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Additional Items Received

Mick Abrahams - Revved! (Double CD, Gonzo Multimedia, Pop/rock)
You may not know the name Mick Abrahams right off the bat, but chances are you've heard him in the past. As one of the original members of both Blodwyn Pig and Jethro Tull, Abrahams cemented his place in the world of music decades ago. Now 71 years old, Mick has recorded what some are saying is the strongest album of his career. Not bad for a guy who's been around for so long. The list of artists lending their talents to these recordings is mind boggling. Playing and/or singing on these tracks are Bill Wyman, Martin Barre, Bernie Marsden, Graham Walker, John Gordon, Jim Rodford, George Murayni, Elliot Randall, Geoff Whitehorn, Emily Gardner, Josh Phillips, Mark Feltham, Paul Jones, Beverley Skeete, Don Andrews, Patrick Washe, and Peter Aldridge (whewwwww!!!). And if the list of contributing musicians doesn't blow you away, the tracks on Revved! most certainly will. Abrahams is obviously one of those guys out there who others like, appreciate, and admire. These feelgood blues/rock tracks are slick and inspired and you can just tell by listening to them that the musicians involved were having a helluva time recording them. Seventeen cuts here and they all hit the target. This classy little package also includes a bonus DVD.

Animals - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Score by Ian Hultquist (CD, Lakeshore, Motion picture soundtrack and score)
At first we thought this was the one where animals start attacking people...but then we realized that's the television series Zoo. This is something totally different. Animals tells the story of drug addiction. We haven't seen this one yet, but we usually enjoy films that detail the downward spiral of those addicted to heavy drugs. The movie is getting good reviews so we'll hopefully catch this one at the theater soon. The score is particularly interesting. Ian Hultquist's music easily stands on its own. This guy is very talented and, at least on this album, he comes up with instrumental music that doesn't sound like the rest. We particularly like the overall vibes he creates with instruments...rather hypnotic and slightly surreal. This album is a split disc in which the first ten tracks are the score by Hultquist while the remaining nine are by various artists. Thus, you get a score and a soundtrack on the same disc. The various artists selections are interesting and not the usual fare, but we have to admit we would have enjoyed this one even more if the entire album featured Ian's music.

Eszter Balint - Airless Midnight (CD, Red Herring, Progressive)
The long awaited third full-length release from Eszter Balint. We unfortunately never heard Balint's first two albums, Flicker (1999) and Mud (2004). But both were apparently very well-received by folks in cool music circles. The break between the second album and Airless Midnight was the result of other activities that took precedence at the time. In addition to recording and releasing her own music, Eszter is also an actress. She was offered a part in the Louis television series, playing Louis C.K.'s Hungarian girlfriend Anna (she also provided some of the music for the series). Some amazing folks took part in the recording of this album, including Chris Cochrane, Zena Parkins, Dave Schramm, Marc Ribot, drummer Brian Wilson, JD Foster, and Sam Phillips. Not surprisingly, Airless Midnight is a peculiar artsy experience. Eszter's songs don't sound like those normally produced by your average twenty-first-century recording artist. Her compositions are moody and slightly peculiar, and her vocals are wonderfully resonant and real. This is not music driven by technology, but technology plays a role in creating some of the totally cool atmospheric sounds. Hard to say exactly who this sounds like. Balint's music bears a slight resemblance to hundreds of other artists...without ever sounding too much like any one in particular. Cool reflective tracks include "The Mother," "Departure Song," "All You Need," and "Lullaby for Tonight, Lullaby for No One." Top pick.

Batman: Assault on Arkham - Music From the DC Universe Animated Movie: Composed by Robert J. Kral (Limited Edition CD, La-La Land, Soundtrack)
Some things change and some things stay the same. In 2015, the popularity of Batman seems to remain completely constant. The superhero has spurred off countless films, television shows, comic books and more over the years. And the fans always seem hungry for more, more, more. This limited edition soundtrack CD (there are only 1,500 being pressed) presents the music from the movie which was composed by Australia's Robert J. Kral. Kral has become very much in-demand for the music he creates for film and television in the twenty-first century. He scored the music for most of the television series Angel, plus the shows Miracles, Jake 2.0, Duck Dodgers, The Inside, and The Lost Room. In addition to the music for Assault on Arkham he has also composed animated film scores for Superman: Doomsday, Green Lantern: First Flight, Scooby-Doo! Legend of the Phantosaur, and Superman: The Elite. The music for this Batman film will surely be one of the highlights of Kral's career. Using all the latest technology to create huge otherworldly sounds, Robert presents twenty-two brain melting compositions that are a pure adrenaline rush. Some of the tracks are more subdued and moody while others are a big ol' flashy jolt of excitement. Batman fans will thrill to the sounds of ultra-cool cuts like "Criminal Montage," "Batman Fights Suicide Squad," and "Final Confrontations."

Big Lazy - Don't Cross Myrtle (CD, Tasankee, Instrumental/pop)
We've said it before and we'll say it again. We really admire artists out there who write and record instrumentals...because taking such an approach is much more risky and folks are far less likely to take notice. Don't Cross Myrtle is the fifth full-length release from Big Lazy. This band is the project created and spearheaded by guitarist Stephen Ulrich. The band was on hiatus over the past few years as Ulrich was focusing on composing music for television. Fortunate for all of us, he and his band have returned. Publicist extraordinaire Bernadette Quigley refers to the music on this album as "Americana noir"...which is a surprisingly succinct and accurate term to describe the music. Backing Stephen on these tracks are Yuval Lion (drums) and Andrew Hall (acoustic bass). Also lending their support are Steven Bernstein, Peter Hess, Charlie Giordano, Willie Martinez, and Mick Rossi. Listening to these tracks, it's easy to see why Ulrich has become an in-demand composer for television. Eleven captivating tracks here including "Minor Problem," "The Low Way," "Night Must Fall," and "Whereabouts." Groovy stuff with a totally infectious vibe.



The Blop
On Flop
Is Tippety

Blurred Vision - Organized Insanity (CD, Open Eye, Progressive pop/rock)
The debut album from Blurred Vision, the trio comprised of Ben Riley (drums), Sepp Osley (vocals, guitars), and Sohl Osley (bass). These guys have messages and songs that could appeal to a huge segment of the listening audience around the globe. The band began back in 2010 but have only recently released this, their debut full-length album. Produced and mixed by Terry Brown, these tracks have a nice thick professional sound without ever coming across seeming too processed or artificially slick. The songs on Organized Insanity combine elements from 1970s progressive rock with twenty-first century pop, creating a brand of music that is both smart and accessible. For a three piece, these guys have a really big sound. Sepp's vocals are the obvious focal point of the band. The guy has a nice smooth voice and, unlike most modern vocalists, he does not over sing. Eleven well-crafted cuts here including "No More War" (this one has a super catchy repeating refrain), "Long May You Run," "Promise," and "Organized Insanity."

