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Additional Items Received

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Music by Bear McCreary (CD, Marvel / ABC, Soundtrack)
Every time we turn around it seems there's a new soundtrack popping up by megapopular music composer Bear McCreary. This guy creates and composes so much stuff that it's almost impossible to keep up. Co-created by Joss Whedon, along with Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen. Whedon is the man who brought us Marvel's The Avengers (one of the highest grossing films of all time) and the television series Buffy the Vampire this television show has a built-in audience right from the start. This soundtrack collects some of the best musical cues created for the show, as selected by McCreary and the taste-conscious folks at Marvel. Plenty of gripping, exciting stuff here, which is just what you'd expect from Marvel. Let your ears do the walking as you're treated to almost seventy-eight minutes' worth of music. Eighteen wildly exciting cuts including "Showdown at Union Station," "Cello Concerto," "Helicopter Rescue," and "The Rising Tide."

Barely Lethal - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Mateo Messina (CD, Lakeshore, Soundtrack)
This movie involves an unusual plot and is receiving mixed reactions. The story revolves around a teenage girl who is a special operations agent. She fakes her own death and then becomes an exchange student in high school. Filmed by Kyle Newman and written by John D'Arco, this one looks at life in high school from a different perspective. The music for the film was composed by Mateo Messina, who takes a decidedly different approach from most other film composers. Instead of the usual big orchestral sound, the tracks on the Barely Lethal soundtrack were created using instruments and sounds listeners normally associate with rock and pop music. Perhaps the idea was to provide music similar to what high school students might be listening to...? This one's short, just about a half hour long. But it's got some real twists and turns that make it an interesting spin. Twenty-five tracks including "Prescott," "Car Chase," "Higher School," and "Helichopper."

Kristoffer Bolander - I Forgive Nothing (CD, Tapete, Progressive pop)
Really beautiful pensive progressive pop with threads of folk and alternative country. Up to this point in time, Sweden's Kristoffer Bolander has mainly been known as the leader of the band Holmes. The first time we heard I Forgive Nothing we immediately thought Bolander's voice sounded remarkably similar to very early Neil Young...and that was before we read the press release that made the same comparison. Recorded live in Nacksving Studios in Gothenberg, Sweden, this album has a nice big open sound and features appropriately sparse arrangements. With some albums you get one thing and miss out on others. get all the things you want: Memorable songs, top-notch production, killer vocals...this one's got it all. Eleven introspective cuts that glide by like clouds in the sky. Our favorites include "Duet of Tourettes," "Rooted," "In Vain," and "Scale."

Jennifer Borkowski - Composed: Flute and Electronics (CD, Ravello, Modern classical/experimental)
To be honest, we can't recall the last time we heard an album that featured music created specifically with only electronics and flute. So this one immediately captured our attention because Jennifer Borkowski is creating in an area that most folks have probably never heard before. When people hear the word 'experimental' they often think of music that is atonal, harsh, or exceedingly strange. That said, many folks may surprised at how soothing and accessible these tracks are. Composed flows by very much like water in a stream, very gentle and soothing. These compositions are sparse and mellow but they have subtle peculiar threads that are woven into the music, just loud enough to be audible. The main instrument here is the flute, and everything else just offers a supporting role. This album features two original compositions and four by three other artists (Claude Debussy, Shirish Korde, and Marin Marais). Refreshingly different in so many ways, each and every track offers a different and distinct perspective.



That we consume
Now consumes


The Dahmers - Demons (Swedish import CD, Lovely, Rock/pop)
Reissue of the debut album from The Dahmers (the original 2014 pressing has almost sold out now). The guys in this band play cool loud buzzsaw rock with determined attitude and focused abandon. The press release that accompanied this album compared the band's sound to other classic artists like The Hives, Jay Reatard, The Ramones, MC5, Motorhead, Thin Lizzy, and Status Quo. We can hear traces of all of these bands and more. Demons has a decidedly nervous hyperactive sound that is driven by pummeling rhythms, guitars in overdrive, and a vocalist who can really belt out the lyrics. In a world where there are way too many tame, lame, and tired musical artists, these guys make music that is like a blast of cold water in the face. This reissue includes all the tracks from the original album plus four bonus tracks from the Hit 'N Run EP. We're mighty impressed with the newly formed Lovely Records label. The label's initial signings (The Dahmers, Rotten Mind, Saturday's Heroes) all hit the target. Plus they've got one of the neatest logos art-wise that we've ever seen (cool black and white image with a cat hovering over the letters...yow!).

Jenny Darren - Heartbreaker: Best of 1977-1980 (CD, Angel Air, Pop/rock)
One of the very early female hard rockers in Great Britain, Jenny Darren is probably best known as the singer who should've had a hit with the song "Heartbreaker." The song was actually written for her by songwriting partners Geoff Gill and Cliff Wade but before the song could catch on Pat Benetar heard and recorded it...and the rest is history. So even though most folks associate the song with Benetar, if things were as they should be...they'd be thinking of Jenny Darren instead. This best of collection presents choice tracks that Darren and her band recorded from 1977 to 1980. Most of these tracks were recorded at the legendary Strawberry Studios (run by the ultra-cool guys in 10CC). Up to this point in time Jenny has not received the recognition she deserves. So perhaps this collection of cool rockers will change that. These songs have a late 70s sound that is likely to appeal to lots of folks considering how influential the decade has become over time. Darren sure could belt out the tunes. She's been compared to Janis Joplin, and the comparison is certainly justified. She also reminds us of Tina Turner at times. Nineteen classy rockers including "Heartbreaker," "Too Many Lovers," "So Many People," and "Ladykiller."

Da Vinci's Demons - Original Television Soundtrack: Music by Bear McCreary, Season Two (Double CD, Sparks & Shadows, Soundtrack), Original Television Soundtrack: Music by Bear McCreary, Season Three (CD, Sparks & Shadows, Soundtrack),
We have to admit that until these arrived in the mail we weren't even aware of this television series. Da Vinci's Demons is a dramatic television show that tells a fictional account of Leonardo da Vinci's early life. Reviews of the series on the internet are exceedingly positive. Starring Tom Riley in the main role, the series was developed and produced in cooperation with BBC Worldwide. Created in Wales, United Kingdom, the show has already been shown in over 120 countries. Though we obviously haven't seen this yet, after reading about it you can bet we'll be checking this one out in the very near future. In the meantime...we're soaking up the way cool music for the series created by the ultimately prolific and talented Bear McCreary. Bear's name and sound have been identified with a huge number of productions over the past few years, making him one of the most sought after composers for film and television. Give these discs a spin and hear why. We received music from the second and third seasons of the series. Season Two is a whopping double disc set twenty-nine tracks that clock in (total) at about two and a half hours. That's a lot of music. Season Three is a single disc, but still lengthy (one hour and eleven minutes). As we would expect from Mr. McCreary, these soundtracks have a great big orchestral sound and plenty of emotional punch to add emphasis to the visuals. If you love da Vinci...or if you love McCreary...or if you just love well-produced'll find a wealth of things to enjoy here. In a word, this is..magnificent.

