pop/rock)
This Portland, Oregon-based band sure has a name that fits the sound. These guys have a pure rockin' guitar-driven sound that is instantly familiar and inviting. The little publicity sticker on the disc compared the music to The Replacements, Nerf Herder, Pavement, and Ween. We can certainly hear traces of all of these bands in the music of Solid Gold Balls. Some of the vocals remind us of the greatly overlooked band St. Johnny. These guys' music might be described as power pop or power rock. The songs are simple, direct, and powerful. The focus is on driving rhythms, big fuzzy guitars, and a vocalist who sings with cool abandon. With so much modern music being recorded with the intent of achieving perfection, we can sure appreciate the rough edges in these tracks. Instead of sounding like digital perfection, the songs on this album sound very much like a real band playing real songs. We particularly love the loud driving powerful grooves here. These guys play loud and they're tight. Fourteen groovy rockers including "Dream Is Real" (see the video on YouTube...it's cool...), "Bring On The Noise," "Different," "Whatever," and "Bowling Song."

Sweet - Level Headed Tour Rehearsals 1977 (CD, Angel Air, Pop/rock)
The folks at Great Britain's Angel Air label have been releasing quite a few Sweet albums of late. This is certainly one of the more interesting ones. It's 1978 and the original four piece (Brian Connolly, Andy Scott, Mick Tucker, and Steve Priest) have just released their Level Headed album. Prior to going on tour to support the album they do some rehearsing at Shepperton Studios where some of those rehearsals are recorded. The tapes remained in Andy Scott's possession and are now being shared with the rest of the world. The band is sounding mighty ferocious and tight on these sixteen tracks and the sound quality is excellent. Sweet fans will delight to well-recorded live versions of cuts like "Action," "Fox On The Run," "Love Is Like Oxygen," "Sweet FA," and "Windy City." These are some of the last recordings made by the original line-up so they're definitely a necessary slice of history for Sweet fans.



Take and take and
Take and take and
Take and take
And take.


Thor - Only The Strong (CD + DVD, Cleopatra, Pop)
As time goes by there are more and more and more unusual and surprising reunions and resurgents in the world of music. Ready or not, Thor is back. Some music fans will remember this band which began in the 1970s and the main thing they will most likely remember is that the group featured the former Mr. USA bodybuilder Jon Miki Thor as the lead singer. The band's debut album (Keep The Dogs Away) was well received way back in 1977. What some may not realize is that the group continued recording and playing into the 1980s. While not as successful in the United States, Only The Strong was a big hit in the United Kingdom and produced two hit singles ("Let The Blood Run Red" and "Thunder On The Tundra"). The big news here is that the band just played a live show in Hollywood, California and they now seem poised to let the flame burn once again. As such, the folks at Cleopatra have remastered and reissued the original Only The Strong album, complete with bonus rare and unreleased tracks and a full-length DVD featuring the band playing live in the 1980s. Thor fans will be delighted. It'll be interesting to see what these guys do next. Will they just play the old hits? Or will this be the beginning of a string of brand new albums...?

Tijuana Bullfight - Southern California (Independently released CD, Pop/rock)
The sophomore full-length release from Southern California's Tijuana Bullfight is...appropriately titled Southern California. Someone must've been listening to our wishes this month because it seems like we're getting more rock music than normal as opposed to Americana and folk (both of which are fine, of course, but there's just so much of it in the world lately). If there are three things that we love they would be (a) loud guitars, (b) long hair, and (c) driving rhythms. With the band Tijuana Bullfight you get all three. The press release that accompanied this album mentioned the bands Nirvana, Rage, Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, and Queens of the Stone Age. If you love any of these bands there's a good chance you'll totally dig Southern California because it is one helluva rockin' album. Sure wish there were more hard hitting bands on the planet in 2014. But because there aren't, it sure makes us appreciate loud ballsy bands like Tijuana Bullfight. Killer tracks include "Desire," "Other Than Me," "Round," and "Fat Baby." Get ready to turn up your stereo and totally rock out with this one. We love this stuff. TOP PICK.