Breadfoot - Salvatella (CD, Jeeziepeezie, Folk/soft pop)
We're always on a search for simplicity and purity in music...and in Breadfoot we find both. The last time we heard from this fellow was way back in October of 2005 when he released his Tea With Leo album. Since that time, Breadfoot has made some amazing connections, shared the stage with some amazing artists, and fine-tuned his craft with amazing precision. A far cry from the overlayering and overuse of technology that tarnishes so many modern artists, Breadfoot presents his tunes simply using only the bare essentials. As such, he comes across very much like a real man making real music. Recorded at On Pop of the World Studios in Greensboro, North Carolina, Salvatella is a real cool slice of underground Americana folk/pop played with class, style, and a whole helluva lot of personality. If you want to get a quick dose of what this man is all about, search for Breadfoot on and you're very likely to be instantly won over. This guy's music comes from his heart and soul and some of his melodies and lyrics truly sound like modern day classics. We have a funny feeling Salvatella is the one that's going to push this fellow's career to the next level. Cool reflective cuts include "Salvatella," "Valentine," "Lucky Me," and "Still Can't (Find My Heart)." Real, true music that resonates. Top pick.

The Breton Sound - Don't Be Afraid of Rock & Roll, Volume 1 (CD EP, Clydetone, Rock/pop)
The sign of a really cool EP is when the thing ends and you wish it would keep on going. This is one of those cases. With some luck and good timing, The Breton Sound is a band that has the potential to become hugely popular. These four guys have a driving hard rock sound that is totally charged up, energetic, and exciting. The songs are gripping and interesting and the playing is super super tight. If you love great loud rock/pop reminiscent of cool buzzsaw power pop bands from the 1990s, you're extremely likely to dig Don't Be Afraid of Rock & Roll, Volume 1. Five intriguing rockers including "Rivers Cuomo," "Walking Backwards," and "Stitches." Can't wait to hear this band's next full-length...

Heidi Breyer - Letters From Far Away (Independently released double CD, Piano/instrumental)
Lovely double disc set featuring the music of composer/pianist Heidi Breyer. The idea here is simple and effective. On the first disc of Letters From Far Away eleven songs are presented with Ms. Breyer playing solo piano. The second disc presents the same eleven tracks but this time with subtle arrangements adding extra layers and instruments to the songs. These recordings were co-produced by Will Ackerman (the founder of the Windham Hill label), Tom Eaten, and Heidi. If there is one word we would use to describe this music that word would be...expressive. Ms. Breyer uses music to express her emotions and on these two discs she succeeds on all levels. All eleven tracks feature beautiful melodies and very subtle nuances in terms of playing and arrangements. After spinning this a few times we honestly can't decide which we prefer...the solo piano versions or the versions with arrangements. So we finally just decided that they're both rather magical. This music was created by a lovely talented lady who obviously loves making music. You can hear and feel it in every note that she plays. Housed in a simple cardboard foldout sleeve, Letters From Far Away provides calming reflective music to set the perfect mood for a perfect evening. Truly beautiful stuff.

Bunnygrunt - Vol 4 (CD, Vinyl LP Happy Happy Birthday To Me, Pop/rock)
Sporting one of the funniest covers we've seen lately, Vol 4 presents the familiar title and similar image seen on the famous Black Sabbath album from way back when. But in place of Ozzy we have a yellow bear raising it's arms to the sky. Funny stuff. This is the fifth or sixth Bunnygrunt album so it makes perfect sense that it would be called Vol 4. The folks in this band play wonderfully simple low fidelity hard pop that reminds us of some of the great underground pop bands in the United States in the 1990s. Instead of layering everything to death, these folks use only the basics to get their point across. And on Vol 4 they succeed splendidly. Churning out sixteen tracks with complete confidence and ease, these folks once again prove they're in it for the long run. Tired of too many bands that sound way too perfect? Give Vol 4 a listen and you'll suddenly remember what rock music is supposed to sound like. Cool gripping cuts include "Gimmie Five Bucks," "Frankie Is A Killer," "Carmelita," and "Don't Forget Who Your Friends Are." This one's being simultaneously released on CD and vinyl LP (so you can appreciate the cool cover art even more...).

Burying The Ex - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Music by Joseph Loduca (CD, Lakeshore, Soundtrack)
Okay, so this film is already getting the axe according to most reviewers on the internet. The title's great. And the idea's pretty cool--a guy's girlfriend gets killed and then comes back as a zombie trying to continue the relationship. But, at least according to most, the film just isn't so great. But as we've learned from the past, a bad movie doth not a bad soundtrack make. And whether or not you like the film, the soundtrack by Joseph Loduca is rather intriguing and cool. At this point in time Loduca is probably best known to most as the man who created the score for the popular television series The Librarians. While this film might not be as big of a hit with viewers, our guess is that listeners will find a great deal of audio entertainment here. Twenty-five creative cuts including "Go To Hell Max/They're Coming," "Left Alone," and "Travis Kills Ev."

Cardboard Highway - Silverware (Independently released CD-R EP, Pop)
Nice smooth underground guitar pop from Kalamazoo, Michigan's Cardboard Highway. This is a true independent CD-R release, complete with a home produced paper sleeve and xeroxed lyric sheet. Five simple pop tunes presented using only the basics, which allows the listener to concentrate specifically on the basics. This band is the trio comprised of Peter Morris (guitar, vocals), Matt Willsea (guitar, bass), and Mark Morris (guitar, drums, bass). These songs may remind many listeners of the 1990s when home recording was really beginning to explode. Instead of trying to achieve digital perfection, the idea here seems to be to just create cool vibes with music. All five cuts hit the target, with our favorites being "Sockbasket" and "Under Your Bed." Cool stuff.

Caustic Casanova - Breaks (CD, Retro Futurist, Pop)
The folks in Caustic Casanova are back and sounding better than ever. After releasing two well-received albums (Imminent Eminence, 2008 and Someday You Will Be Proven Correct, 2012), they embarked on a SXSW tour...only to have their original guitarist suddenly leave the band. Afterward they tried continuing as a drum and bass duo but that didn't seem right. Another setback was that the drummer at one point experienced serious wrist injuries from which she had to recover. They finally had to make a decision whether to continue or go off in some different direction. After enlisting Andrew Yonki to play guitar, the decision was obvious. Caustic Casanova was back in business and ready to forge ahead. Once again produced by J. Robbins, Breaks picks up where the last album left off. This band has a sound and style that will remind folks of 1980s and 1990s underground guitar rock. These tracks sound like a real band playing real instruments. And they're not at all afraid to turn up and make real noise. Breaks is a true rock and roll album, full of furious rhythms, loud guitars, and plenty of focused aggression. Seven thundering rockers that will please even the most jaded music fans. Killer cuts include "Thundersnow," "Elect My Best Friend For A Better World," "The Forgiveness Machine," and "The Painted Desert."

Chappie - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Music by Hans Zimmer (CD, Varese Sarabande, Soundtrack)
If you liked Robocop and Artificial Intelligence, this might be your next favorite film. Chappie is a story that takes place in the future when the world is patrolled by robot police. But the story is actually driven by one robot who is reprogrammed so that he is able to actually think, feel, and act like a human being. Providing the score for the film is Hans Zimmer who, at this point in time, has scored the music to more than 120 films (!). The soundtrack to Chappie is, appropriately, more electronic and dark than what most folks are accustomed to hearing. Some of these tracks remind us of the music to the wonderfully inventive television show Alias due to the driving beats and overall intensity. This film seems to be getting mixed reviews but our guess is that the soundtrack will be a total hit in the years to come. These tracks are smart, intense, exciting, and just slightly...curious. Sixteen gripping cuts including "It's A Dangerous City," "Rudest Bad Boy in Joburt," "The Outside is Temporary," and "We Own This Sky."