The Disappearing Act - Born To Say Goodbye (Independently released CD, Pop)
The Disappearing Act is the duo of Salim Nourallah and Bob Blumenfeld. This is the second full-length album released by these fellows, and it's a direct hit. If you love beautiful soft personal pop, you'll fall in love with this stuff. Featuring lyrics by Salim and music composed by Salim and Bob, these tracks are delivered with precision and style. We've found ourselves completed knocked out by each and every release we've heard from Mr. Nourallah over the years. This ranks right up there with the best albums he's recorded, which makes us think that this duo might be the vehicle that finally gives him the big break he so rightly deserves in the world of music. We love the subtle arrangements on these tracks. Never layering too much or making things sound too busy, these two guys manage to come up with arrangements that are a perfect fit for each track. And those vocals...ahhhhhhhh...we could listen to this guy sing for the next twenty decades and never tire of that voice. Ten truly inspired tracks including "You and Me," "Peace By the Sea," "Holiday," and "Close To You." Highly recommended. TOP PICK.

Doubtfire - Doubtfire (CD, Jerkoff, Rock/pop)
The debut album from Doubtfire, the band created by the duo of Bil McRackin and J Prozac, both of whom already have a devoted following out there in the wonderful world of underground pop/rock. We've been big fans of hyperactive buzzsaw power pop for quite some time so this one hits the right spot. Some of our favorite bands in this genre include The Ramones, The Jam, The Fastbacks, The Muffs, Redd Kross, The Bottle Kids, and Bracket. The songs on this self-titled album would make any of these bands proud. McRackin and Prozac deliver these tunes with personality and style, and the overall sound is loud and totally revved up. The rhythms are persistent and the power chords just never let up. But it's the songs themselves that make this such a fun spin. Bil and J sure know how to write some ultra-catchy stuff...and each one of these twelve tracks is a direct hit. We're hoping this is just the first of many collaborations between these two talented guys. Killer loud pop cuts include "California," "Just Maybe," "Darkest Hour," "For Better or For Cursed," and "Punk Rock Heart." Glad to see both of these guys are staying focused on what matters most. Top pick.

Eight Strings & A Whistle - Albert's Window (CD, Ravello, Classical)
Eight Strings & A Whistle is the trio comprised of Suzanne Gilchrest (flute), Ina Litera (viola), and Matthew Goeke (cello). We've always been into trios, quartets, and quintets, so this one immediately caught our attention. What we first noticed about this trio is their choice of material. Instead of choosing compositions or composers that most people are familiar with, these three musicians opt instead to present works that most folks have probably never heard before. Perhaps that's why on the Ravello web site it says that the three play music "From Stravinsky-esque rhythms and impressionist harmonies to Xerox machine-inspired gestures..." Huh? But wait, there's an explanation. Turns out that the composition "Bad Robots" by Edmund Cionek "...explores man's relationship with technology, drawing inspiration from the sounds of a copy machine and its rhythms." How funny is that? In addition, the trio also presents works by composers Martin Rokeach, Peter Jona Korn, and Albert Roesel. Mighty cool stuff, played with precision and style.

Rebecca Everett - Seven Shades (Independently released CD-R EP, Pop)
Regular readers know how much we dig up-and-coming underground artists in Canada. Here's another example of why we're continually amazed at the wealth and quality of musicians that reside in the country just north of us. Rebecca Everett is, in a word, gripping. That was the first thing we thought when we heard this woman's voice. In a world of copycats and folks who aren't really feeling what they're singing, this young lady instantly stands out from the pack because she's got real presence. She's also got one of those voices that you immediately recognize the minute you hear it. Only five songs here that clock in at just over twenty minutes...but in that amount of time, this exceedingly talented young lady delivers. Keep your eyes and ears open...because one day Rebecca Everett is gonna be...BIG.

Gemayel - Gemayel (Independently released CD, Pop/rock)
On her web site, Gemayel's music is succinctly described as "Lebanese Gypsy Rock." This young Austin, Texas-based singer/songwriter has a very strong image and sound that should appeal to a very specific audience. The tracks on this self-titled album combine Middle Eastern sounds with industrial rock and pop, with the central focus being on Gemayel's clear and precise vocals. The only comparison that comes to mind here is Rasputina, as there are some distinct similarities between the two. Gemayel is too original to copy or ape anyone else's sound though. Slick sounding stuff with a different sort of overall vibe. Ten interesting cuts including "Small Victories," "Fade Into You," "Yours For the Taking," and "Needs."

Ghosts In Pocket - Barberton (Independently released CD EP, Pop/rock)
Cool hard driving pop/rock music with a groovy vibe and keen focused vocals. These guys combine several things that are totally cool: great propulsive rhythms, solid bass lines, crystal clear vocal melodies, and way-too-groovy fuzzy guitars drenched in reverb. Yup, you just might say that the guys in Ghosts In Pocket have done everything right on this ultimately satisfying EP. All five cuts are keepers and the more we hear these tracks the more we dig these guys' sound. This does just what an EP is supposed to makes us real hungry for a full-length. Totally danceable cuts include "Barberton," "Make It Break," and "Keep the Heat Coming."

Logan Hone's Similar Fashion - Logan Hone's Similar Fashion (CD, pfMENTUM, Modern jazz/modern classical)
The strangely titled Logan Hone's Similar Fashion is the modern jazz quartet comprised of Logan Hone (alto saxophone, bass clarinet), Lauren Baba (viola), Gregory Uhlmann (guitar), and Mike Lockwood (drums). The band's debut album has been released on California's pfMENTUM label, whose mission seems to be documenting (through audio recordings) all the flourishing improvisational jazz groups and players in the state. The nine tracks on this self-titled album are chock full of spontaneous improvisation and the interplay between the musicians is both intriguing and rather remarkable. Some of these tracks have a more hard-edged intensity while others are more reserved, having more in common with modern classical than jazz. Very fluid mental stuff. You can tell these musicians are all very intuitive and perceptive individuals simply by the way they feed off each others' sounds and ideas. Nine intriguing tracks including "Mother Figure," "Snapshoot," and "Morning Bear." Housed in a really beautiful, simply-designed cardboard foldout sleeve with truly keen artwork. Focused and precise.