Tohpati featuring Jimmy Haslip & Chad Wackerman - Tribal Dance (CD, Moonjune, Progressive rock)
The third full-length release from Indonesian guitar god Tohpati. For those who love guitars, Tribal Dance is a truly tasty treat. Tohpati's speed and precision are immediately gripping and spell binding and he can seemingly make his guitar sound like just about anything of his choosing. Backing Tohpati is the amazing rhythm team of Jimmy Haslip on bass guitar and Chad Wackerman on drums. Together these three musicians manage to make one huge sound that is much, much larger than the sum of the parts. This is an instrumental album with the exception of a few ambient vocal samples that occasionally find their way into the mix. All eight tracks are Tohpati originals and they are all complex and ultimately inspired. This album will appeal to fans of jazz, progressive rock, and even heavy metal. Cool cuts include "Rahwana," "Red Mask," and "Midnight Rain."

Verskotzi - Live performance, May 2, 2014, The Basement, Nashville, TN
We were already knocked out by the debut full-length release (Lemon Heart) from the Minneapolis-based band Verskotzi (see our May 2014 review). So we were pleased as punch when we heard the band was playing at The Basement in Nashville, Tennessee on a Friday night. There's one word to sum up our feelings about this show and that word is...WOW. We were initially wondering how the band could pull off the ultra polished sound of their album in a concert setting. But upon hearing the first song ("Honey") any concerns we had were immediately dashed. The main difference between the recorded sound of Verskotzi and the live band is that the live sound is much heavier. So many new bands start out playing either ultra weird music or songs that aren't fully developed. Then slowly, over time, their sound develops into something more commercial that could appeal to a larger audience. The guys in Verskotzi are starting out playing music that could easily be appreciated by millions of music fans and they're so good at what they do they could already easily be playing to large crowds. Regular readers are already aware of how unimpressed we are with the world of commercial music in the twenty-first century. Folks tend to simply gobble up the crap that is fed to them by people with the money, power, and influence to sell a product. What's interesting about this band is that the songs effectively bridge the gap between artistic integrity and a commercial pop sound. Or, to put it more simply, even though many of the band's songs could be huge hits...they're still completely credible and groovy in every way possible. But back to the show...The Verskotzi live band is comprised of Joey Verskotzi (lead vocals, guitar), Izaac Burkhart (lead guitar, vocals), Ben Jackson (drums, percussion), and Taylor Bray (bass guitar). Rarely have we ever seen four musicians who are as completely in synch with one another as these guys. Despite the fact that they were playing for a relatively small audience, these fellows absolutely blew the roof off The Basement (which of course would normally be impossible because basements don't have roofs). We couldn't help but think that on this particular evening folks probably weren't prepared for a top caliber band playing at a small club at 8:00 PM. Otherwise the room would have been jam packed. Jackson is one helluva drummer and plays from the Ringo Starr school of drumming...keeping a solid steady beat without ever muddying the songs with unnecessary percussion. Burkhart is one amazing guitarist, playing with unbridled ease and confidence...and occasionally adding psychedelic threads to the music. Bray has to be one of the most dynamic bass players we've ever witnessed, constantly zipping up and down the neck of his guitar while providing thick and funky hypnotic bass lines. Verskotzi is not only one kickass guitarist but he's got one of the best voices we've heard in years. All four of these guys have so much stage presence that it is absolutely...amazing. This is definitely one of those cases where all four musicians played an integral role to the overall sound. The band played several selections from the new album which, of course, had us floating up into heaven and back. By the time the show was over...we realized how fortunate we were to be able to experience this band playing live before everyone else finds out about them. If these guys continue on the path they're on, there's no telling how far they can go. Verskotzi is one of the our top favorite bands this year. Get the Lemon Heart album...it's a knockout. And if this band plays anywhere near you, go see them. These guys are...THE BEST. Highly recommended. TOP PICK.

Rockin' Jason D. Williams - Hillbillies and Holy Rollers (CD, Rockabilly, Rockabilly/pop/rock)
It would be almost impossible to describe and/or discuss the music of Rockin' Jason D. Williams without mentioning Jerry Lee Lewis. The two are forever entertwined due to their similar sound and style. Williams even performed all of the 'hand shots' in the film Great Balls of Fire! (the Lewis biography starring Dennis Quaid). Jason' career started when he was only 16 years old playing with LaBeef. Afterward he was signed to both the Sun and RCA labels in the 1980s and 1990s. After taking a bit of a break he returned to the world of recording in 2010 and has been rockin' and recordin' ever since. Hillbillies and Holy Rollers features classic rockabilly songs played with conviction and spirit. The album was recorded at the Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee and it obviously captures the essence of Williams and his band playing live. The title is appropriate because these tunes seem to combine the sounds of rockabilly with the upbeat vibes of gospel music. Jason D. Williams is the real deal and he proves it with each and every one of these eleven tracks. Fun upbeat cuts include "Hillbillies and Holy Rollers," "Fingernails," and "Old Time Religion."