The City of Tomorrow - Nature (CD, Ravello, Classical/wind quintet)
Here in the sometimes confusing audio world of 2015 we don't often hear wind quintets roaming around the planet. As such, the folks in The City of Tomorrow immediately define themselves as something different...and musicians who obviously prefer to take the road less traveled. They are, in fact, the first wind quintet ever to win the gold medal at the Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition. The group is comprised of Elise Blatchford (flute), Stuart Breczinski (oboe), Camila Barrientos Ossio (clarinet), Lara Miller (bassoon), and Leander Star (horn). Nature, the first in a three-part series, presents four lengthy pieces that showcase these five musicians' precise ability to communicate through sound. Featuring compositions by David Lang, Luciano Berio, Denys Boulaine, and Nat Evans, Nature is a purely delightful experience of the highest order.



People do
What they want to do
And they don't do
What they don't want
To do.


The Dreaming Tree - Silverfade (Independently released CD, Progressive pop)
More and more bands seem to be taking their cues from progressive rock bands from the 1970s. The guys in The Dreaming Tree make music that seems influenced by the genre while simultaneously having a sound and image that is decidedly more current. This is the first new album from the band since they released their Progress Has No Patience album in 2010. On Silverfade, the playing is precise and the songs have strong melodies. But the band's greatest strength is probably their arrangements. These fourteen tracks feature very precise articulate arrangements that obviously required a great deal of time, thought, and attention. Although these songs recall a variety of different bands, it's difficult coming up with one specific point of reference here. Smart progressive tracks include "Yesterday's Tomorrow," "Cherry Winters," and "Zero To Type One."

The Dream Syndicate - The Days of Wine and Roses (CD, Omnivore, Pop/rock)
Reissue of the highly influential debut album from California's The Dream Syndicate which has been out of print for about a decade. Although widely recognized for having affected lots and lots of musicians and artists, The Days of Wine and Roses was not a commercial success. And that's probably because the tunes weren't catchy and the songs weren't easily understood. The original band consisted of Steve Wynn (guitar, vocals), Karl Precoda (guitar), Kendra Smith (bass, vocal), and Dennis Duck (drums). The Dream Syndicate were one of a handful of bands who seemed to usher in the decade of alternative rock. Released in the early 1980s, Wine and Roses effectively combined the sound of The Velvet Underground with Television. The album was originally released by Slash Records. Time has been kind to these recordings. The album is probably much more popular now than it ever was when it was released. This reissue includes six never-before-heard recordings that will certainly be of interest to the band's many fans (particularly the ten minute plus spontaneously improvised "Outside The Dream Syndicate"). Nice to have this one back in print and this edition will probably be the one everyone wants. In a cool digipak sleeve complete with a very informative slick little booklet.

Exodus: Gods and Kings - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Music by Alberto Iglesias (CD, Sony Classical, Soundtrack)
Director Ridley Scott has a large and dedicated fan base. After creating huge blockbusters like Alien, Blade Runner, and Gladiator, film fanatics are always on the prowl to see what he will come up with next. This time around he takes on Biblical and historical issues with the film Exodus: Gods and Kings. This one is being offered in regular and 3D versions and from what we're reading, it's full of absolutely incredible state-of-the-art effects. The music for the film was composed by three-time Academy Award nominee Alberto Iglesias. Iglesias probably came to the attention of most when he began working with ultra-bizarre Spanish director Pedro Almodovar many years ago. Since that time he has created a large and impressive body of work and received numerous awards. There's a lot of music to take in here. This soundtrack presents a whopping thirty-two (!) tracks...over seventy-eight minutes of music. Perfectly executed compositions include "War Room," "The Coronation," "Moses & Nun," and "The Ten Commandments."

Linda Hoyle - The Fetch (CD, Angel Air, Progressive)
We're embarrassed to admit that, up until now...we had never heard of Linda Hoyle. But upon reading the press release that accompanied this album we were immediately curious and interested. And that's because Hoyle's debut album Pieces of Me was released way back in 1971 on the wonderfully inventive Vertigo label. Way back in those days imported records were a lot harder to come by, but whenever we could get our hands on a Vertigo release we felt particularly lucky because the label seemed to always sign some of the very best and most creative artists at that point in time. After her debut album Hoyle went on to front the band Affinity. Switch forward a few decades...and she decided to record a follow up to her solo debut. We can't compare this to the 1971 album because we never heard it. But we can say that these compositions contain many of the elements that made us such fans of 1970s progressive music in the first place. Joining Linda on this album are Mo Foster, Oliver Whitehead, Corrina Silvester, Ray Russell, Gary Husband, and Nick Nicholas. These intricate complex songs feature exceedingly perfect arrangements, super intelligent lyrics, and some truly superb lead vocals. The Fetch seems to exist in that perfect arena where the past meets the present. Twelve cool moody reflective cuts including "The Fetch," "It's The World," "So Simple," and "Earth and Stars."

Hyperbubble - Dee Dee Rocks The Galaxy: Original Soundtrack by Hyperbubble (CD, Pure Pop For Now People, Pop)
The folks in the band Hyperbubble could just have easily called themselves Hyperprolific...because over the past few years they have proven that they certainly are. Almost as soon as one album comes out another quickly follows in its footsteps. But unlike some ultraprolific artists where quality varies from one release to the can always bet on these folks to be consistent. Dee Dee Rocks The Galaxy is a B-movie that premiered in 2014 at The 48 Hour Film Fest in San Antonio, Texas (where Hyperbubble won first place for Best Musical Score). This is not your normal predictable film soundtrack. Jess and Jeff DeCuir have a trademark analog synth sound that is instantly identifiable, and a far cry from the oh-so-samey sound of most twenty-first century electronic pop artists. As with past releases, the main emphasis is on creating music that is pure undiluted fun. Although, being the soundtrack to a film and all, there are a few less poppy tracks. Whether they're doing straightforward music...or delving into more abstract territory...these folks always hit the target. Another gripping release from Hyperbubble. Top pick.

God Damn - Vultures (CD, One Little Indian, Rock)
God Damn. What a great goddamn name for a goddamn band. We would have taken the goddamn space out between the two goddamn words (of course), but these words (or word) will forever be in our all-time list of goddamn favorites. Simply because...for some goddamn reason, this is one of the few left that seems to bother goddamn people. For folks wanting more than just a great band name, there's plenty to rock your goddamn world on Vultures. In a world where so many bands have become way, way, WAY too goddamn tame...these guys have a super loud rip roaring sound. They've got plenty of goddamn balls and attitude...and they're not at all afraid to turn all the way up and flail away to goddamn infinity. And unlike most loud rock bands who hide behind volume and energy, these guys have smart interesting goddamn songs that are substantial and truly gripping. Many listeners may be reminded of the 1990s when there were so many great ultra-loud bands in the United States playing to super small audiences. But just like those hyperactive creative goddamn bands from the nineties, the guys in God Damn create music that is not only super loud and powerful...but also very interesting and unique. We watched a couple of the band's videos and were even more impressed. These guys are doing everything right here...hitting the goddamn target dead center with real focus and power. After spinning this a couple of times, this band is immediately at the top of our list of "must see" bands. Totally hard rockin' cuts include "Horseley Fields," "By The Wayside," "Deadpan Riot," "Vultures," and "The Cut." If you loved the more intense side of Redd Kross you owe it yourself to check this one out. We're totally digging this. HOT STUFF. Top pick.