House of Cards - Music From the Netflix Original Series: Music by Jeff Beal, Season 3 (Double CD, Varese Sarabande, Soundtrack)
Classy stuff here. Real classy stuff. This is a double disc set featuring music from Season Three of the hugely popular House of Cards television show starring Kevin Spacey, Michel Gill, and Robin Wright. Composer Jeff Beal won an Emmy award for the music he composed for this you can bet this is some top notch stuff. Interestingly, Beal began his career as a jazz trumpeter and recording artist. We're all fortunate indeed that he made the transition to being a composer for film. This can be appreciated just as easily as a classical music album as the soundtrack to a television show. The melodies and arrangements here are impeccable. We particularly love the warm sound of the strings on these tracks. Lots of very moody reflective music that no doubt adds just the right audio elements to the television show. Be advised that you don't even have to be familiar with the show to appreciate this music. These compositions are haunting, mysterious, and very very refined. Some of our initial favorite tracks include "Losing Rachel," "A Desperate Plea," "Submerged," "Every Intention," and "More Courage." Highly recommended. Top pick.

Hurricane #1 - Find What You Love and Let It Kill You (CD, Tapete, Progressive rock/pop)
This strangely-titled album marks the return of Hurricane #1. This is a really cool album that was obviously written and recorded for all the right reasons. The original band recorded two albums in the late 1990s that were released on the Creation label. The original band split up in 1999. But when Alex Lowe found himself in the hospital undergoing cancer treatments, he came to the (very smart) conclusion that he needed something to focus on in order to survive. So most of Find What You Love and Let It Kill You was actually written in the hospital. We can't compare the new band to the old because, unfortunately, we never heard the first two Hurricane #1 albums. This disc features tracks that are smart and direct, with the emphasis being on vocal melodies and lyrics. Some tracks are louder while others are in the light pop vein. Eleven solid cuts including "Best Is Yet To Come," "Crash," "When To Begin," and "Leave It All Behind."

Hyperbubble - Live In London (CD, Pure Pop For Now People, Pop)
It seems like every time we take a breath there's a new release that pops up from the ultra cool folks in Hyperbubble. The album Live In London was (as curious as it might seem) recorded live in London. This release sheds new light on this cool underground duo. You can tell by the audience's reaction that folks were feeling and loving the music presented by Jess Barnett DeCuir and Jeff DeCuir. If you love modern electronic pop music, you're almost certain to love the grooves these two create. The press release that accompanied this album compared the music to other artists like Devo, Blondie, Ladytron, Freezepop, Sparks, The Resillos, The Normal, and Fad Gadget. That should give you a very good idea of what's going on here. Dance-happy cuts include "Candy Apple," "Nervous System," "Kinky," "Solid Pop," and "Phasers." Always recommended listening here in the plush babysue office suites... Top pick.

Magenta - Songs For the Dead (CD, Cleopatra, Industrial/pop/rock)
Dark industrial pop/rock from Norway's Magenta. We're hearing more and more bands lately who seem to be taking their cue from the 1990s when there were so many creative waves moving all around the globe. Considering the fact that they began in 1995, these folks are not a retro act but rather a real life band begun in the 1990s who have apparently maintained a sense of continuity with their overall idea and sound. Core band members Vinde Lockert Odden and Anders Odden seem driven mainly by the desire to create. While some of these songs do have at least some commercial appeal they are, for the most part, excursions into artistic expression. If you're into the darker side of music, you'll find a lot to appreciate here. Songs For the Dead presents ten smart well-crafted peculiar tracks that will definitely leave an impression. Sometimes creepy and sometimes somewhat frightening, this is an album you won't soon forget. Cool tracks include "Dance Macabre," "Ghost," and "Only Death Is Real."

Marbin - Aggressive Hippies (CD, Moonjune, Progressive rock)
This is certainly one of the fastest progressive rock bands on the planet. Marbin's latest album has a title that fits. This is the band's fifth release, and it will be immediately welcomed by their continually growing fan base around the globe. The band is comprised of Dani Rabin on guitar, Danny Markovitch on saxophone, Greg Essig on drums, and John W. Lauter on bass. On this album the guys took a different approach, constructing the songs from many small sections rather than using the melody-solo-melody format they held to on previous recordings. Since forming in 2011 these fellows have played over 1,000 live shows which may explain how they've become so amazingly tight on their instruments. The tracks on Aggressive Hippies are inspired, focused, and ultimately very spontaneous. This doesn't sound like a band that has rehearsed songs to death. This sounds like musicians who have played together so much that they can practically read each other's minds. Yet another direct hit for Marbin. Classy complex cuts include "Just Music," "Y'all Are Good," "Juke Joint," and "Jambo." Recommended. Top pick.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Music Composed by John Paesano (CD, Sony Classical, Soundtrack)
We enjoyed the first Maze Runner movie from 2014 even though it wasn't a perfect viewing experience. Other reviewers seemed to feel the same way. It had a great look and the story was cool but it seemed to kinda fall flat in places. The Scorch Trials seems to be faring better with critics and others on the internet. We haven't seen this one yet so we can't offer a report of the movie itself. But as far as soundtracks go...this one gets a total thumbs UP. Once again the music was composed by John Paesano who did a helluva job with the last film. This soundtrack presents 21 tracks that clock in at over 77 minutes...that's a LOT. For us, Paesano's music was one of the most crucial elements of the last film. After hearing this, we can only assume the same is true for The Scorch Trials. These beautifully executed tracks are full of moods and emotions. And as is always the case with releases on the Sony Classical label, the sound quality is impeccable. Turn up the volume and achieve true inspiration and awe as you take in tracks like "Your New Lives," "Goodbye," "Leaning Tower," and "Hello Thomas." Love the music. Can't wait to see the film.