Additional Items Received:

Activator - Activator
Seth Adam - Steel tempered pride
Juan Alamo - Marimjazzia
Amen Ittys - Pliers
Alana Amram & The Rogh Gems - Spring river
Amigo - Might coulc
Annette - Dream with me
Apollo Chamber Players - European folkscapes
Arrested Development - At long last...music ans songs from Arrested Development
August: Osage Countyk - Original motion picture soundtrack
Auris + Gino - Rub

Baby Baby - Big boy baller club
Sherman Baker - Sherman Baker
Brian Baugus - Actor songster sage
Bee Bee Bee Bee - Eee Eee Eee Eee
Marie Nelson Bennett - Orpheus lex
Bezobratri - Bezobratri
Bim Skala Bim - Chet's last call
Erica Blinn - Lovers in the dust
Blue Skies for Black Hearts - Blue Skies for Black Hearts
Sam Boshnack Quintet - Exploding syndrome
Roger Bourland - Four quartets of songs and arias
Bowed Piano Ensemble - Ice and fire
Michael Bradford - The long night
Brushfire Stankgrass - Micro climntes
Ellen Burr / Michael Unruh - Where am i from, where am i going
Rosemary Butler - You just watch me

Calvary - Original motion picture soundtrack
Eileen Careyk - Let it go
Azure Carter & Alan Sondheim - Avator woman
Che Prasad - Christmastime in the apocalypse
Che Prasad - Shiva me timbers
Cinderella - Rodgers and Christopher's Cinderella: A new musical
Conrad Clifton - Picture in picture
Susan Clynes - Life is...
Copernicus - Immediate eternity II
David G. Cortes - Time away but home again
Cosmic Punlch - FM stereo
Crap Detectors - On the psycho path of life
Reginald Cyntze - Elements of life

Keith Davis Trio - Still
Spencer Day - Daybreak
Matija Dedic, Antonio Sanchez, Scott Colley - Sentiana
Frank Dibussolo Group - Songs to write home about
Doors - A psyche tribute to The Doors
Bob Dorough - Bob Dorough
Doug Richards Trio - Jazz in the living room
Down Home Band - Monrovia
Drockulette - Smock
Duo526 - Ballade

8-Bit Operators - Enjoy the science
Dave Ellis - Everything in between
Jace Everett - Terra rosa
Jace Everett Bad things
Ezzeethere - Not so...

Fair Ophelia - 2
Falling Birds - Native America EP
Fankhauser Cassidy Band - On the blue road
Far West - Any day now
Fearing & White - Tea and confidences
Julian Fleisher - Finally
Footnotes - Comin' home
Foundations - Modern works in the clasical tradition
Jeremy Fox - With love
Carl Franklin - Been a while
Morgan Frazier - Morgan Frazier
Danny Freyer - Must be love
Frozen - Original soundtrack
Amos Funk - Black rose

Nick Gallant - Wanderlust
Matt Garrison - Patchwork
Glass House - Long way down
Global Unified - Global Unified
Good Grief / Eureka California - Rusty nail & another round b/w Turn on autopilot, DC sniper
Goodnight Tonight - Watch the rain
Nancy Goudinaki - I wanna be your star

Matt Hannah - Let the lonely fade
Hard Soul - Seize the year
Dave & Emma Hart - Hold on
Cyndi Harvell - Heartache & revolution
Heavy Glow - Pearls & swine and everything fine
John Michael Hersey - Adirondack
Amanda Homi - Till I reach Bombay
Kandia Crazy Horse - Stampede
How the Grinch Stole Christmas! - The musical

I Love Rich - Respect the rich
Il Rumore Bianco - Mediocrazia
Indies Scope - 2013
Intimate Dream - Wonderful thing

The JAC - Love dumb
Daena Jay - Subdivision
Noel Johnston - Salted coffee
Jokeless - Smoke free
Carolyn Lee Jones - The performer
Nate Jones Band - EP
Shaman Juan - Soothsayer
Just A Machine - Piqured jacks
Just A Season - Just A Season
Just A Tarzan - Just A Tarzan
Just A Zoo - Just A Zoo