Michael Grimm - Grimm (Independently released CD, Pop)
It should come as no surprise to regular readers that we're not big fans of the tidal wave of talent shows that have infected our society over the past couple of decades. We're even less big fans of the musical artists (term used loosely) who choose this avenue as a means of getting their careers off the ground. As such, we were very surprised to find that we really like and enjoy this album. Michael Grimm, surprisingly, won the fifth season of America's Got Talent. We say "surprisingly" because we're very surprised that a musician with real talent actually won in a talent show like this. Grimm is Michael's sixth album. Not only does this disc have a great deal of commercial appeal, but we're guessing that other more discerning listeners may find themselves also tapping their toes to this. Grimm's upbeat modern soul driven pop is friendly and familiar, but it doesn't sound like the usual Top Ten dribble that the masses always seem so willing to gobble up. So to sum this one up. Yup, even though we proudly admit that we're underground music snobs...we also have to admit that we like this guy's music and where he's coming from. Nice friendly hummable tracks include "Generation Next," "She Drives Me Crazy," and "The Wind." Maybe in some cases talent shows actually do serve a purpose...(?)...

Insect Ark - Portal/Well (CD, Autumn Songs, Progressive)
This is a very interesting and very dark album of instrumentals. Portal/Well is coming from a direction unlike most of what we're hearing in 2015. Insect Ark is the one woman band created by Brooklyn, New York's Dana Schechter. The music has been described by some as experimental doom. But to give you a more accurate idea of what's going on here, we'll quote directly from the well-written press release: "The music braids together delay-drenched lap steel, programmed and real drums, distorted bass, and synths to create a sonic mural both uncomfortably intimate and icy cold." To us, these tracks are slightly reminiscent of Scorn, except the rhythms are much more varied and the overall tone is much more progressive. While growing up in San Francisco, Schechter was into the metal scene. She eventually moved to New York and ended up playing bass with Michael Gira in Swans. After that, she created the remarkably intriguing but decidedly unconventional band Bee and Flower before eventually adopting the moniker Insert Ark...which brings us up to the present. Dana released a well-received EP and single before releasing this, the debut full-length album. As we said before, this music is very dark, very moody, very experimental, and slightly hallucinogenic. Folks into mind alterations will find a lot to love here. But whether you alter your mind or not, this music will make you feel real weird. Definitely some of the heaviest and strangest instrumental music we've heard in a very long time. And the best part's totally KILLER. We highly recommend this one... TOP PICK.

The Kickback - Sorry All Over The Place (CD, Jullian, Pop)
The debut full-length album from The Kickback. The band was created by Billy Yost who is originally from South Dakota. After graduating from College, Yost felt like he needed to move to another city where there would be more people who shared similar musical interests. So off to Chicago he went, eventually recruiting his fellow bandmates Eamonn Donnelly (bass), Jonny Ifergan (guitar), and Ryan Farnham (drums). The band released several EPs and singles. Eventually they sent some of their demos to Spoon's Jim Eno. Eno was impressed and invited the band to his Public Hi-Fi studio in Austin, Texas...and Sorry All Over The Place was born. The Spoon connection is more than coincidence. The group is one of Billy's main influences and you can hear traces of Spoon in these tracks. We can't help but think this one will be in instant hit among music hipsters around the world. These tunes are smart and memorable...and they have that certain kick that makes you want to move to the music. These tracks are pop but not in the calculated or predictable sense. This album is brimming over the edge with cool melodies, smart lyrics, and arrangements that are a perfect fit for each track. And Yost's vocals are on. The more we spin this the more we love it. Ultra cool cuts include "Sting's Teacher Years," "Fanger," "Little Teach," and "Please Hurt." Top pick.

Penka Kouvena - The Woman Astronaut (CD, Varese Sarabande, Soundtrack)
Now here's a different sort of release. A classical-instrumental theme album called The Woman Astronaut featuring all original music composed, orchestrated, and produced by the one-and-only Penka Kouvena. Female composers are either more rare or receive less recognition than their male counterparts in the world of classical and instrumental music. Born and raised in Bulgaria, Penka began composing music for theater at age twelve (!). Over the years she has made some amazing contacts, received numerous awards, and created a most impressive body of work. The Woman Astronaut is, in a word, breathtaking. Using only instrumentals, Kouvena takes us through a musical journey that gives the listener the overall feeling of a person traveling through time and space. The album is divided into three sections: "Origins," "Flight School," and "Space." This was obviously a labor of love and true dedication. Kouvena is a composer of the highest order, coming up with melodies that are timeless and sounds that are classic. This should appeal equally to classical music fans as well as fans of music for film and television. Truly remarkable compositions include "Earth," "Looking Up," "Taking Flight," "In Space," and "Goodbyes In Zero Gravity." Beautiful music, beautifully executed. Highly recommended. TOP PICK.

Kyrbgrinder - Chronicles of a Dark Machine (Independently released CD, Rock)
The first thing that most folks will probably notice about London-based metal band Kyrbgrinder is the fact that the drummer is the lead vocalist. Not unheard of but definitely not the norm. This band is comprised of Johanne James (drums), Aaron Waddingham (guitars), and Dave Lugay (bass). These three play a brand of crunchy loud metal rock/pop that was very popular in underground music circles in the 1990s. For a super loud band, these guys have surprisingly discernible melodies and you can actually understand the words. James is no stranger to the world of music. He has received the award for Best Drummer five times in the past by Classic Rock Society. If you like complex guitar riffs and driving rhythms, you'll find a lot to appreciate here. Ten attention grabbing tracks played with true focus and intent. Neat sounding stuff.

Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu - Original Television Soundtrack: Music by Jay Vincent and Michael Kramer (CD, Varese Sarabande, Television soundtrack)
Decades ago who would have thought that there would be Lego films and television shows...??? Strange but true, the ever evolving Lego toys seem to be taking over the universe and beyond. And the craze shows no signs of letting up. Jay Vincent and Michael Kramer created the music for this television show. Two of the youngest composers ever to receive a BMI Film & TV Award, these guys represent what the future most likely holds in the world of film and television soundtracks. For this show, they chose wind instruments to represent the good guys and harsh plucking, bowing and scraping sounds for the bad guys. The end a wild and intriguing mix of sounds that no doubt adds multiple layers of intrigue to the television show. Vincent and Kramer first met while attending the University of Southern California's film scoring program and have been working together ever since. This nineteen track album features a curious myriad of sounds, styles, and vibes. Totally cool cuts include "Attack f the Skeleton Army," "Weapons Take Flight," "Falcon Chase," and "Summoning the Great Devourer."