Mod Hippie - Tomorrow Then (CD, Karma Frog, Pop)
Karma Frog is both a studio and a record label based in Los Angeles, California and Mod Hippie is a pop band. Tomorrow Then is a classic album featuring instantly catchy guitar pop with an emphasis on vocal melodies and lyrics. The band is spearheaded by Doug McGuire and Connor Claxton and also features the talents of Teresa Cowles, Eric Negrete, Mike Schnee, Adam Marsland (who is also the producer), Matt Zook, and Probyn Gregory. You won't hear that annoying tweaked-to-death digital perfection sound here. The songs on this album sound like they were made by real people playing real instruments. The rhythms are nice and smooth and we particularly love the tasty guitar sounds. But it's those nice floating vocal melodies that will probably be what folks will remember most about this album. Ten nice smart gripping pop cuts, and each and every one sounds like a potential hit. Nifty tracks include "My Far Out Town," "The Easy Way Out," "Reality Place," and "Shimmering Sound." This one was mastered by longtime babysue favorite Earle you know it sounds great.

Jeremy Morris - Not of This World (CD, Jam, Pop)
We're big fans of Jeremy Morris. Have been ever since this cool guy contacted us many years ago and turned us onto his cool musical universe located in Michigan. For years Morris has been writing and recording as well as running his own nifty record label (Jam). We're always blown away by the amount of material this guy has put out...and continues to put out. And it's not the quantity that's so impressive. It's the fact that his albums always hit the target. Whether he's recording pop...or psychedelia...or instrumentals...or mood music...or progressive all has one thing in common. The music has substance. This album teeters in between the genres of progressive and pop, ultimately rewarding the listener with nine well-produced tracks that deal with issues like truth, meaning, and the solar system. Jeremy plays most of the instruments but also enlists help from his friends/associates Stefan Johansson, Dave Dietrich, and Todd Borsch. Really nice artwork on this one, and it includes a super slick lyric booklet. Nine gripping tracks including "Clouds Are Lifting," "Not of This World," "Candy Mountain," and "Flying in a Green Dream." Recommended. Top pick.



Conserve and use
As few resources as possible
While no limits are ever set
On how much businesses
Can manufacture.


Pingvinorkestern - Push (Independently released CD, Progressive)
Hmmm...interesting. If you dig European progressive bands from the 1970s there's a good chance you'll totally dig the sounds on Push. These folks have a sound that reminds us of a variety of classy artists from the past including (but not limited to) Henry Cow, Slapp Happy, Marianne Faithful, and Gentle Giant. But don't think this eclectic group is trying to copy or ape the sound of any particular artist or band...because they're not. These songs sound very much as if they were recorded first and foremost by the purest of desires for artistic expression. We've heard lots of pop bands from Sweden over the past few years, but this is the first time we're heard a progressive band. If this is any indication of what's happening in the undercurrents of music there, perhaps we should consider moving. There's so much canned music in the world in 2015. Push is a nice pleasant reminder that there are super creative bands out there who are far more concerned with coming up with something credible than trying to become famous. Twelve well-crafted tracks including "Madam Else's Genuine Flea Circus," "Who Are You?", "Mood Swings," "The First Light," and "Me & The Wave." Totally credible and cool.



If the bottle
Is pretty
The product
Must be


Ben Rector (Live performance, Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN, October 9, 2015)
This was easily one of the most classy and slick concerts we've attended thus far in Tennessee. Nashville's own Ben Rector recently played not one but TWO sold out shows at the historic Ryman Auditorium. We're somewhat embarrassed to admit that until the keen folks at Press Here Publicity contacted us, we were not even aware of this man's music. So we did a crash course and absorbed as much of his music as we could prior to seeing this show. When Rector and his band began playing, we knew we were in for something special. Listening to his music on the internet, Ben kept reminding us of a cross between Ben Folds and Elvis Costello...but there was some other familiar element that we couldn't quite put our finger on. During this show it suddenly hit us. Ben's voice and overall sound bear some remarkable similarities to James Taylor. And his overall friendly guy-next-door personality was also strangely reminiscent of Taylor (hearing "You've Got A Friend" in the set wouldn't have seemed out-of-place at all). Ben's backing band consisted of a drummer (this guy was INCREDIBLE), a bass player (also INCREDIBLE)...and two guys on the sides who were both multi-instrumentalists (both also INCREDIBLE). Any one of these players by himself on a stage would be impressive...but the sum of all five players was a true force to be reckoned with. Ben played lots of songs from his latest album (Brand New) as well as older tracks. The new tracks sounded great (particularly the title tune and "Paris"...two instant favorites). But the crowd seemed even more excited about the songs from earlier albums. Whoever does the lights for Ben and his band deserves an award. The lighting was so precise and exacting that it added a whole other dimension to the show. The songs and playing were superb to begin with. But the lighting pushed everything up several notches, adding to (rather than detracting from) the proceedings. There were five tall LED light bars onstage (one for each musician) that changed colors, faded in and out, and occasionally went into strobe-type mode. Throughout this show the lights were in perfect synch with the music--whoever was at the controls obviously memorized every part of every song. Even though everyone involved in this show made it look and seem very simple and easy, we could tell that an incredible amount of time, thought, energy, and practice was involved in putting on this show. Heading into this we had no idea how popular Ben was. This guy has songs at the top of the charts and folks are lining up to see him. And to think just a few days prior we had no idea who he was (!). Rector is obviously striking a chord with lots of young adults. His listeners seem to easily identify with his introspective and often well-aware-of-his-vulnerabilities mind set. Lots of folks at this show knew every word and every chord to the songs. It was uplifting to realize that this kind of music (straightforward pop with no trendy junk) could be so popular in 2015. Regular readers are well aware of how sarcastic we tend to be about the world of popular music in the twenty-first century. So it certainly took us by surprise that there are lots of fans out there who are very receptive to intelligent well-crafted music like this. Ben Rector writes, records, and plays classic pop that could easily appeal to a huge cross section of music fans. His songs are exceedingly melodic and lyrics are a key part of the equation. Instead of singing about vacant overused topics and stupid superficial junk, he writes about his feelings, interpersonal relationships, and things that actually matter out there in the real world. The fans at this show were loving every minute. Just goes to show that when you have real talent and the right people promoting your music (and a bit of luck), there is still a chance that you can experience real success in the world of music. We loved the way the show ended. Ben told the audience that after they played the last song it wasn't REALLY the last...because he and the band would be waiting at the side of the stage until the clapping and cheers became loud enough for them to come back for an encore. And then, just before they played the the final song, he said something like "Well, what a surprise." Funny stuff. What a night. Great vibes. Great music. Great lighting. And a great overall electricity in the air on this never-to-be-forgotten evening. Top pick.