Kaak - Licked and licker
Kelly's Lot - Live in Brussels
Madison King - Onward and upward
Elly Kouri - I love you too much
Adrian Krygowski - Roam
Daniela Kuri - Sway

Joe LoCascio and Woody Witt - Absinthe: The music of Billy Strayhorn
Lalama Brothers - Erie Ave.
Jacob Latham - Midnight train
John A. Lewis Trio - One trip out
Jackie Lomax - Against all odds
Michelle Langara - Songs of blue
Lowman - Garden of rainbows
Lucky Bone - Borderline

Machine Don't Lie - Nobody panic
Magnolia - Magnolia
Ray Majors - The 7% solution
Dan Masterson - Learn to live
Josh Matthews - A sides
Josh Matthews - Co-patriot
McCormick Percussion Group - Soli for soprano with percussion orchestra
Jim Mize - Jim Mize
Moistboyz - 5
Mike Montrey Band - Song by song by song
Monuments Men - Original motion picture soundtrack
Patricia Morehead - Brass rail blues
Ken Will Morton - Slow burn
Motel Life - Original motion picture soundtrack: Score by David Holmes and Keefus Ciancia
Mud - Original motion picture soundtrack: Score by David Wingo
My Education - 5 popes

Kris N. - The thankful parade
Namb - Namb
Nekozurashi - Ahostractions
Nine Times Blue - Matter of time
Nishe - This is Nishe
Nissy - Program the hissing thing
Non-Stop - Original motion picture soundtrack
Noisy Noses - Noisy Noses
Brian Noyes - Journeys after...
Nylon Jail - My heart soars like a hawk

Oak Street Blues - Calico
Old Cabin - Old Cabin
Alejandra O'Leary and the Champions of hte West - Heartspace timepiece
One Chance - Original motion picture soundtrack
Oooooo - Noooooo
Orchestra of Spheres - Vibration animal sex brain music
Alexandra Ottaway - Tetrahedron dreams

Charlie Parr - Hollandale
Period 2 - Period 2
Troy Petty - Fairy tale pen
Steve Picataggio - Two feet on the ground
Aaron Poehler & Ryan Tullyt-Doyle - Dietrich


Random Order - Black lipstick kiss
Reacta - Refraction
James Tristan Redding - Walking into Brooklyn
Marty Regan - Scattering light, scattering flowers
Edward Rogers - Kaye
Royal Oui - Royal Oui

Chris Sanchez - Guilty
Sarah - Featuring Bruce Barth
Save The Radio - Calculating the sum of your life
Scan Hopper - Mariana bridges
Scattered Bodies - Talking songs
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - The perfect quirk
David Serby and the Latest Scam - David Serby and the Latest Scam
Shameless - Music from the television series
Sherlock - Original television soundtrack
Ships Have Sailed - Someday
Herb Silverstein - Monday morning: 10 original tunes
Sine Qua Non - Simple pleasures
Soatoa - Latent
Sours - Sours
Spell Kasters - Kastin' the spell
Spycker - Voted away
Neville Staple - Ska crazy!
Ann ie Stela - Whiplash blues
Richard Stoltzman - Resolve
Stray - Life in Japan 2013
Joe Sullivan - Whiskey jack waltz
Mason Summit - Absentee
Sunshine Riot - A fresh bottle and a brand new day
Sweet - Sweetlife

Julian Temple Band - Upsidedownbackwards
That Awkward Moment - Original motion picture soundtrack
Beth Thornley - Septagon
Dinah Thorpe - Lullabies & walke up calls
Tippy - Getting Tippy
Alex Tjoland Band - Silent revelry
Toothe - Talons EP
Tower of Song - In cityi and in forest

Ugly Quartet - Mars needs Maurice
Unrepeatable Quartet - Edmonton 2012
The Use - What's the use?

Various artists - Made in Iceland VII
Vaudeville - Vendetta
Vices - Vices
Videoing - Treasure house EP
Vinny Vegas - The big white whale
Vosque Dots - Toska

Sean Wagner - Word came with the evening
Tommy Wallach - I meant it to be sweet
Week of Wonders - Piggybacks b/w The end of the day
Stan Wells - High tide
Jeremy Wilms - Diamond people
Winchester Revival - Eyes in the canopy
Winter Pale - Red sun
Woodshedders - Wildfire
Rik Wright - Fundamental forces


Yippee - A, D, and U

Frank Zappa - Everyone hates my wife now

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Missing Dog Head

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