Lorna - London's Leaving Me (CD, Words On Music, Soft moody pop)
The fifth full-length release from Nottingham, England's Lorna. The band is driven by the husband-and-wife songwriting duo of Mark Rolfe and Sharon Cohen-Rolfe, along with their bandmates Andrew Bullock (bass, guitar, vocals), Matt Harrison (guitar, flute), Madeline Leverton (violin), and Rein Ove Sikveland (viola). Given the fact that Lorna is a six person group, one might think that the sound would be huge and overblown. But, in fact, the exact opposite is the case. The folks in this band began playing together way back in 1997 and, since that time, they have gained the respect and admiration of a continually growing number of fans, critics, and fellow musicians. In addition to presenting originals, this time around they also chose to include a unique interpretation of the Guided By Voices tune "Smothered In Hugs." The folks in Lorna succeed where others fail because they're smart...they're talented...and they don't sound like everyone else. Instead of following familiar trends or overtrodden paths, these folks faithfully follow their own muse. And, in doing so, manage to retain their credibility with each and every release. Well-conceived cuts include "Like Alastair Sim," "Atlases," "London's Leave Me," and "You, Me, and the Holly Ghost." Nice, moody, smart, and inventive.

Matthew Marshall / Michael Calvert - Rhapsody On A Riff (CD, Ravello, Guitar/instrumental)
If you like intricate and meticulously-played solo guitar, this just might be your favorite new album. The cleverly-titled Rhapsody On A Riff presents music composed by New Zealand's Michael Calvert as interpreted on the guitar by Matthew Marshall. The title track incorporates the well-known riff from Deep Purple's "Smoke On The Water" in such a way that it is barely recognizable (we didn't even realize this initially). The album is divided into six sections: "Rhapsody On A Riff," "Gaston Amoureux," "Lascivious Pleasing," "Eight Studies," "Fantastia in August," and "Suma." At a point in time when so many musicians and artists are so fond of using hundreds of layers to produce albums, recordings like this are a refreshing change. It takes real guts to record solo music with no overdubs. And yet Marshall's playing is so relaxed and comfortable that you'd never even realize the focus, dedication, and skill it takes to create something like this. Soft, moody, provocative. Over forty-five minutes of pure, resonant guitar playing.

Marshmallow Coast - Vangelis Rides Again (CD, Happy Happy Birthday To Me, Pop)
We've always admired the band Marshmallow Coast. Over the years the band's output has been amazingly consistent and there's never ever been the slightest hint of selling out. The curiously-titled Vangelis Rides Again just might be our favorite Marshmallow Coast album ever. This time around the songs seem more fluid and laidback...more moody and subdued...and ultimately even more inspired than ever before. Andy Gonzales is a man whose music seems to flow naturally from his mind to his fingers and vocal chords. These songs sound anything but forced. In a world where way too many people are trying way too hard to stand out from the crowd, Gonzales succeeds simply because...he is a man with true talent. Hard to compare these songs to other artists because they seem to be coming from their own distinctive universe. On this album every single track stands out...and they're all rather magnetic and hypnotic. We dig every single cut here but particular standouts include "Hash Out Cash Out," "Hills Are Alive," "Vangelis Rides Again," and "Foreign Denial." Totally groovy stuff with brains. Top pick.

Sarah McQuaid - Walking Into White (CD, Waterbug, Pop/folk/rock)
Well now here's one that doesn't sound like all the others. Walking Into White is the fourth full-length release from England's Sarah McQuaid. For this album, Sarah traveled to Cornwall, New York and worked with co-producers Jeremy Backofen and her cousin Adam Pierce. The three week sessions resulted in this, a unique collection of progressive folk/pop compositions with links to the past and the present. Very much unlike modern commercial artists whose music has no substance or soul, McQuaid's overall sound is moody and remarkably personal. Also very much unlike modern commercial artists, Sarah's voice is exceedingly real. She comes across sounding like a real human being singing real words...rather than someone whose voice has been perfected to pieces by digital processing. Very hard to come up with any comparisons here, as this young lady seems to be coming from her own distinct space. The more we spin this one, the better it sounds. Fourteen smart compositions and they're all rather...magical. Cool reflective cuts include "Low Winter Sun," "Sweetness and Pain," Yellowstone," and "Leave It For Another Day."

The Muffs - The Muffs (CD reissue, Omnivore Recordings, Rock/pop)
We've always enjoyed the sound of The Muffs. But way back when the band got their start we were so infatuated with The Fastbacks that we couldn't even imagine properly enjoying any other female fronted buzzsaw pop band without wishing we were hearing Kurt Bloch's painfully underrated band. Skip forward to early 2015 and we stumbled across a couple of Muffs videos on the internet and we thought...well now, it sure sounds like there's something substantial going on here that we somehow overlooked in the 1990s. So we pulled out some of our Muffs CDs...ordered the ones we didn't have...and we were mighty surprised to find that the band had just released their first new album of new material in 2014 (Whoop Dee Doo). We put all the music on our MP3 player (great for workouts, by the way...)...and we finally at long last fell totally head-over-heels in love with this band. We had been steadily listening to the Muffs for months this year when we received an e-mail from the fine folks at Conqueroo. And we were as pleased as punch to find that the folks at Omnivore Recordings had just begun a campaign to reissue Muffs albums. This, the debut album, is the one that benefits the most from a remaster/reissue. The debut album was and is great to be sure...but the recording quality and volume varied quite a bit from one song to the next. Well Muffs fans...that problem has been corrected...and now the early Muffs recordings come off sounding as fresh and energized as the year they were originally recorded. Not only do you get all the original sixteen tracks...but Omnivore also includes a whopping ten (10) bonus tracks. If you ever appreciated The Muffs then this is a must have. If you somehow missed out on their music, this will serve as the perfect introduction. We should also note that the band has snapped back in a big way in recent months. Released in 2014, the comeback album Whoop Dee Doo is a pure smashing and delightful return to form. We sure hope The Muffs continue making music. At this point in time, they're probably the most vital and purely entertaining power pop band out there. Highly recommended. TOP PICK.




Heather Nova - The Way It Feels (Independently released CD, Moody progressive folk/pop)
Heather Nova is yet another hugely successful artist who eventually decided to circumvent record companies and release her music herself. Nova made a major splash around the globe in the early 1990s and has had a fiercely devoted fan base ever since. Her ninth full-length release, The Way It Feels is yet another excellent addition to her impressive catalog of music. Heather's songs incorporate elements from folk, pop, Americana, progressive rock, and more. Producers Josh Kaler and Jay Clifford are a perfect match for Ms. Nova's overall sound. The cool flowing compositions on this album feature wonderfully winding melodies, groovy atmospheric arrangements and, of course, that lovely trademark voice that so many fans know and love. Instead of burning out or rehashing the same old ideas, Heather instead chooses to keep offering truly inspired music that will stand the test of time. Her songs have a classic sound that will still sound great decades from now. This album is accessible enough for those who like a more commercial sound...while creative and artsy enough to please the folks who want something more. Twelve pensive smart cuts including "Treehouse," "Sea Glass," "The Archaeologist," "Sleeping Dogs," and "Moon River Days." Nice solid stuff with heart. Top pick.