Rio En Medio - Rio En Medio Radio (CD, WW Recordings, Folk/pop/progressive)
We're sure glad we happened to be paying attention the day this one rose to the top of the stack. On the first spin we honestly didn't quite get what was going on here. But there was something slightly spooky and strange about the music that made us go for a second spin. And that's when this one hit us. Rio En Medio is something substantial. The band is the project created by Danielle Stech-Homsy, a rather captivating lady whose voice and overall sound seems to be coming from someplace long, long ago. And no, not from the 1960s or 1970s...but from some place much farther the 1880s or 1890s. But it's not the instruments used or the overall sound that is like entering a haunted history lesson. It's Danielle's spirit and presence that seem to come from another century. What we love most about this enchanting lady's music is that it sounds so immediate and spontaneous. These songs do not sound rehearsed. Listening to Danielle sing could be compared to the feeling you get when someone whispers in your ear. Kinda like Lisa Germano...but not really. This is one of the most beautifully subtle modern folk albums we've ever heard. Complete and total MAGIC. Cool captivating tracks include "Farther," "Where the Love Lay," "Thread Song," and "The Old Town Heart." Truly unique in every way...recommended. TOP PICK.

Rotten Mind - I'm Alone Even With You (Swedish import CD, Lovely, Rock/pop)
Punchy upbeat loud buzzsaw rock/pop played with plenty of balls and conviction. These guys possess an innocence and intensity that reminds us of some of our favorite punk bands from the 1970s when punk bands really were punk bands (or at least so they seemed). The guys in Sweden's Rotten Mind played their first show February 2015...recorded their first demo in March...and then went in the studio in April to record this album in only two days. These tracks have a throbbing propulsive sound that reminds us of 1970s icons The Undertones on their first couple of albums. Produced by Mattias Kennhed (No Security, Meanwhile, Dischange), I'm Alone Even With You has a nice thick explosive sound that really charges forward. But songs are what make the band, of course. And the band delivers with each and every track...tossing out twelve instantly addictive meaty cuts that sound better the more you spin 'em. We can't get enough of loud buzzsaw cuts like "Your Voice Inside My Head," "I Don't Want To Be The One" (great video for this one), "No Hope For Me," "Offspring of Supreme Value," and "Nowhere To Go."

Saturday's Heroes - Hometown Serenade (Swedish import CD, Lovely, Rock/pop)
The second full-length release from Saturday's Heroes. The band released their debut album (as well as three EPs) on Germany's Bandworm label before switching to the newly created Swedish Lovely label. Recorded at Studio Underjorden with Joona Hassinen at the helm, this album presents fifteen tracks of pure unbridled energy. Saturday's Heroes is comprised of Alex Lachan, Marcus Svensson, Niklas Soderlund, and Mikael Lachan. These four guys have a loud, driving, rip-roaring sound that should appeal to fans of early punk and hardcore bands. Some of these tracks may remind listeners of Bad Religion at times, mainly due to the unrelenting buzzsaw guitars and rhythms. We can tell from these tracks that these guys must put on one helluva show. Hard rockin' cuts include "Damned Generation," "Hometown Serenade," "Stay Alive," and "My Life Back."

T. G. Sheppard - Legendary Friends & Country Duets (CD, Goldenlane, Country/pop)
A nice pure and solid slice of old school country. Longtime country artist T. G. Sheppard isn't just a favorite among music fans, he's also loved and respected by his colleagues as well. And Legendary Friends & Country Duets is pure proof of this fact. This nifty heartfelt album presents fourteen tracks that capture Sheppard singing with some of the biggest names in the business. Joining for duets here are The Oak Ridge Boys, Jerry Lee Lewis, Conway Twitty, Merle Haggard, Delbert McClinton, Lorrie Morgan, BJ Thomas, Jimmy Fortune, George Jones, Mickey Gilley, Kelly Lang, Willie Nelson, Engelbert Humperdinck, Crystal Gayle, Ricky Skaggs, and The Whites (whew!). The list pretty much says it all. This man has done so much over the years and he's made incredible connections along the way. This album presents songs that are presented with focused talent and superior dignity...and of course some really great vocals. Music fans will love hearing tracks like "Down On My Knees," "Songman," "It's A Man Thing," and "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?" It's no wonder Sheppard has had such a long and rewarding career. He's just a good guy who just happens to be talented as Hell.



People aren't


Straight Eight - No Noise From Here / Shuffle'n'Cut / Straight To The Heart (Double CD, Angel Air, Rock)
Straight Eight is a band that could have had huge success if the timing had been right. But like so many bands...even though the music was credible and the players full of groovy energy...they eventually disbanded before they hit the big time. This double disc set collects all three of the group's albums that were recorded from 1978 to 1982 as well as four bonus tracks. This is the first time these albums have been released on CD. Straight Eight was discovered by Pete Townshend who released their debut single "Modern Times" on his Eel Pie Records label in 1978. The band then immediately began recording their No Noise From Here album and they were off and running. These guys had all the right connections and a cool rockin' sound that appealed to lots of folks in Great Britain at the time. But because of various details, they were never able to push their career to the next level. This meaty thirty-eight track collection will introduce their music to a whole new legion of fans. And the timing is perfect because these guys have reformed and are now going by the name Straight8UK (click on link above). The band's first album (No Noise From Here) is a real rockin' kinda affair while the follow-up (Shuffle'n'Cut) finds them in a more power pop vein (similar to The Cars). While we kinda like the debut album best, in all honesty all three albums have their great moments. The second disc includes four bonus cuts, most importantly the hard-to-find single "Spread It Around." We love the packaging here...each disc looks like an eight ball (one red, one blue).

Suffragette - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Music Composed and Conducted by Alexandre Desplat (CD, Backlot Music / Universal, Soundtrack)
Seems strange that this topic hasn't been the subject of major motion pictures in the past...? Suffragette is a British drama film that deals with the women's suffrage movement of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Starring in the movie are Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter (we love her...), Meryl Streep, Ben Whishaw, Brendan Gleeson, and Anne-Marie Duff. Early reactions are giving this movie a thumbs up and there are already rumors spreading that Mulligan and Bonham Carter will be nominated for Academy Awards. The music for the film was created by French composer/conductor Alexandre Desplat. The tracks on this soundtrack album are, for the most part, subtle and moody. So unlike many major motion picture soundtracks that blow you away with volume and intensity, this one takes the almost exact opposite approach. Some truly lovely tracks here that are inspired and magical. Desplat has created music for many well-known films in the past, including (but not limited to) The Golden Compass, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Part 2, The Imitation Game, and Unbroken. While we're talking Academy Award nominations...we can't help but think that Alexandre will also be nominated. Sixteen fantastic compositions that will appeal to film buffs as well as classical music fans. Recommended. Top pick.

Trumbo - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Music by Theodore Shapiro (CD, Lakeshore, Soundtrack)
This film is getting rave reviews and is instantly on our "must see" list. Trumbo tells the true life story of Hollywood screenwriter Dalton Trumbo who was instrumental in helping to bring folks' attention to how unfairly folks in Hollywood were jailed and blacklisted in the late 1940s. Sounds like a damn cool idea for a movie (wonder why someone hadn't thought of it before?)...and the music on this soundtrack is probably a perfect fit for the story and visuals. The music for Trumbo was composed by Theodore Shapiro who, up to this point in time, is best known as the man who created music for the films The Devil Wears Prada and Marley & Me. Shapiro has come up with tracks that truly capture the vibe and feel of 1940s Hollywood (or at least what we imagine it must have sounded like). The cuts on this album bounce back and forth from classical to jazz, and it's amazing how flawlessly one genre flows into the next. These recordings have a nice, thick, warm sound which will please folks who appreciate vinyl and the sound of analog recordings. As we mentioned, most folks are giving this one a total thumbs up. After hearing these tracks, we can only imagine what beautiful visuals are probably presented in this film. Twenty-eight groovy cuts. Interestingly, the album ends with the Billie Holiday tune, "Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do." How perfect is that...?

The Turnback - Are We There Yet? (Independently released CD, Pop/rock)
A pure dose of power pop with no unnecessary ingredients. The guys in The Turnback churn out super catchy pop played using only the essentials (guitar, bass, drums). The band made quite a splash with their debut (Drawn In Chalk) and this album's bound to fan the flames. Are We There Yet? presents totally upbeat songs that sound something like a cross between babysue favorites The Grip Weeds and The Bottle Kids (more the latter than the former). If you're looking for dark, atonal, or artsy, you won't find it here. These guys are playing for folks who love it loud, simple, and chock full of melodies that you can't get out of your head. And the best part is that...they make it all sound so simple. But we know that in actuality making great simple music is anything but simple. Twelve explosive cuts including "Faketown," "Five Days A Week," "July," "Seconds," and "A Long Way Home." Recommended. Top pick.

Violent Mae - Kid (CD, Telegraph Recording Company, Pop)
The second full-length release from Violent Mae. This band is the Connecticut-based duo of Becky Kessler and Floyd Kellogg. We'll have to go along with the press release that describes the band's sound as "dynamic fuzzy low-rock." That's a good succinct way of summing this one up. Kid features cool, gripping, ultimately melodic underground pop/rock compositions with great distorted guitar and truly inspired vocals. We're always whining about overproduced music simply because there's so much of it these days (damn technology). Kessler and Kellogg keep things simple, using only the essentials on these tracks. That's probably what makes them sound so appealing. They don't rely on gimmicks, instead choosing to focus on just making good solid recordings. This whole album rocks and yet...the songs are, for the most part, mid-tempo. Our favorite passage is the first segment of "Murdered Bird" (love that song title)...where everything is stripped down to just a guitar and voice. There's some true magic happening there. Actually, there's a helluva lot of magic happening all over this ultimately satisfying album. Other tracks that really float our boat are "In The Sun," "Rob Me Blind," "Kid," and "Birthday." Highly recommended. Top pick.

Warning Light - Oftenchance (CD-R, Stickfigure, Electronic/instrumental)
Intriguing drone-ish electronic music from Warning Light. This band is the project created by Atlanta's Drew Haddon who is also in the bands Roman Photos and High Marks. Oftenchance presents ten tracks that clock in at over 70 minutes. The first comparison that came to mind here was Kraftwerk. Some of these cuts are reminiscent of the early German electronic band except they are much more ambient and there are no vocals. Recorded at a lake cabin in North Georgia, these compositions were created for those with an interest in the undercurrents of modern music. Suffice to say, there are no hits attempts at coming up with something catchy...and nothing that will be topping the charts anytime soon (unfortunately). Haddon describes the music on this album as "nostalgic coffee kosmiche"...which is a rather precise and succinct way of summing things up. Good background music...or just groovy stuff to set a mood if you're in the right frame of mind. Cool mind-numbing tracks include "Across Owl Creek Bridge," "Daytripping Digital," and "The Morning You Made Coffee Instead." Trippy and slightly surreal.



You don't need food.
You don't need air.
You don't need water.

You just don't need 'em.


Frank Zappa & The Mothers - Roxy: The Movie (DVD + CD, Eagle Rock Entertainment, Progressive rock)
Frank Zappa fans have been waiting for this one for decades. Yup, believe it or not the 16mm film footage of Frank Zappa & The Mothers performing in December 1973 at the Roxy in Hollywood, California finally sees the light of day. Fans won't be disappointed. This captures Zappa and his associates during one of their all-time peaks. Playing alongside Frank are George Duke (keyboards, synthesizer, vocals), Bruce Fowler (trombone), Napoleon Murphy Brock (flute, tenor saxophone, vocals), Tom Fowler (bass guitar), Ralph Humphrey (drums), Chester Thompson (drums), and Ruth Underwood (percussion). If that isn't an all-star lineup we don't know what is. These folks are so exceptionally proficient on their respective instruments that it is nothing short of mindblowing and mesmerizing. What we find most interesting is that while all of these musicians are playing totally difficult, precise, and demanding stuff...they seem so relaxed and casual about it. It's probably because their leader allowed them to be themselves (as long as they played the right notes at the right times, of course). At this point in his career, Zappa's music wasn't really rock at all. It had a great deal more in common with classical and jazz...with other peculiar tidbits thrown in to make things even more bizarre. The audience reaction at these shows says it all. Instead of nodding their heads and/or dancing, people watching the show look either confused or hypnotized...depending on who you're looking at. So many funny inspired moments here. We love the segment where Frank sits down during a song and simply taps his toes while everyone else plays for him. We also love seeing all the flared pants and cigarettes being smoked so casually as if it was normal...this was definitely the 1970s (!). It was during this time period when we feel that Zappa was at the top of his game as a guitarist. If you ever wondered how good this guy was on an electric guitar, this concert footage will make a believer out of you. Totally tasty licks played at lightning speed...all the while the man playing the notes seems as cool and collected as anyone could ever be. On one of the bonus segments none other than Pamela Ann Miller (now known as Pamela Des Barres) of the criminally overlooked band The G.T.O.'s makes a strange appearance during one song with the goal being to see how much she could distract the players while they try their hardest just to get through the tune. Not only do you get the much-sought-after film footage of the concert here, but this cool foldout package also includes an audio CD. Like so many posthumous Zappa releases, this one boasts a hefty price tag. But in this case it just might be worth it...