Overly Polite Tornadoes - When You Wake Up (CD, Jam, Moody progressive pop)
Yet another intriguing band on Portage, Michigan's Jam label. This one's coming from a slightly different direction than many of the artists on this cool independent label. The first thing that grabbed our attention about this band was the name...Overly Polite cool is that...? But even cooler are the songs themselves. When You Wake Up presents fourteen captivating modern pop compositions played with true focus and style. This band is the husband-and-wife duo of Mark Andrew Morris and Holly Klutts-Morris...but listening to these tracks you'd never know this was a two-person band. The cuts on this album perfectly combine pop sounds with some slightly abstract elements to create melodic pop that is both catchy and inventive. Great vocals, cool guitars, and an overall nifty vibe. What more could you ask for? Our favorite cuts include "New Leaf Turns Over," "Supermom," "Like A Bird's Nest," and "My Cocoon."

OU - Scrambled! (CD, Public Eyesore, Progressive/eclectic)
Hmmm...when's the last time you heard music made by a band in Sardinia? This just might be the first time we've heard from a group on the rarely discussed island in the Mediterranean Sea. Because the band OU (which means egg in Sardinian) is from an unlikely place, we shouldn't be too surprised to find that the music is rather unusual. According to the press release that accompanied this album, this seven piece group "blurs the boundaries between jazz, world music, irony, ferocity and tenderness." To make things even more peculiar, the songs are sung in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, English, and Pygmy (??!!). With all of these things considered, the compositions on Scrambled! are actually much smoother and accessible than you might guess. More than any other group, the music of OU reminds us in some ways of the ultra obscure band Henry Cow from the 1970s. This is a progressive album but it's not like all the other retro-progressive albums out there. These folks are coming from their own unique space...and the music is surprisingly friendly and listenable. Nine smart cuts including "Nochdenada," "Deificacao," "I Like You," and "Jengi."

Self-Evident - The Traveler (CD, Double Plus Good, Progressive rock)
Progressive math rock with a punch. On this album, the guys in Self-Evident decided to take a different approach. Rather than simply record a new album, they recorded two brand new tracks, did new recordings of some old compositions, and covered two songs by Bear Claw and Traindodge. The an album that sounds surprisingly consistent. The Traveler is a complex album full of complex time signatures and peculiar arrangements. If you're looking for simple or straightforward rock music you won't find it here. These three guys (Tom Berg, Conrad Mach, Ben Johnston) write songs that come from a different universe where you won't hear familiar singalong choruses or the same old chord progressions. And while their songs would fit comfortably in the progressive genre they don't sound like rehashes of 1970s bands. Intriguing super smart cuts include "Time Capsule," "A New Way," and "Loaded Down With Static." Cool gripping stuff with plenty of guts and brains.

Shaun The Sheep Movie - Music From the Film by Ilan Eshkeri (CD, Silva Screen, Soundtrack)
We've been longtime fans of the work produced by the fine folks at Aardman Animations Limited. And Shaun The Sheep is a personal favorite in many ways because he reminds us of Tweety Bird. The overall image and idea is so extremely simple...yet it works. Here we have the music presented in the film Shaun The Sheep Movie. Blasting off from the starting gate are the groovy Fountains of Wayne-esque sounds of Tim Wheeler's "Feels Like Summer" (co-written by Wheeler, Ilan Eshkeri, and Nick Hodgson). This is a perfect feelgood track that should be blasting from everyone's car stereo this summer. Then it's off to the world of Eshkeri's imagination where he presents some truly fine and inventive instrumentals that sound like the perfect backdrop for a modern animated film. Ilan is a British composer who, up to this point in time, is best known for the film scores he created for Stardust, The Young Victoria, and Kick-Ass (in addition he also collaborates with other recording artists). So many film soundtracks are so heavy and overblown. This one is much lighter and easier on the ears and mind. Twenty-six cool credible tracks here including "Humdrum Day," "Doctor Bitzer," "Building The Horse," and "Life's A Treat."

Alex Shelter - In Peace (Independently released CD, Soft moody pop)
This one arrived in our trusty mailbox courtesy of the fine folks at The Honest Arts PR Group without any accompanying press release or information on the artist. We like that...because it forces us to focus on the music itself rather than miscellaneous extraneous variables. In Peace is a collection of soft moody underground pop songs that were obviously created as a labor of love. Some of Alex Shelter's tunes sound something like a slightly more abstract progressive pop version of Leonard Cohen. Alex has a cool deep voice that comes across sounding completely genuine and personal. And his songs sound as if they were born out of his own personal experiences. Hard to compare this one to other albums we've heard of late...and that is a very good thing. Eleven cool meaningful cuts here including "Where the Ocean Meets the Sun," "Sorrow," "In Peace," and "Away From You."

The Sideshow Tragedy - Capital (CD, Old Soul, Rock/pop)
Old school rock/pop with an old school vibe. The Sideshow Tragedy is the duo of Nathan Singleton and Jeremy Harrell. Together the two play a unique brand of rockin' music that sounds something like The White Stripes meets Patti Smith. Taking an approach that is the direct opposite of most twenty-first century recording artists, these guys present their music simply using on the essentials in order to get their point across. Recorded at Old Soul Studios with award-winning producer Kenny Siegal, these tunes crackle and sizzle with raw rock energy. You can tell by the sound of these tracks that these three men had a great time recording these tunes. The cool driving energy is magnetic and inspired on Capital from start to finish. If you're tired of hearing too many albums that are all just a little too goddamn perfect...then you'll probably get a major kick out of this one. Raw rockin' tracks include "Number One," "Keys to the Kingdom," "Two Guns," and "Plow Song."

Static Daydream - Static Daydream (CD, Saint Marie / Moon Sounds, Pop)
Groovy distorted modern noise pop with defined melodies and crashing rhythms. Static Daydream is the boyfriend-and-girlfriend duo of Paul Baker and Jamie Casey. The pair released a well-received EP (The Only One) in 2014 and now they follow up with their debut full-length album. This self-titled album effectively combines drone, electronica, dance, underground pop, and experimental sounds. But unlike many noise pop bands whose music really is just noise, lurking underneath the surface are some surprisingly well-conceived and well-executed pop tunes. This band's sound is a far cry from modern digital perfection. These songs seem to have purposely raw edges and a nice spontaneous feel. The band is apparently inspired and influenced by 1960s girl groups and 1980s and 1990s British noise pop. You can hear tons of both scattered through these tracks. Eleven captivating cuts here and they're all rather nifty and inviting. Our initial favorites include "More Than Today," "Just Stay," "The Only One," and "I've Destroyed Everything."

Aleksander Sternfeld-Dunn - Fireworks (CD, Navona, Classical)
Aleksander Sternfeld-Dunn is a composer, conductor, instructor, and string bassist. Fireworks presents eight of his compositions, including the award-winning title track. The album begins with the Kiev Philharmonic (under conductor Robert Ian Winstin) presenting the slightly peculiar piece "Joker's Wild." This strange composition teeters in and out of several different styles during the course of six and one half minutes. The album then takes a different turn with "Variants," a duo featuring the talents of Leonard Garrison on flute and Jeffrey Savage on piano. Next up is "Shells," a horn trio featuring the skills of David Hunsicker, Nicholas Smith, and Matthew Blauer...a strange moody piece with subtle variations. Our favorite here is "Swarm" presented in three sections. Featuring Leonard Garrison on flute/alto flute and Shannon Scott on clarinet, these three pieces effectively convey the peculiar ideas and sounds associated with insects. "...And I Will Love The Silence..." brings things down to a more sparse intimate level before the more esoteric sound of "Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano" appears. A brief clarinet solo ("Firecracker") is presented with Scott on clarinet once again before the album closes with the ten minute title track. This, the centerpiece, features the Wichita State University Symphonic Wind Ensemble with conductor Victor Markovich and soloist Robert Young on soprano and alto saxophone. This album offers an excellent overview of the music of Sternfeld-Dunn, a man who obviously enjoys the more adventurous and playful side of classical music. These tracks are smart, inventive, and ultimately quite unusual. Housed in a beautifully designed triple fold cardboard foldout sleeve.