Additional Items Received:

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Bruce Babcock - Time, still
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Jeremy Bass - New York in spring
David Berkeley - Cardboard coat
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Blindness - Wrapped in plastic
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Blond Blond Blurry - Boo boo spinners
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Emilyn Brodsky - Eats her feelings
Dewa Budjana - Hasta karma
Mary Bue - Holy bones
Bum For Bum - Loudy wow
Doug Burr - Pale white dove
Butter Not Better - Bathing in better butter
By The Red - Folk songs from the Red River Valley

Camp Camp Camp - Damp damp damp
The Canal - Original score by Ceiri Torjussen
Leah Capelle - Leah Capelle
Carry Illinois - Alabaster
Benjamin Cartel - Gothenburg
Sergio Cervetti - Transits: Minimal to mayhem
Tom Chapin - 70
Jon Chi - Another rising sun
Child 44 - Original motion picture soundtrack
Chuck - Original television soundtrack
City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra - Music fro the Star Wars saga
Climax Blues - Broke heart blues
Coastal - Beneath the snow and streetlights
Cobbler - Original motion picture soundtrack
Phil Cody - Cody sings Zevon
Colorway - THe black sky sequined
John Conlee - Classics 2
Cracker Factory - Chasing ghosts
Cody Crump - Death
Crzie - Blaffter
CSDT - Mobo tumbie
Cusses - Here comes the rat
CZZD - Kuddly zoop

D Train - Original motion picture soundtrack
Nicholas David - Make hope
Dandelion War - Opposite shores
Karl W. Davis & The Sweetpeas - It's high time
Dawa - Psithurlsma
Dawn Patrol - Original motion picture soundtrack
Death - Death
Debug - Original motion picture soundtrack
Deckchair Poets - Searchin' for a lemon squeezer
Deckporch Rowlabout - Minchy punch
Reina del Cid - The cooling
Desert Dancer - Original motion picture soundtrack
Doctor Who - The day of the doctor
Doctor Zoo - Original motion picture soundtrack
Donna Deussen & The Paul Weitz Trio - On the street where you live
Andrew Diruzza Quintet - Shapes and analogies
Double Naught Spy Car Stew - Panorama city
Gary Douglas - Keepin' faithß
Dovekeepers - Original television soundtrack
Dust on the Radio - Halfway to the stars
Dying to be Dingy - Buffs and nuffies

EAEAI - Lambs and shrimps
East Cameron Folkcore - Kingdom of fear
Eat the Eaters - Bleat the bleaters
Elasticity - Elasticity
Elements Rising - Modern works for chamber ensemble
Tawny Ellis - Ghosts of the low country: The muscle shoals sessions
Empty Bimpty Nimpty Noo - Razzy
Enter and Enter - Exitence and exits
Exovex - Radio silence
Ezziersetthendumm - Mouse prize

Far From the Madding Crowd - Original motion picture soundtrack
Farmer Jason - Christmas on the farm with Farmer Jason
Feenie Meener - Daffter
Fernando - The dogs
Jamila Ford - The deep end
Guy Forsythe Blues Band - The pleaser
Red Ray Frazier - Blood in the water
Friend Roulette - I see you, your eyes are red
Fumes From Fuma - Daddy's squirrel
Furious Seasons - My love is strong
Fuzzy Wuzzy Muzzle Tuzzle - Power to the tower

Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah - Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah
Rachel Garlin - Wink at july
Get Ahead - Volcano
Susie Glaze - Not that kind of girl
Emily Gold - Recluse
Golden Eels - Periscopes in the air
Good Field - Future me
Good + Kill - Original motion picture soundtrack
Joe Goodkin - Record of life
Goosebumps - Original motion picture soundtrack
Go Time! - Ratsel
Grahams - Glory bound/rattle the rocks
Great Human Odyssey - Original television soundtrack
Great Spirit - Front porch to frontier
Maxwell Gualtieri - For Los Angeles
Guardians of the Galaxy - Music from the animated series
Gypsy Lumberjacks - Giants of America

Hildegard - Hildegard
Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank - American shuffle
Cody Joe Hodges - The good stuff
Honey Barbara - Wave grass
Tim Houlihan - Anthems
Andrew D. Huber - Mercury gets a moon
Tod Hughes Project - Changing gears
Hunk Junk - Trunk funk
Stephen Hunley - The other side of never
Jordan Hurwitz - Here I'll stand
Bobby Hustle - It's the hustle

If Only The Noble Duck Was Pounce - Earthy
Ignore The Lousy - Want knots
Indian Summers - Original television soundtrack
Infinitely Polar Bear - Original motion picture soundtrack
In Sonitus Lux - The equinox session
Interview - Original motion picture score
Interzection - Trowler

Lucas Jack - Before i forget
Jack Brag - Kiss at midnight
Jack Kerowax - Jack Kerowax
Jacob and the Good People - Rotten
PI Jacobs - Hi-rise ranch
Heidi Jacob - Beneath winter light
Jamless - Truffle patty
Ethan Jano - I'll be fine
Suzanne Jarvie - Spiral road
Jenny's Wedding - Original motion picture soundtrack
Mary Ann Joyce-Walter - Immortal diamond
Thomas Juneau - Visions eternal

Matthew K. - Matthew K.
Mikaela Kahn - Milk & honey
Stephen Kalinch / Jon Tiven - Each soul has a voice
Fredrick Kaufman - Stars & distance
Keenmup - Blouse top
Kelly's Lot - Don't give my blues away
Robert Kennedy Trio - Big shoes
Knack - Zoom
Kram - Mark
Kroo - Moon loop
Kuu Kuu - Lawsy messy and messier lassies

Landmarq - Roadskill: Live in the Netherlands
Matt Lax and Nearly Beloved - This house of mine
Lazzie and Dammithy - Rarnine
LB and the LB BLs - Backs and the slacks
Left Ready - Ghosts
Librarians - Original soundtrack from the television series
Ligro - Dictionary 3
Linty Tinty - Bobo and the lobster squirrel
Brian Lisk and the Unfortunates - Curtisinterruptedus
Peter Liu - Bamboo groove
London Music Works - Epic themes
Mike Love - Gypsy man
Lucifer's Friend - Awakening
Lunden Reign - American stranger
Luv - Original motion picture soundtrack
Luxury - Bones & beaten heart

Tim Mahoney - Peace of winter
Maia & The Pilots - Taking off
La Mandragore - Midgard
Mantoes - Mangoes
Many Arms & Toshimaru Nakamura - Many Arms & Toshimaru Nakamura
Graig Markel and the 88th St. Band - Graig Markel and the 88th St. Band
Craig Marshall - After all
Frince Marshall - Another Marshall
Pamela J. Marshall - Through the mist
Max - Original motion picture soundtrack
Jimmy McIntosh and... - Jimmy McIntosh and...
Medici - Red eye
Mono Pony - Idle beauty
Moon & Polution - The box borealis
Moop Poom - Moooooo porium la tordent
Moors & McCumber - Pandemonium
Criag Madden Morris - Circle of love and other choral offerings
Jeremy Morris - Bright morning star
Ken Will Morton - All's fair in love and war
Moto Continuo - New works for pinao trio and solo cello
Zae Munn - They were mysterious guests
Michael Murray - Percipience
Jordan Myers - Ruin me with love

Nacona - Long gone song
Naazer - Blushy mush mush
Neighborhood Bullys - Callin' all rockers!
Neu Human - How to stop time
Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb - Original motion picture soundtrack
Noah's Tape - Vol. 2
Noo Noo - Packlets and niblets
Nosi and Nosi - On the slops
Notter the Rotterdam - Blanket pam
Nuster Plus - Taxi mission dumb

Dawn Oberg - Bring
One The Huggler - Nearly a sin
Orange is the New Black - Music from the original series
Orphan Black - Original television score
Orphan Black - Original television soundtrack
Ossie and Hossiot - Blend crazy
Pete Oxley / Nicolas Meier - Chasing tales
Oz Doctor Retard - Roz doctor detour

Chris Page - Volume vs. voice
Gabrielle Papillon - The tempest of old
Daniel Pearson - Alone, together
Penny Dreadful - Music for the Showtime original series
Kat Perkins - Fearless
Pinder Brothers - Melancholy sea
Playing It Cool - Original motion picture soundtrack
Jeremy Porter and the Tucos - Above the sweet tea line
Jon Pousette-Dart - Talk
Project Grand Slam - Made in New York
Puss the Rowler - Most of the mist
Puzz the Snouth - Munch

Queen - The myth of the oily bath
Quill - Brush with the moon

Mason Razavi / Bennett Roth-Newell - After you
RBBAKKA - Now the phlop
Brad Reiman - Walking in the unknown
Rewrite - Original motion picture soundtrack
Sarah Lou Richards - The woman behind the curtain
Kimm Rogers - Where the pavement grows
Lila Rose - We animals
Roxy Roca - Ain't nothin' fancy

Lionel Sainsbury - Andalusian fantasy
Sasha's Bloc - Heart on fire
Elliot Schneider - Better a fool than aloof
Pierre Schroeder - Voyage
Sciflyer - Energizer
Seahorse - The fire's heart
Shack Band - America
Shae - Can you feel the music
Sahkespeare Concerts Series - Full fathom five
Shakespeare Concerts Series - Orpheus with his lute made trees
Shams - One and all
Shoe Birds - Southern gothic
Sick of Sarah - Anthem
Cameron Siegel & Friends - World junk
Siena Root - Pioneers
Ian Sims and Divergent Paths - Conundrum
Vytautas Smetona - All the way back
Snow In Mexico - Juno beach
Soda Pop Sun - Soda Pop Sun
Alan Sondheim, Azure Carter, Luke Damrosch - Threnody: Shorter discourses of hte Buddha
Jillian Speer - Daggers & suede
Bert Sperling - Renaissance
Spuyten Duyvil - The social music hour Vol. 1
Southpaw - Original motion picture soundtrack
Stairway - Pearls of the deep (best of)
James M. Stephenson - The devil's tale
Stubborn Son - Birthright
McClain Sullivan - Rachel
Summer Children - On the go with Summer Children
Sun Soul Orchestra - What matters most
Super Nova - Luna aura
Sweet - New York groove plus

32 Below - Every little thing about you
10,000 Maniacs - Twice told tales
Joe Jack Talcum - Home recordings 1993-99
Rachel Taylor - Magnetic
TBelly - Dead men don't pray
Them Howling Bones - Them Howling Bones
theSHIFT - 7th direction
Thirty Steps To Forward - Hinterland
Tidelands - Old mill park
Tornado Project - Trios for flute, clarinet, and computer
Tree Machines - Tree Machines
Tripping Souls - Don't waste your life
Trust Fund / Joanna Gruesome - Split vinyl EP
Turbulent Sky - Contemporary works for orchestra

Umpty - Pretty little fillie
Unfinished Business - Original motion picture soundtrack
George Usher / Lisa Burns - The last day of winter
Uther - Moodier

Toomas Vanem - Toomas Vanem
Various Artists - Sweet Relief: Love is Everywhere
Javier Vercher - Wish you were here
Eyal Vilner Big Band - Almost Sunrise
Vixerupper - Nowdy doo
Michael Vlatkovich Septet - Ask 7
Vogue Dots - Mauka

Skoota Warner - Vignettes
Wasted Wine vs. The Hypnosis Center - Wasted Wine vs. The Hypnosis Center
Wendy Webb - This is the moment
Geoff Westen - I'm not crazy
John Wetton - Anthology
John Wetton - New York minute
Megan Wilde - Wildfire EP
Words and Pictures - Original motion picture soundtrack
Wyatt - Here comes everybody

Xbe - 239-H-dRAE
Xraw - Rawx
Xyew - Drainage pouch

Yillie Momo - Puckie the minchster
Yowsuh - Mouse and pins
Yuth - Prumpy

Daniel Z - Some romantic night - the solo years
Zammit - Plural
Zan the Dots - Brisk
Zekula - Mist fist
Zest - Rescue person
Zorfamule - Budget pits
Zumpkin and the Zumpkinites - Trowel play
Zust - Million dollar pennies
ZZ Bottom - Rather than dime your booster port
ZZ Middle - She's got whippets


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