Suddenly here,
Suddenly there,

Teen Men - Teen Men (CD, Bar/None, Pop)
Oh God...this one is so very much right up our alley. If you love groovy smooth modern pop heavy on melodies and thumpy beats, you might find yourself falling totally in love with Teen Men...just like we did. In 2015 this is about as good as pop gets. This Delaware-based four member audio/visual group may be a contender for best new pop band of 2015. These songs sound something like a more technology and dance groove-based version of The Shoes (an all-time favorite in these plush office suites). We checked out the band's video for the track "Hiding Videos (So Dangerous)"...and we found it just as entertaining as the song itself. This band is comprised of Nick Krill, Joe Hobson, Albert Birney, and Catharine Maloney. These songs are so instantly addictive that we knew on the first spin that this will be one of our most played albums this year. These tunes have that great uplifting effervescent sound that just makes you feel like the world isn't such a bad place after all. And considering what a bad place the world actually is...having something to make you feel differently is something truly special. This is truly top notch escapist pop. Killer cuts include "Adventure Kids," "It's All Rushing Back," "Fall Out A Tree," and "Kids Being Kids." Knockout super pop that does the trick. Highly recommended... TOP PICK.

Thoughts Detecting Machines - Work The Circuits (Independently released CD, Electronic pop/rock)
Although there aren't that many people who ever seemed to get it, the folks in the 1990s band Poster Children were one of the most gripping and intense live bands of all time. Those who were fortunate enough to catch the band playing live will probably never forget the experience. We've rarely ever seen four people produce such an intense wall of sound and energy...and the vibe was totally addictive. It's been a long time since we've heard from Poster Children mainman Rick Valentin. This, his new project, was well worth the wait. Thoughts Detecting Machines sounds surprisingly similar to Rick's former band except there's a much heavier emphasis on technology and electronics. The songs sound very much like Poster Children songs but with a more modern electronic slant. If you loved Poster Children then we can almost certainly promise that you'll love this. Valentin's songs are driven mainly by infectious rhythms and we've always admired his cool voice. Ten groovy tracks here including "New Day," "In The Right," "White Lies," and "Say You Will." There's a whole slew of cool stuff up on the band web site (click on link above). Killer material from start to finish, this guy continues to amaze us. Highly recommended. Top pick.

The Woman In Black 2: Angel of Death - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Music Composed by Marco Beltrami, Marcus Trumpp, and Brandon Roberts (CD, Varese Sarabande, Soundtrack)
Why can't anyone make great horror movies anymore that everyone loves? We love great scary films but just about every time a new one comes out we find ourselves disappointed and disillusioned. Our last major disappointment was the film It Follows. It sounded so great. And after reading so many wowee reviews we expected a lot...but found the film to be just...barely watchable. We recently saw the trailer for The Woman In Black 2: Angel of Death and, at least from the snippets we saw, this one looked very, very interesting. But just now when we pulled up reviews on the internet prior to writing this review, we found that most folks are apparently not impressed with this movie. Too bad...because a great deal of time, thought, energy, and money must have been involved in making this film. Some of the visuals in the trailer were absolutely beautiful. Despite what the critics say, we're still interested in seeing this one simply because of the stunning visuals...and also because it features some wonderfully moody surreal music by three truly creative composers. Most soundtracks are the work created by a single person. In this case, the music for the film was created by Marco Beltrami, Marcus Trumpp, and Brandon Roberts...all three of whom are heavily involved in the creation of music for film and television (click on links to all three web sites above for more information on each). Nineteen captivating tracks that are certain to put a weird audio spin on any evening.


Additional Items Received:

Concettta Abbate - Falling in time
Lee Actor - Piano concerto
James Adler - Introspections
Alarm Clock Conspiracy
Alchemilla - Hearts
All Walls - All Walls
Amarachi - All or nothing
Amplifires - Llife's a gamble
An American In Paris - Original Broadway cast recording
A Projection / Exit - Proj 1 rec Stockholm
Arjun - Core
Autopilot - Desert dreams
Aylin - Cloud

Bruce Babcock - Time, still
Jeremy Bass - New York in spring
BeThisBell - Work it out
Blindness - Wrapped in plastic
Blind Willies - Every day is judgment day
Crystal Bright & The Silver Hands - Crystal Bright & The Silver Hands
Emilyn Brodsky - Eats her feelings
Dewa Budjana - Hasta karma
Mary Bue - Holy bones
Doug Burr - Pale white dove
By The Red - Folk songs from the Red River Valley

The Canal - Original score by Ceiri Torjussen
Leah Capelle - Leah Capelle
Carry Illinois - Alabaster
Benjamin Cartel - Gothenburg
Sergio Cervetti - Transits: Minimal to mayhem-
Tom Chapin - 70
Jon Chi - Another rising sun
Child 44 - Original motion picture soundtrack
Chuck - Original television soundtrack
City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra - Music fro the Star Wars saga
Climax Blues - Broke heart blues
Coastal - Beneath the snow and streetlights
Cobbler - Original motion picture soundtrack
Phil Cody - Cody sings Zevon
Colorway - THe black sky sequined
John Conlee - Classics 2
Cracker Factory - Chasing ghosts
Cody Crump - Death
Crzie - Blaffter
CSDT - Mobo tumbie
Cusses - Here comes the rat

D Train - Original motion picture soundtrack
Nicholas David - Make hope
Dandelion War - Opposite shores
Karl W. Davis & The Sweetpeas - It's high time
Dawa - Psithurlsma
Dawn Patrol - Original motion picture soundtrack
Death - Death
Debug - Original motion picture soundtrack
Deckchair Poets - Searchin' for a lemon squeezer
Reina del Cid - The cooling
Desert Dancer - Original motion picture soundtrack
Doctor Who - The day of the doctor
Donna Deussen & The Paul Weitz Trio - On the street where you live
Andrew Diruzza Quintet - Shapes and analogies
Double Naught Spy Car Stew - Panorama city
Gary Douglas - Keepin' faithß
Dovekeepers - Original television soundtrack
Dust on the Radio - Halfway to the stars

East Cameron Folkcore - Kingdom of fear
Elasticity - Elasticity
Elements Rising - Modern works for chamber ensemble
Exovex - Radio silence

Far From the Madding Crowd - Original motion picture soundtrack
Farmer Jason - Christmas on the farm with Farmer Jason
Fernando - The dogs
Jamila Ford - The deep end
Guy Forsythe Blues Band - The pleaser
Red Ray Frazier - Blood in the water
Friend Roulette - I see you, your eyes are red
Furious Seasons - My love is strong

Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah - Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah
Rachel Garlin - Wink at july
Get Ahead - Volcano
Susie Glaze - Not that kind of girl
Emily Gold - Recluse
Golden Eels - Periscopes in the air
Good Field - Future me
Good + Kill - Original motion picture soundtrack
Joe Goodkin - Record of life
Go Time! - Ratsel
Grahams - Glory bound/rattle the rocks
Great Human Odyssey - Original television soundtrack
Great Spirit - Front porch to frontier
Maxwell Gualtieri - For Los Angeles
Gypsy Lumberjacks - Giants of America

Hildegard - Hildegard
Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank - American shuffle
Cody Joe Hodges - The good stuff
Honey Barbara - Wave grass
Tim Houlihan - Anthems
Andrew D. Huber - Mercury gets a moon
Tod Hughes Project - Changing gears
Stephen Hunley - The other side of never
Jordan Hurwitz - Here I'll stand
Bobby Hustle - It's the hustle

Indian Summers - Original television soundtrack
Infinitely Polar Bear - Original motion picture soundtrack
In Sonitus Lux - The equinox session
Interview - Original motion picture score

Lucas Jack - Before i forget
Jack Kerowax - Jack Kerowax
Jacob and the Good People - Rotten
PI Jacobs - Hi-rise ranch
Heidi Jacob - Beneath winter light
Ethan Jano - I'll be fine
Suzanne Jarvie - Spiral road
Mary Ann Joyce-Walter - Immortal diamond

Matthew K. - Matthew K.
Mikaela Kahn - Milk & honey
Stephen Kalinch / Jon Tiven - Each soul has a voice
Kelly's Lot - Don't give my blues away
Robert Kennedy Trio - Big shoes
Knack - Zoom
Kuu Kuu - Lawsy messy and messier lassies

Landmarq - Roadskill: Live in the Netherlands
Matt Lax and Nearly Beloved - This house of mine
Lazzie and Dammithy - Rarnine
LB and the LB BLs - Backs and the slacks
Left Ready - Ghosts
Librarians - Original soundtrack from the television series
Ligro - Dictionary 3
Linty Tinty - Bobo and the lobster squirrel
Brian Lisk and the Unfortunates - Curtisinterruptedus
Peter Liu - Bamboo groove
London Music Works - Epic themes
Mike Love - Gypsy man
Lucifer's Friend - Awakening
Lunden Reign - American stranger
Luv - Original motion picture soundtrack
Luxury - Bones & beaten heart

Tim Mahoney - Peace of winter
Maia & The Pilots - Taking off
La Mandragore - Midgard
Mantoes - Mangoes
Many Arms & Toshimaru Nakamura - Many Arms & Toshimaru Nakamura
Graig Markel and the 88th St. Band - Graig Markel and the 88th St. Band
Craig Marshall - After all
Frince Marshall - Another Marshall
Pamela J. Marshall - Through the mist
Max - Original motion picture soundtrack
Jimmy McIntosh and... - Jimmy McIntosh and...
Medici - Red eye
Mono Pony - Idle beauty
Moon & Polution - The box borealis
Moop Poom - Moooooo porium la tordent
Moors & McCumber - Pandemonium
Jeremy Morris - Bright morning star
Ken Will Morton - All's fair in love and war
Moto Continuo - New works for pinao trio and solo cello
Zae Munn - They were mysterious guests
Michael Murray - Percipience
Jordan Myers - Ruin me with love

Nacona - Long gone song
Naazer - Blushy mush mush
Neighborhood Bullys - Callin' all rockers!
Neu Human - How to stop time
Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb - Original motion picture soundtrack
Noah's Tape - Vol. 2
Nuster Plus - Taxi mission dumb

Dawn Oberg - Bring
One The Huggler - Nearly a sin
Orange is the New Black - Music from the original series
Orphan Black - Original television score
Orphan Black - Original television soundtrack
Pete Oxley / Nicolas Meier - Chasing tales

Chris Page - Volume vs. voice
Gabrielle Papillon - The tempest of old
Daniel Pearson - Alone, together
Penny Dreadful - Music for the Showtime original series
Kat Perkins - Fearless
Pinder Brothers - Melancholy sea
Playing It Cool - Original motion picture soundtrack
Jeremy Porter and the Tucos - Above the sweet tea line
Jon Pousette-Dart - Talk

Quill - Brush with the moon

Mason Razavi / Bennett Roth-Newell - After you
RBBAKKA - Now the phlop
Brad Reiman - Walking in the unknown
Rewrite - Original motion picture soundtrack
Sarah Lou Richards - The woman behind the curtain
Kimm Rogers - Where the pavement grows
Lila Rose - We animals
Roxy Roca - Ain't nothin' fancy

Lionel Sainsbury - Andalusian fantasy
Sasha's Bloc - Heart on fire
Elliot Schneider - Better a fool than aloof
Pierre Schroeder - Voyage
Sciflyer - Energizer
Seahorse - The fire's heart
Shack Band - America
Shae - Can you feel the music
Sahkespeare Concerts Series - Full fathom five
Shakespeare Concerts Series - Orpheus with his lute made trees
Shams - One and all
Shoe Birds - Southern gothic
Sick of Sarah - Anthem
Cameron Siegel & Friends - World junk
Siena Root - Pioneers
Ian Sims and Divergent Paths - Conundrum
Vytautas Smetona - All the way back
Snow In Mexico - Juno beach
Soda Pop Sun - Soda Pop Sun
Jillian Speer - Daggers & suede
Bert Sperling - Renaissance
Spuyten Duyvil - The social music hour Vol. 1
Southpaw - Original motion picture soundtrack
Stairway - Pearls of the deep (best of)
James M. Stephenson - The devil's tale
Stubborn Son - Birthright
Sun Soul Orchestra - What matters most
Super Nova - Luna aura
Sweet - New York groove plus

32 Below - Every little thing about you
10,000 Maniacs - Twice told tales
Joe Jack Talcum - Home recordings 1993-99
Rachel Taylor - Magnetic
TBelly - Dead men don't pray
Them Howling Bones - Them Howling Bones
theSHIFT - 7th direction
Thirty Steps To Forward - Hinterland
Tidelands - Old mill park
Tornado Project - Trios for flute, clarinet, and computer
Tree Machines - Tree Machines
Tripping Souls - Don't waste your life
Trust Fund / Joanna Gruesome - Split vinyl EP

Ugly Guys - Still twenty-five in your head
Unfinished Business - Original motion picture soundtrack
George Usher / Lisa Burns - The last day of winter

Toomas Vanem - Toomas Vanem
Various Artists - Sweet Relief: Love is Everywhere
Javier Vercher - Wish you were here
Eyal Vilner Big Band - Almost Sunrise
Vixerupper - Nowdy doo
Michael Vlatkovich Septet - Ask 7
Vogue Dots - Mauka

Skoota Warner - Vignettes
Wasted Wine vs. The Hypnosis Center - Wasted Wine vs. The Hypnosis Center
Wendy Webb - This is the moment
Geoff Westen - I'm not crazy
John Wetton - Anthology
John Wetton - New York minute
Megan Wilde - Wildfire EP
Words and Pictures - Original motion picture soundtrack
Wyatt - Here comes everybody

Xraw - Rawx

Yillie Momo - Puckie the minchster

Daniel Z - Some romantic night - the solo years


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